Problems with Logic

  1. Say I want to earn more money.  Do you suppose I should quit my job and stand in the unemployment line in hopes of making more money?
  2. If I’m out of line like The Donald, would it make sense to keep yapping my trap?
  3. If you want to preserve the number of trees we have in our forests, would you augment tree cutting operations?
  4. If you’re not a bright guy and not well regarded by the American public, is it really good to tempt fate and go against the court of public sentiment?
  5. How do you slow the fatality rate in Iraq while simultaneously increasing the Iraqi U.S. troop count by 21,000 men and women? 

George, what is up your ass man?  Seriously, the public sent you a clear message in November about their displeasure with Iraq.  I know you admitted some faults in your "war strategery" speech Wednesday night, but this troop increase makes zero sense.  Even your own people are telling you this.   

Increasing the troops is only going to increase the death toll of this most U.N.necessary war and weaken us where we need it most, here on our turf.  What’s next, the draft, Somalia, Iran, Syria, Korea, or the gays? 

Damn, I don’t like getting too political on my blog yet I felt compelled to bitch.  This blog was started out of angst in the ashes of the 2004 election.   I respect the people serving in the military and want to see them home now.  In two months we will have been in Iraq for four full years and what do we have to show for it?  A toppled and hanged Saddam?   I’m so sick of this crap and sad how the death toll doesn’t even phase me.  It’s time to get the hell out I say, exit strategy or not. 


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41 Responses to Problems with Logic

  1. Curare_Z says:

    1. It depends on how long the line is. You’ll have to work out an equation re: how long the line is (e.g., how long your wait would be until you got your check), how much the check would be, and whether you could blog while in line v. your currently hourly earnings and the fact that you can at least blog at work (not that you do)….
    2. If you’re out of said line, you’re not making any money. OH — you mean, metaphorically. Yapping ones trap keeps them in the news.
    3. Trees are overrated. But tree cutting operations are bogus.
    4. Don’t talk about yourself that way, Egan. You’re a bright guy.
    5. Yeah — well, no one said he’s our smartest president. In fact, most are saying just the opposite…

  2. kirk says:

    On the radio last night they compared the “more troops = less troops” strategery to what Nixon did when he invaded Cambodia. Nixon said that the US wasn’t invading Cambodia to fight Cambodians, but to win the war in Vietnam. It didn’t make sense then. It doesn’t make sense now. History repeating itself.
    Iraq is 90% political and diplomatic action, 10% military but Bush continues to try and do this with 100% military action. Bush also kept the invade Iran and Syria option open. WW3 baby.

  3. snavy says:

    I loved the republican who said it was the stupidest thing he ever heard in his life.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I’ve seen more intelligence in a wet nap. (Not you, W.)

  4. tinapopo says:

    I’m with Snavy. Chuck Hagel’s remarks were beautiful.

  5. furiousball says:

    I totally agree my man. My theory is that this 15% increase in troops is a partisan ploy (that will fail) to force the Dems to stand-up against him on this issue, thus making them look foreign policy-weak. Bush is basically being played as a gambit to set up the next Republican for the presidency. I’m paranoid, but I thought for sure W wasn’t going to win in 2004.

  6. Amanda says:

    And did I not read not too long ago that they want to bring the draft back? That is scary shit right there. Everything is scary.

  7. Cheryl says:

    Thank you! I agree 100%. I feel like we’re dealing with a toddler throwing a temper tantrum cause he didn’t win Red Light Green Light and wants a rematch.

  8. Pants says:

    He’s not my president.

  9. egan says:

    Curare_Z – I love the way you answered these questions. I specifically like the way you handled question number one. “Not that there’s anything wrong with blogging”
    Kirk – yep, it’s a fair comparison if you ask me. I see Mr. McCain is backing this plan. I’m so sick and tired of him as well. Can’t he just go away?
    Snavy – yes, I heard the man from Nebraska and was pleased he was speaking from his heart. Enough is fucking enough.
    Tinapopo – I couldn’t agree more. What are we really accomplishing over there? You can’t force people to do stuff with military might. Where are the talks, meetings, conventions, etc.?
    Furiousball – I already read about some senator from Kentucky saying Democrats are only interested in cutting funding for the troops. It’s not like that. It’s pulling the plug on Bush’s agenda.
    Amanda – bringing the draft back is a very unwise decision. If that happens, we’re in a world of hurt.
    Cheryl – that’s the best way to express it. Does someone have a binky for poor Georgie?
    Pants – sadly the majority of the voters in this country chose him. How or why I don’t know? His resumรฉ after four years in office was less than stellar.

  10. JohnnyDC says:

    If you want to make more money you should become a male stripper?

  11. L says:

    Though normally I would call him stoopid, Bush is actually playing his hand well (which is not the same as saying I think we should be sending more troops in). By sending more of our people in, he’s forcing the newly Dem Congress’s hand to make them fund the war…otherwise the Dems end up looking like the cause of the increased fatality because they underfunded the war. That shrub may be stoopid, but he’s also sneaky. Patriot Act, anyone?

  12. egan says:

    Johnny DC – I don’t even want to tell you how many times that idea has crossed my mind.
    L – yep, I’ve heard this theory. If you ask me it sounds like typical bully behavior. It’s like a kid pouting in the corner because he can’t have chew his Hubba Bubba in class.

  13. Churlita says:

    It’s all so scary, I don’t know where to begin.
    I’ve heard that we’ve already lost more Americans in Iraq, than we did during 9/11. Yeah, let’s send more in.

  14. Brother #3 says:

    Eerie…we both blogged about this today!

  15. egan says:

    Churlita – that is correct. I think 2700-2800 people lost their lives on September 11th. I don’t even want to know how many Iraqi civilians have been killed since March of 2003.
    Brother #3 – yes, great minds think alike. I bet folks in your town still love our Perpetually Puzzled President. I want someone to snap him in half.

  16. egan says:

    Buggs – I just noticed I somehow overlooked your comment. Make sure you know the majority of Americans do not support the actions of our President. Maybe they did in 2004, but not any longer. For the record I never voted for the bumbling fool.

  17. Buggss says:

    I know Egan ๐Ÿ˜‰ We have a backward thinking fool who’s always brown nosing Dubbya.

  18. mez says:

    Amen – If these issues just concerned the US then it’d be less of a problem for the rest of us, but as it stands he’s sending all of us to shit!

  19. celeste says:

    He probably read on the Internets that more troops is a good idea. And we all know you should believe everything you read on the Internets.

  20. Hypersonic says:

    he’s not my president either.And I get down on my knees every day and thank Sweey Jesus for that. How the fudge did he get elected?!

  21. egan says:

    Buggss – yes, I’ve heard he’s pretty sleeping with Bush when Laura’s not around. Just great.
    Mez – that’s a tremendous point. His shitty decisions influence world politics not just the U.S. He’s not my favorite person these days.
    Celeste – you think he reads blogs? I wonder if he even knows what they are? Just kidding about both, I’m sure it’s a negative on both.
    Hypersonice – I so wish I could say what you did. Instead I have to see his smug face on the news daily. He got elected based on America’s fear of homosexuals.

  22. Dobermann says:

    George has made so many mistakes, but they should’ve sent lots more troops in there IN THE BEGINNING! To get things going, to rebuild and so on. But George thought He’d come in, fuck up the place and leave rebuilding and othe shit to locals and UN. Unfortunately nobody likes to clean the shit from other people’s pants..
    I still sometimes hope that “West Wing” was the reality and George was some sitcom on tv.. ..then I usually wake up.
    George’s actions have really trashed the reputation of not only himself, but also ALL AMERICA in the eyes of the world. Sure there’s lot of people who understand it is not YOUR fault, but the fault of those others who voted him. I give you a news flash: IF people were serious, he could have been forced to resign. But there was not enough pressure from citizens to make the politicians to act. People seem to think that “well, at least he’s not there next time”. Shit, have you seen what is going on around the world? Not even the “3rd world”: for example what happened to Berlusconi? You can make the difference if you take action and you do not have to be the one in the barricades to do that. You express your opinion to your representative from the county and city elevctives to the highest ones. Citizens pay their food, clothes and homes, so they must listen. If people just mumble, they do not hear and care.
    I could go on about this for hours and hours, but I spare you.. ..all the way to Bush’s arrogance and ignorance that will come back to bite your country’s ass if the next president will not and/or can not clean the nest and clean some air..
    Thought: There’s allies in all the “counter-evil-doing”, but they always remember the Bullie rather than the side-kicks who are there as long as they benefit. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Well, it’s easy for me to say when my country is not participating this tragic joke. And if it was up to me, Finland would NEVER join NATO, there’s zero benefits in that plan. Or if there is, let me know ALL the facts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. egan says:

    Dobermann – this is what I love about blogging. It’s great to hear a perspective from other parts of the globe. You brought up some ideas that could get him out of office, but most Americans are too lazy to be bothered with this. It’s way too much work to stay informed… or so they say. Meanwhile, as you point out, our global reputation has gone to shit. Not that it has ever been awesome, but it’s really bad now. People do have the ability to make changes and we did speak loudly in November, but he and Condi seem hellbent on ignoring our feedback.
    I’m really not sure about the whole troop count number in the beginning. I do know we have 132,000 over there now and that seems like a damn high number to me.
    I am not sure I want to touch the NATO thing since I’m not as informed as I’d like to be.

  24. Dobermann says:

    Well, before most people thought Americans as people who have bad administration. it is more towards “Why you assholes did it again?!” ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Increasing the troops now is like trying to put spilled milk back to the glass. They should’ve been there in the beginning to stop the milk spilling, so to speak. Well, it’s too late to speculate now anyway..
    Oh, for Finland I do not see any benefits. We have been neutral, nobody hates us, nobody threatens us and we can participate through UN and EU if we need to. Joining NATO would mean losing the neutral status. We would become one of the sidekicks for the Bully (sorry, but that’s how it is) and then someone might hate us! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    Anywasy, the fact that you have such and idjit running the ountry is weird since EVERY american I have spent time with has been nice people. Well, I usually don’t hang out with unpleasant people anyway, but.. You get the picture.
    I assume it is the 2 party system and the way of your politics that is not accustomed to shift in power during a term. It might feel unstable and the beginning of the end. But in the serene europe it is not that uncommon to have government disbanded now and then and despite all the big-mouthing, things will be done peacefully. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t say it’s the right way, but sometimes it IS the ONLY way.
    FYI: I think the custom made “presidential” cowboy boots were some kind of sign, don’t you? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Buggss says:

    Egan read this article..not only does OUR bumbling fool state he’d never admit Iraq was a mistake but he still supports the Aust involvement in the Vietnam War….give me strength !!!

  26. Hypersonic says:

    Just remember. This is the president who taps your phones, and reads your emails, your blogs and monitors your MySpace pages. All with the tacit agreement of the US public. the problem is that the rest of us have to put up with his fucking ugly mug spread across our TV screens and newspapers as well.

  27. Janice says:

    I had a really hard time with Saddam’s hanging. Sure, he was an awful human being, but I have trouble with the concept of society, governments and tribunals deciding who lives and dies.
    I share a birthday with George W. Bush. Fortunately, I also share a birthday with the Dalai Lama. I figure it balances things out.

  28. ruben says:

    I also want more money and the thought of leaving my shitty job crosses my mind everyday, but the whole idea of being homeless and forced to turn tricks for survival is just a big turn off. lol

  29. Gawpo says:

    What are you thinking, Egan? How else are we gonna gitter done? Ya gotta gitter done, after all. And this way we can gitter done. It don’t matter what the cost is, long as ya gitter done. Sure, sending more of our boys over there to be bullet sponges is the cost of gitten’er done, but the price of freedom is high. And freedom is all a-BOUT gitten’er done. How else am I gonna get a t-shirt that’s made in Iraq? Got one from Vietnam the other day. Nice shirt. Get on board, man.

  30. It’s a sick situation, but the problem was that he fucked it up by invading in the first place. If he’d stuck with resolving Afghanistan then seeing what, if any, support there might be for another excursion (probably none, but you can’t re-run it all and see what might have happened).
    Now the Iraqi people and the US military have to suffer for his screw-up and they are real people with real families. It’s a tragedy. Keep bitching.

  31. sprizee says:

    I’m sure his speech would have been better recieved had he placed a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner behind him.
    Do you hear an echo?

  32. Kerry says:

    It makes me sick to think that we’re going to send another truckload of soldiers overseas to fight…. whatever it is we’re fighting. I want to load them all up and bring them home…. but then does that mean we lost all those lives for nothing? What does that mean to the men and women that have fought… and died there. We’re so deep into it… shouldnt we keep going until we finish it? I dont know… I go back and forth with the whole thing…
    But it is scarey… I think we should just go in with horrid force, wipe it out and start over.

  33. tori says:

    I don’t have time to read all the comments, so I hope I haven’t already commented! If I have, I hope I don’t contradict what I already said. I can not believe that in the year 2007 we have to resort to war to get things done. I am not anti-soldier or anti-anything, it just makes me confused that we have so much technology, but can not figure out how to solve problems without killing.

  34. Brooke says:

    Well said.
    We need to send in Jack Bauer.

  35. The Grunt says:

    My head has been spinning so much from our fearless leader’s logic that I may need the services of a good exorcist. Anybody know Father Merrin’s number?

  36. egan says:

    Dobermann – I think there’s definitely some bad effects of our two party system. It makes issues very black and white.
    Buggss – I will make sure to give that article a read. Oh, to be a leader of a major country in world politics.
    Hypersonic – … and for that, I apologize. Sucks that you have to see him as much as we do.
    Janice – well said. The hanging does bother me. Who is the United States to decide who to remove from power? It’s rather conceited of us. Saddam wasn’t a good guy, but does hanging him really solve anything?
    Ruben – yep, now you did know my job thing was a hypothetical question right? Being homeless isn’t an option, yet most of us are one or two paychecks away from it.
    Gawpo – you’re right. I will shift my thinking today. I love you Georgie.
    Trundling Grunt – thanks man. This is exactly how I feel. Afghanistan had some sort of purpose, but the Iraq fight… I don’t get it.
    Sprizee – we can arrange this. Banners behind presidential speeches convince me all the time.
    Kerry – interesting comment. I don’t think it means any of them died in vain even if we leave now. They served their country, whether you believe the cause or not, and we should be proud of their accomplishments. I’m not thrilled with the mission at hand, but they have no reason to hang their heads. Question for you, what is “the finish”? Horrid force and wipe it out? I’m so confused what that statement implies.
    Tori – you do know diplomacy is overrated don’t you? Violence solves everything.
    Brooke – Jack Bauer, now that’s a good idea. I like it very much. He can take out anyone as we saw last night.
    The Grunt – Father Merrin’s number is 206-666-6969. I have him on speed dial.

  37. ChickyBabe says:

    1. No. Become a professional blogger!

  38. egan says:

    ChickyBabe – how does that work? Do I pimp myself out some how? Do I succomb to the advertising masses and allow ads on my blog?

  39. ChickyBabe says:

    No ads please… I refuse to put them on my blog. Find a niche somewhere, I am yet to think of something worthy. But others do it, and get paid for it. Some of the quality out there isn’t that hard to match.

  40. tinapopo says:

    Egan, most of the people who work in my office harbor similar racist outlooks, and they don’t even think there’s anything wrong with it. We’re located near Princeton, which has a very international and multicultural community. And every single day I hear one of our receptionists comment about how “They are always so pushy” or “They always smell like their food” or “They’re very rude, in general.” And in each case, “they” refers to a race or ethnic group. It’s infuriating. I used to try to correct them, but these are the same people who consistently say “Orientals” instead of “Asians,” and they don’t see a need to change.
    Okay, had to get that off my chest. I think your posts (this and the two above it) are really important and I’m glad you brought this up.

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