Give Me Ten

Personality test time. You might wonder if you can tell what a person is like. Here are some wonderful ways to learn more about a person based on experiences I’ve learned in life. I could be way off on some of these so I count on all of you to keep me in check. Just give me these ten things and I can build an entire personality profile.

  • stick me in the backseat of your vehicle and let the assessment begin.
  • watch how you interact with other drivers.
  • allow me to have lunch with you.
  • a simple walk down a few city blocks.
  • how you grip a pint glass.
  • if a blog exists, it will provide plenty of material.
  • how you’ve spent your last few Sunday mornings.
  • whether or not you like L. Ron Hubbard books.
  • watch you pass through the metal detectors at the airport.
  • an ability to laugh at yourself.

    TODAY’S RULED OUT BABY NAMES: Dana, Diana, Drinsla, Eganlova, Emma, and Esmerelda.

  • About lessinges

    Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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    49 Responses to Give Me Ten

    1. ChickyBabe says:

      Chicky the First!!

    2. ChickyBabe says:

      Rules out Eganlova? Aww… but such a cute name!

    3. Rachel says:

      You have two out of 10 for me. Too bad I can’t stick you in the backseat of my car.You are too far away.All you would hear is Harry Potter on CD since D and I are listening to all of them to gear up for the new movie in July.
      I do get annoyed by other drivers ONLY when they don’t let me merge by swerving around me even when I have my blinker on or when they tailgate. They are REALLY bad about that in Michigan.
      If I can’t see the car’s headlights I put my emergency flashers on for a second so that they think that I am braking. If they still don’t back off I go down to the speed limit.

    4. Caro says:

      Drinsla!? LOL ! I can’t believe I’m saying things like LOL. I do that all the time, people watch. Fascinating… Bonne journéé! Maman Singe doit commencer à avoir un beau p’tit ventre n’est-ce pas?

    5. naynayfazz says:

      I don’t drink from pint glasses. What about a coffee mug?

    6. Amanda says:

      I can give you 5 of the 10. Since I don’t see us meeting anytime soon, the driving, eating lunch, walking down the street & metal detectors will have to wait. So build me half a profile.
      *Pint Glass – I will take a picture for you to analyze. I really hope I don’t hold it like a freak. But with my luck, I probably do.
      *Blog – done and done.
      *Sunday Mornings – for the past year we wake up around 9:00-ish, make coffee, read the paper, check e-mails & phone to make sure no one called in the middle of the night to bail them out of jail, make homemade, from scratch waffles (husband loves them and I like being praised for my baking, so I make these almost every Sunday), watch some of the shows that TiVo so nicely recorded, take shower.
      *L. Ron Hubbard – I have never read any of his writings. Sorry.
      *Laughing at myself – everyday. If I couldn’t laugh at myself for all the weird things I do, I would be a sad individual.

    7. Amy says:

      I had to Google L. Ron Hubbard, and I still don’t recognize him. What does that say about me?

    8. tori says:

      I always can tell a lot about a person from how they act when they get lost/frustrated, or stuck out in the rain. Seriously, I think that is all I would need to know about someone to know if I would want to be friends with them.

    9. justrun says:

      All but sitting in the backseat while I’m driving will give you the impression that I’m a calm, cool, collected person. I can get very frustrated in city traffic, however. But, I’m no dummy, I keep my words and hand gestures to myself. 🙂

    10. logo™ says:

      Hmmm, don’t you think watching someon go through a metal detector, how they hold a glass, or how they walk down a street is far more likely to reflect how someone is feeling at that moment rather than their personality?

    11. furiousball says:

      I was in a band of Scientologists at one point, well everyone but me and the drummer. I had left a band in Athens, GA to play with these guys that had a production deal. I was all impressed with that, that is until I discovered that the production house was a Scientologist front too.
      I don’t really resent them or really in general disagree with a lot of their ideas, but the constant recruitment and put downs of Christianity were bothersome. I would retaliate by being a drunken, drug addled asshole. That showed them.
      One thing I now use to evaluate people is whether when confronted with an issue they look at their past and tear it apart or focus on their responsibilities in their own lives and make their decision with those things in mind. That comes from reading Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl and his concept of logotherapy.

    12. patches says:

      Do you really want to ride with a driver who has poor depth perception and needs to sit on an apple crate to see over the steering wheel? I guess the blog will have to do…..I laugh at myself daily.

    13. meno says:

      Come on over, we’ll have lunch, a pint and go for a ride.
      Hmmm, maybe not in that order.

    14. mez says:

      personally I love playing the “would you rather?” game and the “how low would you go for money?” game. It’s always interesting to see what people will say to questions and especially those who ‘refuse to take part’.

    15. mez says:

      # watch how you interact with other drivers.
      I have said it many times. I wish I had a megaphone attached to the roof of my car so I could make my opinion known
      Will always let a car merge before me and rarely get phased by traffic unless am late for something important like a job interview or wedding!
      # allow me to have lunch with you.
      indecisive/ can sometimes have bizarro conversations/ sometimes not want to talk at all and just eat.
      # a simple walk down a few city blocks.
      can I stop and look in the windows?
      # how you grip a pint glass.
      a pint is too big.
      # if a blog exists, it will provide plenty of material.
      # how you’ve spent your last few Sunday mornings.
      breakfasting somewhere nice/ sleeping in/ checking mail.
      # whether or not you like L. Ron Hubbard books.
      only to laugh at!!
      # watch you pass through the metal detectors at the airport.
      strangely anticipating something but not sure what!
      # an ability to laugh at yourself.
      only about every 5 minutes!

    16. L says:

      EGANLOVA? Made me cackle out loud!
      Those are some pretty good litmus tests ya got there. But the pint glass grip…that might be more specific to one passive agressive female you’ve known.

    17. Randa says:

      First of all, I am stupified that you have eliminated ‘Emma’. You know why. Alsoly, I take it you are not continuing with the ‘E’ tradition? Are you starting a new family naming convention? Maybe you can just affectionately call your daughter your “wee little monkey”. Nah — too cruel. Sounds better in french – ta ” ‘tit singe”.
      Mm — no. Never mind.

    18. egan says:

      ChickyBabe – I don’t know how you do it, but congrats on making number one. You’re pretty good at this. Meanwhile I can’t make the first comment on your blog to save my life.
      ChickyBabe – yes, it’s a very jolly name. I have to rule it out because one might think it’s fabricated. One might be right.
      Rachel – oh, I must ride in the back of your car and see how this would go. I love the hazard light trick. Again, thanks for submitting your pint glass photo.
      Caro – salut de Seattle! Yes, she’s got a cute little belly these days. I can even feel the little girl inside her. It’s pretty amazing. What’s with the “LOL” stuff?
      Naynayfazz – I suppose I could do a mug grip analysis, but the presence of a handle on a mug sure does change things.
      Amanda – I’m going to think this over. You’ve given me some really good material here. I even know you’re an INFP which is pretty damn close to my own.
      Amy – yes, not knowing who L. Ron Hubbard means you don’t get sucked into books with beautiful covers. (sarcasm) It does tell me something, mainly that you don’t get caught up in Hollywood Gossip too much.
      Tori – truer words have never been typed. It’s how we deal with stress that truly defines who we are as human beings. You’ve done quite well if you ask me.
      Justrun – you’re wiser than me. Sometimes I will someone off and then smile at them. That rarely defuses a frustrated driver.
      Sizzle – I’m glad you approve. Can I ride with you in your car?
      Logo – not at all. Going through security at the airport is a stressful process. Walking down the street will tell me a lot about how someone carries themself, literally. The pint glass one, you just have to trust me on this one.
      Furiousball – as I stated to Tori, there’s much to be said about how someone handles adversity. I think you can gauge so much about a person based on that. It’s just whether or not a person is willing to share.
      Patches – are you one of those odd varieties of driving cats?
      Meno – be careful what you wish for. I know you don’t live too far away from me. Only Sizzle or Leezer probably lives closer.
      Mez – I can see that with you. You might even be more inquisitive than me. That’s hard for me to type since I thought I had everyone beat in this department.
      Mez – have you had many job interviews or weddings to attend recently? Ha, the eating bit is funny. My wife and I joke about how we get all silent once the food arrives and that we’ll chat again 5-10 minutes later. Sure, you can look in the windows, it will provide me with more time to analyze your behaviors. Ha, you laugh at yourself for more than five minutes.
      L – well I’m glad you like Eganlova. It’s cute, but I had to through that one out. Maybe someone else will use it. If I use it someone will think I have a large ego or something. You could be right about the pint glass thing.
      Randa – Emma is a fantastic name, but every 13th girl is named Emma these days. Make sense why it’s ruled out? We haven’t ruled out any names because they begin with an E, honest. Petite Singe? You like?

    19. Randa says:

      Thanks for the clarification, Egan. Just so you know, we were the very first family of the current generation of Emma’s to call our daughter that lovely name. Seriously — as soon as we had her, I swear five other families we knew named their baby girl Emma within the next year. So annoying. Oh well — it suits her perfectly, as will whatever name you choose pour ta petite singe. (Fiona? Elsie? Elsbeth? Eilish? Aislin? They all sound so pretty with your last name.)

    20. egan says:

      Randa – you know my last name? How did that happen? Yes, those are cute names with my last name. We’ve got the name 80% figured out, but I’m still keeping it on the down low for now. Damn those copycats!!

    21. Randa says:

      You know the first four letters, but the last one just isn’t coming to you?
      Smith. Your last name IS Smith, isn’t it?!

    22. egan says:

      Randa Smith – nope, we are settled on a good first and middle name. It has an 80% chance of becoming her name and is used often when we refer to our unborn child. I think you’re psychic.

    23. just hang out for a while or travel together will tell you alot about a person!

    24. Leezer says:

      I’m with you on driving. I think peole live their lives like they drive. Some are out for themselves, cutting people off, getting angry at every minor transgression. Others are clueless, out to lunch, daydreaming through life and wondering why they get hit. Then those of us who are well-balanced drive with a healthy balance of defensiveness, a large dose of consideration for others, and – most importantly – a desire to contribute to a more efficient flow of traffic (life) for everyone overall.

    25. Caro says:

      Great news about the belly! As for the “LOl” thing, it’s just that for the longest time, we didn’t even own a computer. Now I’m blogging, commenting on other people’s blogs… Just a little surreal for me.

    26. patches says:

      I used to drive before they took away my keys after my brother’s wreck……

    27. egan says:

      steppingoverthejunk – funny should mention that because one of the first indicators my then girlfriend would become my wife was a roadtrip from Chicago to Seattle. We got along so well and never ran out of stuff to chat about. It ruled.
      Leezer – I’m a firm believer you can tell much about a person based on how they are behind the wheel. There’s so much going on and if you’re not paying attention, a car ride can be quite harrowing.
      Caro – are you getting swept up in blogomania? It’s hard not to get all wrapped up. Yes, the little belly is growing quite fast these days.
      Patches – oh, you are one of them as I expected. I see you like to use chloroform.

    28. Good for Me says:

      interest array of items in that list. i think you’ve got something here.

    29. Amanda says:

      I am anxiously awaiting the assessment. Do you charge a fee? Is it like where you’ll give me a little bit and then to find out the rest, I have to pay some outlandish price?

    30. celeste says:

      Or, sometimes as a driver, you can learn a lot about someone by sticking them in the backseat 😉

    31. egan says:

      Good for Me – it’s how I plan to make a living should my day job not work out as planned.
      Amanda – there’s never a fee for you. However, I might have an offer for you. Do you have any gullible friends?
      Celeste – you stole my heart and my loins with that comment. How perfect to state this. Those were the times.

    32. Airam says:

      Unfortunately (for me) you just have my blog to go by.
      And what’s my profile say?

    33. zen wizard says:

      What if you have an L. Ron Hubbard blog?
      That would seem to kill two birds with one stone.

    34. egan says:

      Airam – I have your blog and your profile to go by. Let me think this over and get back to you. I’m currently a bit busy with stuff.
      Zen Wizard – I might have to check your pulse. An L. Ron blog sounds about as interesting as a thermal dynamics textbook.

    35. Eunice says:

      Aha, someone else who can tell a person on how they grip the almighty pint. It is so true!

    36. You’re a fan of Ron L. Hubbard? I read a book called “The Weight of Numbers” by Simon Ings you might like. Check it out.

    37. Amanda says:

      Do you know why I’m laughing right now?
      Oh, and as a matter of fact, I do have a gullible friend.

    38. Cazzie says:

      All of those plus going shopping with someone, watching them during a weekend of survival camp and trying to put up a tent without instructions, LOL.

    39. Karla says:

      If you sat in the backseat of my car, you would be covered in a mound of dog fur. But I promise I keep my kitty litter well stocked! 😉

    40. Cake Lady says:

      You in the back seat of my vehicle. No problems here. I am the best driver.
      I don’t flip people off or curse them. I just blow them kisses. It really freaks them out.
      No problem with lunch, I’m always looking for someone to have lunch with.
      Walking down a city block. Hmmm, I like to look at everything so it might take a little longer than usual.
      I don’t drink out of pint glasses or beer mugs. I only like beer in a bottle.
      You know my blog.
      My last few Sunday mornings have been spent with a cup of coffee in my hand, me sitting on my front porch and watching the neighbors.
      Do not like L. Ron Hubbard books.
      I can not pass through the metal detectors without them going off. I now just walk through and hold up my hands. I have titanium in my body!
      I laugh at myself all the time.
      OK – do you have a good personality profile for me?

    41. egan says:

      Eunice – are you a kindred spirit? People think I’m whacked when it comes to this, but there’s much to tell based on a pint glass grip. Let’s join forces like the Wonder Twins.
      Malnurtured Snay – I loved Invaders Plan. Without a doubt, that’s his best book ever. It’s the book that started it all. I think you should read it someday. You may want to pack up all your Lego™ and read them. They will change your life forever.
      Amanda – is it because of my response to Mr. Snay? Is that why you’re laughing?
      Cazzie – I love the tent idea without instructions. Could that be the same as watching someone bake or cook without a recipe?
      Karla – lots of dog hair eh? What kind of dog(s) do you have? I’m relieved you have a good supply of kitty litter. That stuff is nasty.
      Cake Lady – wow, you gave me heaps of information here. I think I will put this all in the computer (my head) and get back to you. I have one to do before yours. Is that cool? Most importantly, I’m glad you can laugh at yourself.

    42. damasta says:

      I have my blog, open to all. I walk thru airport security barefoot with flip flops in hand. I *wouldn’t* walk down the streets in my neighborhood. I have a cowboy hat, wrapping paper, and two cd holders in my back seat. I hold a pint glass with my fingers UNDER the handle and usually with my right hand. Although, many of the bars I go to don’t have handles on their pints. I don’t read Hubbard books. I like to spend Sunday mornings waking up early, sitting down and eating breakfast with my Adam, and watching the early morning news. And, have you read my blog yet? all I do is laugh at myself!! 🙂

    43. Karla says:

      I have a big crazy yellow lab. If you have ever read Marly – The worlds worst dog – that is my life and my dog to a tee! Except my dog only weights 80lbs, not 100.

    44. egan says:

      damasta – okay, I’ve got your information and I’m sticking it in my database. I would love a photo of the pint glass grip to really make a firm anaylsis. I want to see your strut.
      Karla – 80 pounds is a pretty big dog isn’t it? Our friends have a german shepherd/st. bernard mix. Hans weighs about 130 pounds and his back is as high as my waist.

    45. CSL says:

      Scientology, ack. So, would you be back-seat driving, or just observing? When my mother is a passenger in my car she grips the seat and closes her eyes, even though she has totaled several cars and I never have.

    46. damasta says:

      It’s not a strut so much as it looks like a little girl with her mom’s heels on.. slightly trying to portray that she knows what she’s doing, but sorta unsure about the whole heels thing. 😉

    47. Mae says:

      Backseat…well, you’d have to squish between two childseats, so I would insist you sit up front with me. Your job will be to figure out the ipod situation that just got installed. I will trust you with that job as I am a defensive driver, but sometimes…just sometimes, you gotta pass somebody who is holding you back. I don’t normally swear at other drivers, but have been known to. I have an “after you” clause when it comes to merging and well, just karma. Sometimes it works out great. Sometimes, not so great.
      Lunch is on me and you can get me the next round.
      Walking down city blocks can be fun. What city?
      I’m not much of a pint glass drinker, but I think I hold it pretty normal, I have small hands so don’t have a lot of options.
      If I blog again, will let you know.
      Sunday mornings are my turn to sleep in now that my son is 2. My husband gets to sleep in on Saturdays. When I get up, I stay in my jammies a while and have some coffee and read the Sunday Styles while cooing over my family.
      L. Ron Hubbard. Stop it.
      Metal detector thing. Shoes off, escorting my shoeless children.
      The ability to laugh at oneself is getting better. Normally I cry first. Then laugh.

    48. egan says:

      CS(L) – I would be observing, not backseat driving. I don’t like Scientology, it was just a curious question. So have you been able to avoid totaling any cars? I totaled one when I was 16, three weeks after I got my license.
      Damasta – thanks for information. This does explain much for me. Now I can more accurately picture how you walk. Much appreciated.
      Mae – ah yes, thanks for all these useful details. I might be able to give you an accurate reading. I would be happy to fix your iPod setup. They’re quite handy to have in a car. I would be thrilled to read a blog of yours, but I imagine it’s got to be tough with the kids. I’m wondering how well I will be able to keep it up come August.

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