Unconditional Love?

Godloves_2For those of you who can’t read this gem of a bumpersticker, it says He’s YOUR God, They’re YOUR rules, YOU burn in hell." Please discuss this bumpersticker I spied while snagging bagels last Sunday. I don’t feel God’s love on this one.


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65 Responses to Unconditional Love?

  1. Airam says:

    Interesting … and first!!
    I’ll wait for more comments since I’m the only one here and it’s 3:30 am …. mushy mind!

  2. Airam says:

    I think that … ok seriously I think nothing right now.
    Just trying to make ARM proud.

  3. Airam says:

    This car looks a tad dirty … you didn’t write anything about the owner’s penis on it did you?

  4. Airam says:

    OK Egan … I think 4 comments is a pretty good contribution. And these should be doubled since it’s so late for me. I hope that Amanda and Brandy are happy with the start I’ve made.

  5. ChickyBabe says:

    Pfft… I don’t feel love.

  6. brookem says:

    airam, i know im happy with your efforts. you just rock.
    i think it’s stupid. i think the car is dirty too. i like the green of the sticker and that’s ALL i like.

  7. brookem says:

    baby widget all of a sudden says 11 days to go? what happened there?

  8. Chris says:

    It seems the only major attention religion gets in this country is about people who are “too religious” or “not religious enough”. I think the problem might be the word religion itself and how it is perceived by everyone.
    I personally have a deep faith in God, that doesn’t mean I don’t question it from time to time. Nor do I go around preaching – I am far from a conservative right wing maniac, in fact, I feel like I get lefter from that every day.
    I know and love many people who have no faith – I don’t think any less of them because of it. Faith is a chice, not a requirement for life.

  9. Phil says:

    As a kinda sorta, count me in at Christmas Catholic…. hee hee.
    As Chris wrote, faith is a choice and to expand upon his point – morals are seperate from religion or maybe overlapping venn diagrams.
    I wasn’t a good math student but got great marks in religion. Little tip – paste a picture of Mary on your religion folder. Nuns eat that shit up.

  10. Logo™ says:

    I’m sensing some antipathy toward traditional Western Christianity here. Did you know people who name their cars or have bumper stickers are more likely to be agressive drivers? I’m guess that would be true in this case.

  11. Amy says:

    While not necessarily appropriate for a bumper sticker (because it kinda tells off everyone who might consider themselves religious even though they did nothing to the driver of that car), I think I just might use it the next time some “holy roller” gets in my face preachy and judgmental about how I am (and am not)living my life.

  12. Gwen says:

    I don’t even get it, quite honestly.
    Oh wait. Now I do.
    I don’t really go in for bumper stickers, of any kind.

  13. jungle jane says:

    What’s the use in having a god if we have to make the rules??

  14. furiousball says:

    They better always use their turn signal. Jesus freakin’ hates when people forget. They might not burn in hell for it, but he’ll definitely singe the hair off their toes for it.

  15. Golden says:

    Oh wow.. I saw a car with 2 bumper stickers on it the other day. One said HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN. The other said something along the lines of Marriage is for a man and a woman. I was offended, and I’m straight. I know there’s freedom of speech and all that, but when you start infringing on the rights of others, that’s where I draw the line. Oh wait.. I think I got off on a tangent there. Oh well.

  16. justrun says:

    Wow, that’s a first.

  17. Hilly says:

    I think that they are actually haters with regard to those people who are big into religion and God. Almost like they are saying that they don’t have to follow God’s rules since it is not THEY who believe and because they do NOT believe, they won’t go to hell.
    That’s my guess, anyway!

  18. brandy says:

    Thanks for the good comment work Airam. As for the bumper sticker… see THAT’S my problem with religion. I know we briefly talked about it and how I feel I need to get more (okay, get at least a little bit) into religion but then I read something like that and I just don’t know. I do not think that any big G figure upstairs who spouts the idea of ‘unconditional love’ is going to play good cop/bad cop with you depending on your choices here, and send you to hell if you don’t do what he wants. It just doesn’t make sense. Okay, I have so many thoughts on this but it’s still early in the day and I’m attempting to practice a little self control so I’m going to end it. But in the words of Ahh-nold, I’ll be back.

  19. L says:

    I get not wanting someone else’s religion to encroach upon your ideas and life, but it went too far with “YOU burn in hell”. Where is the love, people?

  20. brookem says:

    baby lessinges widget is flipping out today. not sure when she wants out. now she’s back to 41 more days. let’s see what happens within the hour.

  21. Melissavina says:

    It’s sad that so many people have ruined the concept of God for so many others. Hell is used as a threat for not following a specific set of standards that some men put together. I’m pretty sure that God IS love. But this bumper sticker is a reaction to so much of the bad theology that has produced a lot of hate.
    Sad. Sad. Sad.

  22. Melissavina says:

    And also…
    I should mention my favorite bumper sticker of all time. It can prove that cool people can be complete losers:
    “My other car is floo powder”
    If you giggled at that you’re a geek. And these days geeks are cool.

  23. Nessa says:

    Well, I always knew he was mine alone.

  24. Michelle says:

    I actually kind of like this bumper sticker. One time my mom and I attended a small church a few towns over, and they were praying for the American soldiers who had passed away on a submarine that had been bombed underwater. The pastor asked the congregation to pray for those who weren’t christian because they would burn in hell (for not being a christian, how dumb). My mom scoffed, stood up, and walked out, passing right infront of the pastor as he spoke.
    My belief is that there are so-called christians who do bad things, and atheists who are good people. The bumper sticker is a good message for those ‘good christians’ who over-impose their religion on other people.

  25. brooke says:

    The only thing I resent about this is that it makes the assumption that God is a man.

  26. KJ says:

    This person is basically giving God the finger..
    I wonder what rule(s) this person has broken? Hmmmm

  27. Candace says:

    I had the same impression as Hilly and Michelle. I think it’s a non-Christian bumper sticker saying, “this shit doesn’t apply to us, so YOU (Christians) are the ones who are gonna burn.”
    I wonder if they’re building a coliseum next. . .

  28. Candace says:

    Yep, it’s as I suspected.
    Mmm! I can feel the tolerance oozing out of them. ^_^

  29. Candace says:

    Don’t forget: hate is cool, as long as you’re hating on the right group. 😉

  30. Cake Lady says:

    When I read it, this comes to mind.
    He’s MY God,
    They’re HIS rules,
    YOU burn in hell.”

  31. liv says:

    Well, I don’t go for stickers on cars except for my yoga studio logo which sits nicely at the bottom of my rear windshield. I refer to it at the tramp stamp of the yoga world.
    That said, and living in the DEEP south, I’d say that there’s a lot of that frustration here. The door to door-ness of religious conversions and intense questioning about where you “church.” There’s also a lot of spouting off about what will happen if you “don’t church.” I get the vibe of the message, but I think it’s a bit harsh for public promotion. However, I do like the “F the President” in the style of the “W the President” stickers. I just don’t have the balls to put that on my car.
    okay, rambling comment terminated.

  32. egan says:

    Airam – well done on claiming the top spot!
    Airam – you do think something, I know you do.
    Airam – I didn’t doodle anything on the side of this car. I was feeling generous.
    Airam – four comments, you’ve done Amanda proud.
    ChickyBabe – you don’t feel love? You know your readers adore you right?
    Brookem – I think you like the mode of the car too, but that’s another story. Airam is doing a great job bolstering my ego.
    Brookem – I didn’t notice any issues with the baby widget. Perhaps there was a disturbance in the the Force. Oh, you don’t get Star Wars humor do you?
    Chris – you’re such a great guy man. I really appreciate your take on this sticker. The extremes on any side are hard to swallow. I’m so glad you can love heathens like myself. I really mean that too. You’re the man.
    Phil – I love your suggestion about Mary. Hey, are you back from your wanderings?
    Logo – does your motorcycle have a name?
    Amy – yeah, it does get a message across whether you agree or not. Actually I must admit I was confused by the message and it’s only become more clear as I read the responses here.
    Gwen – ha, I was perplexed too. I think I got it now thanks to readers comments. I thought they were ramming God down our throats and it actually appears to be opposite of that. We have just a couple bumperstickers on our car, but they’re rather mundane ones.
    Jungle Jane – was that a serious comment by you?
    Furiousball – just keep in mind, Jesus loves all. Do you have hair on your toes? How about your back and chest? Do you crop your pubes?
    Golden – oh no, those anti-gay stickers really work me up. When I see those hateful bumperstickers, it’s at times like that I wish I carried a carton of eggs with me. Crap, did I say that?
    Justrun – it’s a first for what? Burning in hell or a bumpersticker attacking Christians?
    Hilly – you’re dead on with this guess of yours. I totally blew it and figured this car owner was attacking the heathens. Well done Hilly.

  33. egan says:

    Brandy – I couldn’t agree more with you on this issue. The Big G and I don’t see eye to eye on many things. I could go on and on too, but I think I will save that for another day.
    L – perhaps you’re right about the hell bit, but I must say as a non-believer I get so damn tired of hearing the term “sinner” over and over. I’m not sure if that’s even related to this topic or not.
    Brookem – huh, I never saw the Baby Singes widget flipping out, but I will keep a close eye on it. The way she was moving around inside N-PO’s belly last night, it got me wondering if she was ready to crawl out.
    Melissavina – do you believe hell persuades people to do good? Just a question here.
    Melissavina – you might have to explain the “floo powder” part of that bumpersticker.
    Nessa – you have lots of love for him don’t you?
    Michelle – I love your mom immensely for doing that in the church. That took balls. Thanks for sharing that story, yeah for your mom. Yes, the more I think about this stick, the more I approve.
    Brooke – ha, good point. Men are responsible for many of society’s ills right?
    KJ – hello again. I bet this person has broken a few rules, but who hasn’t right? Those Ten Commandments are a bitch to live up to.
    Candace – I agree with you about the message that’s being shared by this car owner.
    Candace – your research skills impress me, always.
    Candace – yeah, hate isn’t cool. This sticker does take it a bit far, but it does get you thinking.
    Cake Lady – okay, and what does your interpretation mean? What sort of feelings are inside you when you read it?
    Liv – feel free to ramble on my blog. That’s what it’s here for. Can I see the yoga sticker on your car somewhere? Do you have a website for your studio? I love your use of the word “church”. I can tell you this, I don’t church.

  34. Candace says:

    I named my car, and I put a TKD bumpersticker on it to help promote the school, but I wouldn’t say I’m an aggressive driver. I don’t speed, I let people in front of me if they’re stuck trying to get out of somewhere and there’s a long line, I don’t flip people off. But I kinda believe that study might have something to it. At least the bumper sticker part. Not so much the naming part.

  35. Candace says:

    Well, I should say “we named our car” since it’s a family vehicle and it was a group effort. ^_^

  36. Airam says:

    As far as I’m concerned that bumper sticker belongs to an Atheist. Could I be wrong?
    It’s so hard for me to comment on religion seeing as how I work in a Catholic school. The whole notion of God sending you to hell for bad deeds is misconstrued. Religion is SUCH a touchy subject on so many levels. I don’t push mine on anyone. Nor do I preach. This is what can make blood boil, especially when someone is being told that what they believe is bullshit. Why can’t we just ALL respect what we each believe in and just leave it at that?

  37. qt says:

    While I understand the sentiment attached, I think it is a bit much. I would most certainly not put it on my “carpet-munching, peace-freak” Subaru Outback.

  38. brandy says:

    I’m currently thinking about t-shirt slogans that could sum up my religious views in 8 words or less. I’m thinking this is a task made for Hercules.

  39. meno says:

    I want to get a bumper sticker that says; In Case of Rapture, Can I Have Your Car?
    9 words. will it still work for brandy?

  40. Brother#3 says:

    why ya gotta go and put grandma’s car in your blog?…:-)

  41. Brother#3 says:

    I’m just joking, I think that’s a sticker on Jenna Bush’s car.

  42. Brother#3 says:

    Oh Egan, I am so worried for Anna’s sake…you missed the Harry Potter “floo powder” reference. Guess I am a geek for giggling and popping some Bertie Botts Every Flavor beans.

  43. Eunice says:

    It’s so weird that you post this because I noticed about two weeks ago this same sticker on the back of one of the minivans at daycare. I have seen it every day since, and I still don’t get it.
    I do like the other sticker though, that says, “I’d rather be home brewing” 🙂

  44. Diane Mandy says:

    Was that the same car that had this bumper sticker: I’d rather hunt with Cheney, than ride with Kennedy. Geesh.

  45. Airam says:

    Brother #3 … don’t worry about the “floo powder” reference. Brandy has got Egan on a strict Harry Potter regime. He should be all caught up in no time.

  46. brandy says:

    See, I giggled at the floo powder comment because I’m cool like that but wasn’t shocked the Egan missed it. No offense Egan, but I doubt you’ve got that far (or at all?) in the books. But really, you should. If only for the fact that I’m thinking there could be some great t-shirt ideas in those books. And… because they are great. And because you don’t want Anna to be born with a father who doesn’t know his Potter, do you?

  47. brandy says:

    I suppose you could argue Anna won’t be asking the tough questions about Voldemort and death eaters for a few years, but kids are growing up so fast now and I don’t think you want to chance it. I mean, with all the Harry Potter mania going on, “Potter” might even be her first word. And if that happens, I’m probably going to be ridiculously and insanely happy. I suspect Amanda will be just as thrilled, being a Potter whore herself.

  48. mez says:

    Oh for fucks sake, all we ever hear about is eternal damnation and burning in hell. It’s crap PR work. I’d like to hear more about the benefits of joining.
    Yesterday I was in the classroom teaching the preps and they had RE. She taught them a song (that I actually had to write down, I was that amused):
    “God so loved the world, he gave his only son.
    That whoever believes in him, shall not die.
    But live forever, and ever, and ever, and ever
    Now THAT is good PR! The kids were all like..”is that TRUE?” and the RE teacher is like “duh of course”. Then this kid started making fart noises and everyone forgot about the song. I really wanted to explain that is was biologically impossible to live forever and ever and ever and ever (Amen) but thought it might disrupt the lesson.
    Having said that, one of the quite loudly Christian teachers at the school gave me a mug today. It says “hope” on it. She gave it to me because I almost cried in the middle of staff meeting last night (nervous breakdown etc). Anyway, the mug’s message is Christian. I still drink my coffee from it. I ain’t turning down a good mug.
    That is all.

  49. Good for Me says:

    many a thought about this. too many to put down right now.

  50. Mone says:

    I just dont like bumber stickers involving religion.

  51. Candace says:

    I want the floo powder one. 🙂

  52. jungle jane says:

    Are you going to get a “Baby On Board” sticker for the mini, Egan?

  53. celeste says:

    It really bothers me when people use “the wrath of god” and “religious fear tactics” to scare people into thinking that how they live their lives is wrong.
    Religion is about choice. You can choose to have faith, and you can choose which faith to follow (well, in this country anyway…)
    I could go on and on and on, but that’s not how I roll, because I don’t believe in pushing my views on others, just like that bumper sticker is doing!

  54. naynayfazz says:

    Egan, I don’t get it. Please explain….

  55. Pretty sure the proper response here is HOLY CRAP!
    That guy must have been told to “go to hell” pretty frequently for him to want to put that on his car.
    I’m guessing he’s a complete jerk and when people tell him to burn in hell, he’s taking it to be a religious conversation… 🙂

  56. egan says:

    Candace – so what you’re saying is your online personality matches the way you drive? Funny how that works.
    Candace – I love the name of your car by the way, but I just can’t remember it right now.
    Airam – you’re spot on with your assumption, I think. I’m guessing it’s an atheist’s car too, not that there’s anything wrong with atheists. I consider myself to be either agnostic or atheist, I think atheist. Your comments aren’t going to get you in trouble. We’re one big happy family here on my blog. I encourage you to speak your mind freely. I love that you don’t force your religion on others, that’s how it should be in my mind.
    QT – “carpet munching peace freak”? Care to explain this one? I have a Subaru too, does this mean I’m gay?
    Brandy – good luck with doing it in 8 words or less. “God farted in my general direction“? It could work.
    Meno – that’s a nice suggestion for Brandy’s t-shirt business. When is the rapture coming? It seems to be an abitrary date.
    Brother #3 – hey, that’s not grandma’s car. By the way, I learned you were not breastfed… so there!
    Brother #3 – you were kidding? Damn you, I was totally fooled. Jenna Bush is what Paris Hilton aspires to be. Just you wait.
    Brother #3 – I do love Harry Potter, the movies that is. I will read the books or live vicariously through Mrs. Lessinges’ readings.
    Eunice – funny that you saw the same one. After careful consideration it appears the bumpersticker’s aim is to annoy the religious right. Damn those heathens!
    Diane Mandy – Dick Cheney is a really nice guy. I think he’s make a great companion for trips to the opera and shopping. Don’t ask me why I know this.
    Airam – Brandy’s waving the same wand Harry uses to teach me about “muggles”. I will be an expert in no time.
    Brandy – nope, I will never be respected by Anna if I don’t read the books. Do I have to read those Sweet Valley High books too?
    Brandy – “potter” could be her first word. I will teach her how to say it with a wicked British accent.
    Mez – it sounds like you don’t believe in hell. Why is that? Kidding, neither do I. I think of it as a scare tactic akin to some of the political bullshit Mr. Bush uses on a regular basis to scare the American public, but that’s another topic. “Hope”? At least it doesn’t have a biblical quotation. You rule!
    Good for Me – ha, I would love to hear your take on this topic.
    Mone – I think it’s acceptable not to like any bumperstickers too.
    Candace – I bet you do. Are you into wicca?
    Jungle Jane – nope, not at all. If I got that sticker and I’m the only one in the car, that would make me the “baby”. See where I’m going with that?
    Celeste – yeah, I’m glad you’re not into forcing your beliefs down someone’s throats. The message of the bumpersticker is strong, but I think it creates a nice talking point as you can see by the comments here.
    naynayfazz – I think this is the work of someone who doesn’t believe in God giving the religious ones the middle finger. Make sense?
    Undercover Celebrity – I’m not sure what happened to the person who owns this car. However I can see why one might put this bumpersticker on their car. Why is it okay for people to go on and on about eternal damnation yet the minute a “non-believer” says anything, they’re lambasted? Just saying.

  57. brandy says:

    Hmm, you can skip Sweet Valley. Jessica was a tramp, and Elizabeth was just her enabler. Skip those- Anna doesn’t need to know about tarty girls. But perhaps Lemony Snicket, ohhh, and Babysitter Club. But early BSC, not when it got all fancy and there was spin offs and graphic novels. Anna needs the old ones. Okay, I apparently have a lot of opinions on the book learning of your almost here daughter.

  58. Amanda says:

    1. I don’t get it.
    2. These comments are cracking my shit up.
    3. I’m dying at the floo-powder stuff. At least Mrs. L reads Harry Potter…Anna has a chance.
    4. Brandy and Airam…Bravo girls. Bravo. And Candace was in the house, too. Suh-weet!
    5. Your brother is pretty funny.
    6. I second Brandy’s thoughts on BSC…the early ones. I have 1-36 (or so) I can lend them when Anna gets old enough for them (because we will totally still be blogging by that time, I know it)

  59. Candace says:

    The answer would no doubt surprise you.

  60. qt says:

    Dude, I live in redneck country and everyone always asks me why I drive a carpet muncher OR peace freak car. Hence the quotation marks.

  61. leiselb says:

    good gawd that poor person needs a snack or a nap or a hug or something!Chillax on the mindless, not-compelling-in-any-way bumper sticker aggression….

  62. CS says:

    Ah, Christianly love. Compassion, tolerance, not sitting in judgment sort of love. Or not.

  63. egan says:

    Brandy – you said “tarty”. I love it very much. We’re off to buy bookcases later tonight.
    Naynayfazz – coolio
    Amanda – you’re wise beyond your years. I’m glad the comments are to your liking. My brother is rather wise which explains why he lives on the other side of the country.
    Candace – I know, it’s funny how people think.
    QT – aw, thanks for the clarification on this. People are weird. Maybe you can drive a Ford Mustang to embrace your inner alpha male.
    Leiselb – the bumpersticker is actually kind of funny now that I understand the message. Perhaps they’re a bit high strung though.
    CS – yeah, who knows what’s really going on. I know I don’t and I’m almost like God.

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