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Aqua Net

They say trends happen every 20 years or so. Does this mean feathered hair is back? My wife dressed up for a fun work function last Thursday, the day we left Seattle for our triathlon in Oregon. Needless to say … Continue reading

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Docteur, suce ma gode!

Salut mes amis.  Je n’ai rien à dire aujourd’hui.  Et alors, vous pouvez regarder la photo à gauche si vous veuillez ou vous pouvez dire quelque chose intéressante.  C’est votre choix.  Moi, je suis content que l’été arrive et je … Continue reading

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Meet Market

Triathlons are enjoyable to me for many reasons, one of them is people watching.  I observed many cyclists fly by me when I pulled out of the race and again at the finish line.  One female athlete had enough energy … Continue reading

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#649: DNF

If you’re dying to know how I did this Saturday at my triathlon, go here. Once you read that post it will make more sense why this post is only three sentences long. Thanks again to all of you for … Continue reading

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On the Oregon Trail

We’re off to Oregon folks.  Headed down to Sunriver, Oregon for my first triathlon of the season.  Here’s the website for the event if you’re so inclined to learn more about the animals that are triathlons.  This one is going … Continue reading

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Occupy My Mind

I can’t stop thinking about how our backyard will be transformed from a meadow of wild weeds into something majestic and beautiful.   Something that doesn’t require a machete to navigate.   I stare out from our kitchen window and spy a … Continue reading

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E is for Egar the Great

a) can I get a six foot vanilla? This was asked of me in college and did leave me reeling back then.  A black gay man that went by the name of Richard the Lionhearted asked if he could get … Continue reading

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