Fill in the Blanks

Blogging is really cool.  There I said it.  I honestly do think blogging is a tremendous medium.  When I was a kid we listened to lots of music in our station wagon on the way to a various sporting events and other errands around town.  Being in a large highly competitive family we raced to name the artist and title of each song before the other siblings.  Needless to say, I learned much about pop music in the longer drives across the state. 

What I recall the best is not being able to tell whether or not a musician was American, British, Australian, Kiwi, German, Canadian, etc.  Heck, you couldn’t even decipher a singer’s ethnicity based on their songs, for the most part.  I enjoyed the music for what it was, rarely understanding anything other than the chorus.  I took the music at complete face value.  If it had a catchy vibe, a good jingle, an addictive chorus, a great intro, a fantastic instrumental, or just an amazing voice… I was hooked.  Then music videos came along and you could see what the artists looked like and their "interpretations" of the song.  Sometimes it enhanced the song, sometimes it ruined it for me. 

I think the same can be said for bloggers.  What I truly enjoy is being able to fill in the blanks about bloggers on my own.  We’ll never truly know what each blogger is like unless we happen to know them personally.  For me, this is what makes blogging what it is.  I can paint my own picture based on their posts, comments, and all that other stuff the author chooses to share publicly.   Maybe they share access to their photo albums or other favorite websites.  Maybe they never post a picture of themselves and refrain from using their real name.  This gives me even more insight and allows me to do some more virtual eavesdropping, but the picture is still incomplete.  There are days where I feel like a private detective as I my imagination weaves stories together.  I guess it can be said blogging for me is like a never ending soap opera cliffhanger.  I feel like I’m always wanting to reveal just a bit more about those of you on the other side of the monitor.

Sure I’ve met several of you in person, yet this still doesn’t mean the picture is complete.  I enjoy patching your blog offerings to create my own perceptions of each of you.  This is what makes blogging so entertaining to me.  It’s all about the unknown.  And now I have Tom Petty’s Into the Great Wide Open song stuck in my head.  Blog on peeps, blog on!


TODAY’S RULED OUT BABY NAMES: Chester, Cleo, Garfield, Bubbles, Rover, and Simba.


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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61 Responses to Fill in the Blanks

  1. catnapping says:

    oh yeah. now that i’m thinking on it, i agree!
    it seems fitting that we’re all here in the “ether” together…cuz that’s how i think of our thoughts…as floating in never-ending space.

  2. catnapping says:

    intermingling in never-ending space…

  3. Amanda says:

    And now that song is stuck in my head, too. I guess it’s payback for the Falco song, eh?
    I’m right there with you on this. That’s why I try to refrain from putting too many pictures of myself on my blog. When I first started blogging, I did that all the time. It took away the anonymity (did I spell that right) of it. After I came back after a little break, I post pics on special occasions only (like new glasses!! And damn – I can’t spell today!)

  4. sizzle says:

    that’s a cool way of thinking about it. now if we ever meet, let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint with the vision you’ve created. 😉

  5. Burr-ee-toe says:

    I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Pants. I heart pants. I don’t think I say that enough.

  6. Rachel says:

    The only thing that came to my mind was spoofing off of The Muppets..
    Blooggsss In SPAACCEEE!!!
    I would love to know what type of picture you have painted of me…theoretically speaking.

  7. furiousball says:

    Amen, I find other people fascinating, especially when I don’t know everything about them. One of the signs that I’m insane is that one of my hobbies when I don’t have anything better to do is to just sit and try and think of one word for each person I see. This usually takes place when I’m flying on business and waiting. Watching a busy business man on a cell phone pushing past a family struggling to get themselves to a gate, I try to find one phrase that describes that persons mood or what’s on their mind. The business person = “there’s no way my wife found out about waking up with my secretary”. The father of the family = “how do I explain to my son that I just lost his college savings at the track?” The mom = “I need more heroin stat!” The two year old = “I’m going to paint a picture of the devil naked just to worry Mommy and Daddy”. The five year old son = “I hate karate class”

  8. egan says:

    Catnapping – yeah, I’m glad you agree. If you didn’t, you might never come back to my blog to visit.
    Catnapping – is Montana never ending space? I got to get back over there to visit our friends in Billings.
    Amanda – you will notice I post a lot less pictures of myself. I don’t mind posting them, but I’m also a guy and a lot less likely to have a crazed stalker. I love your spectacles picture. No worries on the song, at least it’s not painful on the ears.
    Sizzle – twelve days and counting. I can’t believe Tequila Con is almost here. I suppose the idea of meeting many bloggers kind of inspired this post.
    Burr-ee-toe – Pants is a great person. You and I have both had the pleasure of meeting her in real life. I was happy to know she didn’t disappoint at all. It was like we had known each other for a long time. Like you, I think she’s pretty swell.

  9. egan says:

    Rachel – I see you still have Mez’s post in mind from a couple weeks ago. Someday maybe I will share. You did post a picture recently so that always redirects what I may have thought. The mental image never matches the actual, of course. Hell, I imagine Mez to look like Audrey Hepburn.
    Furiousball – funny you should mention that. I do something similar. I don’t search for one word, but I really enjoy trying to piece together relationships at the airport, restaurants, or other gathering places. Funny you chose the mom as the heroin user. Does your child paint the devil?

  10. naynayfazz says:

    I agree with you 100%. I only started blogging a year ago and am still new to it. But I love knowing that people like to do what I do… write! I enjoy story telling and making people laugh. I also love reading stories and finding out about people. Funny blogs are my favorite and you are very funny!

  11. Amanda says:

    Yeah, crazy stalkers are the reason I quit blogging for a year. Do you think I’m safe with just a couple of pictures? I get paranoid pretty easy.
    It’s 2:00 here – I’m officially in my Tuesday afternoon doldrums.

  12. borneochica says:

    Video killed the radio star?
    I like that you can look at blogging so purely; sometimes it seems like a big old business.
    But I still love all that people reveal through blogging, sometimes even unintentionally.
    By the way, I’ve been waiting for a post I felt comfortable commenting on, and this isn’t exactly right, but it was better than guessing the gender of your unborn child (I’m feeling boy) since I was so wrong about my own offspring, I was sure I was having the opposite of what the u/s told me until the moment of birth. And the cake story: I totally would have chosen the 90210 scenario. Yeah, that.

  13. ubermilf says:

    Sniff. I am offended.

  14. egan says:

    NayNayFazz – yeah, it’s great to peer into the lives of others. Of course, we’re only seeing a small part of what they’re willing to share, but it’s still very fun. I originally started to work on my writing skills and to vent my dissatisfaction with the 2004 election outcome. I tend to shy away from politics these days unless there’s something I really need to get off my chest. Since you complimented me for being funny, I should stop talking politics. Thanks for the wonderful words of praise.
    Amanda – yeah, I think you’re okay. Just stay away from boob shots and constant raunchy sex talk. It sucks that you even have to think about this sort of thing, but sadly there a many creeps out there surfing the net.
    Borneochica – hello and welcome to my blog. Thanks for chiming in on this. I’m ashamed to admit I wandered to your blog after you commented, found your Flickr link, and then got a little teary-eyed after seeing your wonderful pictures of your daughter.
    Video Killed the Radio Star, not quite that song. Maybe some Duran Duran video instead. Okay, I have you on the boy list. Any name suggestions? Funny what you said about the cake story. Sadly the 90210 thing was just some warped fantasy. Thanks for the virtual visit. Come back anytime.

  15. egan says:

    Ubermilf – why are you offended now? You’re kidding right or is one of your children named Bubbles?

  16. Leezer says:

    C’MON! You’re not going to give the name “Bubbles” a chance? Where’s your sense of adventure?
    I love blogging, too. It is an amazing thing to see people who share the same senses of humor gravitate toward one another.
    It reminds me of a dream I had about twenty years ago, well before the internet. I went outside into my yard, and hopped upon an invisible train where we didn’t have bodies, just shared thoughts in outer space. I think it was some kind of premonition.

  17. tori says:

    When someone doesn’t tell me enough about themselves to satisfy my curiousity, I make up the rest. Then sometimes, I have trouble remembering which parts they told me, and which parts I made up to amuse myself. Leads to some confusing conversations sometimes!

  18. ~d says:

    Once upon a time I told you there was a sign near my home(ish) that said EGAN. I FINALLY finally got a pic of it!


  19. furiousball says:

    Egan – Nope, but I have a crayon drawing by my son at my desk of my son and I at the park with a jet fighter shooting down a flying car in the background. The caption his teacher wrote in there says “I love daddy because he takes me to playgrounds and he gives me soda” Note: I’ve probably only given my son soda like twice, he’s got plenty of energy…that teach is a liar.

  20. what about “scar” as a name…goes with Simba…

  21. lord f says:

    “i’ve been looking all day at these pictures of you.”
    i have often thought that robert smith’s next line should have been “but, i don’t know who you are”.
    here’s a brief bio for lord f:
    heather is my fiancee’s name. we’ll be married in june. we’ve been together for 12 years. she’s great.
    i’m a writer for a biotech company in cambridge, ma. i work on protein replacement therapeutics for rare diseases (so the work i’m involved in actually makes a difference in patient’s lives).
    i’m a bit of a dick (if you haven’t pieced that much together yet).
    i’m a registered atheist democrat.
    i like cats and some dogs. i recently attended a dog show and won a bet as to which dog (irish setter) would take best in show.
    heather and i had three cats at one point: chester, max, and cleo. chet was our favorite. he died two years ago. he was 17. max died almost exactly one year later. he too was 17. cleo is still with us. she’s 12. last year we took in another: abigail princess buttercup (we call her scabby).
    i’m at work, listening to the pixies as i type this.
    i have a blog: it stinks.
    i still don’t qualify for your self-proclaimed overly politicized link list.
    hugs and mittens,
    lord f

  22. Gawpo says:

    If I ever marry, it will be to a blogger. I will not see her face, hear her voice on the phone, won’t email her. It will be a marriage of blogvenience. The wedding will be attended in the comments box. Videos of parts of our faces will be uploaded to YouTube and then posted to the wedding blog. All bloggers are invited from around the world. Each of us will bake small cakes from the exact same recipe. Egan will eat his with his wife’s credit card. Blue The Spa Girl will preside (being so touchy-feely and tuned in to the spirits). When pronounced husband and wife, we will kiss our respective monitors. Cindra will photograph the backs of the heads of people in her unnamed town. She will post the pics and the name of each blogger who logs on will be assigned one picture as a wedding avitar. My new bride and I will honeymoon at Somewhere Joe’s.

  23. patches says:

    Sometimes less is more. Like furiousball, I’m totally into the people watching thing at the airport. I often have to reposition my jar, after a quick flash of, “OMG, you left the house dressed that way, and security didn’t find you suspicious.”
    There’s always that desire to know who people really are, but they’re more stimulating when you have to figure out all that stuff with the bits of info that they are willing to disclose about themselves. Kinda like playing Clue, or maybe Clueless if you aren’t very good at it….

  24. Amanda says:

    No boob shots?? Damn. That was going to be my next post. I guess I”m going to have to blog about my cat now. Wait. Don’t go there, Gawpo.
    I’ll sing for your blog-wedding, Gawpo.

  25. Caro says:

    Salut Egan. Ton sujet du jour est de circonstance : j’ai finalement lancé mon blogue. J’écrirai parfois en anglais parfois en français selon mon humeur. Tu m’as grandement inspirée à surmonter ma gêne et je t’en remercie. À plus!

  26. Caro says:

    Excuse-moi de ne pas avoir laissé le URl! Comme je te disais hier, je suis un dinosaure en informatique!

  27. Gawpo says:

    Dang it, Amanda. You stole my thunder! Wedding songs gladly accepted.

  28. Maria says:

    My sentiments exactly!
    I love to blog for the sake of it but I love it more when I get comments and the virtual banter back and forth.
    I remember when I was in university, there were some times where I would just sit against a wall of one of the buildings that had the most traffic and just people watch.
    For me when I go on blogs, I feel as though I am people watching in a sense. I love reading the stories of these lives that are real and actually happening. I love to comment when I feel it is ok to do so and I especially love when the writer acknowledges my comment with a comment of their own (and there we have the virtual banter).

  29. egan says:

    Leezer – I will not give Bubbles a chance unless my wife allows me to give the kid the first name of Gas. I highly doubt that will happen. How old were you when you had that dream? That’s impressive.
    Tori – I love the way you think. That’s kind of how I work with names. If I don’t know it, or forget it, I make up something. It usually gets a laugh and then they forget I forgot. It’s rather cyclical.
    ~d – very cool. You know what? I’ve been to Egan, Louisiana. I have a few pictures from that locale. Perhaps we met and didn’t know it.
    ~d – thanks for sharing. That’s awesome and even better since they spelled my name right. Kudos. Vive la ville d’Egan, Louisiana.
    Furiousball – if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s to never trust teachers. They are lying scoundrels. They will say anything to improve their standing with parents. Okay, before I get flogged by the 10 teachers that read this blog… I ought to retract that statement. I was totally kidding about that. I love teachers.
    steppingoverthejunk – is that how Simba is supposed to be spelled? My bad. I updated it on my blog. Scar could tarnish the kid’s future.
    Lord F – wow, you throw it all out there don’t you. Why do you call yourself a dick? I don’t get the dick vibe from you, but maybe I’m not paying close enough attention. Congrats on the upcoming wedding. The Pixies are from Boston aren’t they? Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being an atheist. Did you say something about my blogroll?
    Gawpo – you’re a blog whore aren’t you? Your tiny Oregon coastal town just doesn’t have enough to offer does it? Perhaps NBC could televise all of the proceedings for you. YouTube would crash and burn before you actually kicked the bucket. Bandwidth amigo, bandwidth.
    Patches – I could people watch all day. It’s a bit annoying for those trying to communicate with me in the real world as my eyes tend to wander. I’m working on that. I love taking it all in. My wife and I almost played Clue last weekend. We ceremoniously turned off the tv since nothing was on. She beat me in checkers in a best of three tournament. She also beat me in the lame card gard War.
    Amanda – not to worry, Gawpo has already gone there. He’s got the hots for you. I think it’s the glasses he adores. Maybe it’s your soothing voice. No boobies on the blog unless you want creepy stalkers.
    Caro – felicitations mon amie! Tu as lancé un blogue. J’ai déjà mis une commentaire sur votre poste après avoir pleuré.
    Caro – ah, merci pour le lien. Sans un lien, je devrais chercher le blogue avec le net.
    Gawpo – Amanda is quick to the punch. You got to stay on top of things.

  30. egan says:

    Maria – ha, then you came to the right blog. I enjoy responding to comments. It makes the experience a lot more fun in my opinion. But I know not all blogs can or do operate this way. Being a virtual voyeur can be very fun. I suppose the real life version can too. I like the “virtual banter” description.

  31. Amy says:

    For the record, my real name is Amy and I have ONE photo of myself hidden in my blog. I also tend to reveal more about myself to strangers through blog than I reveal to people I know. I do try to be somewhat careful not to reveal too much about my location. You never know what kind of a weirdo could find my blog. Even though I could totally kick a stalkers ass, I don’t want to be in a position where I would have to!

  32. egan says:

    Amy – shit, you can’t throw that out there like that. That’s a challenge and I’m not one to look the other way when someone says there’s one photo hidden on their blog. Interesting that you reveal more to bloggers than real life people. I guess that does make sense though.

  33. Diane Mandy says:

    I remember listening to a.m. radio in my parent’s station wagon during a cross country trip when we attempted to move from New Jersey to Denver. My siblings and I would sing at the top of our lungs especially this one song–Afternoon Delight by Starland Vocal group. Remember?
    Rubbin’ sticks and stones together makes the sparks ingite
    And the thought of lovin’ you is getting so exciting
    Sky rockets in flight
    Afternoon delight
    Afternoon delight
    Afternoon delight
    My mother would ask us not to sing the song, but at 5,7, and 9 years old, we really did think the song was about fireworks…
    All this being said, I don’t think I want to know what gaps people fill in when they read my blog. 🙂

  34. egan says:

    Diane Mandy – I do remember that song all too well. I think it’s on some tv commercial these days. I swear I’ve heard it recently. Perhaps my wife made an iTunes mix with it. Hmm, what sort of vibe does Diane give off… hmmm, let me think about that some more.

  35. lord f says:

    i prefer commenting on other blogs to posting on my own, but i’ll post original if tempted.
    i, like maria, get all squishy when the author reads and responds to my comments (does that make me creepy or a plushy?). i one day aspire to be included in monkey boy’s blog roll.
    lord f

  36. egan says:

    Lord F – are you serious about the blogroll stuff? If you are, please fork over $100. It’s a one time fee and it means I will never remove your link. Ha, now who’s the dick? Go BoSox. I’m glad you stop by sir.

  37. I love blogging too, and if I was drunk, and in your house, I’d give you a really big hug right about now.

  38. Amy says:

    So did finding my “hidden” picture, and diving into my archives change your impression of me?

  39. celeste says:

    Great post Egan, and very true.
    I struggle with how many pictures to put up or how much to reveal. I try to keep it light and not get too personal, because you never know who’s reading. Like last month, someone commented that they saw me in a restaurant. And I’ve never met this person!
    I never thought I’d be a blogger, but I’ve been doing it for nearly a year now and I’m totally hooked. I doubt I’d have nearly as much fun if it weren’t for the ‘blog friends’ I’ve met, and the hilarious comments and posts we all share. Good times 🙂

  40. Stephanie says:

    Darn!! I totally had Simba in our blogger pool.
    But yes, I agree with you about the blogosphere. It is pretty darn cool when you sit back and think about it.

  41. mez says:

    That’s what I love about blogging too! I love filling in the gaps. Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words and sometimes it is just this superficial nonsense that says nothing at all about the person in question.
    Funny about the Audrey thing. I adore her but the way that she’s holding herself in a strange pose and her character in funny face (where the pic was from) is a movie I identified with so much. That’s why it’s there. I really feel like that character. I look nothing like Audrey though. lol. In my other journal on diary-x before it went down I had a picture of chloe Sevigny and people kept thinking it was me. It’s hilarious. Even my comicbookgrl blog is not quite me either. I guess no matter what picture you’s never quite you. Even if you do know the person in real life.

  42. Amber says:

    Now there’s any interesting insight into YOU. I think it would be interesting to get your “take” – insights, “feelings,” and so on about each of the bloggers you read. It would be interesting to read and I’m always looking out for new blogs to enjoy. Maybe you can point some of us in the right direction by sharing what you know/think/believe about the people whom you read?
    Just food for thought :).

  43. Janet says:

    I’m very glad that Rover is ruled out.
    And I liked this post. I feel the same way.

  44. ChickyBabe says:

    Nice post, Egan. Like you, I like my imagination to fill in the blanks, whether it’s real or not, is part of the fun. As long as we relate, it really doesn’t matter.
    This reminds me of a blogger who kept a particular style of blog, and I imagined so many thing about him. Then I discovered another blog he kept concurrently which showed a different facet of him, even the style of writing was different. It was like meeting 2 different people. I always keep that in mind.

  45. Nessa says:

    This is one of the things I like about blogging too. It is interesting to see which parts people choose to reveal about themselves.

  46. Good for Me says:

    i love reading your posts. they tap into thoughts i have, but don’t quite have the words or ideas formalized to put it out there. and they make me think. and laugh.
    i have a hot and cold relationship with blogging. since i’m one who has revealed neither name nor photo, my assumption is that to some degree it keeps me at a distance from other bloggers. part of me doesn’t like that. but on the other side, it feels safer, on many levels. i tend to be more serious than funny. i wonder how that is interpreted in the blogosphere.
    i like amber’s suggestion, and this is something i’ve thought of as well. sharing how you’ve filled in the blanks about the bloggers you visit.

  47. Heather says:

    I enjoy reading several different blogs,.. and I often tend to gravitate towards the blogs of people I have not met IRL,… mostly, I think, because I have more imaginative freedom. That’s also why I tend to play classical composers when I’m feeling creative,… I can put my own “story” to the words.
    How could you pass on Chester? I can just see an elderly lady tapping her teacup with a spoon while calling “Chesta” in a wobbly voice,… and you’re now denying your child that experience!

  48. ubermilf says:

    I used to be in your links and now I’m not. My feelings are hurt.

  49. ~d says:

    (color me slow…are you and the Mrs. expecting?!?)

  50. ~d says:

    I don’t believe I ever was in your links.

  51. Pants says:

    Hooray for virtual eavesdropping!

  52. justrun says:

    I was sort of thinking about this earlier today. I was feeling guilty because I have some blogs I habitually read every day and, sadly but admittedly, get a little irritated when they’re not updated when I need them to be. 🙂 On the other hand, I have others I will only check in every other day, once per week, etc. and for some odd reason, I felt a little guilty. I have no idea why I’d single some out and not others, it just happens. I guess just like “real” people in life, right?
    The reason I’m telling you this is because I realized I sort of “assign” other bloggers these personailities when in reality, I don’t know if that’s actually them or not. Because of these personalities where I’ve “filled in the blanks” I seem to have gravitated more toward some than others. Of course, there’s more to it than that and there’s always going to be people who write things I like to read more than others but still, it’s strange. I find it odd that there can be this entire world and, dare I say, “relationships” where we really only know a very small percentage of someone.
    (Phew! How’s that for a first comment?!)
    Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog, too. 🙂

  53. egan says:

    Malnurtured Snay – are you a hugger then? I love guys who aren’t afraid to hug.
    Celeste – that was very sweet of you to give a shout out to your readers. It’s the readers that really make the whole experience. I wonder if the restaurant commenter on your blog was being honest or not. No nudie pics and you should be fine.
    Stephanie – are you back to blogging now? I checked a couple days ago and didn’t see anything. Simba just won’t work. The kid’s going to be a monkey.
    Mez – yeah, the Audrey thing got me at first. Then I saw some Gap ad with Audrey promoting skinny jeans. It’s an embarrassing thing to admit because clearly I should know what she looks like. Thanks for showing me the comicbookgirl site of yours. That should be a fun read. I figured you liked filling in the spaces as much as I do.
    Amber – that is very good food for thought. I think if you read between the lines, you can tell how I feel about the people who comment on my blog based on my comments on my blog or theirs. I will think this idea of yours over.
    Janet – Rover just doesn’t work unless the kid is furry and red. I’m glad you liked this post. Yours was damn funny.
    ChickyBabe – gracias amiga. That’s a cool idea by that other blogger you mentioned. I’m not crafty like that, but I can appreciate a unique perspective. Filling in the blanks is very fun.
    Nessa – yep, which parts they reveal and which parts they don’t. That’s what it’s all about.
    Good for Me – I think it’s fine to never show your picture or share your real name online. I think most bloggers understand why you would never do that. Thanks for the nice praise about my blog topics. I throw out whatever is on my mind. There’s some humor in your posts. Shall I give you an appraisal, or assessment, based on what I read on your blog?

  54. egan says:

    Heather – thanks for your insight. The composer thing is very interesting. Imaginative freedom is a fresh way to see blogging. Chester is an animals name and my child won’t be an animal, let’s hope not.
    Ubie – you’re back. Really, don’t take the links on my blog personally. There are definitely more important things to worry about than my blogroll.
    ~d – yes, we’re expecting. She is due in August and we will be learning the sex next Friday. We will be using disposable diapers and breastfeeding the child for the first four years of its life.
    ~d – did you want to be included in my links? You know everyone in my blogroll has paid me $100. Those that haven’t paid come and go on a “trial” basis.
    Pants – that’s what she said.
    Justrun – hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. It’s a great first comment. I love what you had to say about blogging. I do the same thing. I have blogs I feel I need to visit on a daily basis and others where once or twice a months seems to be just fine. Ha, you used the word “relationships” when describing bloggers. You know that can get you in trouble with some bloggers. Okay, I’m just messing with you. Your comment was very heartfelt. Thanks for sharing.

  55. Chris says:

    What a great post and wonderful feedback. I just love this community and really enjoy the forumand everything else it represents.

  56. egan says:

    Chris – isn’t that the truth. It’s so nice to have readers such as yourself willing to offer up suggestions, advice, criticism, etc. It enhances the blogging experience.

  57. Good for Me says:

    oh yes, please do. this should be good 🙂

  58. CSL says:

    I so agree with this – I actually like that you learn people a bit at a time by following their blogs, and that the presentation is selective and you get to imagine them into existence. And them in a strange virtual way, you become connected.

  59. Gawpo says:

    Boy, I need to keep up. I take a day off from your blog and wind up way down here to reply to your reply. But yeah, I am like totally a blog HO, boyfren! And I take that as the highest of complements. BIG SMILE…

  60. egan says:

    Good for Me – yes, it should be fun. I will have to be both tactful and tactical. Stay tuned.
    CSL – that “strange virtual way” is what makes blogging so unique. It’s like an instant community. For me, that’s one of blogging’s biggest lures.
    Gawpo – it sounds like you have a huge crush on me and not Amanda. I have noted this. It is a compliment.

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