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Busy Lines

It was a snowy Wednesday morning in the outskirts of Paris.  The day would be spent inside a suburban office which could have been located anywhere in the western world.  Aside from overhearing a smattering of French, there wasn’t anything … Continue reading

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Fill in the Blanks

Blogging is really cool.  There I said it.  I honestly do think blogging is a tremendous medium.  When I was a kid we listened to lots of music in our station wagon on the way to a various sporting events … Continue reading

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The Great Cake Debate

What would you do when no clean utensils remain? (Disclaimer: if you haven’t read the previous post, you might want to since this is a continuation post) Yes, I suppose I could have eaten the leftover cake with my fingers, … Continue reading

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Forks a Lot For Nothing

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while so ready yourselves.  It’s everyone’s favorite game: Choose Your Own Adventure.  Okay, so this game is easy to play since you only have to choose from the available options at … Continue reading

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Baby You Can Name My Child

Alright everyone, gather around the fire.  I have a spectacular contest idea.  This one isn’t for faint hearted individuals.  It will require some well thought out responses.  The stakes for this contest are enormous and should demand your utmost undivided … Continue reading

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Let Down Your Golden Hair

Goldilocks!  When I was in grade school I was called Goldilocks.  Sure the nickname bugged me since I was a boy and not a girl.  I had huge blond curly hair so I guess I deserved it.  By the time … Continue reading

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Productive Like a Prez

Hello again people! I’m fine, thanks for asking. I had a three day weekend and spent much of it running around like an expectant father with his head cut off. Here’s a sampling of stuff I did: took a hammer … Continue reading

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