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Three Track Mind

Dear blog readers, I must apologize in advance for future posts on this blog. I can tell you over the next four weeks I will be a little different than normal.  Exactly four weeks from now I should be celebrating … Continue reading

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What is a ….

…drumroll please!  Meerkat.  My wife says I look like a meerkat.  I drove the MINI home in a manner that reminded her of a meerkat.  I cocked my head quickly to the left and then to the right whilst arching … Continue reading

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Merely a Nickname

"Flip Sauders?"   I’ve used various club names in the past.  Club names are kind of like today’s fake email addreses or the rejection hotline numbers.  Used correctly they can really save your ass from a bad situation.  Some of the … Continue reading

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DOn’t MAke me Lecture

The honorable Lance Bass of NSYNC fame is gay.  Yes, it’s true.  He’s out of the closet and dating that hot Reichen dude from The Amazing Race.  Why the hell is this a big deal though?  I guess it’s good … Continue reading

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Blogger Smurf

Whatever man, I need to see your identification.  Fine, but I’m 33.  You know what they say about 33 year-olds with curly hair right? Dude, if you don’t give me your fucking identification now… I will bust your ass.  Just … Continue reading

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Egan Les Singes: I’m Not Gay

"I understand why people think we’re very gay," Egan writes in the August issue Primate, The Chimp on My Shoulder magazine about his super-cozy relationship with longtime best buddy Toddito Triathlete. "There isn’t a definition in our [triathlon] culture for … Continue reading

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Insanity vs. Heat

Five things to do when it’s almost 100 degrees in Seattle: see a movie in an air conditioned theatre. chill by a lake and jump in for a dip when you’re hot. hang out in your basement with fans cooling … Continue reading

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