Lucky Sevens

Seven seven oh seven. The day when seemingly half the dating world decided to tie the knot has passed. July 7th, 2007 was supposed to be a lucky day. Thinking back on my Saturday under the sun, I don’t recall there being much luck. To be honest though, I’m not all that superstitious. As I think back more on my Saturday, it’s apparent luck was not on my side for a fleeting moment.

For instance I stumbled on our front stairs after visting the grocery store. The package of Pepsi cans I cradled crashed to the ground and ripped open. Of course our neighbor just happened to be watching. Score one for me.

I did get a sweet deal on some new boxer briefs Saturday though. A few years ago I asked for feedback about which underwear should be worn. I then purchased a bunch of boxer briefs to give them a test drive as suggested by you, the wonderful blog readers. I trusted you all and the experiment has come full circle as I approve. Boxers just don’t work so well for certain things, but that’s a post for another day.

What was your brush with luck on July 7th? Did something stand out that made you take notice? Is luck just coincidence? I went for a bike ride and didn’t fall off my bike. Does that make me lucky? Hey, if you didn’t receive any luck on the seventh… don’t fret because there’s always August 8th next year. Whoa, Anna could be born on August 8th. Cool beans.

Just when you thought I wouldn’t mention the baby, wrong. I have felt her making some huge movements in my wife’s belly. From what we can tell, she has also “dropped” meaning she’s readying herself even more for her big arrival. My hand jumps off Mrs. Lessinges’ belly with all of her actions inside the womb. We’ve decided we should have a backup boy name just in case. I suggested Bert or Rudolph.
new baby learning: “board books” –> for those not in the know, board books are tiny books meant for new people aged 0-3. A week ago I had no idea what this term meant. Now I’m all about board books, we’ve purchased 8 of them in the past week. I read two books today, I’m so prolific.


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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45 Responses to Lucky Sevens

  1. ChickyBabe says:

    Nothing happened. I slept in at 7 am on 7/7.
    Gotta love boxer briefs! But you already know that from my dedicated research posts.

  2. Amanda says:

    Board books are my fave.
    Want to know how lucky I was yesterday? 4-month old projectile vomit all down the front of me and on my skirt. Oh yeah. Can’t wait for today! But I did get to swim for a couple of hours. So, I guess luck is in the eye of the beholder, eh? Oh, and I totally didn’t giggle at you stumbling on the stairs and dropping the soda. Nope, not one snicker. And only because I totally understand because I am one of the clumsiest people I know.
    I’m with CB, boxer briefs are awesome. Really help define the ass.

  3. Amanda says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot! How freaked are you that Anna’s dropped? Eeek! Egan, your countdown says 30 days….30 DAYS!!!! Seriously, I can’t believe it! I can’t only imagine how you two are freaking out right about now!

  4. liv says:

    So, I type this comment from a fellow blogger’s guest bedroom….hey cool. Anyhoo, I’m reading your post and the only thing I can think as a Southern girl is “Pepsi? Who on earth drinks Pepsi? WTF?” Just in case you wanted to know what my first blog reaction really was…

  5. Candace says:

    I was trying to purge some board books 2 days ago, but The Prawn still loves them, even at 5. ^_^
    Boxer briefs, eh?
    With all that kicking, your boy name should definitely be Chuck Norris or Jackie Chan or Jet Li. Maybe all 3 in case of surprise triplets.

  6. Airam says:

    I think you stumbling on steps isn’t anything out of the ordinary. I think the fact that you had an audience that wasn’t your wife is what makes it classic.
    Yesterday nothing out of the ordinary happened to me. I tutored Tony and got my hair pulled and skin pinched but then again that’s nothing new with him.
    You know what rocks the casbah? Boxer briefs. I love them. As far as I’m concerned they are the way to go. They’re not scary like tightie whities and they don’t let stuff hang loose like regular boxers. They keep you nice and snug with the added aesthetic component. Now do your boxer briefs have any monkey patterns on it? Or are they just one solid colour. These are important things to let your readers in on yo.
    You know what else rocks the casbah? Board books. These are perfect for babies because they are able to turn the pages on their own … they are small enough to fit in babies hand … and they can totally promote the love of reading early on. I have tons of pictures of my nieces as babies with board book in hand, turning the pages and “reading” all on their own. It’s the cutest thing ever. A lot of baby books that are on your typical “paper page” are put into board books as well which is cool (i.e. goodnight moon, the hungry caterpillar). The only author that doesn’t (not that I know of) is Robert Munsch. If I find any though I will let you know for shizzo.
    Hope you have a good Sunday! It was raining here this morning like a biatch!

  7. Airam says:

    And Egan … 30 days! It’s fast approaching!!
    Have you been able to make out feet and elbows and knees through N-Po’s stomach?? That’s such an awesome feeling!!

  8. patches says:

    Boxer briefs add to the illusion of a flat stomach, but as Mr 0% Body Fat, I’m guessing that’s not really an issue.
    Board books are really good for surfing down steps, reinforced covers, traction control. My good luck on the 7th? The phone didn’t ring a single time.

  9. S E E Quine says:

    ` I hope she looks like you, Monkey Boy! You are so very… Monkey-cute!
    ` In fact, I know a monkey boy, actually. One that wears dresses. He and his had a little girl that was very monkey-like!
    ` I have a vision of them playing dress-up together someday.

  10. meno says:

    I wear boxers to bed. I got lucky. It must have been because of the 7th.

  11. Chris says:

    “Dropped” they can’t come up with a more lovey dovey or cutesy term? Drop is what records do or people do with tabs of acid…How about, “moved closer to the exit” or “headed for the door” or “aiming for the exit”.

  12. celeste says:

    I was on the road and the traffic was great (ie: very light), no accidents, beautiful weather, and made it safely here to spend the evening catching up with a dear friend. So all in all, I’d say 7/7 was a lucky day for me!

  13. Amanda says:

    I got lucky again on 7/8, too. Projectile vomit is the coolest. OK i lie, but i do have to admit that this little niece of mine is too cute sleeping in my arms right now. typing with one hand is cool too. when they smile and giggle while they sleep…does that mean she’s filling a diaper for me??

  14. Good for Me says:

    my day was spent packing and no, nothing significant – good or bad – happened.
    Board Book Must Haves:
    – Guess How Much I Love You
    – All Eric Carl books
    – All Margaret Wise Brown books (Good Night Moon especially)
    – Moo Moo Brown Cow
    That’s what comes to mind right now, though I know there are others.
    Happy Sunday and Happy board book reading.

  15. tori says:

    One book all my kids liked was The Very Hungry Caterpillar. They still make jokes about it when one of us is super hungry and eats a lot at any meal.
    I can’t say I was extra lucky on the 7th, but today was a great rewarding day…I’ll try to post about it tomorrow…damn real life for getting in the way of blogging!

  16. Good for Me says:

    and btw, lovin the boxer briefs. not on me of course.

  17. Cheryl says:

    Wow, so just a month away, huh? That’s pretty exciting.
    I wonder if one has to be superstitious to actually have the lucky day on 7/7/07….

  18. Airam says:

    Amanda!!! That’s too funny!!
    She probably was filling her diaper for you!!!!

  19. *pixie* says:

    Guess How Much I Love you for sure!
    We also like:
    Brown Bear, Brown Bear
    The Going To Bed Book
    I Love You Stinky Face

  20. brookem says:

    im going to come back here and comment tomorrow. i just wanted to get a comment in before they get to the 70’s.
    hope the rest of your weekend is going great.

  21. liv says:

    Don’t forget:
    Good Night Moon
    The Runaway Bunny
    Goodnight Gorilla
    Curious George Books in board form…
    That’s not MY kitten!
    That’s not MY fairy!

  22. mez says:

    luck? I wish. hahahahhahahahahahahahahaha *collapse*

  23. Dan says:

    Experiencing bad luck on 7/7/07 (like stumbling on our front stairs after visting the grocery store) might be the universe’s way of giving everyone else good luck.
    Just teasing. How’s it going Egan?

  24. egan says:

    Everyone – must travel east for a couple days. I will be here and there though yo.

  25. col says:

    Luck…hm…I searched all over the city for a cheap eye brush set but still ended up at Wal-mart. Did get lucky at the mall with cheap costume jewelry. It was an even day.

  26. logo™ says:

    Board books rock the preschool world ok, they are AWESOME.
    I bet the neighbor watching you trip and drop pop cans everywhere was feeling luckier than you but then, you didn’t fall down the steps and break your leg…so I don’t know. Luck is not an exact science.

  27. Airam says:

    Hope you have a good flight Wiigan!!

  28. furiousball says:

    I like board books for my little girl, because she doesn’t rip them into shreds (as easily).

  29. Brother#3 says:

    Is not luck in the eye of the beholder, like Ashley Judd opting out of doing “Catwoman”?
    Obviously you used the transitive theory incorrectly when it applied to your luck and 7/7/7. What you overlooked was the fact you were drinking Pepsi, when, living in the South, you realize there is NOTHING but Coke…you tempted the soda gods and were lucky enough to live to tell (madonna)…what you first thought was bad luck was actually good luck!

  30. Cake Lady says:

    For me 07/07/07 was no different from any other day. We have Friday the 13th coming up this week. Wish me luck on that day!

  31. Pants says:

    I was so lucky on 7/7/7 that I mistakenly walked into a wall.

  32. qt says:

    I thought in the South there was nothing but Dr. Pepper? Maybe that is just Texas.
    I had to go to a wedding on 7/7/07, so depending on your point of view, that could have gone either way. 95 degrees and 100% humidity made it decidedly unlucky.
    I am surprised you haven’t shit your boxer briefs over the countdown. Holy shit dude, 29 days and a brand new human being will be in your midst!

  33. Churlita says:

    Unfortunately, I did not get lucky on 7/7/07. Damn.

  34. Amanda says:

    Are you there yet? Are you going to be able to see TC? Can I say I’ll be a bit jealous if you do? You know how I love TC.

  35. L says:

    I was in San Francisco over the weekend and took a cab to a club on 7/07/07. The cabbie just happened to break up with his girlfriend over the phone right before he picked us up. He was all bummed and more than a little creepy, so I count us lucky to not have been driven beneath the Golden Gate Bridge, hacked into pieces and then dumped in the bay.

  36. Candace says:

    Hey Monkey Boy, I hope you have your computer with you. I can’t imagine you won’t get to one somewhere. Email me about our soiree, Dude. 🙂

  37. brookem says:

    egan, im back now, ready to comment for reals. (i hope you weren’t holding your breath.)
    im sorry you fell after going food shopping. did anyone see you? i fell last week in front of the mailman.
    and im not going to go into my love for boxer briefs right now. but i do look forward to your post about boxers being good for some things, bad for others.
    soon you’ll be in the same time zone as me. which is kinda cool, i’d say. hope your flight was good!

  38. mark says:

    7-7-07 was indeed a lucky day for me. My current lover and I had an hour of fabulous sex. Her orgasm caused me to orgasm and it took both of us 15 minutes to catch our breaths. Im ready for 8-8-08.

  39. Amy says:

    My good luck on 07/07/07 was a phone call from the hospital to confirm an appointment for a surgery I’ve been waiting to have for a couple of years now. I was very excited until I realized it was scheduled for this Friday (the 13th). Oh well…this will be the 3rd consecutive Friday the 13th that I spent the day at the hospital; they haven’t killed me yet.

  40. Michelle says:

    How exciting! I was a really active baby in the womb too, and everyone thought I was going to be a boy. But nope!
    You might just end up having a really hyperactive baby girl 🙂 Be prepared…my parents waited five years to have my sister because I was a lot to handle!

  41. egan says:

    Everyone – I am a bit busy, but will try to get back to your comment because that’s how I roll.
    Mark – um, thanks for visiting my blog. Yeah, are you for real? Mark, where’s your blog buddy? No need to hide if you really did please your wife sexually.
    Egan – stop beating around the bush. Go to bed!

  42. Pants says:

    I appreciate that you comment to yourself.
    -Your friend who talks to herself

  43. CS says:

    Let’s see – the guy I’m seeing rented a place at the beach and I met him there on the 7th to spend a few days. So, yeah, pretty good day for me.

  44. egan says:

    Amy – I will try to check in with you on Friday to see how things went. Good luck friend.
    Michelle – I wonder if there’s any truth to the hyperactive baby in womb equals boy theory. I think there are heaps of old wives tales out there. So crazy I tell you.
    Pants – commenting to myself is all part of the process. I do it in real life, might as well do it on the blog.
    CS – aw, that’s nice to hear it was a lucky day for someone. Did you get “lucky” that day? Maybe that’s too personal.

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