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Ferries for Fantasy

Wohoo, my wife and I are back from our little retreat north of Seattle.  It was a pretty good visit I must say with one petite exception, you can read about on your own free time. When we arrived on … Continue reading

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Six Sells

Six glorious years! Our wedding anniversary is here so I felt obligated to post one of our earliest couple photos. This one was taken in the summer of 1998 at Mt. Rainier National Park. At the time this photo was … Continue reading

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BYBW?  Not sure what this abbreviation means?  Well, it’s Bring Your Brat to Work day at many companies.  The purpose of this day is to show your kids what you do at work, inspiring them so to speak.  Some folks … Continue reading

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Character Draws

Anniversary love week continues on this very blog.  To some these posts could be nauseating so apologize in advance.  Consider yourselves warned. I’ve compiled a list of some character traits my wife exhibits that make her such a special person … Continue reading

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Yolks from the Underbelly

If you haven’t heard, my wife and I will be celebrating our sixth anniversary on Friday.  I’m not sure why you would already know this unless you’re one of those people who actually reads other people’s comments on blogs.  Anyways … Continue reading

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There are Flies on the Windshield

Amazingly, it has been a week since 32 people’s lives were ended early by a very disgruntled man on a college campus.  Over the past week I’ve done much thinking about death, having witnessed it first hand and from afar.  … Continue reading

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I’m the King of the World

There are special moments in life when we might feel like we’re on top of the world. You know, as if you were sporting the Cloak of Invincibility. Maybe this occurs when we conquer a difficult test, task, get accepted … Continue reading

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