Finding My Mojo

I did it, I signed up for my first triathlon of the season.  This off-season has been a tough one for many reasons, but I’m done making excuses.  It’s time to get my ass back in gear.  Ever since last year’s Ironman I’ve been a bit lazy.  Granted I worked my ass off for almost a year preparing for the Ironman, but that still doesn’t make me happy. 

If I don’t workout, my mood suffers.  I’ve been pretty unmotivated to do many things that aren’t baby related.  It annoys me how easily I can talk myself out of exercise these days and that’s going to stop now!  I signed up for a local triathlon on July 15th and I’m contemplating a half Ironman at the beginning of July.  That gives me three months to whip my ass back in shape. 

On this note I will head to the pool today to get my typical 2,000 meter swim in during my lunch break.  I will be more tired than I should be and wonder why the hell I let myself get so out of shape.  My arms will ache, my mind will beat me up over and over during my swim, but when I leave the gym I will feel invincible.  That’s the reason I train for triathlons.  I posted these thoughts here to keep me honest.  Normally I would post this sort of thing on my triathlon blog, but I’ve got to put it out there.   Getting back in shape can be daunting, but what rewarding things in life worth doing aren’t demanding?


Most recent baby-related purchases: The Bob jogging stroller, Medela breast pump, baby hangers, clothes, changing table pad, keyless entry system for our Subaru, and some books. 

I made the mistake of counting down the number of weekends we have left until she arrives.  18.  Yes, my wife is 22 weeks pregnant as of today.  18 weeks assumes my wife goes full-term which is never a given.  Thankfully our basement bathroom remodel is due to start in a week and should take roughly two weeks to complete.  I’m so excited about having another shower to use in the house.  The before and after pictures should be quite dramatic.

Speaking of showers, we have many visitors coming at the end of May and beginning of June.  We’ve got the baby shower and relatives from Sweden descending upon Seattle.  (my heart is pounding much faster than it was when I typed the first segment of this blog post)  Many things to do in those coming weekends which explains why the past one moved faster than I would like.   This is why I need to swim, to take the edge off a bit. 


TODAY’S RULED OUT BABY NAMES: Elsa, Morgan, Elena, Maya, Rhea, and Thea


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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56 Responses to Finding My Mojo

  1. sprizee says:

    Oh, good luck. Things sound hectic. Exercise is my cure for insanity.

  2. egan says:

    Sprizee – yes, it’s a better way to relieve stress than blogging or pacing. Life is a bit hectic, but we’ll manage.

  3. patches says:

    Spot on as usual….rewarding things do require more effort. Swimming is an invigorating way to burn off a little nervous energy….for people. I’ll stick to running up and down the stairs for no apparent reason.

  4. Rachel says:

    The Bob that you linked is NOT the same as the Bob that is in my nightstand drawer.
    Did you see the tagline on that ad?
    “Running errands. Walking in the park. The perfect BOB Stroller for family life in the ‘burbs.”

  5. Amanda says:

    How exciting! I’m so excited for you that you’ve done this. I’ll be rooting for you. And I’m the same way if I don’t exercise – I turn into a mega-beeyotch (emphasis on the mega) and then I don’t know why I feel strange.
    That stroller rules. And Mr. ARM thinks he couldn’t jog anymore if we had a kid. That’ll show him. A lot of attention for the parents-to-be in the weeks before baby arrives. You’ll be fine and you’ll get everything ready. And if you don’t, you’ll still be OK.

  6. damasta says:

    Ms Egan must have watched the Bachelor last night.. he was talking about Triathalons the whole show!! 😉
    Good luck! I start working out again in two weeks, we’re doing the biggest loser deal here at work. 🙂

  7. egan says:

    Patches – do you like to chase the red laser light pointer too?
    Rachel – blech is right. I saw that tagline and wanted to return the item. I don’t live in the ‘burbs’ nor do I want to. Whatever sells the product though.
    Amanda – the Ironman version of this jogging stroller is really light. In fact when I ran the 5k in Portland last month, this guy was weaving in an out traffic with his three wheeled machine. He was breaking the rules though, no wheels were allowed.
    Damasta – I didn’t see The Bachelor last night, but I did see his bio on the ads. Triathlons are really starting to become popular. I give Danskin a lot of credit for this.

  8. Randa says:

    Nice job on the ‘Elsa’ and ‘Morgan’ thing. Jerk 😉 Maya is sweet. Makes me think of honey, for some reason…

  9. Candy says:

    Okay, I clicked on the BOB link and couldn’t believe it… Go play.. go offroad.. OFFROAD? Since when do we talk about strollers going offroad? Dude, you didn’t get a stroller, you got an SUV.

  10. tori says:

    I have started to think about my first triathlon this year, but haven’t gotten around to actually signing up yet…maybe since I don’t know which one yet. I know exactly the invincible feeling you are talking about.
    I can’t believe your wife is so far along already! It seems like you just told us. Even though I have never met you, I am so excited for you. It will be like that invincible feeling times a million.

  11. egan says:

    Randa – I knew you’d like that one. These Ruled Out names today are inspired by our chat and friends with daughters already. Now you’re no longer allowed to call me a jerk.
    Candy – ha, it’s a fun site. I think most of their site is a joke. They have a sport utility stroller too. Remember this suckers still has to fit in either our MINI or our Subaru or in our parks. It’s not that much of a beast.

  12. Karla says:

    Geez dude. Kudos to you on the Triathalon The most I have run is 10km and I so want to train to run a half marathon. What made you decide to pick that jogging stroller? I am in the market for one. Also, where did you find baby hangers? I can’t find them anywhere!

  13. celeste says:

    Hey Egan,
    Good luck on the reno! And also on the ‘getting back in shape.’ I know how you feel about your mood suffering when you don’t workout, I’m the same way. Keep us posted on your progress!

  14. Cazzie says:

    Good for you, my work colleagues all enter a team triathalon for the Emergency Department. Most of them are personal trainers aswell as nurses, they enjoy it immensely.
    Medulla Breast pump, I used that brand for all my kids. I took the manual one to work with me to express. I used the electric one when they were first born and there was an excess of milk, and froze it for use by babysitters, or by dad for when I wanted a rest from feeling like a cow at a dairy, LOL.
    Great stroller there too BTW.

  15. meno says:

    I share your need for exercise, so i’m excited for you to have signed up for something and now you HAVE to get off yer arse.
    Have you ever done the STP? It’s really fun.
    Deep breaths on the baby thoughts. I remember bringing Em home from the hospital and thinking “Now what do i do with her?”

  16. sizzle says:

    it’s good you can know how to manage your stress. 🙂

  17. ugh. the breast pump. If you want to be a really good husband, clean it for her when it needs cleaning because it is a royal pain in the ass

  18. egan says:

    Karla – after much research we like this one because the front wheel pivots and can be fixed. Thus making it much more user friendly for everyday stuff. I can also use it to push Baby Singe when she arrives. She can come running with me. Strangely enough we found the baby hangers at our local drug store. I bet Canadian Tire has some. Hey, a 10k is still a pretty good run there Karla. That’s not a short run.
    Celeste – thanks, the reno is exciting. I got to snap some photos before the project begins. Yes, the mood suffers, but I’m back.
    Cazzie – team triathlons aren’t something I’ve done yet. I’ve done the whole damn thing because I’m sort of greedy like that. Those breast pumps are out of this world in appearance. It must make moms feel pretty weird to hook up a contraption like that. Bring on the formula I say (after a month).
    Meno – this is always the best way to motivate myself. Pay for the entrance fee and then I get my ass in gear. I didn’t have any commitments this summer as of last week. The $60 on the entrance fee makes you get out there. The half ironman costs about $200. These puppies aren’t cheap, but you can’t put a price on health and sanity. I wanted really bad to do the STP this year, but I don’t think it’s in the cards. It tends to be the same weekend as the Seafair Triathlon. It’s a huge bummer if you ask me since I would love to do it.
    Sizzle – swimming is the best stress reliever known. You get so much damn time to clear your head while in the pool. Blogging can work too, but sometimes it can also piss me off if I read some homophobic post or something.

  19. Cazzie says:

    Nah, on the contrary, the breast pump, when positioned correctly (ouch if not!!) releives a woman of the “fullness”she is experiencing. First off, when the milk “comes in”, it can be painful.
    Sometimes I would laugh at myself having to do this. But then, looking at the baby, watching them grow, and smell lovely like breastfed babies always do, is just like a miracle 🙂

  20. egan says:

    Cazzie – are we talking about the “let down” portion of lactation? I love chatting about this topic on my blog. Men chatting about breastfeeding, so awesome. I can see why it must feel good to relieve that milk pressure. Breasts aren’t just for men to ogle?

  21. egan says:

    steppingoverthejunk – hmmm, now that you’ve mentioned it I can’t turn my back on such a good endeavor. I don’t mind cleaning things that look like satellite dishes.

  22. Amanda says:

    I’m confused – he was in the 5k with his baby? Or am I missing something? Am I loco?

  23. Karla says:

    All good to know. I tried one that had a front wheel that barely moved and didnt understand how it could be a “jogging” stroller. Looks they are available in Canada too. I’ll have to check them out.

  24. Gwen says:

    Thanks for bringing back memories of the breast pump! Niiice. Now I need to go to do some yoga (my form of stress busting) to clear my mind of those recollections.
    Swimming makes head space? Gawd. I must always do it wrong, then.
    And, umm, are you running out of baby names yet?

  25. Airam says:

    You can do it!!!

  26. egan says:

    Amanda – he pushed his child in a jogging stroller during the 5k when strollers weren’t to be used. I’m such a ball breaker about stuff like this.
    Karla – I think you’ll like it. Give it a spin. They aren’t cheap, but I’ve heard really good things about them from friends.
    Gwen – hello and welcome back from Florida. Ha, you man a funny “stress busting”. Busting and we’re chatting about breast pumps. Swimming is the bomb woman. All those laps and your mind can wind down. Yoga is a good way to forget about the world too, or so I’ve been told. Does it look like I’m running out of baby names?
    Airam – I’m glad you believe in me. I will lose my tiny gut and better my time from last year also. Hells yeah!

  27. mez says:

    I made a teeny little comment about how you can add whiskey to breast milk and baby will sleep better the other day at lunch and everyone got all snooty about it. Geez, I said BREAST milk, not formula and yet still people will judge!
    Good luck on the fitness thing!

  28. Hilly says:

    Wow, you sound like you have a lot going on…good luck with all of it.
    I followed you here on Tori’s suggestion and now see that you know half of my blogroll, so hello!

  29. Amy says:

    “Getting back in shape can be daunting, but what rewarding things in life worth doing aren’t demanding?” So true! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  30. Chris says:

    If you think there’s a chance you’ll guilt me in to working out – watch out buster!
    Good for you though – I need to get my fat ass up and go one of these days.

  31. Amanda says:

    But…but…but why was the child part of the 5k race in the first place? I get that strollers weren’t supposed to be used, but why did that rule even need to be made? Does no one else find this odd? Am I the only one? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!
    I can’t wrap my mind around this, Mr. Singe. I’m perplexed.
    (and my butterflies are gone. Merci!)

  32. patches says:

    I usually sit back and watch my litter-mate Dirty Girl chase the laser pointer. It isn’t pretty watching a housecat hyperventilate.

  33. Eunice says:

    Those 18 weeks will be gone before you know it.

  34. M says:

    YOU’RE GOING TO HANG YOUR BABY? THAT IS JUST WRONG, MAN! I’m going to report you to child services, I am.

  35. Tall Chick says:

    Bob looks SWEET! 🙂 I hear Medela is the only way to go. I was so lucky. When Mollusc was born, there were 6 of us in teh hospital that had just delivered and they only had 5 manual Medelas to give. So they could upgrade to one automatic and the very very sweet nurse gave it to me because I was having so much trouble/pain. (Mollusc had been sucking on her wrist in utero and was sucking wrong on my boob – owie!)
    Aw crap. My Prawn is throwing up. Sigh.

  36. Tall Chick says:

    It’s going to be a long night. I hope you’re going to be bloggy tonight. 😛

  37. Tall Chick says:

    PS it’s really endearing to see how much you love your baby already. There’s something hot about a guy with a baby who isn’t afraid to love it. ^_^

  38. Tall Chick says:

    What EVER. I guess I’m going to read about Mr. Darcy, then, whilst waiting for Prawn to awaken and start yacking again.

  39. egan says:

    Mez – it’s not like your teaching your kids how to roll joints. It’s good to see you’re misunderstood at work too.
    Hilly – hello and welcome to my blog. I think I missed you in Portland last month. I was very lame and missed out on the big evening at the Kennedy School. Yes, I’m sure we have many in common as I’ve seen you around too. And yes, life is rather busy for me these days. Thank you for the visit.
    Amy – if stay fit was easy, we wouldn’t have many overweight issues. It’s not easy to stay in shape. That being said I know some aren’t wired like you and me. Exercise is always a huge chore.
    Chris – I would never do that to you. I don’t believe in guilting someone to do something.
    Amanda – what’s so confusing about this? A baby was being pushed by daddy in the 5k. They have these rules in place because in crowded races it’s easy for runners to trip over a jogging stroller. Heck, I almost tripped over this guy’s stroller a few times myself and he was right behind runners and it would be easy to get a “flat tire” from him. Please tell me this clarifies things. The kid wasn’t actually running, the kid was in the jogging stroller which was propelled by dad.
    Patches – your mate isn’t in as good shape as you? Maybe you can teach that cat to drive or do triathlons.
    Eunice – I’m getting that feeling already. Time is moving along fast.
    M – no don’t report me. I think there’s been a misunderstanding. The hangers are for storing baby’s clothes. Like how an airplane hangar stores planes, just spelled differently. Let’s ride bikes.
    Tall Chick – Prawn isn’t feeling so hot? Sorry to hear this. You sure did get the sweet deal on the breast pump.
    Tall Chick – I would have been here, but we were babysitting our friend’s daughter. She’s five months old and damn is she ever cute. I loved how she was all swaddled up in her crib.
    Tall Chick – aw, that’s very sweet of you. I’m trying to keep it in check, but yes I’m very excited for her arrival. Thanks for saying such a sweet thing.
    Tall Chick – Mr. Darcy? Did I miss something? Sorry, the babysitting and tutoring kept us busy on Tuesday night. Let’s hope Prawn is good for the rest of the night.

  40. ChickyBabe says:

    Sounds like you’re busy enough as it is! I can understand the need to take off the edge a bit As much as it is an exciting time. Vive le sport, non?

  41. Chris says:

    I remember reading your posts during your last marathon stretch – journalizing your accomplishments and your journey toward acheiving them was awe inspiring. It’s rare to get that level of honesty and reality anymore and I applaud you for being able to do that.

  42. Hannelie says:

    Good on ya, our season just ended. Next course starts in October, I might be in it.
    Medela breaspump, maaayte! Good buy, I had one and swore by it. Got almost the same pram/jogger too, ours is called Xtrail! Says alot doens’t it.
    Take care of bumpy.

  43. In the next 18 weeks, you MUST go out to eat as much as possible. And go to movies. And the mall. And quiet walks. And sit in the house without the tv or radio on and enjoy the quiet.

  44. justrun says:

    I thought I already commented, but maybe not?
    Anyway, all I have to say is OHHH YEEAAAHH! Training! Whoo hoo! Good job!

  45. Cake Lady says:

    It’s good to see you doing something for yourself. Babies are great but don’t forget about Egan and Mrs. Egan.

  46. Amanda says:

    I understand all that. I just don’t get why anyone would run a 5k with their baby in a stroller. It seems odd to me. Like it would be an obstacle for not only the other runners but for the runner pushing & running with the stroller. Why was he running with the baby in the first place? If he had followed the rule about no stroller, would he have strapped the kid to his back in one of those backpack things? Why wasn’t the baby with someone else while daddy was running? Was it a bonding experience? That’s what I’m confused with.
    I don’t get running. I’m really not this dense, but damn I feel like it now!

  47. Tall Chick says:

    Prawn is much better, thanks! She only yakked the one time (though it was a very prolonged bout.) And then we stayed up watching movies and stuff, and snuggling on the couch. Oh yeah, that’s a tradtion we have. Woo hoo! I thought of a tradition.
    Dude, if you go to my blog today, don’t spill the beans, eh? ^_^

  48. Tall Chick says:

    PS did she have that sweet little baby smell? That soft fuzzy baby head? Those round little baby cheeks? *sigh* 🙂

  49. egan says:

    ChickyBabe – you meant to say “vive le Speedo™” oui?
    Chris – you’re making me blush and you don’t even have boobies. Man, that marathon seems like so long ago, but it only took place 12 months ago.
    Hannelie – so there’s a season there for triathlons? You will compete next time around. I’m sure you will do just fine. Take it slow and easy.
    Mona – those are really good reminders. I will keep these in the back of my head. No keggers then?
    Justrun – you’re an inspiration in your own right with your blog posts. Training rocks and now I must head to the pool for today’s lesson.
    Cake Lady – I think this is something my wife and I will be good about doing. The baby girl will be important, but so will our sanity.
    Amanda – I’m glad I explained this to you in a more personal forum. Really, I think the guy is stealing the child and just happened to pin on a number for the race. He’s a crafty man.
    Tall Chick – did you watch Stand by Me with her? Does she enjoy movies about gladiators?
    Tall Chick – yes, she had the smell of a rather cute child. I had to resist waking her with a giant bear hug. Glad Prawn is doing better today.

  50. furiousball says:

    Dude, jog with the baby in the baby stoller, but go shirtless with the Medela breast pump strapped on yourself.

  51. Leezer says:

    You’re my hero. I didn’t work out for a few weeks due to a back injury, and my mood suffered terribly. I’m back at the gym now and feel great.
    Question: I’m doing a mini triathlon in August, and am pretty bored swimming my usual 1/2 mile in the pool. I won’t do lake swims until summer, and I have a dry land work out all laid out, but I need a suggestion for what I should be doing in the pool between now and then. I could probably go out and do the 1/4 swim today and do just fine, but I want to kick ass.

  52. egan says:

    Furiousball – now that’s some idea of yours. I sure could use a breast pump.
    Leezer – I would love to help you with that. I usually do a 1,000 meter warmup. That might be a bit long considering that’s more than a 1/4 mile swim. For you I would suggest maybe a 500 – 750 meter warmup to stretch out. Maybe do a few laps of backstroke or breaststroke to stretch yourself out. Once you’ve done that do some fartlegs to build speed. Despite funny name, fartlegs are great speed building exercises. Swim one length easy, come back hard and build on the hard length working up to a full sprint. I tend to this over 200 meters. Free, back, free, and free again. A longer warmup is good for building endurance. Let me know if this makes sense and good luck.

  53. Leezer says:

    Egan: Will do! Thanks!

  54. Good for Me says:

    A MUST have. The Baby Bjorn front pack.

  55. egan says:

    Leezer – perhaps we can meet in person and chat about a strategy for your swimming. I’d love to help you out. Shoot me an email if you’re interested.
    Good for Me – I hear that. I see many different types of baby carriers on the market these days.

  56. Hannelie says:

    We do have a Women’s Academy for Tri’s here and I know they do it only in our summer, not sure what the Pro’s do, I’m sure they probably train year through, do you want me to find out for you?
    And… thank you I’ll do my best! 🙂

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