Children of Mom

We all have (or had) them, a mom. Yesterday we visited our local park with some friends and their daughter. It was nice to see the kids interacting with each and better yet, it was fantastic to see how the parents interacted with their children. My wife and I enjoyed the moment. We’ve had a couple talks in recent days about how a new phase of our life is already underway. So far our life together has been pretty charmed. We really don’t have any major complaints with our life.

Nope, no major complaints. So as we embark upon our journey of parenthood I feel it’s important to give a proper shout out to moms. Just like some of our other holidays moms, you deserve the recognition and praise all year, not just one day. Moreover, I dedicate this post to the very influential people of society, mothers.

For starters, blogging rocks. I’ve met so many wonderful people via blogging and many happen to be moms. Since I publicly announced my wife’s pregnancy in January, I’ve been so grateful for all your input. Every single one of you has been a huge asset in my life. Whether it’s advice on baby names, schooling, doctors, hospitals, daycare, diapers, etc. All of you have been extremely helpful and supportive. As a certain mommy blogger put it, “Egan, you’re part of the club now“.

Personally I put my mom on a pretty high pedestal due to the circumstances she overcame. Make no mistake about this, she’s not flawless, but she did her best to raise her kids in a happy environment. There were some rough times in my household following my parents’ divorce, yet never did I feel unloved. I still feel special in my mom’s eyes, even at the ripe age of 34. Mom, you’ve always been so great at humoring my active mind, hyperactive actions, and boundless curiousity. You allowed me to grow into the person I am today. Thank you mom and bloggers for being who you are, welcome influences on my life!


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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30 Responses to Children of Mom

  1. justrun says:

    Nice post. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s in your life.

  2. Lynn says:

    I got ‘goose bumps’ reading your post. You are clearly a loving husband and son, and will obviously be a loving father to Anna Elizabeth. Happy Mother’s Day to both your wife and Mom.

  3. Hilly says:

    What an amazing post! Happy Mother’s Day to every one of the Mommies out there!

  4. patches says:

    Lovely and thoughtful post….and a happy mother’s day to the mother and father -to-be.

  5. I love this post….I am so happy for you both with regard to your Mom and your own life. My Mom is amazing as well and I am so grateful. I can’t have kids so I am not a Mom but I wish I was… is a very special day and you’re pretty awesome to acknowlege it

  6. Airam says:

    Happy Mommy’s day to Mrs. Lessinges. You’ll get a shot out come June.

  7. Airam says:

    Oops. Shout out. Not shot out.

  8. jungle jane says:

    I hope that pedestal your mum is on is stable, Egan. It would be awful if she took a tumble on mothers day and all…

  9. logo™ says:

    Happy mom’s day to Mrs. Monkeyman and what a great post.
    You’re a good son and you are going to be a wonderful father.

  10. Eunice says:

    Egan, I know I say this a lot, but this was a truly great post. I’m sure the pedestal your daughter will be put on will be just as wonderful as the ones your wife and mother are on.

  11. QofS says:

    🙂 xxoxoxoxox to your wife and mom and all the others out there this happy day!

  12. Hannelie says:

    What a lovely post! Thank you Egan, and Happy Mother’s day to your wife and mum too. I hope to read my sons saying such nice things of me too one day when they turn 34!
    Gotcha on the baby name! My mum was Anna Louisa and every one called her Annatjie [anni-k-ie]. Quite a common South African name, one Annatjie started a cosmetic company and named it Anneque.

  13. Good for Me says:

    I hope you and the mrs. had a wonderful mother’s day, egan. eager to hear how the gift went over.
    this is a great tribute to moms…thank you.

  14. mez says:

    I’m sure your mum appreciates you too 🙂

  15. Mone says:

    That was a very nice post, Egan, and all I can say is thank you.

  16. Tim says:

    Wait, your parents are divorced and we still haven’t seen you on an episode of Intervention? Well done Egan.

  17. tori says:

    You are so sweet. I am so happy to read that you realize your mom made mistakes and yet she is still up on a pedestal. That gives me hope that I am doing ok and perhaps my kids will feel this way about me when they are older.

  18. furiousball says:

    We’ll teach you the secret parental handshake once the little one arrives.
    First rule of parent club, never talk about parent club

  19. Welcome to the club! You’re gonna be a great dad!

  20. Jennifer says:

    Awww, Egan. This is so sweet. I can’t wait until Father’s Day.
    P.S. Don’t listen to furiousball, who obviously skipped class the day the rules were read. The first rule of parent club is to never shut up about being a parent.

  21. Cake Lady says:

    That was better than a Hallmark Card!

  22. Leiselb says:

    “proper shout out to moms” made me laugh.

  23. Amanda says:

    Hope all the mom’s in your life, current and future, had a wonderful mother’s day yesterday.

  24. CS says:

    As a mom, I appreciate that!

  25. The Grunt says:

    Blog moms are cool…I mean, mother’s who blog. Sometimes people forget that mom’s have a lot more to talk about than just mommy stuff.

  26. Crashdummie says:

    That was a wonderful homage to all the moms out there. Nothing is so unconditionally as a mothers love for her child.
    I’m glad to hear that you and your wife will soon enter the adventurous life of parenthood. Congrats & good luck – something tells me all parents needs load of it 😉

  27. Soon you’ll receive your copy of the Super-Secret Parents Book, which tells you how to crawl through all those parental land-mines, like dating, and piercings, and what to do when you find poo on the bathroom floor and a smiling, naked toddler next to it.
    (Praise the toddler, find it clothes, clean up poo. In that order.)

  28. egan says:

    EVERYONE – sorry for the blanket response to all of you. I had responses for half of these yesterday and inadvertantly deleted my comments. Ugh, Mother’s Day was great though and I appreciate all your kind words.

  29. Monkeydragon says:

    very cool post –

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