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Shirley You Must be Kidding

Windy City here I come.  Today I make my way east to visit the in-laws in Chicago.  It has been rather chaotic recently shopping, shipping presents (a fully duct taped box), packing, tying up loose ends, blogging, and keeping an … Continue reading

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Things that Make Me Grin

Today a motorist flipped me off as he blew through a stale red light.  I looked at the guy with a cheeky smile and laughed.  What a moron for flipping me off for his boneheaded driving.  This got me thinking … Continue reading

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Fifteen Years

Sappy alert: December 9th is a rough day for me each year. This year it marks the 15th anniversary of my brother’s death. I’ve done a few tributes to my brother Eliot, so what follows is this year’s version. The … Continue reading

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The Last Frontier

The sad: I’m sure most of you living in North America have heard the story of Mr. James Kim.  He’s the man from San Francisco who drove up to the Seattle area with his wife and two young daughters.  They … Continue reading

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Public Enemy #5A

So everyday my wife and I carpool to work.  I typically drop her off in front of the building and then I park our car in her company’s parking garage.  I work across the street from her so this makes … Continue reading

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Reading Between the Lines

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Services Rendered

I chatted with my good buddy Sprizee yesterday via instant messaging.  She asked me for some gift ideas for her lovely spouse.  I wasn’t sure what to suggest in the beginning, but after a few minutes had elapsed a list … Continue reading

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