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Problems with Logic

Say I want to earn more money.  Do you suppose I should quit my job and stand in the unemployment line in hopes of making more money? If I’m out of line like The Donald, would it make sense to … Continue reading

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Fourteen is the Magic Number

By the numbers: the average human farts 14 times a day. Me? 17 and yes I am counting. one typically wipes four times after pooping. 1/16 of an inch of snow is all it takes to cripple Seattle. I have … Continue reading

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How Not to Win a Bid

Folks, we’re in the process of making some small home improvements.  Our two main priorities currently are a minor bathroom remodel of our basement bathroom and new windows in the attic.  Our basement bathroom is a scary and cold place.  … Continue reading

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Deflating the Net

Blinking cursor, oh blinking cursor. Why must you taunt me blinking cursor? Is it me who is tongue tied or am I avoiding posting about a certain topic? Blinking cursor, you will not prevent me from posting something. Something is … Continue reading

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Shrinkage, not that type

Each day I go into work and stare at my computer for roughly eight hours a day. To kick off the new year I decided it was time to organize my computer desktop. Instead of leaving spreadsheets, Word documents, jpegs, … Continue reading

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Scatter Brain

I suck yo!  I’ve been unable to make my usual blog rounds in the past week.  I’m not mad at y’all, but I am experimenting with a few things.  It’s killing me since I’ve got much reading to do about … Continue reading

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Gone with the TeeVee

Happy New Year gang.  It’s 2007!  I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve and day.  My wife and I hung out with some friends and attended an Iron Chef New Year’s Eve party.  All the … Continue reading

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