Shaking the Health Care Tree

NOTE: dangerous content removed from this blog post.  I may have said some things about my workplace I shouldn’t have regarding health care coverage.  Okay, now that I have removed that stuff I can be a productive member of society.   Is it bad that I’m addicted to this show?  The guy on last night’s program was addicted to video games and chose them over his hot girlfriend.  What a fool!  (there was information here about my company’s vision plan.  I got some great information from commenters and someone in HR was more than helpful.)


I’m heading to the pool to release some tension.  Nothing beats a nice relaxing swim to soothe the mind, body, and spirit.  While swimming I will contemplate the thought of raising 4-5 children.  You know I come from a big family so I must repeat the cycle.  —> I didn’t swim today because I’m too busy checking stuff out online.


TODAY’S RULED OUT BABY NAMES: Montana, Stick, Hailey, Dominic, Gertrude, and Mike.


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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41 Responses to Shaking the Health Care Tree

  1. Amanda says:

    There is a better way. It’s called VSP. My work offers it in addition to our regular health coverage. Every year, I get an eye exam & can choose glasses or contacts & every 2 years, I am eligble for new frames (they pay up to $130.00). All for an easy co-pay of $15.00.

  2. Amanda says:

    And, thank you for ruling out Mike as a name.

  3. Burr-ee-toe says:

    I’ve been waiting for my insurance to kick in since I re-started at my old work and of course I had to wait at least 90 days to be covered again. I’ve been trying to avoid getting the deathly illnesses going around until I’ve got coverage. Sad, huh?

  4. Churlita says:

    The University where I work does VSP too. It’s very nice.
    Insurance companies suck ass in general. I used to work in the billing office of a huge hospital and you would not believe how hard insurance companies jerk their clients around…Or maybe you would.

  5. egan says:

    Amanda – I’ve heard the VSP acronym used by Lenscrafters. I will have to investigate if that’s part of my plan or not.
    Amanda – you will see many very common names wiped out as an option. I’m not a fan of calling out my kid’s name and having eight people turn around.
    Burr-ee-toe – you know it’s important to sneeze into your forearm these days. Sneezing into your hands is no longer okay. When sneezing into your arm, make sure you don’t make farting noises on your bare arm. Don’t say I never taught you anything.
    Churlita – I seriously believe it’s in their best interests to confuse people as much as possible so they end up throwing their arms in the air. I’m waving a white flag right now. So you’re down with VSP?

  6. L says:

    There should be a class in high school that teaches you hands on lessons about bureaucracy and crap….navigating the health care system would be a great class project. My biggest peeve: that I get two separate bills, one from the physician and one from the clinic/lab/facilities.

  7. egan says:

    L – yeah, the billing is like putting together a puzzle. Not unlike your average cell phone statement. The two invoices per visit is enough to drive one to drink, thus increasing your health care costs. America, the greatest country on earth.

  8. Burr-ee-toe says:

    hahaha. Okay, that will be my “learned something new” for today. Thanks for the tip!

  9. egan says:

    Burr-ee-toe – not only do I have a blog, but I also pass along very useful information. I’m like an online version of the CDC.

  10. Phil says:

    Glad to see Grogor the Magnificent has not yet been ruled out for a name. It has a certain panache.
    I missed the earlier version of this post, so may I just say, health insurance companies; Boo Hiss.

  11. Buggss says:

    Strange as it may sound,bringing up several kids makes things easier than just 1 or 2.
    They entertain each other,learn to get along and pull their weight with little chores,share,debate,,etc.
    Better wait til after the birth to discuss having a footy team tho 😉

  12. egan says:

    Phil – Grogor? Is that from some sci-fi movie? The earlier version of this post was about as exciting as poker on tv.
    Buggss – I know all too well about the big family thing. There are some good sides to it. Some people just don’t like kids, period. I won’t name those people here though.

  13. Leezer says:

    I have VSP and it’s awesome (God. I can’t spell awsome awesome awsuuum???)
    Baby names to consider:
    Pea Eye

  14. egan says:

    Leezer – you must work for a better company than I do. Skippy? Were you addicted Family Ties? You’re so awesome.

  15. mez says:

    awww well I missed the whole rant. But I have this little idealistic belief that health care shouldn’t be dangled like some carrot in front of those who cannot afford it. Fuck the economics – ‘industry’ forgets that we’re all human and have a right to health care regardless of socio economic status.

  16. Katy says:

    I get the feeling you’re talking about me here when you’re saying that “someone” doesn’t like kids. You’ve totally misrepresented me if that’s the case – seriously. In fact, my day was made yesterday but a comment a dear friends’ child made. I like certain kids. I don’t often like to be around other kids but more often it’s their parents I’m snobbing at. I am not excited about decisions people make to have huge families. Seriously, stop talking about me.

  17. jeci says:

    Goddess bless universal health care. I can’t say it enough–Thank you Tommy Douglas!
    And do you and Mme. Les Singes think about giving your bebe a name that starts with “e”?

  18. egan says:

    Mez – I really think it’s pretty much a rat race. Figure out your health care plan and you just might receive coverage. It’s kind of like the fine print at the bottom of tv commercials.
    Katy – your post on your blog honestly did rub me the wrong way. That said it’s your blog and you can say whatever the hell you want. There are other people, not just you Katy, that feel this way about “breeders”.
    Just like you want people to be respectful of your decision not to have kids, then you should be respectful of those who do want kids … no matter how many they have. To each their own. I’m not a fan of religion, but I still have to respect their choice to worship a God I don’t believe in.

  19. egan says:

    Jeci – universal health care, what a concept. I can’t even think about how many health care improvements the U.S. could have made for the price of the “war” in Iraq. We do have a few E names on the short list, but there will not be a trend like in my family.

  20. Amy says:

    Ah, it’s great to be Canadian. Universal health care is something every country should implement.

  21. egan says:

    Amy – yes, I’ve heard this. The only drawback, from what I’ve heard, with the Canadian system is the equipment is lacking a bit because the funding covers all citizens. Is this accurate? You know how much I love Canada so I’m hoping this has changed over the years.

  22. Katy says:

    Ok, let’s get clear here. I have *never* voiced disrespect towards those who want kids. Their choice has been made as simply as mine was. Clearly you didn’t read this part: I was simply stating that I’ve never heard someone who wants a Large Family to choose not to over resource consumption.

  23. egan says:

    Katy – I did read that part. And as I stated in my comment on your blog, I’m not sure why my parents wanted a big family. Perhaps my mom was a closet Mormon or Catholic or maybe she was lacking in self-esteem and wanted to be surrounded with kids. It’s something they chose to do and I’m sort of glad they did or else I most likely wouldn’t be here.
    Let me make sure I understand you clearly so there’s no confusion. Your beef is that people who choose to have big families don’t stop having kids for the sake of the environment. Or choose not to have kids at all in order to save the environment? Is that the point you’re making? If so, I’ve heard that before. I admit bringing a new child into this world is a rather significant burden on the environment.
    I think most large families happen for a variety of reasons: don’t believe in birth control, religion, self-centered, etc. It’s all good. I don’t want to have a big family, but some folks do.

  24. sprizee says:

    Egan, I have VSP and it SUCKS. But you already know this.

  25. egan says:

    Sprizee – you’re the first to say this about VSP. You should report it on Yelp or something cool like it. If you get me addicted to Yelp like you did blogging and instant messaging, you’re in trouble.

  26. logo™ says:

    I am so sad you’ve ruled out Stick. Think how original the kid would feel!
    I have no vision information, except this,
    “I see something blue, it’s bluuuuue!”

  27. egan says:

    Sprizee – yes, you. You’re the one fueling my addiction. You’re my enabler. How does that make you feel? Hey, American Idol is on very soon. Alabama represent!
    Logo – Stick is out, but Baton is still in the running. Don’t worry about the vision thing. I can use my normal eye guy as he’s in our provider directory. Yah me.

  28. jeci says:

    I popped back b/c it’s interesting to hear perspectives on health care from south of the border (and I’m also interested in the kids v. no kids debate). Anyway, if the medical equipment is outdated here in Canadialand, it’s the first I’ve heard of it. We do have a hard time retaining doctors b/c they go to the States where they can make more money in the private system. But, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate and value universal health care.

  29. egan says:

    Jeci – ah, I’m glad you cleared that up. First we steal your celebrities and now we steal your doctors. Damn Americans. The large family thing is very intriguing to me as well. Stay tuned as tomorrow’s post will be about the good and bad of being raised in a large family.

  30. Tall Chick says:

    That’s weird. I was just asking you on my blog if you were going stage an intervention for my YouTube addiction. I’ve never head of this show. Does this mean I’m psychic? Psychotic?

  31. I’ll take the hot girlfriend; I won’t neglect her in favor of my Legos!

  32. ChickyBabe says:

    How about addicted to blogging over a hot girlfriend/boyfriend?

  33. Cindra says:

    You are such a rebel. How is wifey feeling? How about Tanner for a name?

  34. sprizee says:

    What about Danny, Joey, Michelle, Stephanie, Rebecca or Uncle Jesse?

  35. egan says:

    Tall Chick – it means nothing. You’re not able to psychoanalyze me so don’t even think about it. I’m above your heard games.
    Malnurtured Snay – the guy was a dumbass. He’s a very scary guy that looks like he’s about to go postal on someone at any moment. I gather the girlfirend likes “projects”.
    ChickyBabe – leave it to you to ask the hard hitting questions. I say stage an intervention. I’m all about the sneak attack these days.
    Cindra – Mrs. Lessinges is doing alright. Went to bed early tonight and was in a witty mood right before bed. She was cracking me up. She called the librarian like woman at Lenscrafters a “stupid bitch” which had me dying. Classic stuff. Tanner? I will think about it.
    Sprizee – yes, I love me a good trendy name of kids born in the 70s. Naming things sucks.

  36. Amy says:

    Egan: I wouldn’t say that equipment is lacking because the funding covers all citizens. If there is any lack of equipment, and that is not evident to me, it would be because we don’t have a large enough population base to support it. If we do need equipment that is not available where we live, we are transported to another hospital.
    We do have a problem with wait times though. Because the care is free, people abuse the service for frivolous things. There is no preference given to the wealthy, which drives rich people to the USA for faster treatment if they are unwilling to wait. Luckily, if someone is really sick or they have a true emergency, they will get faster attention, but preference is based on need, not financial situation.

  37. egan says:

    Amy – thank you for chiming in on this matter. My buddy is Canadian and says the system is far from perfect, but you can’t beat the price. Ideally if you could combine the U.S. system with Canada, you’d have a great package.
    Very interesting point about how the wealthy folks will come to the States for faster treatment. Oh yeah, I’ve heard about the wait times. We have that issue too.

  38. Janice says:

    Please swim for me. I’m really busy with school right now and I don’t have time to go swimming.
    I guess being Canadian gives you an entirely different view on health care. We just go to the clinic when we get sick.
    It isn’t perfect, but it’s served me well for over 30 years.
    I liked your post about the large family.

  39. tori says:

    I have four kids and love it. It isn’t always easy, but it is totally worth it.
    I am not able to swim today because I have a sick kid. This happens a lot to me, but I wouldn’t trade my kids for a swim (even though sometimes I might think I want to consider it!)

  40. egan says:

    Janice – thanks lady. I know you’re hella busy with school so I will dedicate a lap of butterfly to you. I will do that lap today and think about cooking for those 40 seconds. I like Canadians.
    Tori – no, nothing in life is easy. Easy things don’t challenge us and don’t get us out of our comfort zone. Have you taught the little ones how to swim yet? I was terrified of water until about age 5. My mom then forced me into swimming lessons and now I can’t get enough chlorine in my diet.

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