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Before I say anything, it’s important for me to follow-up yesterday’s post about critiquing blogs. I believe the point I was attempting to make was misinterpreted. Thank you for you sentiments. The background for yesterday’s post wasn’t explained very well when I reread it Wednesday evening.

Allow me to try again. I typed a post last week discussing how I enjoy to fill in the blanks with blogger’s offerings. I like to complete their stories based on what I read on their blog, in their comments, and whatever else I can find. A few of you were curious what your own blog might say about you. They thought it would be a fun idea if I told them how their blog represents them. I think saying "critique" was a poor word choice in yesterday’s post. They wanted me to review their blogs and give feedback such as too many photos, talks about boyfriend too often, doesn’t swear as much as they should, etc. The intent wasn’t to be spiteful or mean and that’s all I’m going to say about that.
All of this being said now, what do you think your blog says about you? What topics are off-limits for discussion on your blog? Have you had to delete comments?

Here’s my take on what my own blog says about me. I’m an attention whore. I like sharing personal stories with people I’ve never met. I can be too sarcastic for my own good. I have a tendency to pet my ego a little bit. I enjoy looking back to compare and contrast my present life with the past. Sometimes I post about serious stuff, other days it’s just fluff. Maybe I watch too much tv and I just might read a blog or two during the day.

The only taboo topics on my blog are work specifics and really personal stuff about my family. Yes, I have deleted some comments from bizarre commenters unable to say something nice or worthwhile.
TODAY’S RULED OUT BABY NAMES: Lex, Daphne, Marshall, Melissa, Brent, and Greta.  *(folks, tomorrow will be the final list of color-coded names, it’s the big gender discovery ultrasound on Friday)


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  1. ChickyBabe says:

    My blog is a facet of me but not the complete picture. That would be contrary to the anonymity which gives me the freedom to write.
    I don’t discuss politics, current affairs, details of my work, and some other serious topics I would rather not mention.
    I have deleted spam but not comments, though I have come close a couple of times.

  2. egan says:

    Chicky – you may be busy at work, but that’s three number ones on my blog in the past five posts. Impressive, most impressive.
    Chicky – I think your anonymity really works well for you. I like the topics you’ve chosen to not blog about. I do chat about politics and current affairs, but I try not to let it dominate the blog. I avoid memes too.

  3. ChickyBabe says:

    Wow… I hadn’t realised I made 3 this week!
    Oh yes, I banned memes and quizzes sometime last year. And I don’t do HNT.

  4. mez says:

    my blog is exactly my title. Miscellany. I’m semi anonymous – in that I don’t post pictures of myself naked or otherwise. However I have for brief moments put up childhood pictures and then taken them down a few hours later. A glimpse if you will. cbg is not fully me in that sense either.
    The blog has anything I feel like discussing. I have no arbitrary restrictions placed on what I do and don’t ‘do’ on the blog – it’s just whatever I feel like writing at the time. Some posts are a loooong time coming, they take a while to formulate in my head. Sometimes not. Therefore sometimes it’s fluffy and sometimes it’s emotional and/or thoughtful. But there are some things I don’t like to discuss – they are probably the same things I don’t discuss much in real life either – except in general terms.
    I think everyone who has an online blog with comments open is a fame whore of some kind aren’t they?

  5. Rachel says:

    I think that my blog shows that I am a little too nice but that there is some spunk buried down way deep inside.
    I think that it shows how much I love my son but that I am scared that I am not a good enough mother.
    I also think that it shows that I don’t really have a lot going on in my life right now so I blog about personal things that happenen when I was younger.
    I don’t blog about work, politics or celebrities. Two because they are too divisive and one because I don’t really care.
    Except for my weekly Hump Day Hottie.

  6. Chris says:

    I started by blog shortly after a conversation with my friend Jill (who seems to have abandoned her blog).
    I’ve put it out there – I mean so much so that I was suspended from work and nearly lost my job exercising my freedom of speech.
    I really love meeting and getting to know people, real honest genuine people…much like yourself and I feel very privileged to have gotten to meet you and your wonderful wife. Those kind of connections are invaluable, honest human connections.

  7. M says:

    “whore?” I wouldn’t say “whore” per se. However, giant slut comes to mind… you’re not getting paid for this, are you?
    I think my blog captures the bitchy, complainy side of me and not the whole picture… that’s why I stopped the thing for a while and have taken it back up in small doses.

  8. tori says:

    I started mine when I was recovering from surgery and bored. I left the comments on because I was interested to see if anyone was reading and what they thought of my nonsense. I have “met” so many good people through blogging that I never would have imagined. Now I’m in a tricky situation where I want to tell my husband about it, but feel sort of bad because it has been almost a year that I haven’t. When I started, I honestly thought it was an “I’m bored, here is something to do” thing and I would stop once I was recovered. When I started meeting people, and developing friendships with some people, I decided to stay. I think for my birthday I will send my husband a link and “out” myself. He does know a lot about my blogging friends, just not that I have an actualy blog. I have dropped so many hints that it has now become a game in my head of when will he ask me because he totally must already know.

  9. Hypersonic says:

    Nothing is banned, but I tend to stay away from naming my place of work or bad-mouthing it. I bad mouth everything else but not my job, on no siree.

  10. justrun says:

    Pretty much your last two paragraphs is what I would have said. It’s honest and I try to be, too.

  11. jeci says:

    I don’t necessarily have any chosen dos and don’ts for my blog. I’ve even written a little about work (but carefully and after I had a new job–haha!). I haven’t talked a whole lot about my political beliefs yet, even tho I’m a pretty political person. I’ve been too chicken, to be honest. Plus, all my readers appear to be American, which makes me feel awkward about spouting off about Bush, and at the same time, I don’t know how aware y’all are of Canadian current events (or if you’re remotely interested, more like).
    In general, I’m actually dissatisfied with my blog b/c I’ve had a really horrible year or two and the blog seems to be where that comes out. I feel like the blog is so much darker and more maudlin than I normally am. In real life, I’m really silly and energetic and bubbly. I don’t think I give that impression over at Blue Yon Belly.
    I understand about the sarcasm thing. It’s a compulsion.

  12. Heather says:

    It’s all good:) I really started my blog because I wanted to share baby news with our families,… which, unfortunately means my blog seems to be one of those annoying baby-centric blogs. Oh well. I have fun with it, and that’s the point, right?

  13. Jessica says:

    This is an interesting topic…I think I do have some “off topic” items I do not blog about but mainly because I worry about offending certain readers – not because I am uncomfortable discussing them.
    Hope you are still making it to TequilaCon in Portland this weekend – if so, I look forward to meeting you.

  14. Amanda says:

    “What my blog says about me: A Theme.” I’m an attention whore, too. I love seeing comments on my posts – especially ones that are complimentary. I get enough criticism in my real life that I don’t want it on my blog. I like posting about things I love (music, family, friends, food) and sharing it with people. I hope that my blog shows that I’m a creative, caring person and fear that people think I’m annoying. So I try to stay away from too much bitching. I will having a bitch post here and there, but again, because I bitch so much in my physical life, I want to try and leave that negativity off my blog. Taboo subjects would be politics, religion, my stance on really sensitive subjects like the death penalty & abortion. Avoiding those subjects is not because I don’t want to offend but because when I feel strongly about something, I have a hard time putting it into words. I also do not go into detail about work stuff and don’t want to really give too much away about me. I’ll post a picture here and there, but all in all, I try and stay pretty ambiguous in my posts. In my old blogger life, I used to participate in popular blog activities such as half-naked thursday. I just put too much of myself out there and it got scary. So when I came back after a year off, I decided to change the way I blogged. I have had to delete comments as you know – one was the same guy you deleted and another is a guy who I work with who makes me uber uncomfortable.
    Ok – how was my essay? Do I get an A? I am interested in hearing your thoughts on my blog, though. But maybe in a personal forum.
    I’m going to e-mail you today. Because I want to. So you better respond.

  15. ms. sizzle says:

    does my blog tell you i am an egomaniac in the making?
    just checking if i’m projecting the image i want to.

  16. meno says:

    Oh, i get it now! Duh.
    My blog says that i am a semi-articulate introvert with a predilection for using big words who is too emotionally stunted to interact with real people.
    Wow, that was harsh. The truth is is that i can’t really tell what my blog says about me because i can’t read my blog without being me. Does that make any sense?

  17. naynayfazz says:

    I used to try to write funny things because a lot of the blogs I read are funny (yours included). But I finally decided not to try so hard. Whatever came out, is what I wrote about. I have a few people that come over and read often (you included). I like the community I have going. As far as taboo, I don’t talk personal stuff either. I don’t diss any other bloggers ever. I am pretty neutral to it because we are all entitled to write what we want. One time recently, a fellow blogger wrote something I didn’t like and I was nasty and it caused a lot of problems behind the scenes (in email). She and I worked it out but I will never do that again. Next time, I am keeping my big loud mouth shut.

  18. naynayfazz says:

    Oh, and I never had to delete comments because everyone is nice to me as I am nice to them. There is no reason to be a douche so whoever sent you nasty comments needs a life. It is a blog for chrissakes! Not life or death!

  19. patches says:

    Hopefully my blog says I have a sense of humor. I cradle sarcasm in the crook of my arm and nurture it like a baby, but I avoid being malicious. I avoid divisive topics like politics. I enjoy poking fun at the ridiculousness of the humans. I make personal introspective posts, artistic posts, and share funny incidents. I don’t out information that ‘s deeply personal about family.
    So far, I haven’t deleted anyones comments, just spam. If a commenter were hateful, I would probably delete, but I wouldn’t delete it based on a respectable disagreement or a difference of opinion.

  20. furiousball says:

    I do censor myself with sensitive work topics or dicussing co-workers (as some read it I’ve found out the hard way a few years ago). Up until a month ago, my wife and I were separated. I absolutely refused to trash her or really talk much about what was going on other than what effect it was having on myself. I look at my blog like a child, I don’t say things I don’t want repeated or my own family reading. I’m an open person that talks about everything from farts to doggy style with my Mom…well maybe just fart talk with Mom.
    Also, I’m an attention whore too. Sometimes I leave the spam just so I feel affirmed. Just kidding…I’ve only deleted spam comments.

  21. lord f says:

    i can’t believe people misinterpretted your original post. such retardedness is the reason i’m constantly disappointed by the human race. that and its affinity for killing (people, places, things, etc.).
    as far as my blog is concerned, i tell all of my fake internet friends that anything is fair game. i’ll type what i want and folks are free to leave whatever comments they’d like. i mean, i can’t very well hit other blogs, leaving steaming piles of poop behind about someone’s rediculous rant or the fact that they should have been molested as children, and not expect that i, in turn, wouldn’t be pooped on for the mostly stupid and pointless dribble i feel the need to post on my own blog. and you should see some of the tasteless bits fellow bloggers have left in the comment fields of my posts. sometimes, i need to shower after reading them (somtimes before). but, given that blogging is a community-based project that is founded entirely in the realm of free speech and creativity (and general silliness), i don’t believe that i have the right to delete comments. i simply chalk it all up to blogger on blogger crime. and i’m ok with that.
    additionally, we’re all free to (and likely do) bend the truth about who we really are within our posts and comments. so, what can others learn about us that we don’t want them to know (hackers excluded)?
    regarding what my blog says about me: it says, “you suck! that’s great!”. literally.
    hugs and kittens, and keep on bloggin, lil’ bloggeroo,
    lord f

  22. I just hope no one finds out I blogged with photos of my breasteses….

  23. Burr-ee-toe says:

    Hmm… my blog is pretty sparse. I guess it would say I’m lazy?

  24. kris says:

    Hmmm. I clearly missed some controversy.
    I think my blog would say that I’m generally fun, introspective, and needy. I’m a hell of a lot nicer than I come across, however. At least I think I am.
    Can we rule out Helga too?

  25. Cheryl says:

    Personally, I try to refrain from thinking about what my blog says about me. I think I’d be too intimidated to actually keep blogging if I did. Also, I tend to worry too much about how I am perceived in the 3-D world, so why carry that over into cyber-space. Which isn’t to say I’m not censoring, I just choose not to acknowledge it.

  26. egan says:

    Chicky – you’re on a roll. I feel you on the memes and quizzes thing. I do like reading people’s memes, I just don’t want to do them.
    Mez – I wouldn’t say that all people with open comments are attention whores, but most are. You keep your identity very well hidden which is a huge plus when it comes to what you blog about. Your miscellany is awesome.
    Rachel – hey, I don’t get the “I’m not a good enough mother” vibe from your blog. I really don’t. I’m not saying whether or not that might be the case, but you seem confident and immensely proud of your son. Thanks for sharing your take on your blog.
    Chris – yeah, I remember your story. That had to suck. I’m thankful we got to meet you. You know what’s funny about our Cheesecake Factory meeting, at the time I was like “oh great, the Cheesecake Factory”. But since then we’ve been there a handful of times and had great service and pretty good food. Their artichoke appetizer rocks.
    M – you’re calling me a slut again? Awesome. I’m not technically paid to blog, not technically.
    Tori – might I suggest the following, write a really sweet post about him and then have him read your blog. It’s a good way to invite your spouse to read the blog and learn we’re not freaks. Just a thought. I think he needs to know since it’s a decent part of your life.
    Hypersonic – you’re wise to stay away from discussing work. Nobody wants to get fired for blogging.
    Justrun – I can tell you’re an honest person based on the blog posts I’ve read.
    Jeci – hmmm, your feedback is interesting. I don’t know that I get the somber vibe you think you’re projecting. Go on, discuss American or Canadian politics. I know some don’t like it, but it’s not a bad way to learn more about key issues.
    Heather – I think I will be in the same predicament. I don’t think I want to open my blog up to all my family members. I will probably show them how to find baby pictures because that’s what it’s all about. Babies are a huge part of your life so your blog is a reflection of that.
    Jessica – hello and welcome to my blog. My wife and I are heading down to Portland for sure. I’m going to do my best to show at Tequila con. Who are you afraid of offending?

  27. L says:

    If my blog were to read like a personal ad it would say something like: “Loose lipped SAF seeks reader interested in wordy instrospection and excessive photos.”

  28. egan says:

    Amanda – I think we’re all entitled to bitch on our blogs. It’s all about frequency though. If that’s all we do it tends to alienate readers. I think getting comments on blog posts is similar to getting new email messages or actual mail in the mailbox with our names on it as kids. I sent you an email and support you on deleting comments. Sometimes it’s your only option.
    Sizzle – I love that simple, yet well stated comment. Quite the opposite actually. You seem like a humble considerate person who will stick her neck out for anyone.
    Meno – you didn’t mention anything about sex? Your blog has the sex vibe going, in a good way.
    NayNayFazz – oh yeah, the behind the scenes stuff can get interesting. It makes you wonder what “offline” relationships bloggers have with each other. I email some bloggers and it’s nice to see another side of them.
    NayNayFazz – awesome, consider yourself lucky to not have to delete comments. It’s no fun.
    Patches – I have much to learn about you. Your blog is a newer discovery of mine. I do think you’ve got a great sense of humor. As far as that other stuff goes…
    Furiousball – you have a very wise approach to blogging. I like the kid theory. I think I started reading right when you and your wife got back together. I’m glad you’re working on things and I wish you luck in that arena.
    Lord F – hello again sir. You call us “fake internet friends”? I’m so hurt, but not really. Yeah, many people were confused by my post. Clearly the intent of what I wanted to say was lost. What you share and don’t share still tells a lot about you.
    Mona – you have photos of your breasts on your blog? I couldn’t find them. Oh, that’s not what you meant. Please to clarify.

  29. celeste says:

    ahhhhh. Thx for the clarification! Though I never once suspected you would actually be mean to someone 🙂
    Topics that are off limits on my blog: complaining about friends, work, very personal stuff about family or my love life. (Though I do like to count down the days until he’s home, as you know.) I don’t really take my blog too seriously. Its an avenue for me to share photos with my friends (and blog friends) and to express my opinion or vent when I feel the need. I too, am a bit of an attention whore, hence the posting of the photos 😉 I love to be loved, what can I say?? haha.

  30. egan says:

    Burr-ee-toe – those are your words and not mine. I think it means you like commenting on blogs more than creating your own posts, not a bad thing.
    Kris – it wasn’t so much controversy as it was a poorly worded post. I was probing readers for thoughts and I got a resounding answer. You’re a hell of a lot nicer than you come across? Are you saying you’re kind of bitchy on your blog? I can tell you have a great sense of humor based on your blog. Meow! Yes, we can rule out Helga too.
    Cheryl – no reason to think about your blog’s image. Let others do that and if they like it, they will come back and hopefully leave you comments. You’ve shared something so deep and personal to you that I think most bloggers would consider you to be much braver than themselves.
    L – I love the single ad. This doesn’t mean you’re on the prowl does it?

  31. egan says:

    Celeste – we all love to be loved. Nothing wrong with that. I love your pictures so keep them coming. Yes, I felt I needed to clarify my stance on this because almost everyone seemed irked by yesterday’s post. Less than two weeks until he returns. That should be fun to read about.

  32. JessR says:

    I just want to make people laugh. Hopefully with me, not at me. (Although that’s probably unavoidable in many cases.)

  33. L says:

    Hey, what happened to my followup to my own comment giving you props on the Color Me Badd reference? I made public how I wanna sex you up and all. Even though I’m not really on the prowl. (meow)

  34. egan says:

    Jess R – you do make people laugh. You’re a talented writer for sure. We laugh with you all the time, and sometimes at you.
    L – I think your comment didn’t show up for some reason. Maybe we can blame the word verification or Darth Vader.

  35. damasta says:

    Hey this is the first time reading your blog.. what a way to come into a conversation you know nothing about, right? lol.. ah well, i’ll try to contribute as much as i can.. I think I hold back an enormous amount in my blog.. maybe because I don’t want to offend ppl with my incessant cursing or rash views on life.. but hey, who cares right? in reality, we’re all strangers, eh?? 😉
    (i’ve been meaning to read you/link you b/c I see you around many of the same blogs I read)

  36. logo™ says:

    I started blogging thinking I would just do it for a little while, a couple weeks maybe even, and then got sucked into it.
    I began with just a couple friends and it was a way to entertain and have fun with them.
    Nowadays I do whatever I want, if I feel want to do a theme (memes, or 55 Flash Fiction, HNT, FKT, etc. etc.) I do them, if not I don’t. There not really any topics I pointedly avoid, political or personal but I don’t like feeling as if I am an emotional flasher either.
    I don’t think I’ve ever had to delete a hateful comment.
    I’m not really sure what my blog says about me, something terribly unflattering probably, but that’s ok.

  37. Good for Me says:

    egerama – i have had little time or energy of late to visit and read and comment. though i have gazed at your homepage from time to time only to feel guilty that yet another post has come and gone and i have watched from the sidelines (pout, wink). glad you keep visiting me though!
    work started back this week, so hopefully i will get into the groove soon. i’ve opting to ride my bike rather than blog lately. Good for Me!
    Hope you see one healthy, adorable, squirmy munchkin in there tomorrow with a strong heartbeat! S’il vous plait, dit a Mathilde que je la salues!

  38. Tall Chick says:

    My blog changed once it got readers.
    I don’t talk about the things that people whom I know IRL do unless it’s completely innocuous, for fear they’ll read it.
    And I don’t rant about political stuff since that’s completely unproductive anyway.
    I do have other blogs for other purposes, however. 🙂 But I rarely use them of late.

  39. Tall Chick says:

    Your audiopost still isn’t working for me.

  40. Burr-ee-toe says:

    Ooh, so true. You’re right on the mark. How did you get so smart??

  41. Maria says:

    I started my blog just to write. There are a lot of blogs out there that are very focused (on health, dating, whatever) but I figure why limit myself?
    I try tell my stories with a twist and hopefully add a dash of witty and humour in there too. There are lots of personal things that I don’t write about since my blog isn’t very anonymous.

  42. cindra says:

    Yeah, anything too personal is off limits for me. And anything that is so offensive I would hurt any of my blogger buds.

  43. Amy says:

    Hee hee, you attention whore!
    I don’t think I’m an attention whore. I like my anonymity, but like you, I do love sharing my personal stories with strangers.
    I’m a bit odd, and I’m more open about my oddities with my readers than than I am with people in my real life.
    However, as odd as I am, I’m not as odd as most of the people I write about. I’m not above talking about people who bug me, but when I say something “not so nice” about someone, I do my best to conceal that person’s identity.
    I try and stay away from negativity, but my blog isn’t always upbeat.
    I frequently write about my past. Probably because it is more interesting than the present (as is evident in my weekly “Single Girl On A Saturday Night” post).
    I have never deleted (or rejected)a comment other than from people who are trying to sell stuff.

  44. Amanda says:

    I still get excited when I get snail mail that’s not a bill. Not just when I was a kid.

  45. Diane Mandy says:

    It sounds cliche to say I write my blog for me, but at least in the beginning this was the case. Just divorced (and quite frankly scared of what was in front of me)I wrote because it was the only thing that made me feel better. I found that it helped me sort out a lot of confusing issues and feelings. Not completely understanding the blogging phenomenon the first time I actually got a comment I thought I was going to have a coronary and almost stopped. But I now, even though I am in a much happier place, I feel like something is missing if I don’t get a chance to post something. I also like to go back a read those earlier posts because its a record of a time of growth and discovery. I don’t know what my blog says to others about me, but I do know it’s saved me thousands of dollars in therapy. Those who read might think otherwise, and that’s ok too. 🙂

  46. eganf says:

    Damasta – wow, this really is the first time you’ve read my blog? I’ve seen your name all over too, but not sure if I ever stopped by your pad. Thanks for the visit. Really? You hold back that much? I don’t think I could do that, but to each their own. Have a good one.
    Logo – consider it a victory if you don’t have to delete a comment. Funny how we had warped perceptions of the power of blogging. It’s like a blackhole sucking you in. Chad Vader says hello.
    Good for Me – no worries on the response things. We all have lives outside of blogging. The real world is more important than the virtual world. Riding your velo is a good blog replacement if you ask me. Mathilda dit “allo” a toi. Nous allons savoir la verite demain.
    Tall Chick – do you really believe it’s not productive to have a discussion about politics? How would you say your blog changed when you got readers? What are your other blogs about? When will I stop asking questions of you?
    Tall Chick – yeah, it’s broken. I should remove the link. I removed the category of “headphones required” on the post.
    Burr-ee-toe – I just had a hunch. I will waive my fees for you. Consider it an engagement gift.
    Airam – with your profession it makes sense to be guarded. Your profession depends on your reputation. I’ll take a dash of your blog on the side anyday.
    Cindra – that Daniel dude from Colorado sends his love to you. He misses you and Amanda.
    Amy – yeah, your blog as some mystique and some very personal stories. You hide some good stuff in there too. It’s been fun to read. So why do you moderate your comments?
    Amanda – remember the Daniel dude from Colorado who happened to comment on your blog too? What a fun guy he was. Personal snail mail makes me giddy. Bills suck.
    Diane Mandy – I am right there with you. For some reason I didn’t know you were ever divorced. I guess it’s because Max is so special. Oh my, some comments can really get the best of us. I’m glad you got passed that one and are still blogging today. I really enjoy reading some of my older posts to see what was on my mind. Kind of like a journal, funny how that works. Blogging as therapy seems to be very common.

  47. I like to think that I have no blogging taboos.

  48. egan says:

    Malnurtured Snay – that’s possible since you seem to be a bit anonymous. For those of us who are fools and use our real names, we can never be truly straight forward about everything.

  49. What about Helmut or Marmaduke?

  50. Amy says:

    Egan: I moderate my comments partly because I’m afraid of what others might say. Also, I like to be the first person to read them.

  51. Amanda says:

    Yeah. That guy was weird. Weird people always seem to find me. I’m a magnet.

  52. egan says:

    TheDailyMagnet – no, no cartoon names. Those are just plain silly. Superheroes yes, cartoon characters no.
    Amy – thanks for your very honest answer about that. Two very interesting reasons, but I see why. Merci.
    Amanda – oh, you’re one of those “freak magnets” I hear so much about. Noted.

  53. CSL says:

    My blog has become fairly personal over time, but I don’t talk about my sex life and other things that would feel way too personal. I know other people do, and that’s fine with me. I don’t identify other people by name, I’ll just say “a friend” or “my sister.” I try to avoid saying teribly mean things about anyone (other than public figures). I give my kids veto power over any photo of them that goes in. I don’t get terrible comments, but I might delete one if it semed to cross a line. My feeling is that nayone is welcome to disgaree with me, but not attack me. I comment on other blogs in the same spirit.

  54. Amy says:

    Update, after just writing a couple of days ago about how I’ve never rejected or deleted a comment, I have found it necessary to reject a couple of comments. I’ve also gone back and deleted every single comment this person has ever left, removed links, deleted entire posts, edited posts and changed the names of some people who previously didn’t mind being named. Comment moderation IS definitely a good thing!

  55. damasta says:

    Yeah, i used to let it all out.. on my old blog same name on blogspot, if you look at my old posts, there’s a big difference. after some of my family members and coworkers found the blog, i started to hold back quite a bit. but since no one knows about my wordpress blog, i shoudl be more forthcoming, eh? 🙂

  56. egan says:

    CSL – I think these are very good ideas for blog content. I like the part about your kids vetoing any photos you use. I use the term “buddy” for most things unless it makes things easier to follow.
    Amy – I’m so sorry you had to do this. I’m not surprised it came down that though and I think you did the right thing. I’m not a fan of comment moderation, but it does make sense in some cases.
    Damasta – yeah, until they find your WordPress blog. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen or you can just choose not to mention them.

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