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New Product Tuesday

People are you ready?  I haven’t done a New Product Tuesday post in a few months so hold on.  Normally I sample a product, provide a picture of said item, and then give some feedback about its taste/enjoyment qualities.  Things … Continue reading

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Payback is a Bitch

Well look what we have here. A little over a month ago I did this to a car parked in our work garage. Monday afternoon I wandered over to our car and saw this scribbled on the driver’s side of … Continue reading

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August and Everything After

Ha, I have some great things on my mind today.  Some really neato stuff, but I think sharing this information could get me put on some sort of government watch list.  I’m restraining myself.  Until next time my friends, I’m … Continue reading

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Here We Grow Again

Here are some common MISconceptions about the Emerald City. It rains a lot here. If you make $250,000/year you can barely afford a house. Bigfoot sightings are a daily event. People still wear flannel everywhere everyday. Seattleites are "faux friendly". … Continue reading

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Magnifying Intentions

My last two posts have sort of flirted with the issue of racism.  I provided a couple examples of comments I heard and how they impacted my feelings.  Now I think it’s important to go back a bit further to … Continue reading

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Driving Miss Ignorant

Since yesterday was Martin Luther King Day here in the States, I think it’s best I share yet another story of racial intolerance.  This one goes back a bit further than the one I posted over the weekend.  This event … Continue reading

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Stereotype Much?

Alright alright, I had two long drawn out paragraphs, but I just erased them. Basically all I want to say is some people are really dumb. We got another estimate for our attic windows on Saturday. Mr. Rob arrives ten … Continue reading

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