Rapid I Movement

The naked one:  ha, these have been the most enduring dreams.  I first recall having them in my early teens.  The premise is very simple, I don’t usually have clothes at my disposal.  A couple common varieties include climbing out of a pool naked, having an important meeting naked, or just unable to locate clothes while others kind of giggle and point.  In these dreams I’m frantically looking for something to cover up.  Damn that chlorine addiction of mine.

The running one: I’m typically running my normal pace, but for whatever reason I can’t seem to pick up the speed.  Try as I might, I’m unable to go any faster.  Life seems to pass me by in slow motion during these dreams and usually involves me running uphill, fully clothed.

The car with horrible brakes one:  I’m the driver of an out of control car with poor brakes.  I apply pressure to the brakes and I can’t get the car to slow down as it should in real life.  Eventually it comes to a stop, but just before I narrowly miss killing someone or something… Sasquatch.

The missing car one:  brand spanking new dream.  I had this dream over the weekend and it drove me nuts.  My car(s) was stolen three times from the exact same spot.  Apparently I replaced the car each time and it would promptly get stolen.  My first car was a Honda Accord and it was stolen once and vandalized many times which likely explains this dream.

The sibling one: this is a less frequent dream than I would like.  Usually it consists of a very realistic dream about one of my siblings that has passed away.  In the dream they don’t feel like they’ve been gone.  It’s more like they’ve disappeared for a bit and then come back.  I haven’t had one of these in quite some time, but I like them very much.  Most of the times this dream is includes a trip up a snow covered windy trail to the summit of a mountain.

The college final is tomorrow one:  yeah, this dream is pretty obvious what it’s about.  Typically it’s a dream I have about missing a course all quarter/semester long and learning I have a final exam tomorrow.  The class tends to be an English or math class which also comes as no surprise since I had to pass a calculus class before I graduated from college. 

The monsters are chasing me one: this childhood dream haunted me like nothing else could.  Maybe I read Where the Wild Things Are too often as a child.  I remember getting chased by monsters as I took the back trails from my house to the local grocery store.  I was always somehow able to outrun these colorful furry monsters. 

The professional athlete one: I’m at the plate in the 9th innning of the World Series.  I’m usually playing for the Red Sox in this dream and my fame is through the roof.  Unfortunately, this dream never plays itself out.  I wake up before the outcome has a chance to occur.  Other variations include me as a soccer player or a swimmer on the US Olympic team.


I know there’s much interpretation one can do about these dreams, but I just enjoy them for what they are… silly stories that don’t usually make much sense.  Analyze them if you want, but be warned naked retaliation could be in order.


TODAY’S RULED OUT BABY NAMES: Erik, Eileen, Emich, Ellinor, Eugene, and Ekatarina


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  1. Churlita says:

    I have the college final one all the time, but in mine, I have to go to the professor and admit that I never went to her/his class. So, it’s not just stress, there’s an element of shame and embarrassment as well.

  2. egan says:

    Churlita – yeah, that’s true. Did you skip class often in college? I missed some classes, but not with a lot of regularity. Damn those professors.

  3. kelwhy says:

    Similar to the College Final one – I used to have, and still have on occasion – the “waitress nightmare”. I dream that I’m waiting tables and getting busier, and busier and forgetting what they’ve ordered and I’m ordering all the wrong things and I can’t even get back to the Kitchen to fix anything. It’s a horrible, horrible dream and I wake up in cold sweats everytime! [shiver]

  4. egan says:

    Kelwhy – damn, I left that one out. I might have to add it to the list. In my dreams, the customers would continue to file in the restaurant as I was trying to close the business for the night. It was a nightmare alright.

  5. Rachel says:

    I can’t remember my dreams 99% of the time. After reading these I think that is a good thing.
    The dreams that I do remember are VERY vivid and freak me out.
    The only one that I still remember vividly years after the dream is one when I am running form gang members and was shot in the back. I can still recall the burning hot feeling of the bullet entering my back and my slow-motion falling to the ground.

  6. furiousball says:

    I can concur from these dreams that you subject yourself to a lot of anxiety and that other’s opinions mean a lot to you, sometimes to the point of a fault.
    I am just talking yang by the way.
    But you probably have a dream of nearly running over Kurt Russell’s character from Big Trouble in Little China while he’s trying to deliver pizza to Chuck Knoblauch.

  7. sprizee says:

    Hurry up. Rule out Evelyn. You can’t have that name, you hear me. It’s mine!

  8. Chris says:

    Wait a minute, Sprizee my friend – are you preggers too?

  9. Caro says:

    Recurrent dream from wich I always emerge shaken and sweaty : I lose all my teeth, every last one !

  10. Burr-ee-toe says:

    I always have one that drives me nuts where I’m trying to punch someone, but I never have any power behind the punch. Very frustrating.

  11. egan says:

    Rachel – I have this cool helmet you can wear and it will save your dreams and send them to me to analyze. You game?
    Furiousball – Chuck Knoblauch, fuck man, where the hell did he come from? That’s funny shit.
    Sprizee – Evelyn has been ruled out as of now. You happy?
    Chris – watch your tongue sir. She isn’t pregnant. She reports to me on everything, everything.
    Sprizee – you showed him.
    Caro – I’ve had that dream a few times, but not too often. I don’t care for that dream one bit.
    Burr-ee-toe – huh, that’s an interesting one. Punching eh?

  12. ChrisTx says:

    Most of my dreams tend to be monochromatic or four color… and a lot of times silent, or badly dubbed at least (sometimes telepathy is involved). I also have continuous dreams… last night for example, I was dreaming of some sort of apocalypse and kept waking up (I tend to wake up for a couple of minutes, fall back asleep and dream again) and then would resume the dream, or fragments of the dream… it’s never good when that happens. Thankfully, I’m no Nostradamus πŸ™‚

  13. Phats says:

    Umm what? ha I don’t ever remember any of my dreams ho hum
    YES!!! Phats still hasn’t been scratched off WOOHOO

  14. tori says:

    I have very vivid dreams and remember them all too. When I was little, they used to scare me so bad I was often afraid to go to sleep. Luckily, they have toned down a little as I have gotten older and they don’t scare me as much.
    Just the other day I dreamed about my grandma (who passed away right during all my cancer stuff). I was sad when I woke up and didn’t get to continue to talk with her.

  15. Burr-ee-toe says:

    Yeah, weird huh? I also have this other one where aliens are attacking and I’m really scared. Maybe no more snacks before bedtime.

  16. ChickyBabe says:

    Add the barefoot dreams to the naked ones… what’s the big deal with not wearing shoes in dreams?! I’ve stopped analysing too…

  17. lord f says:

    the parallelogram continues: erik (with a “k”) is my middle name.
    lord f

  18. Gawpo says:

    You are in luck. I happen to be a D.I. No, not a drill instructor. A DREAM INTERPRETER:
    Naked: This is about your birth. Naked in the womb, in water; you love it there. You are ever young and becoming born. And that feels odd now due to the contrast, i.e., you belong naked and new, but life “clothes” you in responsibilities that force your “exit from the pool.” Just don’t lose sight of the fact that as you exit your comfort pool, you enter another which you will also be required to exit once you become comfortable there. You are an ever-evolver.
    Running: Your terrific ambition, knowing fully where you want to be in life is held back only by all the “red tape” of life’s obstacles.
    No Brakes: Life is scary. You survive.
    Missing Car: The car itself is your “vehicle” to move, to get where you want to go, to grow; it is a part of your you that you rely on. This piece of yourself is carefully placed with the utmost care-filled intentions, but somehow gets jacked by—again—the demands of being a person who chooses to evolve and not just go until the gas is all gone. Every time you get stolen, you are replaced. I’ll bet if you went back and looked there was an improvement with each replacement.
    Sibling: No words are needed. But you know me, Egan. I will just cry because that is so beautiful.
    College Final: This one means your wife loves you completely, sometimes in spite of not having attended her or studying for her. You always pass her, don’t you? Well? There ya have it. You can split this into a “what-love-means-to-you” discussion, but wife rhymes with life and that’s where I’m taking it. CAVEAT: This by no means suggests that you will ever figure any woman out. Also, you can study for their language, but you will never be able to speak it well enough to keep up with all the new words she will invent. That’s the English part of the dream. The math portion is also impossible since you will be using logic to approach what math means in the dream and logic will not win you an understanding of what woman math is all about. What do we say we are trying to solve when we speak of math? That’s right—problems.
    Monsters: Just go back and read the last one again.
    Professional Athlete: Dude, you are currently hitting homer after homer out of each of your own, as well as many others’, parks. Keep it up. You are my Mariner.

  19. Phil says:

    If you combine your dreams together…
    You are being chased by a monster while nakedly running and trying to find your car which is careening brakeless across a baseball field with your exam schedule inside.
    I like the dream about your sibling. Sometimes dreams are nice.

  20. Tall Chick says:

    Hee hee I like Phil’s combo dream. ^_^
    I have:
    the Naked or Underwear one
    the I’m Back in Basic Training (or, alternately High School or college) one (in which I eventually realise I’ve graduated and, quite anticlimactically, simply leave, LOL)
    the The College Final is Tomorrow one (sometimes the I can’t find my high school class and it’s the last final)
    the “Bad Guys are Chasing Me and my Gun Doesn’t Work one
    the My Dad is Still Dead But I Can Talk to Him Anyway one (I like these, too)
    the I’m Stuck on the Outside of an Airplane and it’s Taking Off one
    the Bad Guys are Chasing Me and I have to Lose Them in a Maze-Like Building one
    and the OMG the Critters (mice, shellfish, rats, fish, snakes, whatever) Have Escaped Containment and the Cats Are Going to Eat Them one.
    I think maybe I have problems.
    Oh, and my fave – the Sex one. ^_^ I’m surprised you didn’t mention that one.

  21. Brooke says:

    I have almost all of these dreams too. Get out of my head, freak.

  22. Amanda says:

    Dreams are crazy!! I always try to interpret, but there are so many different things an image in a dream can mean that I stopped trying to. I always have a recurring one where my best friend & I get into horrible fights. And I also have a lot of dreams where I’m having sex and not necessarily with my husband. He’s a little jealous becuase he says that he can’t dream cheat. He stops himself before they do it. I guess I have no morals in my dreams.

  23. Amy says:

    Can you recognize when you are dreaming? Not many people can but if you can, you can play around and have fun with your dreams.
    When I realize I’m dreaming, I become a DREAM WHORE. I go searching for a man to “have my way with.” I used to try and seek out the perfect guy, but after waking up too soon too many times, have become less selective. Funny, really, because in my waking life I’m very much a prude.

  24. meno says:

    I dream that i can fly.

  25. egan says:

    ChrisTX – those dreams where you wake up and then fall back asleep are trippy. There are those that are so scary I’ve forced myself to wake up.
    Phats – you dream about giant letter P’s.
    Tori – those dreams where you chat with the dead are the ones you never want to end. They are the most painful and rewarding at the same time.
    Burr-ee-toe – seriously, stay away from the brownies and Mars Attacks before bed.
    ChickyBabe – no shoes eh? Huh, I don’t recall those. Maybe it shows you’re vulnerable or something.
    Lord F – really? This is starting to creep me out a bit. I bet you also have two ears and ten toes.

  26. egan says:

    Gawpo – seriously man, how much do I owe you? You don’t really interpret do you? Not that you didnt’ do a fantastic job and all, I just assumed you were kidding. Turn in that deputy badge and start a new career.
    Phil – way to tie that all together. I wonder who I almost run over in that dream sequence.
    Tall Chick – keep in mind I didn’t mention all my dreams. Just a sampling of stuff. You’re a wise woman so I know you’ll know what I mean. If you don’t, ChickyBabe will.
    Brooke – see what Jack Bauer is doing to us! Damn him and his plans to save the world. He’s getting in all of ours heads, even Phil’s.
    Amanda – your sex dreams crack me up. I think married partners have that dream a lot. Funny what your husband says. Does a certain something happen in your sex dreams? (you don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to) Someone else told me they do the same thing in their sex dreams. I love it. Aw, it’s Amy, right after your comment.
    Amy – I see you and Amanda have zero morals when it comes to your wild sex dreams. Geez, what’s wrong with you ladies? I can sometimes tell when I’m dreaming. It’s not too often that I wake up though. It’s very rare that I can start a dream over once I’ve woken up. You crack me up with the “dream whore” story.
    Meno – I watched the movie The Boy Who Could Fly… is that part of your dream?

  27. Good for Me says:

    I had a recurrent dream until I was a teenager. I’ve only had it once or twice as an adult. I lived in a village with other families in the woods. Children were playing and grown ups were working or milling about the small village on a bright sunny day. Suddenly, an enormous giant would come bounding into the village roaring and stomping and causing everyone to start screaming and running. I stopped to watch the giant…and the dream would become silent at that point. Certain that i could become his friend and make him stop scaring people I approached him. We became instant friends after I explained that he was scaring people, and that if he wanted friends he needed to be kind. The giant agreed and joined the village.
    The other dream I have often is about flying. I swim when I fly…usually high, high, above the tree line.

  28. egan says:

    Good for Me – fuck, I totally spaced out on the flying thing until you mentioned the swim aspect. Yes, I have the exact same thing… I think. For me, the flying motion is accomplished when I swim freestyle in my dreams. It’s super cool as it happens as I just soar and soar.
    I can’t say I’ve had the giant in the woods dreams. I do like it very much though. Was the giant green?

  29. mez says:

    the dad one – dad comes back from the dead to say hello. It’s like he’s cheated death by coming back. If we made a big deal about it he’ll disappear.
    the late for.. one – I’m late for a trip/event and am struggling to get ready on time. It’s anxiety plus.
    The teeth one – teeth falling out/teeth crumbling in mouth.
    scary animal one – floor covered with snakes or spiders all coming to get me.
    the school one – things out of control at school, cannot control the grade or stuck in new situation where I have no control and don’t know what to do.
    the sexy dress one – am putting on a sexy dress/undergarments. Very ooh lala – since do not actually regard self as sexy, more just dorky and funny.
    giving birth one – either joyous as have given birth to best baby ever or heartbreaking and confusing as I give birth to a broken doll.
    chased by the mob – I’m rarely chased by monsters but am usually chased by gangsters who are going to fuck me up joe pesci style.
    the sexy guy situation – faceless guy, but penis is not blury at all. hahaha

  30. lisa says:

    naked dreams- check! usually a wee bit embarrassed but not enough to throw anything on
    running- actually- mine are trying to walk and having to draaaaaaaag myself along because my legs won’t work
    car with no brakes- oh yes! and going backwards down a mountain, no less. i have this dream every time i feel insecure in my professional life (hmmm.. about time for another!)
    i also have these just amazing multidimensial dreams that i can’t even begin to explain but which are taking place simultainiouly on different planes, in different settings, with different music, etc.. and i am different people- rarely myself.
    one last dream i have a lot- i read the dream. like in opening a book, and reading the dream and then closing it and concluding it was fantastic! and i MUST remember to write it down again when i awaken. lucid dreaming maybe?
    enjoyed your post- thought provoking!

  31. Amanda says:

    Yup. I’m pretty much the same as Amy. I’m a dream whore. And I usually really enjoy those dreams if you know what I’m saying. And I think you do.

  32. Amanda says:

    And I don’t know how to use my Italics. Damnit.
    (italics have fixed by the author of this blog because he really cares about his commenters)

  33. Leezer says:

    Damn! Late to the party again!
    I have the same running abd college dreams as you, Egan. I also have the same waitressing dream as Kelwhy and the same punching dream as Burr ee toe.
    Has anyone had this one: I want to swim laps. The first pool I go to is too shallow. I leave. The next pool is deep enough, but too crowded, and I can’t fit in the lane. The next pool is closed. Finally, I find a pool that is “just right” but I take so long to get dressed and get stuff into my locker that I never get in the water.

  34. ChickyBabe says:

    How about dreams of flying then getting a sudden fear of heights and falling?

  35. Eunice says:

    My favorite is the ice-breathing dinosaur one I’ve had since the age of 7.

  36. Good for Me says:

    flying by swimming the freestyle, huh. strangely enough i swim the breast stroke. it’s like a flog in the sky. bizarre.
    no, no shrek or jolly green lookin guys. he sort of looks like the giant from James and the Giant Peach.

  37. Good for Me says:

    eh, that was “frog” not “flog”

  38. Good for Me says:

    mez – the giving birth one! i had those when i was pregnant…both times. they are terrible. the first one I ever had was that my baby was born and his face was made of oatmeal. i tried to touch him and my hand just mushed into his face. it was terrufying! but then it sort of became a joke and we called him “oatmeal baby” for the rest of my pregnancy.

  39. L says:

    Wow, can you loan some of your dreams to me? I’ve only had about half a dozen dreams since the Marriage Shake Up. Dreamless sleep. It’s restful but not so refreshing. I’ll know how much I’ve healed when I start to dream regularly again.

  40. Gawpo says:

    Totally serious where it appears so. (Because yes, I have some dream parsing quals via the MSW.) Totally kidding where not. It’s a mix. I charge what Lucy always does: you owe me 5 cents. But because knowing you has made me rich in so many ways, I am waiving my fee.

  41. Amber says:

    I think it’s interesting how you organized your dreams. I think mine would probably be separated into “Random Craziness” and “Likely To Come True.” My realistic dreams tend to come true, which is a bit scary to say the least. Otherwise, the dreams I have are just like a jumbled kaleidoscope of information that is playing out in my head – like a schizophrenic play or something, haha.
    Anyway, at least you can take your dreams for what they are worth. And you’ve pin-pointed the root for most of them, which probably lessens the panic when you wake up :).
    Take care! And thank you so much for the link! That is very kind of you :).

  42. Mone says:

    I like Erik πŸ™‚

  43. Janet says:

    It says something for your writing if you can maintain an audience when talking about your dreams. Go Egan!
    Actually, I connect strongly with the running-but-cannot-go-any-faster dream, though that one is frequently combined with the-monsters-are-chasing-me-one.

  44. TayRez says:

    As in… you’ll retaliate, while naked?

  45. Burr-ee-toe says:

    I also have the one where I forgot about the final. But sometimes it changes up and I’ve missed the final, or I overslept. The bad news is that the overslept one actually happened to me in real life. The power went out, so my alarm didn’t go off. I’m still traumatized.

  46. Leezer says:

    HA! I have another similarity with Burr ee toe. The college dream happened to me in real life. I took Indian Law in law school only because I needed the credits. It was so painfully boring and depressing that I never went after the first night. I read the book and showed up for the final a semester later. Everyone said, “who are you?” I got a c+. I didn’t have the dream much after I lived it in real life.

  47. Burr-ee-toe says:

    haha… nicely done Leezer!

  48. egan says:

    Mez – I’m very intrigued by your fascination with getting fucked up Joe Pesci Style. That’s cool stuff. Hmm, the faceless guy and giving birth to a doll also have me very curious. You’re awesome.
    Lisa – thanks for the visit and sharing your dreams. Huh, reading an actual dream. Now that’s very cool stuff as you can see it unfold. I see we have some dreams in common.
    Amanda – yep, I know exactly what you’re talking about. Right there with you.
    Amanda – see how nice I am? I cleaned up your html mishap.
    Leezer – the pool dream is a good one. I’ve had something kind of similar now that you mention it. It doesn’t relate to the pool per se, but it involves wanting to do something and never actually getting to it. Like bundling up to go skiing, but never actually making it to the lift chair because I’m so slow. I like your pool dreams. Swimming rocks!
    ChickyBabe – I do get the flying dreams, but I always land gracefully. Although I admit the sensation of flying always seems a bit overwhelming.
    Eunice – ice breathing dinosaur, that’s cool. Does the dino have a name?
    Good for Me – no green guys and no freestyle? I thought you and I had so much in common. Breaststroke works for me though.
    Good for Me – I feel you.
    Good for Me/Mez – huh, I get the feeling I should ask my wife about her dreams. There could be some good material to discuss or share.
    L – I can definitely lend you some dreams. Which ones do you want? You can’t have the sex ones.
    Gawpo – man, you’re a nice guy. You say such sweet things to me. I think you did a great job analyzing dreams. You have plenty of material to choose from with this post.
    Amber – there are some dreams are a bit too realistic and either have me looking out the window or picking up the phone as I leap out of bed. Mine are very unlikely to come true since they’re a bit wacky. Oh, you’re welcome.
    Mone – is one of your children named Erik?
    Janet – hey, how are you? Well, it could be the writing or that everyone dreams.
    TayRez – yes, that means I run all over town showing exposing myself to people. That my friend is punishment enough for most.
    Burr-ee-toe – those test dreams suck. I never quite missed a final, but I did have a one close call for my Oceanography. I love oceans, but I didn’t like that professor.
    Leezer – where did you go to college? My dreams regarding this college test thing are so real sometimes the line between reality and fiction get blurred. I really have to think whether or not those things actually happened or not. Oh, the good old college days.

  49. egan says:

    Burr-ee-toe – I know, that’s pretty good work. Not show for a class the entire quarter and get a C+. For some reason a course on Indian Law would be very fascinating to me. I’m that boring.

  50. Hypersonic says:

    I dreamt last night that my brother had been born a girl and that he had had a gender re-alingment to a bloke. It was really weird!

  51. Amanda says:

    Yes, Egan, you are very nice for fixing that for me. What did I do, anyway? Because it looked like I messed up your entire page from my end.
    What about Erich (pronounced like Eric or Erik)…please say no to that name. The only Erich I know is a complete douche bag.

  52. cindra says:

    Dreams are powerful. I guess I would have categories too…but no time to figure all that out right now. I just know the one I had last night was very satisfying, indeed. It was fun reading about yours. Meow.

  53. Leezer says:

    Pacific Lutheran University then law school at Seattle U. (I’m the loser who took Indian Law, and it reminded me of Burr ee toe).

  54. Leezer says:

    Oh, and sorry to monopolize your comments, but a whole semester of Indian Law can be summarized as follows: We took their land, gave them treaties, reneged on the treaties, put their children in boarding schools, tried (unsuccessfully) to turn their communal and agrarian philosphy into a capitalist way of living, and they (nearly) perished from the earth. There is absolutely nothing legal about it.

  55. sandra says:

    I’ve never had the naked one…is that more of a guy thing, I wonder?

  56. Phats says:

    I did have a dream last night that my house was surrounded by snow and I couldn’t get out my front door and I died.
    Then I woke up and heard on the radio we have a blizzard warning YIKES!

  57. Buggss says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you,your missus and bubs πŸ™‚
    I notice you haven’t ruled out Horatio,Hepzibah,Crispin,Algernon,Mergatroid or Tarquin yet lol πŸ˜›

  58. egan says:

    Hypersonic – I had a dream I responded to your comment already, but maybe that was reality. Was s/he hot?
    Amanda – there’s a snafu in the Typepad programming. You closed your html tag with (/a) instead of (/i). Since you didn’t technically close it, the italics continue until I correct. It’s a mean prank to pull on anyone with a Typepad blog. Yes, I’ve done it to other users because I’m mean like that.
    Cindra – so what happened in your dreams last night?
    Leezer – you’re not a loser. Nobody is a loser. All bloggers are cool so puff your chest out and be proud.
    Leezer – sort this one out then… whale hunting rights. Normally I’m a very environmental person, but I say let the Macah tribe hunt whales. Hell we took everything else away from them.
    Sandra – apparently not just a guy thing based on feedback to this post. I thought it would be a rather unique dream, but 4-5 others stated they had them too.
    Phats – you really don’t like snow do you? It’s not like this is the first time Indiana has had snow is it?

  59. cindra says:

    I’ll send you an email…

  60. egan says:

    Cindra – I will be on the lookout for a sexy dream sequence in my email Inbox.

  61. Phats says:

    uhh are you not watching the news?
    near blizzard conditions, it has nothing to do with snow, it has everything to do with the amounts of snow we are getting, and it’s not stopping. To make matters worse is the wind. I don’t like snow but this is just crazy

  62. egan says:

    Phats – I was half kidding sir. Of course I watch the snow. I’ve heard about the legendary snow drifts. A co-worker of ours in upstate New York sent photos from his house. Damn those were amazing.

  63. Maria says:

    I’ve had the naked dream … but in this dream I’m usually in a bed with someone else.
    I’ve had the running one but it’s been awhile since I’ve had that one. I’m usually running in a forest trying to get away from something, but my legs feel like lead pipes.
    I’ve had the car with no brakes dream. In this dream I was driving and went over a cliff, all the while my brother was watching me plummet to my death. Naturally I woke up before I touched ground.
    For awhile, I dreamt of my ex. That was strange. I hate really sad dreams that I have where I wake up crying.
    I can’t remember any of the dreams I’ve had recently. My favourite by far are the sex dreams (obviously). I don’t have nearly enough of those!

  64. I like the dreams I wake up from.

  65. Phats says:

    πŸ™‚ phew i was worried egan!!
    Yes the drifts outside my house are getting close to pinning me ACK!
    On the bright side no school again tomorrow

  66. Tall Chick says:

    Names with weird spellings are fun
    Rhys (reese)
    Eoin (Owen)
    Iain (Ian)
    Aine (Anya – don’t make fun of this one, it’s one of my children’s middle names. πŸ™‚ Each of my kds has 2 middle names because – well they were free, and I’d liked the idea ever since I was a kid πŸ™‚ )
    Catriona (Katrina)
    Sluggie was very nearly Chloe Caitlin Catriona, but then we went with something different. πŸ™‚
    In my birth dreams everyone else alwasy got to meet the baby before I did, because I was unconscious for some reason and didn’t even get to see the baby for days. I hated those.

  67. Good for Me says:

    k, so papa bauer is even sicker than we had imagined.
    i haven’t received the keys yet. or the bike. what’s the deal?

  68. kayla says:

    I have recurring nightmares about a ninja who chases me through the house…always 1 step away from me.
    I need a shrink

  69. egan says:

    Maria – the sex dreams are your favorite? I wonder why. Nah, I don’t wonder. Tell me more about these nude dreams.
    Malnurtured Snay – yeah, the ones that wake you up just before something bad happens?
    Phats – I guess you won’t be playing any outdoor tennis for a while. Love love. Match point.
    Tall Chick – the birth dreams are similar to dreams I’ve had about new gadgets. Everyone else uses it before I embrace it. Those are good name suggestions.
    Good for Me – you’re so right about Papa Bauer. I watched it last night. I enjoyed the two hour show, but want the plot to speed up a bit. My wife thinks Jack will take a two hour nap, I think it’s highly unlikely. The bike is in the mail.
    Kayla – hey, how are you? You don’t need a shrink. Answer me this though, are they ninja turtles or not?

  70. CSL says:

    I’ll refrain from analyzing since I’m not on the clock, and just say that I have a recurring dream that I’m doing some everyday activity – grocery shopping, working, whatver, and I can NOT open my eyes. It’s like I’m drugged.

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