Ferries for Fantasy

SjferryWohoo, my wife and I are back from our little retreat north of Seattle.  It was a pretty good visit I must say with one petite exception, you can read about on your own free time.

When we arrived on Friday it was a downpour and didn’t stop raining all night long.  We weren’t optimistic things would improve, but boy did they ever.  The weather was fantastic on Saturday, the views atop the 2400 foot Mt. Constitution were breathtaking, the shopping in the quaint village of Eastsound was fun, tons of sea stars could be seen from our hotel room, and our meals on Saturday were spectacular. 

I’m not sure how many times I can say this, but I love riding our state ferries.  You know…  like the ferry pictured in this photo, the large green and white vessels.  For those who have never been to Seattle, it’s one of my favorite recommendations for visitors.  Hop on a ferry and cross Puget Sound somewhere.  It’s a great way to see the beauty Washington has to offer along with a decent amount of sea life*.


While this wasn’t my visit to Orcas Island, it was definitely one of the more memorable trips.  My wife and I had a nice time.  I will remember this trip for a long time, or so I hope.  My previous visit to Orcas (pronounced "oar-kuss") Island happened in about 1994.  I remember very little from that trip except that I visited the island on mountain bikes with my college girlfriend and her family.  Many of the other details about the trip are rather hazy.  It got me thinking about how it could happen so easily.  While attempting to recall the details of my previous San Juan Island visit, I kept mixing memories from other trips.  If this is what happens when we age, I best do a better job documenting my travels via my blog(s).  I don’t like losing those memories one bit.


RULED OUT BABY NAMES:  Sue, Liz, Max, Molly, Leanne, and Selima. (theme = Jessica Alba character names)

*if you’re lucky


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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34 Responses to Ferries for Fantasy

  1. Amanda says:

    Hmmm on the names…I have an idea, but I’m not sure. I may have to use some search engines to confirm this one. But Max jumps out at me…
    Sorry about your exception to the nice weekend. It’s too bad when stuff like that happens and it sets the tone of the rest of the time. And that is a gorgeous picture. You make wanting to visit Seattle more appealing.

  2. TriVortex says:

    Sounds like a nice trip. Seattle is a little colder than what the wife and I are used to. So what’s this I hear about Olympics being your favorit?

  3. Burr-ee-toe says:

    Pretty much all of my trips to Vegas are a blur. That’s why I rely on pictures to figure out what we did each time. I think my bluriness is alcohol induced though.

  4. Good for Me says:

    I’ve never been to Seattle or to BC. They’re both on my list of places to visit.
    So glad you guys had a great time. It does look amazing from the photo.
    I have a terrible memory. Sometimes I think they’re memories, but actually it’s just a created memory from a childhood photo. That’s really confusing.

  5. Amy says:

    Glad to see your much anticipated getaway was so enjoyable. It sounded like a perfect weekend. (I couldn’t see your little exception, the site was down. I’ll try again later)

  6. meno says:

    I also send visitors on a ferry trip. Great view, you are not cooped up in a car, fun to fun around on the decks. It’s all good.
    Glad you had fun. Orcas is beautiful. I think you can see 100 islands from Mt. Constitution on a clear day.

  7. patches says:

    Sorry your accommodations weren’t especially accommodating. At least the weather cooperated. Memories are weird. I have trouble keeping trips straight. Occasionally one will stand out for a bizarre reason like there was a hurricane, or the rental car to be recovered from the impound lot..

  8. Airam says:

    Sometimes you could be at “hell on earth hotel” or “shoot me now resort” but it’s the company that you have that makes it wonderful.

  9. tori says:

    Sounds like you had a good time despite the exception. That stinks though.
    I have no clue on the names this time.

  10. L says:

    Glad you two had a great weekend and the weather cleared up for you. 🙂

  11. jeci says:

    You’re the second Seattle blogger to give that place the thumbs down in a post so obviously the place ain’t that great, which is a shame. It looks like such a lovely location.

  12. sizzle says:

    yeah that’s one good thing about blogging/journaling- you have an account of what occured! i mix memories all the time.
    i need to ride the ferries more often. i haven’t since i moved here!

  13. Amanda says:

    Ok. I think that I’ve confirmed the names. Jessica Alba character names, correct?
    Also, tell me about Yelp. I’ve seen it around and some people I know do reviews on there. Is it any good? Is it just a community of people? Or do you get stuff for doing reviews (like I get free books for TCM).

  14. Lynn says:

    Welcome back from you anniversary weekend getaway. Too bad about the accommodations. Can someone who gets seasick ride the ferry? Just wondering.

  15. egan says:

    Amanda – so you’re on to me this time with the baby names? I’m very impressed if you get this sans search engines. Yeah, the exception was kind of minor. Wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t pay big bucks.
    TriVortex – hello and welcome to my blog. Seattle can be chilly, but then again it’s quite nice for activities when you exerting lots of energy in the summer months. I like the international/olympic distance triathlons. Those are my favorite. Thanks for the visit.
    Burr-ee-toe – damn that alcohol. Yes, pictures or blogs to keep track of life. Both seem to work well.
    Good for Me – both areas are wonderful. I love Seattle, but B.C. is equally beautiful. There’s much to see in our neck of the woods. Childhood photos playing tricks on you. Shucks.
    Amy – a good time was had with the one minor exception. Next time we will visit Victoria on a larger boat. Vive le Canada!
    Meno – we’re on the exact same page here. It’s a great spot to send out-of-towners. They get to see so much of the city. There’s not much cooler than arriving downtown via the ferry. I do believe the 100 island view. The trees at the top of the mountain are obscuring the view southwestern view though. I’m sure they will level those trees soon enough.
    Patches – you’re excused for confusing those kinds of memories. I’m relieved the hurricane and rental car stories haven’t faded. I kind of want to know more about those ones. Damn bad service.
    Airam – very very good point. We told ourselves that numerous times and it was comforting. We entertain ourselves well. The shopping was quite nice and so was driving around island avoiding deer.
    Tori – I will update the Ruled Out stuff when the next post is up. I do that now so you can see the answer. The one exception wasn’t huge. We just had to let it go.
    L – we really lucked out. Friday was a mess, but it was so clear Saturday morning. I really nice treat.
    Jeci – thanks for pointing this out. I really thought we had to be smoking crack or something. Everyone raves about this place and it clearly isn’t that great. It’s not romantic, the food stinks, the prices are outrageous, and the service was only average. Oh well, you can’t win them all. Thanks.
    Sizzle – I don’t ride the ferries nearly as often as I’d like either. Every time I get on them I feel like I’m transported to about seven years old.
    Amanda – you’re good, very good. I’m going to have to make these harder if you keep solving them. I gave you all the Yelp information. Let me know if you’re still interested.
    Lynn – I think you could ride them. I’m prone to getting seasick and have never had it happen. My wife has a tendency to get car sick and hasn’t ever had any problems. They’re so big they don’t sway too much. The accomodation thing did suck, but I’m trying not to dwell on it too much.

  16. ChickyBabe says:

    welcome back Egan, good to hear you had a memorable time.

  17. Amanda says:

    I’ll read some stuff over there (Yelp) today. Check out what’s out there for Lincoln & Omaha.
    And as for the baby names, I look forward to the challenge! I did have to resort to the search engine with this one just to make sure I was thinking correctly. But I had a pretty good idea with Max as an option. Can’t wait for the next one. (Seriously…these are about the only trivia I can get. I suck at this stuff normally.)

  18. Rachel says:

    I loved riding the ferries when I would go from Bremerton to Seattle with my friend. It was always fun.
    That was the car ferry though and sometimes I would just chill in the car.
    I bought my airline tickets last Friday so I am all set to come visit the great Northwest!

  19. brookem says:

    Welcome back! Sounds like you still had a good time. Lest I seem like I’m Dave Matthews, it’s really true- it’s who you’re with that matters.
    Didn’t get the names, not a bit.
    And your ferry/Seattle mention reminded me of that Grey’s Anatomy episode!
    3 more days!

  20. Cake Lady says:

    Does a $5.00 bottle of Cooks Champagne sound romantic? Only if it is served in plastic glasses. Presentation is everything!
    Seriously, glad you had a good time and welcome back. Did I already give my vote for Baby name Eden?

  21. leisb says:

    Seriously happy you ruled out Max. The cutest kid I know is named that and I still think the name is just hideous and deserving of only elderly men with moustaches.

  22. Bob says:

    Now I can’t get Flesh For Fantasy out of my head. I love the ferries too.
    I vote for the Friday Harbor to Anacortes ferry during sunset as the most likely to get you nookie. Please wait until departing the ferry though. Washingtonians are prudish that way.

  23. Laurie says:

    Ohhh, I love thoes ferries. The Puget Sound is so beautiful. Did you really think it wouldn’t rain though LOL

  24. egan says:

    ChickyBabe – thanks friend. We did have a nice time, one not to be forgotten for awhile. I think the reality of becoming parents is really setting in.
    Amanda – I’m glad you like the Baby Name game. The least I can do is try to entertain the masses with this baby nonsense. Learn anymore about Yelp?
    Rachel – yeah, you’re coming back to the Northwest. That’s fantastic news. I’m sure nothing has changed since you last visited. The Bremerton to Seattle route was my first ferry ride. I love it.
    Brookem – yes, just like Grey’s Anatomy. We’re going to have our daughter at Seattle Grace Hospital if we can swing it. Correct, who was with me is much more important than anything else. Jessica Alba character names.
    Cake Lady – very funny. We didn’t even bring the bottle of champagne home it was so bad. We have four bottles of the bubbly beverage sitting around at home. Eden hasn’t shown up yet on the Ruled Out list.
    Leisb – Max as a girl is kind of odd. Oh, thanks for visiting my blog. Have a good day.
    Bob – you’re so right about the prudish thing. I tried to please myself in the bathroom and it didn’t go so well. All the stalls were busy so I just unzipped and give it the college try. Someone didn’t like this too much. Jerks. Your parents still live in Anacortes right?
    Laurie – nope, I didn’t think it wouldn’t rain. After spending my entire life in the Northwest, I know better than to expect something like that in April. Ferries are good.

  25. Amanda says:

    Meh – yeah. I looked through it today. I don’t know – I might sign up. I might not. There’s not much for reviews in Lincoln, so maybe they need someone to do so. We’ll see.
    And, you do entertain. You’re a natural.

  26. Diane Mandy says:

    I’m glad it was a nice trip for you!

  27. Eunice says:

    I thought it was “Oar-cuz?”
    Anyway. I loved riding the ferries, that was the best (except the line for the Mukilteo ferry on a Saturday afternoon). One of my favorite memories was driving to Bremerton to take the ferry back over to Seattle. It’s not like we spent time in Bremerton, we just drove over, parked the car and then had to run to catch the ferry as it was moments from pulling away. Why we drove all that way just to take the ferry back across to the side of the sound we were just on is beyond me, but that was my first ride on the green & white ferries.

  28. L says:

    ACK! Wish I’d known you were going there. I just heard the same thing from Shannon at Westering Hills and Binulatti. http://westeringhills.weblogged.net/?p=282

  29. kim says:

    I think for $250 a night…you should get chocolates on your bed, a fluffy white bathrobe and damn good service!!
    I would love to see seattle someday…someday we will:)
    did I miss the name oceane (o-see-anna) not sure if you ruled that out..

  30. egan says:

    Amanda – Yelp comes and goes for me. I think they need to allow for better feedback. Still a bit clique-y for my liking. Thanks for enjoying the blog.
    Diane Mandy – we’re glad we had a nice time too. I didn’t get my sensual massage though.
    Eunice – one might think it’s “oar-cuz” because it’s the plural of one orca. I really don’t know why it’s “oar-kuss”, but that’s what’s said. I love your ferry story. I used to ride over to Bremerton with my brother. Sadly there’s not much to do over there, but I love the hour long crossing.
    L – that’s the review I needed to read about two months ago. So spot on with her Rosario review. Thanks for sharing, even if it is late.
    Kim – Oceana hasn’t been removed yet. You haven’t made it here yet? I thought I saw pictures on your blog from a visit to the Emerald City. For $250/night I would expect a pulse or maybe just an operating coffee machine. Ugh. How’s PA?

  31. Bob says:

    Yup, still in the Anacortes, but I’m trying to sell them on the idea of buying a condo down here so Liam can have more grandparent time.

  32. kim says:

    how’s PA?

  33. egan says:

    Bob – I think that’s a wise idea. The grandparents are an important part of a kid’s life. I love the name Liam.
    Kim – my bad. I didn’t pay attention and thought you were another Kim. Je suis désolé. Port Angeles is a town in Washington State where the other Kim resides. Ca va?

  34. Lynda says:

    My husband and I often took the ferry boats in San Francisco. We tried it from Michigan to Wisconsin, but it cost $125 for us and the car, so we decided to drive around Michigan to Wisconsin.
    Gas was a lot cheaper then.

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