I Would be a Red Cedar

NwtrailAfter yesterday’s carpal tunnel inducing post, I dediced to take it easy and share this benign picture I took a few years ago while hiking in the Cascade mountains.  It’s so peaceful and soothing.  I’m seeking inner peace today.  Enjoy this photo.


New potential revenue sources:

It has been suggested I should write a book on blogging.  I think this could be interesting, but not sure if anyone wants to read a book by a French speaking monkey. 

There’s always my Pint Glass Grip Analysis business venture.  I could fall back on that.  I’ve got two reviews to my credit now.

Adult swimming lessons.  I see many of you have a fear of swimming so I could teach you how to tread water and receive endorsements from Speedo™.


Oh yeah, I invite you to ask me anything at this time.  Try me!


TODAY’S RULED OUT BABY NAMES: Avril, Mae, June, Julie, August, and Septobray.


About lessinges

Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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60 Responses to I Would be a Red Cedar

  1. Gwen says:

    Your baby names made me laugh.
    But I have no questions. Right now.

  2. Rachel says:

    That is a lovely photo. I miss the Cascades. I scoff at what Michigan calls mountains.
    Scoff, Scoff, Scoff….oops, sorry. Hairball.

  3. egan says:

    Gwen – no worry about the questions. Hey, you’re the first to comment. I’m told it’s cool to be the first to comment on a new blog post so I’m giving you praise whether you like it or not. I’m thrilled you liked the baby names. Next week, state names.
    Rachel – aren’t the mountains in Washington lovely? Michigan has hills and some really big ass lakes.

  4. Amanda says:

    I needed this picture today. Thank you.

  5. Churlita says:

    Thanks for the nice photo. Have you ever been to the Redwoods before? I miss them every day.

  6. Eunice says:

    Ask you anything, huh?
    Is that a dingleberry?

  7. Lynn says:

    I’ve never been north of Eureka, CA. It looks beautiful “up” there! If you ever decide to write a blogging book as a “french speaking monkey”, you could try to get together with “Curious George”…not that Curious George knows anything about blogging (but he would bring readership to you)…I do however, think it will be a toss up as to who get who into more trouble…yet somehow, I don’t think that the man with the yellow hat will mind.

  8. Lynn says:

    Oops…I forgot to ask you a question…sorry! How did you ever become a french speaking monkey?

  9. Airam says:

    Why does babies poo induce the gag reflex?

  10. Leezer says:

    I think I’ve been to that place in the photo. Did you take it at Mt. Rainier National Park?
    Regarding careers: Invent and sell busts of dead Hungarian composers made out of cheese.
    Hop on over to my adoption blog. I need help with names.

  11. meno says:

    So do tell where you were hiking. I love hiking and do lots of day hikes along the I-90 corridor.
    Ask you anything? Okay, tell me how you made the decision to have a child. Did you always want one? Or were you uncertain? And why now?

  12. Laurie says:

    Interesting. Nice photo. You seem like kind of a weird dude. Nice.

  13. Hannelie says:

    You speak French!!!??
    I wish I could, I love the sound of French, it so soft and nice? You agree? LOL
    I was married (n my past life) to a guy who’s ancestors came from France, my surname was Le Roux, I so wanted my son’s name as Jacques or Jacq but we ended up spelling it Jac. My daughter is Michelle, we went with french names too and I wanted Chaney.
    Baby names suggestions: Marie, Antionette or Elmarie – my sister’s name!
    Congrats on the girl, I have two boys and one girl and my boy are way more quiet and pleasant in the pre-teenager years, girls are a bit more social and fiesty and will argue and fight for what they want, nothing wrong with it, she keeps us on our toes when the bithcyness comes out! All about personalities I guess too, my friend have the quietest girl on the ohter hand again.
    Whelp, help ….. 🙂

  14. egan says:

    Amanda – I know where you can find others like it. Enjoy and thank you for the praise.
    Churlita – I have been to the redwoods a few times. They are so majestic. I love all the creaking and the sound of the wind blowing through them.
    Eunice – what kind of question is that? Nope, it’s so not a dingleberry. My wiping skills have improve a lot over the past few weeks so no dingleberries here.
    Lynn – Curious George doesn’t have anything on me. I will put him to shame. Will the real monkey please stand up? North of Eureka is beautiful country.
    Lynn – I took French classes for four years in high school and then took another three in college. After that I have had three consecutive jobs where I use my French skills.
    Airam – I have a feeling I will be more equipped to answer this in a few months. I will say it’s because you it tickles the olfactory. Gag reflexes are so 80’s.
    Leezer – the Mt. Rainier National Park question is good. Nope, I took it on the very popular Mt. Si trail. I till take a look at your site as I love tracking your progress.
    Meno – ha, you’re a funny woman. Yes, my wife and I did want to have kids. We did tell ourselves we’d wait five years at least after we got married to have them. We almost changed our mind a couple times, but we stuck to it. The timing is good and so we went for it, post-Ironman of course. The hike is near you, Mt. Si. just near that funky Twin Peaks town.
    Laurie – umm, hello there. Thanks for the visit. Now, you have to stop calling me weird on your first comment. Next time you promise you won’t call me weird? Coolio.
    Hannelie – mais oui, je parle français. It’s a very seductive language and that maybe the the reason I took it. Oh the girls, girls, girls. LeRoux is a good French name. Thanks for the gender observations. We’ll have to see what happens.

  15. Candy says:

    Um, I’m glad you dediced against Septobray…
    Yes, nice picture!
    I think everyone wants to read a book written by a french speaking monkey – I’m not so sure, however, that any old book about blogging would rocket to the best seller’s list. I suggest you truly convince people that you are a monkey over the next year and then you can roll in the dough.
    Question: How many digits of pi do you know by heart?

  16. celeste says:

    Thank you. I really needed some inner peace too 🙂

  17. Cheryl says:

    I am question-less at the moment. I would like to thank you for ruling out the name Septobray. I am sure I speak for your daughter too.

  18. Tall Chick says:

    About Oktober? November Rain?
    Did you find the missing peace? I know Curious George ate one once, and since you are a Monkey, you probably WILL find it inside of you.

  19. mez says:

    What’s your favourite Winnie the Pooh character and why?

  20. Tall Chick says:

    Blogger is down. That is le suck. At least Typepad is up and I can torment you here.

  21. Kale Rae says:

    Salut – Have you ruled out Cletus yet? I mean, it is fairl unisexe…and it does rhyme with Fetus.
    I quite like it….run that one by your wife…I mean, in the interim, it’s a perfect name…until you pick the one that sticks of course.

  22. Cazzie says:

    My baby girl will be 4 years old on the 19th of this month, my the time has flown. Her name is Mia Carolyn. My son named her Mia and he put my name in the middle. I thought it was sweet.
    My other daughter is named Sarah. Sarah Teresa, Teresa was my nanna’s name.
    I actually likes Tuscany for a girl’s name, but my hubby didn’t. Reason being, I assume, is that our sons were Tomas and Nicholas so Tuscany would be putandish compared to these “normal” names.
    Nicest names I came across in working with post natals were,
    Mia, Wannita, Enya, Bryleigh, Teagan, Harmony (suits that child even now and she is 9 yrs old now), Larissa, Larelle and Leilani.

  23. Tall Chick says:

    How about some Dr. Who names? Nyssa, Teagan, er Perpagilliam? I know someone who mnamed their dd Nyssa after the on one Dr. Who. 🙂

  24. egan says:

    Candy – if I am to become a monkey over the next year that will mean no more shaving. It could get very ugly for a daughter realize her dad is a real monkey. I’ve done my best to deceive all humans in the process. I even speak in complete sentences and have a blog. 3.1428… that’s as far as I can go.
    Celeste – you will get inner peace tomorrow. Wasn’t it nice today weather wise?
    Cheryl – yeah, that name would not be good on the playground and would suck to sign.
    Tall Chick – missing peace or missing link? I think I know where the missing link can be found, but I prefer to keep that information confidential. My peace is completely within me.
    Mez – holy shit, that’s some question for a 33 year old man. I don’t even know if I can name one. I know there’s a pink character, but I’m fighting off the urge to cheat and check online. I guess this means I don’t have one. Maybe I can say the pink character… man am I ever embarrassed I don’t know more.
    Tall Chick – I’m shocked Blogger is down. I thought you had some movies to watch or is MuNKi busy with the movies?
    Kale Rae – salut encore, ha. Cletus has already been suggested a few times. I think we’ll pass on that one. It also rhymes with Bulbous.
    Cazzie – hello and welcome to my blog. Thanks for all the name information. I think it’s brave of you to allow your son to name a child. If that happened in my family I would have had the name Elbert. Thanks for the visit.

  25. egan says:

    Tall Chick – oh, those are some delicious names courtesy of 007. I think these will be tough ones for Mrs. Lessinges and I to swallow. I’m thinking Buttercups will be just perfect.
    I see Blogger is still down.

  26. Tall Chick says:

    The good Doctor, not 007. MuNKi is watching SuperTroopers and I’m kinda watching. I have it basically memorized, so. . .
    I’m not sure if our vid store will have that Eve Green flick. But MuNKi is sure gung ho to see it. Ho being the operative word here.
    Is Blogger still down?

  27. Tall Chick says:

    Ooops Eva. There’s a name. . .

  28. egan says:

    Tall Chick – oh, did I confuse something there? Oh, I see what you’re talking about Dr. Who. I’ve never seen that SuperTroopers movie. Is it any good? Transporter 2 is on right now and I’m sort of watching it. I found The Dreamers on IFC so if you have cable you should check if it’s on soon. The Dreamers might be at the local video store. I think Blogger is back up since I commented on your blog. MuNKi is such a ho.
    Tall Chick – Eva is a good name. We’ve considered it and you haven’t seen it on the list either of banned names.

  29. kirk says:

    I too miss mountains. I was surrounded by them growing up in California and took them for granted. Texas has few mountains, the closest are a day’s drive away and not worth it.
    You’ve never seen Super Troopers? Get a 12 pack of cheap beer and prepare to laugh your ass off. By the same people: Beerfest. A must-see before visiting Munich.

  30. ChickyBabe says:

    If you were to wrote a book about blogging, who would you dedicate it to?

  31. Hannelie says:

    That phrase you left: am I suppose to blush or just go “oh ok”. ?? LOL
    I loved the movie Chocolat!

  32. mez says:

    piglet? interesting.
    (how can you not know any of them? I thought they were universally known!)

  33. egan says:

    Kirk – I guess it will be on HBO one of these days and I can watch it then. Mountains are great and having grown up near them, it would be tough to not have them in your life.
    ChickyBabe – wow, good question. I’d have to say I would dedicate the book to the person responsible for getting me started with blogging, my pal Sprizee.
    Hannelie – oh, I said “yes, I speak French”. Chocolat is great movie, but make sure you have some milk available.
    Mez – oh yeah, Piglet. I tell you that was an embarrassing admission on my part. I think most people would have been able to answer that better than me. I never really got into Winnie the Pooh.

  34. mez says:

    I admit, neither did I though I’m a big fan of Eeyore (the depressed donkey who hates his birthday). I apparently have a thing for donkeys (not a Tijuana thing though).

  35. egan says:

    Mez – Eeyore, I know him. I think I learned about him five years ago. I forget which characters are associated with which cartoon. So … is there something to share with the class regarding Tijuana donkeys?

  36. Good for Me says:

    beautiful photo, cervelo. reminds me of a pic i took in the sierra nevadas. i would like to go there again. i miss living someplace beautiful and awe inspiring.
    as for the book, seems like a good idea. you are certainly a good writer, and as i’ve said before, you boast some excellent blog topics. and obviously have a large following as a result of your blogging talents. though, i wonder if money is what is needed, swim lessons wouldn’t be a quicker end to the dilemma?

  37. ubermilf says:

    I had a dream I had a little baby girl and named her Autumn.
    Your baby will be born in Spring. So, whatever.

  38. Nessa says:

    I am so at peace now.

  39. Tall Chick says:

    I can’t believe you’ve never seen SuperTroopers. Good lord, Man! If I can still call you that. The weird thing is that all of their other movies are crappy, but SuperTroopers is brilliant. I don’t understand.
    I don’t get any channels of any kind on my telly. Honest. So no, no cable. All I get is the DVD channel (ie whatever I put in my DVD player.) My friend has an online Blockbuster scrip, though, so I can prolly get her to get The Dreamers for me.
    II feel rather productive today. I’ve already taught Sat morning kid class and now I’m off to pick up pizzas and go help friends with painting and wood flooring. Whheeeeee! We always have fun at these “work parties.” ^_^ Have a great day! 🙂

  40. Sizz says:

    wasn’t yesterday a beautiful day? no coat needed!

  41. kim says:

    Hiya neighbor! Just catching up after the big move … It’s a GIRL! yayyyyy!… you will be so wrapped it isnt even funny hahaha ….I cant wait lol
    When you get a chance check out my view from the new house 🙂
    It’s awesome!

  42. naynayfazz says:

    My question is how do get 58 comments in one post? Or 41? 35?
    That picture is beautiful. I really like it. Thanks for sharing.
    Why don’t you like Septobray as a kids’ name?! 🙂

  43. patches says:

    Nice picture, Egan. Missus Chica is a planning a couple of sissy hikes in the smokies next month. It’s hard to beat mountain scenery…. Oh yeah the question, did you shave your legs for the iron man competitions?

  44. Amanda says:

    I’m a supporter of the name Eva.
    How many speedo’s do you have? What colors/designs are they? I took a picture from my trip to Greece of a water polo team. All wearing speedos. Since then I’ve been both obsessed and a little freaked out by speedos. I wonder why…I need to scan those pictures.

  45. Amy says:

    Any question? OK! Where can I find a GOOD sports bra? No clasps, no seams in the boobs and no microfiber crap. Just cotton and spandex, and sturdy enough to stop the girls from bouncing around.

  46. Amy says:

    Oh, I forgot one other thing, a racer back, not straps.

  47. caro says:

    Salut egan! EH! bien toutes mes félicitations pour la petite! j’ai remarqué à quel point les enfants états-uniens sont choyés. Du moins, ceux qui fréquentaient les mêmes établissements que notre famille donc, des enfants de classe haute à moyenne. Nous avons ici ce que nous appelons le phénomêne de l’enfant-roi, c-à-d, l’enfant qui littéralement, a le pouvoir de TOUT obtenir de ses
    parents.Ce phénomêne existe aux States également d’après ce que j,ai pu observer. J’ai vu qu’il y a beaucoup de négotiations, de pour-parlers et très peu de FERMETÉ. Un peu comme si dans la tête de tous ces parents le fait de discipliner l’enfant est synonyme d’une agression. Je ne les juge pas et suis certaine que toutes ces belles personnes font ce qu’il y a de mieux pour leur famille. Comment pensez-vous vous y prendre ton épouse et toi en matière d’éducation?

  48. Gawpo says:

    That is a very nice shot of the grove. Someone took a lot of time and spent a lot of money enhancing the trail. Very nice.

  49. egan says:

    Good for Me – how kind of you to say such sweet things about my blogging powers. I started this blog to improve my writing and I would say it’s helped a bit. I really appreciate what you had to say. I’m very lucky to have been raised in such an amazing part of the world. It’s damn beautiful here.
    Ubermilf – August is spring? My wife is due August 7th, in the heart of summer. There’s no chance in hell we’re naming our daughter Summer or August though. Dreams are fun.
    Nessa – want a Coke and a smile?
    Tall Chick – so did your Saturday turn out to be as productive as wished? I get the feeling I must see SuperTroopers. Is it anything like South Park, I don’t get the humor in South Park, but that’s just me.
    Sizzle – yesterday was very nice and the first half of today wasn’t bad. Then the rain came and washed the spiders out.
    Kim – congrats on the move to the Evergreen State. PA is a pretty cool town. Isolated from the bigger cities, but not too far away. I will take a peek at your photos. Glad you made it her in one piece and are settling in.
    Naynayfazz – how do I get the comment numbers I get? Great question. I will be honest and say it’s because I have a desk job where I look at websites all day long. So when there’s down time I read blogs and leave comments. Right now is a quieter time of year in my business. I hope some of it has to do with the topics I choose and keep in mind half the comments tend to be my own. Thanks for asking and complimenting the picture too. I took it about 20 miles east of downtown Seattle in the mountains.
    Patches – I have been to the Smokies once and thought they were pretty cool. Ha, great question about the Ironman. Nope, I didn’t shave my legs for last year’s Ironman. I did shave them in high school for a state championship swim meet. I shaved my legs, my pits, and my arms. I was a bleeding mess. Women shaving their legs and ankles must be commended.
    Amanda – I currently have two Speedos. One navy blue one and a black one. Keep in mind these aren’t traditional Speedos that are like briefs. They are bike short length “jammers” as seen here. Get this, there’s a swimming movie coming out next week. A swimming movie? Holy shit. I didn’t even know that was possible. No need to travel to Greece.
    Amy – is this your way of getting me to read your most recent post? I’m on to you. My wife life’s the Champion ones. Maybe I can ask my readers to offer their suggestions.
    Amy – yes, straps get in the way and are much less fun for men. Oh, sorry this is a comfort thing too. Got it.
    Caro – wow, c’est une bonne question mon amie. Il semble que tu as vu beaucoup d’enfants en Floride et leurs pour-parlers. Est-ce que tu veux savoir le type d’education nous utiliserons avec notre fille? Je pense que nous preferons les ecoles publique. Ca depend sur plusieurs choses, mais c’est notre but. Ca va?
    Gawpo – yes, before they rebuilt the trail with the bridge, it was a muddy mess. This is a heavily traveled trail since it’s only 20 miles outside of Seattle.

  50. Tall Chick says:

    I dunno. I’ve never seen South Park. From what I hear, it’s not my type of humour either.
    I think you should get this kind of swimsuit and show off a little more of your runner’s thighs. 🙂
    Amy, in case Egan has never worn a sports bra I’ll offer up that my fave is an Everlast. But it isn’t cotton. It does seem to wick away moisture though. It feels kinda like that under Armour stuff, has no boobie-chafing (or nipple-chafing) seams and is stout enough to keep the girls in line.
    Sorry to talk bras on your blog, Monkey Boy.

  51. Tall Chick says:

    Oh, and it’s a racerback. 🙂
    (guess I’m not sorry enough to prevent more bra-related chatter)

  52. Tall Chick says:

    Of course I can’t find them now. I forgot to add that. More of that detestable “let’s change women’s fashions — even in the underwear department — every five minutes” thing.

  53. Tall Chick says:

    PS, yes it was productive. 🙂 I think most of the blue paint came off of me, too. I want to paint my door really, really badly.

  54. Amanda says:

    I’m with TC – get that kind of swim suit. Lots of people would be signing up for your swimming lessons for sure. I did not know there was a swimming movie. That’s awesome. I like Bernie Mac, but I’m not so sure about Tom Arnold.

  55. Amy says:

    Tall Chick, Thank you for the suggestion. I don’t know if that bra is available in Canada. I never heard of that brand. If I don’t see it in any stores, I can always order it online. I just found their website.
    One more thing, don’t feel bad for Egan because we are discussing bras and boobies on his blog. He brought it on with a comment on my Thursday blog post.

  56. CSL says:

    Lovely photo – very peaceful. And I was just born again as a hiking queen this weekend, so it’s salient to me. Okay, a question: Is there a place in your blog where you’ve already talked about why Monkeyboy? Because Monkeyboy and Monkeyman are nicknames I use with my kids. Once I overheard my younger son singing and when I looked into the bathroom he was stanidng in fornt of the mirror belting out, “Monkey, monkeyman! Monkiest of the monkies!” Could be your new theme song…

  57. egan says:

    Tall Chick – hey, thanks for the sports bra information. I pointed Amy to my blog in hopes she will read your suggestion. Yep, South Park just doesn’t float my boat. I actually think some kids take the show kind of seriously and think it’s okay to some of the stuff shown on the cartoon.
    Tall Chick – you really think I care? Carry on, this is fun for me to eavesdrop.
    Tall Chick – we can only hope the color won’t fade again and that Amy can find them online. Why do they have to change designs so often?
    Amanda – you can buy me the suit and I will model it on my blog. Deal?
    Amy – I’m sure you can buy it online. And yes Tall Chicky, Amy’s very right. I don’t mind that chat as it can be helpful for me too. I can buy them as gifts for Mrs. Lessinges.
    CSL – thanks, I’m glad you like the photo. And, you bet there’s a spot on my blog where I mention why Monkey Boy. Let me link you it as I think it’s on my old Blogger blog. You can find the explanation here on the December 14th posting. Let me know if you have any questions.

  58. Kourt. says:

    No offense, but why would you rule out Avril, I think it’s a nice name!! Oh but you don’t want her growing up with black hair and wearing ties?!! Just kidding!!!!!

  59. egan says:

    Kourt – Avril isn’t a bad name, but I did make a promise not to use any months as names, even if they are in foreign language. I so want a goth daughter.

  60. CSL says:

    Thanks for the link Egan – I’ve actually wondered that since the first time I visited you’re blog, so I’m glad to finally have the (very strange) answer.

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