Sleepy Saturday… not really

Our new deck is complete and the rest of our backyard’s tranformation is nearly finished. I will make sure to post some pictures so you can witness the great before and after shots. Let’s just say the field of dandelions are gone and have been replaced by sprinkler heads, compost, sod, plant material and smiles. We’re no longer ashamed to have guests see our backyard. They should be 100% done with the work on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I love spending money on home improvements, for real.
IRONMAN trivia #4: 15 athletes competed in the first Ironman back in 1978. 12 of them finished the 140.6 mile event that began as a grudge match between friends in Honolulu, Hawaii. These friends couldn’t decide who was in better shape, runners or swimmers. They drew up this three sport extravaganza to claim an Iron Man. Gordon Haller won the inaugral triathlon in 11 hours, 15 minutes, and 56 seconds.


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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15 Responses to Sleepy Saturday… not really

  1. Dobermann says:

    And it’s fun to work and look how you get things done. Every penny spent on home improvements is like investing in realty AND investing in better living. I envy you, I would like to build patio too!!
    I will start packing so we can have a bbq in your new backyard. 😉

  2. mgc says:

    i love home improvement projects!

  3. egan says:

    Dobermann – in Seattle’s hot real estate market you really can’t lose to invest in your house. Adding a deck will only improve the value of our house. Is it wrong to love our deck as if it’s a cute kitten? We’re hosting some friends today to flaunt our new asset.
    Brooke – I had no idea you like that station, none. You’re going to make me TiVo a bunch of shit on that channel aren’t you? I still watching Trading Spaces though. See, I’m not so cool.
    MGC – so true. I wish I had the skills to do more of them on my own. If you pay someone though, you don’t have nightmares… or at least few of them.

  4. Dobermann says:

    It’s same here, home prices are climbing (growth slowing and sale times longer..) and if one can afford to buy own house or condo from mid-town, it’s like putting money in bank, you just get better growth on your investment.
    I have been thinking about putting all on one card and buy a 50’s-60’s house and renovate the whole shit. I mean, getting a house with healthy frame and doing all myself. I would of course move my address there even though I’d live in this home we’re living now. This way I have 12 months to work on the home and don’t have to pay taxes on the money I earn extra. I’m qualified electrician (degree and been working on the industry) and I’m quite handy. I also have friends in construction and I know that IF the prices don’t dive, I could make about 100 grand if the prices stay as they are, more if they keep raising. I don’t have the balls to take 500 grand mortgage though… And I don’t want to go personal bancrypcy when I have other plans (master’s degree, real career, marriage, maybe kids, definately new puppy… …, etc)..
    I bet you’re enjoying the new patio! HAve a cold one for me on it ASAP! 😉

  5. Katy says:

    (tapping foot) Where are those pics ami??

  6. L says:

    I spent an hour loving my container garden this morning. Pruning, watering, repositioning for maximum sun exposure. I miss that about owning a house – spending the weekend on home improvement projects and feeling like you’ve accomplished something, spent your time being productive. Can’t wait to see pics of your new backyard! Just in time to relish the best days of summer.

  7. Phats says:

    When are you inviting us all over for the big BBQ??
    I am sleepy I just went swimming wiped me out!

  8. Wake me up when something exciting happens.

  9. egan says:

    Dobermann – wow, you have some great ideas housewise. I wish I was as handy as you so I could tackle some of the bigger projects on my own. We love our new deck. Every 30 minutes or so we stand on the deck and say “is it possible to love a deck?”. We’re dorks.
    Katy – the pictures will happen. I have some other computer stuff to work out first, but don’t fret mon amie.
    L – man, isn’t this weekend fantastic? You will get back to the home stuff someday. I know exactly what you mean though. There are days when I start working in the yard around 11 am and won’t finish until sunset. Damn that sun.
    Phats – swimming wiped you out? I think cheerleading would wipe me out. BBQ details to follow.
    Ubie – nothing exciting to report hear. Oh, I did just finish watching covering of the Hawaii Ironman and of course cried a bit. Yep, I’m such a sap for this stuff.

  10. gretchen says:

    Sounds like you could be on HGTV (chuckle)! Don’t you love the satisfaction you get from doing a yard project like that? I still have things I want to do to this house, but why, when I’m moving!

  11. msmachine says:

    Can’t wait to see the pictures. I just moved this weekend and my little yard is nothing but weeds. Some of the weeds are as tall as me, some of them look like trees. I have work to do out there but I have to find my dishes and underpants first. Priorities. Seeing your pictures will give me hope!

  12. bee says:

    i wish i had a backyard to make improvements in. but i have a balcony! i should repot some plants, maybe.
    i think i’m going to try and stop by here a bit more often, if that’s all right. 😉

  13. egan says:

    Gretchen – I will snap some photos today and try to post them tonight or tomorrow. Home improvement projects are fantastic and give you a sense of accomplishment. We hired ours out, but it’s still a nice thing to get done.
    MsMachine – yep, I know all about chest high weeds. You will see what I mean by that very soon when share my photos. I just spent 45 minutes rifling through all of our unpacked boxes looking for backup disks from when I crashed the computer on Thursday. Not much fun, but yardwork and home improvement is fun.
    Bee – hey, welcome back. It’s been a while and please do stop by as often as you like. You will never hear me complain about the frequency of visits to my blog. A balcony is nice too, a little easier to maintain. Have any veggies growing on that balcony? A plus tard!

  14. Phats says:

    Yes Swimming wiped me out, seeing as how we had 3 kids all 3 yrs older and younger in the pool with us haha they keep us on our toes.

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