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Are bloggers celebrities?  Okay, I know some have made it big time, but that’s not my question or the point I want to make I suppose.  I guess what I want to know is the following: is it alright for bloggers to mock, ridicule, or impersonate other bloggers?  I know many bloggers use celebrities as a huge source of their entertainment.  Heck, Paris Hilton, Anna Nicole, and Britney have enough gossip surrounding them you could dedicate an entire blog to each of them.

Last week a few of you suggested I give feedback on my impressions of bloggers based on what I read.   I’m still torn whether or not that’s a wise idea.  Part of me would love to do this, but another part of me thinks that could go against  some sort of "blogger code", burning bridges so to speak.  However, if it’s okay for bloggers to ridicule celebrities… shouldn’t it be okay for me to turn the tables and critique bloggers?  I’m just asking.  I know there are blogs in existence which actually rate other bloggers.

Celebrities know they will be subject to public scrutiny.  You can’t tell me Lindsay Lohan didn’t know the media would be so aggressive.  Celebrities put themselves out there and so do bloggers.  Our blogs are public and our stories are there for all to read.  Granted we pick and choose what to share.  I don’t think any of us are making bank as bloggers, but would it be fair of a blogger to turn the tables and critique others?  Or is that an unwise decision? 


Huh, anybody want to be this guy’s sherpa as he attempts to summit Mt. Everest sans clothes?  The "Iceman" from Top Gun has nothing on this crazy fool.  I saw a story about a woman who swam for thirty minutes in the frigid Antarctic waters.  I thought I was hardcore by swimming the Ironman last year without a wetsuit, but these two folks really take the cake and make me feel very sane.


TODAY’S RULED OUT BABY NAMES: Chyna, Chip, Chloe, Charleton, Cheelisa, and Chimp.


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60 Responses to Blog Me Crazy

  1. Leezer says:

    You are too nice. And I think you’re right that there is sort of a blogger code or “etiquette.” For example, I have never once had to delete a comment someone has left on my blog, because by and large anyone who reads my blog (the three of you out there) have the same senses of humor and manners and so forth as I. I guess we are all sort of attracted to the blogs we read due to similar interests, values, funny-bones, etc. So if you were to try to comment on other bloggers’ personalities, it might bread the spell.
    I saw an advertisement on The Superficial for writers. The blog and others like it were looking for sarcastic wit. I thought, “Hmm. I COULD try to do that, but would I want to spend my time and – ahem – talent (if I can honestly call it that!) bashing other people? Even if they ARE celebrities? Nah.
    You’re nice, Egan, for the second time!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I agree with Leezer, and would add: it depends on the intent, as well. Would the purpose of these critiques be to generate laughs or scorn at another blogger’s expense or to guess the person behind or genuinely review the site of someone you may “know” (in bloggy terms)? It’s very … ambiguous. Gray area, indeed.
    Further, don’t we ALL critique each other to some extent by virtue of the choices we make re: blogs we track and/or read every day?
    And you are nice.

  3. Churlita says:

    Just remember, if you criticize other blogs, people will want to do the same to yours.
    I just stay away from blogs I don’t like. I figure everyone should be able to write whatever they want, I can always choose to avoid certain ones.

  4. egan says:

    Leezer – ah, that’s so kind of you to say it twice. Yeah, I don’t think it would be my style to type posts about my impressions. Perhaps I can leave a comment and say something like “I see today hasn’t been the best day”. I don’t think turning my blog into something like Go Fug Yourself is in the making. Psstt, how’s the progress on your trip to Asia coming along?
    Jennifer – I think this all came about with my post about “Filling in the Blanks”. I think some bloggers wanted to get my take on the impression their blog provides. That’s where the intent started and it got me thinking about whether or not that would be a wise decision. Yes, I agree with your critique each other by what we read or don’t read. This “nice” stuff is making me blush. Thanks.

  5. Pants says:

    The good and bad thing about blogging is that we can choose what we put out there for other people to read. Does it matter whether or not it’s “fair” to give to your opinion of other bloggers, as much as if you’re comfortable with the outcome?
    “Overnight and during tea breaks he will wear clothes.”
    What a cheater.

  6. egan says:

    Leezer – I forgot to applaud you for never deleting a comment. I have only deleted a few harrassing comments. I really don’t like to do it since it takes away from the whole forum aspect. Unfortunately I had no choice and gladly it did chase off the annoying blogger.
    Churlita – you’re so right. I’ve actually had to remove bookmarks to certain blogs to keep me away. It’s for my own sanity. I realized I would go to their blog and be annoyed. Same shit every day and it put me in a foul mood. Instead of commenting, I avoided their blogs.

  7. egan says:

    Pants – I’m so glad you pointed out that line in the article. I saw that too and thought, “what a wimp, tea breaks are for suckers. Move over Mr. Iceman because Mr. Singe is passing yo lazy ass up!” Good point, if you criticize, you have to be ready for the fallout. There are definitely some bloggers (you know one of which I speak) that dishes it out, but can’t handle the scrutiny all that well.

  8. Amanda says:

    Yeah, tough call on that. Part of me says do it – if we’ve learned anything about you by reading your blog it’s that you aren’t truly a mean spirited person (maybe you have mean spirited days, but who doesn’t?) so I don’t think you’d be doing it to hurt someone’s feelings. But the other part of me says to stay away from it. Some people can’t grasp sarcasm like others (and sometimes we have days where it goes completely over our heads like the day you tormented me on Tall Chick’s blog). But, I’m just being a Libra and keeping it balanced and not taking a side. Do what you want to do. Hell, do mine first if you want (but make sure I’m not having a “sensitive” day when you do it).
    Those people are nuts. Completely bananas. We went for a walk in 32 degree weather yesterday and I thought my face was going to fall off.

  9. egan says:

    Amanda – yeah, I think it’s best I stay away from the negativity. I used to roam in packs of bloggers that were a bit mean spirited and it kept me up at nights. I think avoidance, as Churlita suggests, is the best course.
    As far as giving you feedback on your blog based on what I read, maybe I can shoot you an email instead of blogging about it. Then you can either tell me to fuck off or salute me. The day on Tall Chick’s blog was classic. I really thought you’d be on to me. Hey, spring is on the way Amanda.

  10. Tall Chick says:

    I don’t think it would be nice. Too many toes to step on. But the point of many blogs is “Who cares?” Then again some blogs say “I’m an asshole.” :-/
    Mr. Ice has done a very poor job of self-maintenance.
    (and I can say that, cuz he’s a celebrity and doesn’t frequent my blog)
    The first guy (climber-dude) just makes me say “what a dork!” but the chick’s story was interesting because she’s some sort of scientific phenomenon. So that’s cool.

  11. Tall Chick says:

    ^_^ I should try that on your blog someday. I don’t think I could pull it of though.

  12. egan says:

    Tall Chick – yeah, the woman is like a human penguin. I can’t believe she can do those coldwater swims. What’s even more crazy is how fast she swims. Mr. Ice could use a haircut, but who am I to judge? Yeppers, I think it’s wise to avoid stepping on too many toes. I will be myself, but keep bloggers out of the mix.

  13. egan says:

    Tall Chick – what are you talking about? The stunt I pulled on Amanda on your blog? I would be immediately suspicious, but maybe others are more gullible.

  14. sizzle says:

    next thing you know, there will be blogger paparazzi.

  15. egan says:

    Sizzle – we call them Yelpers.

  16. Rachel says:

    If you want to maintain the good vibe that you have on your blog then you will probably want to avoid writing about other bloggers.
    When you wrote about it earlier I assumed that it was all happy, positive stuff since I get the vibe that you are a glass half full kind of guy.
    I am the person at work that annoys the hell out of my co-workers. Even when things seem to be in the toilet I am always trying to make people look at the bright side.
    My internal thought process is much darker than what comes out.

  17. meno says:

    I suppose you could critique other bloggers if you so chose, but i wonder, what would be the point? To show how clever you are? To give others the benefit of your opinion? To align yourself with popular bloggers? i just don’t see any good reason for it. It just negatives up the internet, and there’s enough of that.
    We vote with our time and our comments. That’s critique enough for me. If i don’t like it, i move on.
    See, this comment is my critique of you.

  18. mez says:

    yeah, I don’t know either. If you take the way that most of us talk about celebrities and did THAT to bloggers then yes that would probably burn a few bridges I’d say. It all depends on what you wanted to say?

  19. Amanda says:

    Yeah, if Tall Chick is talking about trying a stunt like what you pulled with me, I don’t think I could do it either. I’d crack much sooner than you did with me.
    Hmmm…for a minute there, I thought you & TC were referring to Vanilla Ice when saying “Mr. Ice” and was interested. But then I realized you were talking about the mountain climber dude and calmed myself down.

  20. Cake-Lady says:

    I don’t think I would critique someones blog. I simply would not read it if I didn’t like it. I probably would however leave a comment suggesting that something that was written might not be accurate, but in a very nice way.

  21. egan says:

    Rachel – I’m all about maintaing a good vibe. You should hear me on the soccer field even after a deliberate foul. “so unlucky man, keep it up team”. Well, I would love to keep it all positive, but if I saw something that needed to be called out, I wouldn’t refrain. This is why I likely would take a pass on this project. I want in on your inner thoughts.

  22. tori says:

    I would never intentionally say anything bad about a particular blogger. People all have feelings, and no matter what they say, at some level it must hurt to have something negative said about them. I have only received one negative/rude comment on my blog and I obsessed over it for hours. I am tough, but have a thin skin. If you say anything bad about me, I might cry…just warning you.

  23. egan says:

    Meno – this all came about from my Filling in the Blanks post. A few bloggers asked what image I thought their blog portrayed and volunteered themselves to be reviewed. It wasn’t me antagonizing anyone. Just to offer truly honest feedback on what image their blog might portray. I totally agree, there’s too much negative shit. I do think there’s much less of it today though. Critique me all you want. I know where you live, not really but it sounds scary.
    Mez – what if I professed my love for you? Would that change things? I could offer to fly to Australia and meet you. Celebrities are easy targets, I say get more creative. Burning bridges is bad, especially those covered ones in Madison County.
    Amanda – now don’t make me stop and listen because Ice is back with a brand new invention. Will it ever stop, yo, I don’t know…
    Cake Lady – that’s very diplomatic of you. I’d probably just shy away. In the old blog days, I was prone to picking more blog fights. Not anymore.
    Tori – you have nothing to fear. I’m not going to do this to anyone with a blog post. It’s not what I’m about. Blogging is a diversion and not a way to knock someone down a notch by insulting them. It sucks how one nasty comment can really get under our skin.

  24. Amanda says:

    *****Flashback alert!***** To the 5th grade when my friend and I would be out on the playground singingrapping that song and doing our dance we made up.
    Yeah, I totally completed the song after what you left. Yo man-let’s get outta here. World to your motha. Gotta take my final.

  25. borneochica says:

    I’m going to “climb” Mt. Everest without …. ummm …. a sherpa. Now that would be something. Boy is crazy, yo!
    I haven’t read your blog very long but I do concur with your readers that you seem very nice, in the best sense of the word. However, if someone asks you for an opinion on her blog, giving it in the kindest way you know how is completely different than photoshopping someone’s kid eating poop, as an example of the kind of blog “critiques” I’ve seen. I can understand the desire to want to know how you appear to someone else, but maybe that’s the kind of thing you share in an e-mail and not in a public sphere.

  26. Party Girl says:

    I have to say, there have been a few times where I really want to tell a blogger how I feel and think about them and their blog. Some go on and on about the same thing and they never seem to make any kind of progess in terms of their life or their situation. They seem very content just to vent day in and day out.
    But, I don’t. I give advice…or I stop reading and stop commenting. Sometimes I think that says enough. But, maybe not.

  27. patches says:

    Well, crap I thought I posted my comment a few hours earlier but it didn’t seem to take or maybe I posted it to the wrong blog instead…uh anywho. I avoid critiquing other bloggers, when I don’t share their views. They are exercising the same right to free speech I am…Maybe that’s just me avoiding confrontation.

  28. Leezer says:

    Our trip is quite imminent! Thanks for asking! (Go over to my blog and see that I am thinking of turning into a blog about the adoption, or at least making second blog).

  29. Burr-ee-toe says:

    I’m you’re number 1 fan. Will you sign an ipod sleeve and send it to me?

  30. jeci says:

    Hearing someone’s impression of you from reading your blog *would* be interesting. However, I don’t think a critique would necessarily be appropriate. It definitely could be an interesting exercise for everyone involved, but if you go down that path, I would stick to the adage that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Presumably, if you read someone’s blog, you’re interested for positive reasons. And, presumably, if there’s something snarky to say, some asshole has already done so. I’ve never had negative comments (yet), but it upsets me reading negative comments in other ppl’s blogs. It’s…icky. Ugly.

  31. Amy says:

    The more I think about it, sharing your impressions of other bloggers (especially publicly) may not be a good idea.
    I’m sure you would not have any ill intent in your critiques; but it is very easy to misinterpret the intent of written critiques. Not only that, you never know what some people are sensitive about, or when that person may be having a bad day.

  32. Phil says:

    As always it depends on the context.
    If you’re going to critize other bloggers (and some of us deserve it) then you have to play the ball and not the person and argue logically.
    No ad hominium attacks, no straw man arguements, and no if don’t believe X then you must believe Y crap.

  33. egan says:

    Amanda – I so knew you had a crush on Vanilla Ice. It must have been his hair or was it his ‘stang?
    Borneochica – you’ve seen someone do that? I’ve seen some pretty hateful stuff to other bloggers. Even worse, most of them do it as anonymous creeps. I think the message in my post got lost. I highly doubt I would ever blog about someone’s blog. As you state, that’s best discussed in an email.
    Party Girl – you stole my exact thoughts. I’ve been annoyed with what they say, who they gripe about, how to make it better, and never do shit. It gets old really fast. I’ve had to stop reading those blog cold turkey. It’s the only way otherwise I get too worked up. I do the advice thing too. Thanks for your opinion PG.
    Patches – about a year ago I made a habit of speaking my mind on posts I didn’t agree with. It doesn’t always go over so well and typically results in a smoothing out process. I matured though and now simply avoid them. Pssst, you may have commented, but maybe you didn’t enter the random word verification.
    Leezer – I can’t tell you how excited I am about this whole trip of yours. Please create blog and keep us posted as best as possible.
    Burr-ee-toe – if you truly were my number one fan you would know it’s not an iPod sleeve, but a sock. I will sign your forehead.
    Jeci – yeah, I do agree. I think that’s really what I meant to say. More than anything, some readers wanted to get my take on what their blogs says about them or the image they’re portraying to blogggers. Critique wasn’t perhaps the best word choice. I’ve had some negative comments and they’re no fun.
    Amy – you’re so right. For example, you could be sensitive to stories involving owls and smoking gym regulars. I know what you mean.
    Phil – this sounds like a challenge sir. Just kidding. This post was delivered poorly. Mainly some bloggers were curious what their blog might be broadcasting to other bloggers.

  34. Katy says:

    Actually, the woman who swam in the Antartic is an amazing person. She just has an body that can withstand pressures that others can’t – just like Lance Armstrong. I wouldn’t consider her insane at all.
    The person who chooses to do something stupid like climb without clothes IMHP is another league altogether.

  35. Amy says:

    And cell phones. Can’t forget the cell phones. And for God sake, don’t criticize my bed sheets!

  36. egan says:

    Katy – I agree with you. I watched a CBS segment with her and was very impressed. It takes guts just to get in water that cold, let alone do it for 30 minutes. The nordic dude, kind of insane though.

  37. egan says:

    Amy – I would never in a million years make fun of your bed sheets. I know how near and dear to your heart those can be. I think you deserve a cell phone.

  38. Amy says:

    I DESERVE a cell phone? Elaborate please.

  39. egan says:

    Amy – that way I could call you and talk to you as I encounter an odd person at the gym. Then those that really know you would wonder if you changed your tune on cell phones. Forget it. I’m talking out my ass again.

  40. Amy says:

    I’d only consider getting one if I can get that “meow mix” ring tone. And I think it would be kind of fun to have a camera, to prove to everyone out there, I really do live in a CRAZY place full of CRAZY people.

  41. egan says:

    Amy – sounds like you live in Seattle. Cameras are very handy to have on your phone. You can take cute shots like this one of our friend’s son.

  42. Amy says:

    Aww! So he is a bit of a musician.
    Is that really a cell phone photo? The resolution is pretty darn good.

  43. egan says:

    Amy – you bet it is. My camera’s not bad from close up. Most of the photos on my Flickr account are cell phone shots.

  44. Why not Egan – set a cat amongst the pigeons!
    How about El Cid?

  45. Amanda says:

    It was his perfectly scultped eyebrows. Seriously. Those cut-outs….I begged and begged my mother to let me do that. Oh thank god she didn’t give in.

  46. Eunice says:

    Of all the bloggers that I would look to to make fun of/criticize other bloggers, you would be it.

  47. Maria says:

    I’m too tired to think of anything witty to say but wanted to comment anyways and say “hi”.

  48. celeste says:

    That woman must be crazy to swim in the antarctic! Impressive, but crazy!
    I think it would be rude to ‘judge’ other bloggers. It would be like stooping to the level of the people on those celebrity news shows who have nothing better to do than exploid celebrities. I know they ask for it when they become famous (and especially when they do stupid things that get the media’s attention) but WHY oh WHY do we feel the need to look, listen or care? Let’s rise above and support our fellow bloggers! 🙂 (is this where we all sing cum-ba-ya?)

  49. mez says:

    hm, I’ve actually been thinking about this. Sometimes you just want to tell a blogger how you feel about their attitude or views – and yes I have. I’ve said it in their comments. People tend to get their panties in a knot when it comes to the cold hard truth. Then again, cold hard truth can sometimes have a lot to do with perception which tends to cloud things a bit. In any case – in comments hopefully it becomes a discussion. This is why people have comment boxes in the first place. Then again, draft comments are good too. lol. Posting something in an entry isn’t so much a discussion unless you’re asking for an opinion…
    As for nice stuff. Well now you’re bringing up another issue entirely. This is always good (you can profess your love any time Egan! <3). People aren't nice enough these days. They cut each other down just to make themselves look better. It's feral.
    You know, sometimes people go for the cheap laugh (blog or otherwise) by being mean about someone. I hate the cheap laugh and laughing at the cheap laugh makes the laugher cheap too (I'm starting to feel like Mr Brady here). Celebs are an easy target and well, okay that's an acceptable cheap laugh – why? Because even though they are real they're not really.. They're so far removed from us that they're hardly human…they don't hear it anyway. BUT being mean about someone who is standing a few feet away or someone who you KNOW reads your blog (same diff) really scrapes the bottom of the barrel. That's says a lot about the person making the remark. So yes, if you're being's always good because you would never make someone feel bad by being nice AND it's also not self serving in terms of cutting someone down to make yourself seem better than them.

  50. Cindra says:

    No. No. No. Why critique? Who wants you to? Why should you? Would you want someone to do that to you? If they already have, shine it on…turn the other cheek…life is too short for such judging.

  51. egan says:

    TheDailyMagnet – glad to see you back. El Cid? Nah, we’ll pass on that one.
    Amanda – I never ever considered the guy dreamy. I like that you’re comfortable admitting this.
    Eunice – I’m really not certain how to take that comment of yours.
    Maria – hello, being sleepy sucks. You better have a good reason. Go Raptors!
    Celeste – it’s hard to tell if she’s crazy or simply a genetic oddity. I think the point of my post was lost. I will write a follow-up post because I just can’t keep explaining this over and over. Not your fault, this post just didn’t come out as I wanted. I love my fellow bloggers and would never mean them any harm. Want a Coke?
    Mez – I love the thoughtfulness of your comment. Let’s get that out of the way. What I think is great here is how you mentioned the comment box. I like to use my blog as forum to discuss things. Clearly I didn’t get my point acrossed on this post, but nobody was mean. Everyone was nice and stated their opinions.
    I’ve come across many blogs where I’m left scratching my head. For example, if you don’t want a bunch of freaky guys making disparaging remarks, perhaps posting photos of yourself half naked isn’t a good idea. Oh shit you nailed it on the cheap laugh thing. I’ve done it a few times, but I try not to make it the norm. Yeah, Mr. Singe doesn’t want to cut folks down to “improve” his standing. Save that crap for the Jerry Springer show. Thanks Mez for your time.
    Cindra – critique was the wrong word. I will follow-up this post with a better explanation. Life is very short, but I must admit… almost everyone I know judges. It’s inherent.

  52. van says:

    the written word is far too decontextualized to allow for critique that doesn’t become insult, intended or not. I think sarcasm or hyperbole (e.g. on my blog) is often missed when something is written rather than spoken, so the poking fun might not come across that way either.

  53. ChickyBabe says:

    Bloggers as celebs? Good god no… I still find it humbling that people read me let alone comment!
    Good to see you ruled out Chimp! 😛

  54. mez says:

    that’s what I love about comment boxes too.
    I don’t think I’ve *ever* read you be cruel about someone who is in the vicinity (ie: someone who reads this blog etc). Some people are fair game like celebs and politicians.
    haha about naked blog. Ex-fucking-actly! I was actually JUST thinking that the other day. I mean, if your vag is on display and someone comes along making a vag joke or a smutty joke well…lady let’s not get so high and mighty about it!

  55. furiousball says:

    I think it depends on the forum, like if a harsh critique was sent in an email, that’s completely fine. Also, if the said blogger doesn’t like what you left in a blog comment, they can just delete it. Sure they’d still be mad, but if they asked for an honest criticism, fine. But if you left harsh criticism on your own blog of someone else’s, I guess it depends on the context. I’d say they should volunteer to be reviewed and understand that you will be honest and fair. Being a part time rock star, I always valued the most critical comments, that’s how I got better usually.

  56. lord f says:

    dam, i can’t believe i missed this post.
    of course it’s ok to critique fellow bloggers. at least it is in my head, and i do it all the time. i call it blogger on blogger crime.
    lord f

  57. egan says:

    Van – yeah, the written word is open to so much interpretation and something is bound to get lost. Plus I refuse to add smiley faces after each sentence to minimize confusion.
    ChickyBabe – you’re a damn talented writer, this shouldn’t be humbling at all. Your readers adore you. Chimp sounds to much like Chump.
    Mez – ha, you probably haven’t heard me say anything mean about those near me because I avoid blogging about co-workers. They’re my celebrities. The naked stuff, I’m glad you agree. It’s a sore subject with me and you see many bloggers falling down that trap. I love the word “vag”.
    Furiousball – so you also like Simon then? You know the American Idol guy? I think he’s straight shooter and that’s what I appreciate about him. Maybe the way he delivers the message isn’t always the best, but I like him. Emailing the feedback is the best way to go.
    Lord F – you might be the only one who feels it’s okay to critique fellow bloggers. Just read all the comments on this post.

  58. Tall Chick says:

    Oh, my referral to Mr. Ie letting himself go was aimed at the Val Kilmer Mr. Ice. Not the Himalaya-scaling Mr. Ice.

  59. egan says:

    Tall Chick – well some things just happen to get lost in the shuffle. You love Val’s gut.

  60. CSL says:

    I don’t think I would go after another person’s blog in a mean way. Too hurtful. I wrote a post recently where I talked about the sort of thing that leads me not to read a blog, but I wasn’t thinking about any one blog and would nevre have been more specific about that. And I tend to be prety sarcastic by nature and it might be too easy to veer into unkindness.

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