Nada, Nein, Non,… Hells No

Aww, it was a busy Saturday. I won’t make you wait any longer since Anna still has not arrived. There are some concrete signs she’s on her way though. Good as in pain for my wife and not for me. For example my wife has had a dull ache in the lower back which is a solid symptom of labor. Friday night we took a dip in the pool as Mrs. Lessinges was unable to get any relief from the heat. It was a good time and I was happy to introduce mom and Anna to the pool which was so instrumental in my Ironman training the last few years. Swimming is truly one of the best activities.

We had great intentions to get stuff done today, but seeing as this could potentially be our last weekend we took a good long nap after a yummy breakfast. Yes, we did eat out this Saturday morning, lunch, and evening because who knows when we’ll get another opportunity in the near future. We’ll pretty much eat out if we feel like it these days. It’s all about the pampering.

However, a couple unexpected items did appear on the agenda today. I spied a mouse in our garage as I opened it to retrieve the MINI. For those of you that don’t know, I do NOT like mice or any other rodents. I have NO idea if this is the same spotted in our basement last November. I put out some traps back then and never caught me a mouse. I now have a trap in the garage and hope I never see the rodent again.

The reason I went in the garage to retrieve the MINI was to find some plumbing wrenches. Our garage is tiny so I have to back the MINI out to access our tools. So if I need a plumbing wrench, you know it’s not good. I attempted to replace a pipe on our bathroom sink, but had to give up. I didn’t quit easily though. I made three trips to the hardware store, sawed through two pipes, and used a few explictives in the process. NO dice! Finally a phone call was placed to a plumber who will have to fix it while I tackle other projects.

Anyways, to induce labor I’m going to be myself. It’s safe to assume my whistling, singing, and general smart ass remarks will create contractions. If not, then I will burn incense. Any other suggestions to induce labor? They can be legitimate or not. I’m not picky. By the way, Sunday is a full moon so we’ll see what gravity has in store. Have a nice rest of your weekend/Monday!
Pregnancy term du jour: “colostrum” –> some wacky secretion which comes out of mom’s boobies and is supposedly really rich in the miracle drug known as antibodies. Without colostrum, a baby is not likely to be destined for fame. That’s what I hear at least.


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80 Responses to Nada, Nein, Non,… Hells No

  1. ChickyBabe says:

    I heard that sex induces labour. So what are you doing blogging, get to it!

  2. egan says:

    ChickyBabe – congrats on one!
    ChickyBabe – damn you, you’re going to spoil my next “pregnancy mot”. Why the hell am I grinning after reading your comment? I’m just saying. You’re quite well read.

  3. mez says:

    It has to be sex with ejaculation apparently – so no err..holding back ๐Ÿ˜›
    Also bumpy car rides also does the trick.

  4. Bevin says:

    My sister had her baby three months ago and went nuts trying to get the little man out. She ate all but the inedible parts of a whole pineapple, and a cantelope, and she even drank an entire bottle of castor oil…but to no avail, all she did was make herself miserable *shakes head*…so I say stick to the crazy les singes sex ;)…

  5. liv says:

    I say stop trying to induce labor. Just chill out and she’ll come when she’s ready. Leave the poor little infant alone. You don’t want to give her high monkey levels of anxiety. Being born is enough work. If she wants to hang in the comfort of her swimming pool a little longer, give her a break.

  6. Tall Chick says:

    Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, and also sex.
    Plus nipple sucking. (you sucking hers) That releases oxytocin, which can bring on labour. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of colostrum. And if you have allergies, it will help you. ^_^
    I found a big centipede carcass in a mouse nest once. I like mice. ^_^ We have a mouse in our garage, too. I don’t think he has a name yet, which kind of shocks me. But he doesn’t do anyting nasty, so we let him stay. I don’t really like centipedes much. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Airam says:

    Sex with ejaculation??? I figured the poking would’ve been enough to piss the baby enough to make it want to cum … oops … I mean come out.
    Wow Egan … a little over a week left!! You two must be so antsy right now just waiting. I’m very excited for the two of you and keep checking your blog on my phone (no internet at home yet – I’m in the library) to see if there are any happy announcements!!!

  8. amusing says:

    I was in no hurry to have the creatures appear and enjoyed my last solid nights of sleep for a couple years…
    Colustrum is not necessarily there — the nurses didn’t believe me, but I spent most of my stay at the hospital proving them and the doctors wrong. They had me check in because I was overdue and they didn’t like the stress test. They wanted to induce.
    “I’m Having this baby NOW!”
    “No you aren’t — oh! Oh, yes you are!”

  9. Chris says:

    Wow – what kind of filth fest is going on here? I am absolutely disgusted!
    There, now that I’ve got that off my chest, I think the best way to expediate the labor process is practicing the backhand on the Wii.

  10. You are too cute. Baby is coming for sure! For me, I lost my appetite for a day and then went into full labor.
    I love the name Anna. Heh heh heh. Isn’t the middle name Claire? I love that one too. Yessirreee, you couldnt have picked better ones.

  11. oh wait, or is it Anna Elizabeth? Elizabeth is a good one too!

  12. brookem says:

    i think it’s great that you all went to the pool on friday. then again, a spec biased.
    eww egan, i hate that word “secretation.”
    ha, i like all the kinky suggestions here. i say just keep enjoying the last few days with just the two of you, and anna im sure will make her debut soon! other than that, no real suggestions… maybe some extra wii activities?

  13. brookem says:

    okay, i need a nap now. even though i didn’t race today, you’re right when you said i’d probably end up geeling like i competed. being up at 330 is not the way i roll.

  14. brandy says:

    No suggestion I have will top sex or nipple sucking. It just won’t.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Sex is the one I always got, too. And heating spicy food was another. In the end, the reality is that Anna will introduce herself when she’s good and ready and not one minute sooner, no matter what you do.
    Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some Mexican food for dinner followed by something a little more intense than cuddling, just for the fun of it, though.

  16. Airam says:

    How about eating hot foods? I heard that might help … I saw it on Friends and tv never lies!

  17. I am excited for you and your wife…enjoy the peace while you can!

  18. mcewen says:

    Too funny! Visiting from Madness, Madness, I say.
    Like everyone is already telling you – enjoy the calm before the…..

  19. meno says:

    Poor little girl. Will you be hurrying her along all her life? She needs to take the time to smell the…..amniotic fluid.

  20. Amanda says:

    Oh wow…there are some damn funny suggestions here. I’m with brandy – nothing I can say is going to top sex and nipple lickin’ (and can I say that I love it that TC clarified that you have to do the sucking and not the other way around…classic).
    When my mom was pregnant with my little bro and the fucker wouldn’t come out, she tried everything – walking, swimming, hot foods, I recently found out she tried the sex (ew), and a few others including laying on the couch upside down (where her head was on the floor and feet were at the top). That one I remember my second oldest brother and me keeping her company and striking the same poses and blood rushing to our heads.

  21. Amanda says:

    Oh, and I hate mice, too. But after having lived in a house infested with them and being pretty damn sure they were crawling on me our first night there, I kind of have a right to hate them, right? I think the thought of mice crawling on me freaks me out more than your bloody show talk on your last post.

  22. Kerry says:

    Sex induces labor….
    and my sister in law got her labor started by stimulating her nipples (cant believe i’m talking about this) but yep… my bro-n-law was more than happy to help out. He played with them and got her going…. she had my nephew rather quickly!

  23. Airam says:

    Amanda …. “and the fucker wouldn’t come out” !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Holy shit you make me cry laughing!!!

  24. Janice says:

    I hope the baby makes her debut this weekend. I figure the sooner she’s born, the sooner you can start training her for her first Ironinfant Triathlon. Colostrum will definitely come in handy… or is it a banned substance?

  25. Jenin says:

    I hear that jumping on a trampoline will make the baby come… Not sure how much fun jumping on a trampoline is when you are 9 months pregnant, but it sounds like good fun otherwise!! You DO have an trampoline?? DON’T YOU!?!?!

  26. Amanda says:

    Well, when the due date was 7/23 and the kid doesn’t come out until 8/10 and weighs almost 10 pounds, I think that classifies him as a fucker.

  27. Amanda says:

    I just asked my mom…she agrees that he’s kind of a fucker.

  28. Airam says:

    But seriously … he was that late?!?!?! Your poor mom!!
    Egan my niece Sophilicious was late too … but not too late … just by a few days.

  29. tori says:

    Lots of sex and lots of walking is what I heard helps…not at the same time though.
    We used to have mice in our basement. They have been absent lately, but yesterday we had a snake in our backyard. I think snakes eat mice, but I am not sure which I prefer being around.

  30. Tall Chick says:

    OMG AMANDA!! ^_^
    Oh yeah! Spicy food is what finally got Mollusc out. Well, it could have had something to do with 3 days of regular, close contractions, too, LOL! At least they didn’t hurt until after my water broke. That’s when stuff really got moving.
    Smell the amniotic fluid, Meno? Hahahahaha!! ^_^
    I suppose Egan is living in restaurants now. Too bad he couldn’t pick one with Wi-Fi. :-/

  31. Lynn says:

    Patience dear Egan. She will be born when she is ready. You might as well get used to waiting, because you’ll be doing alot of that soon. ie: waiting for her to go to sleep, waiting for her to wake up, waiting for her to burp, waiting for her to ‘go’ (as in poopy)… Well you get the idea I’m sure.

  32. Janice says:

    The clue I had when I was about to go into labor was incessantly cleaning the house. Every corner and all. It’s called the nesting instinct.
    Sex works sometimes because semen has prostaglandins in it and these can start contractions. This is why females who get menstrual cramps take anti-postaglandins aka ibuprofen or naprosyn.
    Is this gross enough for the page? wink…
    See, I did learn something in my anatomy and physiology classes! hehe.

  33. tori says:

    Oh yes, I was a cleaning machine when I was about to be in labor. Unfortunately, it was way too early, so I cleaned and then was in preterm labor.
    I am positively cracking up over all the comments here! I believe we are all having sympathy jitters or something!

  34. Amanda says:

    Tori, Sympathy jitters or we’re just incredibly bored. The latter is the case for me.
    Kidding, I’m waiting for the moment just like everyone else is! Come on, Anna!!! Don’t be scared!
    Airam, yes…he was really that late. Unless the doctor messed up with the due date, but based on how miserable my mother was and how huge my brother was, I’m thinking not so much.

  35. Amanda says:

    I have to say, that in the last few posts, I am learning all kinds of things I never knew before. And I’m not so sure how I feel about that.

  36. Hannelie says:

    I hope they are all joking and not really hoping for you to follow all the “advice” Leave Anna alone, only she will know when she’s ready to come, I belief let nature do their thing.
    Is your car full of enough fuel, digital camera battery charged up, extra memory card packed too?
    Always a good idea to have a few extra old towels in the car in case her water breaks in the car, it varies with women and even though it’s not a lot any longer in the end, it can still be a bit messy.
    Just my 2c worth.
    Good luck guys, I can’t wait and can feel the excitement.

  37. egan says:

    Mez – nice use of “holding” there. Bumpy car rides I can deliver with the fine sport suspension of the MINI. The Subaru isn’t quite as stiff, yeah that’s the word I’m going to use.
    Bevin – castor oil sounds so wrong on so many levels. I like the fruit approach, but it didn’t seem to work. You’re an aunt, I had no idea.
    Liv – perhaps you misunderstood me, I was kind of kidding about the whole speeding up labor. Reading through all the comments though it appears many misunderstood. We’re truly not in a rush to have her come out. There a few things that happen after about August 16th we’d like to avoid though. You said pool.
    Tall Chick – as Amanda said later in the comments, thanks for clarifying who is doing the nipple sucking. I will pass this information along. Sex is amazing is it not? You prefer a mouse over centipedes? I knew you were loco. Colostrum isn’t just for babies?
    Airam – you and your “cum” jokes. Let’s use the word semen, sperm or swimmers. I like the sound of that more. I think it’s a fair thing to say we’re antsy. Mrs. Lessinges cleaned some stuff she’s (nor I) have never touched before. Can you say nesting? I love that you’re checking in often.
    Amusing – we really don’t want to have to induce because roughly 50% of those end in c-sections. We’re not completely opposed to a c-section, but it would be nice not to have to go that route. Solid sleep? What’s that? We’re already sleeping significantly less, but I know that will change even more once the baby arrives.
    Chris – I love it when a guy chimes in on pregnancy. I love it even more that you suggested using the Wii. I could lose myself in the Wii very easily. I love that sucker heaps. This is a good clean blog.
    Steppingoverthejunk – nah, the middle name is Elizabeth as you recalled. You lost your appetite, that’s an interesting indicator. I will watch for this as a sign. We did just over indulge on ice cream.
    Brookem – the pool was awesome. Nice and chilly as I like and not full. My gym may not have many perks, but it is open a lot and that means swimming in a crowded pool is uncommon. Kinky implications provided by Tall Chick and Mez. Gotta love them
    Brookem – yeah, being a spectator as a triathlon is almost as tiring as actually participating. I might even argue that a fan at an Ironman burn as many calories. Well that’s not even close to true, but spectating is not easy, but it should be fun. Go Danskin volunteers!
    Brandy – you’re such a suck up.
    Jennifer – ha, I love the “more intense than cuddling” hint. Well done. I know she will come only when she’s ready. I guess I should stay away from any huge house projects now.
    Airam – hot foods or spicy? I really do like a warm meal and it’s even better if it’s spicy. We had mexican food on Friday night. I had chili tonight, but that doesn’t help things inside my wife’s belly.
    Princess Extraordinaire – well at least someone is excited! (sarcasm used)
    McEwen – hello and welcome to my blog! Did Liv send you over here to kick my ass? She’s one amazing yoga instructor.
    Meno – don’t be silly grasshopper. We’d love for her to arrive before two grandmas leave town is all and her doctor. That’s all. How’s Chicago and the serious BlogHers?

  38. sizzle says:

    colostrum is awesome!

  39. celeste says:

    haha. The comments to this post are hella funny. I was going to suggest SEX too, but apparently everyone beat me to it!

  40. egan says:

    Amanda – I love it when the parents talk about sex. I suppose I will eventually do the same thing, but ewww is right. Tall Chick is good with her clarifications.
    Amanda – I am not a fan of mice as you can tell. I was quite shocked I didn’t have a dream about mice Saturday night.
    Kerry – I didn’t really hear about this nipple stimulatino thing until today. I mentioned it to my wife and apparently it’s a tad risky since it’s not creating a contraction naturally… so to speak. Your brother-in-law is a swell guy for sharing this news with you.
    Airam – Amanda has funny tales to tell about her family. I don’t like to see you cry though. Please no crying.
    Janice – as far as I’m aware, no baby today. She was active in mom’s belly, but still remains in her bubble. I bet it could become a banned substance. It’s why I’m so much smarter than those without colostrum in their bodies.
    Jenin – we don’t have a trampoline. I would love to get one someday, but will have to covet other bloggers with one. It’s a bunch of fun hop around. Boobs, belly, and baby would not be wise for a preggers woman on a trampoline.
    Amanda – yes, that does certainly earn him that name. Let’s hope he was able to shake that nickname as he grew up. I really love that your mom agrees to this label for your brother.
    Airam – well we are still a week away and the full moon did nothing. I knew there was never a reason to believe in astrology. Your nieces are cute, so are the nephews too.
    Tori – snakes vs. mice… I guess both are highly undesirable in my mind. They both are quite sneaky. Sex while walking, that could be rather interesting.
    Tall Chick – we only visited on restaurant today and it doesn’t have wifi. Does amniotic fluid smell raunchy? Question, is it after the water breaks that contractions really start hurting?
    Lynn – oh boy, I’ve already realized becoming a parent is about patience. I think I got a crash course on this with our very first ultrasound. We honestly aren’t in any rush really. I just want the grandparents to see her before they leave town.
    Janice – hello and welcome to my blog! You really knew all this stuff off the top of your head? Damn those little semen, first they fertilize the egg and then they could potentially induce labor? What’s next, creating world peace? I’m keeping a close eye on the nesting bit. Cleaning is fun for the whole family.
    Tori – sympathy jitters is a nice way to phrase it. Thankfully the weather hasn’t been too hot here where my wife is dying. It has been pretty chilly. I love the comments that all of my readers submit. You’re a funny bunch of people.
    Amanda – why are you so bored? Don’t be bored please. Blogs are here to entertain you. See, this is exactly why lots of first time moms are “late”, the due dates of first time moms are often off by a bit. I’m just saying.
    Amanda – … and people think blogs are useless? Look at all the cool things you’ve learned. Stay tuned and you will learn even more.
    Hannelie – yes, I was totally kidding about the most of this. We’re not really trying to get her out. We sort of want to avoid inducing her is all. Your checklist is quite good. The bag for the hospital got repacked this weekend. The excitement is definitely building.
    Sizzle – ha, colostrum is the shiznit. It’s good to know you think it’s awesome. Would you like a colostrum chaser?
    Celeste – the comments on this post are out of control. And you thought you were being polite not mentioning sex. The others covered it for you.

  41. Hannelie says:

    LOL, I did the same, I washed every thing out and packed it so early that by the last few weeks I thought, naa now it smells like dust again and re-did it. I loved making the little crib and getting all ready for baby to come home.
    Mine had to stay 2 weeks then in hospital but it was still special to bring him home. I only started breast feeding then, had to pump all the time, and it was still successful, so if she plans to do so, let no one tell her you have to have success in the first few days .. it all takes time and both learn how to give and take!

  42. justrun says:

    Too bad about the plumbing… though good of you to attempt!
    Do you two hear a ‘tick tick tick’ sound all the time now?
    I’ve heard castor oil induces labor but ewww, gag.

  43. He he I loved reading this comments page… how funny to have all these cyber friends almost as excited about the birth of your first child as you are! Or maybe just interested in the sex…?
    I’m going to link you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  44. brookem says:

    how’s the mice situation? eeek. you know my thoughts on this.

  45. joe Maudlin says:

    You know when I came over to your blog I was hoping you would blog about taking a nap!!!

  46. Airam says:

    Spicy foods!! Whenever I say “hot” I mean spicy never thinking that there’s actually a term for that!
    Back in the library …

  47. farmgirl19 says:

    Even though you aren’t looking to make it happen I have to agree with the sex thing. It worked in my case, I went in labor about 2 hrs afterwards and was 2.5 weeks early.
    And just so you know, a c-section is not the end of the world. It wasn’t my ideal outcome but when forced with circumstances you sometimes have to do what isn’t the most preferred. Just wanted to mention it in case it did happen you aren’t too disappointed about it.

  48. liv says:

    ok. i’ve mentally composed about 10 comments in my head to reply to you, and decided against all of them. am on a roll of saying precisely the wrong thing lately. i will shut up now.

  49. egan says:

    Hannelie – I’ve heard breastfeeding takes a bit of time to master and not to get too discouraged at first. Cleaning the house seems like a requirement before baby arrives.
    Justrun – I just got off a phone call with my wife saying I’m not that bad of a plumber according to the professional guys. The pipe will have to be sawed off. Having done that twice on Saturday, I feel their pain. Yes, I constantly hear the tick tock. It’s fun to call our friends these days.
    Guilty Secret – I have some pretty great blog friends I must say. The comments are great fun I must confess. Bloggers are pretty cool people. Thanks for the linky love.
    Brookem – I tried to scare the damn thing out of the garage. I’m honestly not sure if it’s still in there or not. I’m going to make sure the little bastard has nowhere to hide.
    joe maudlin – taking a nap is fun, want to join me?
    Airam – ha, you must be in the library if you have internet access. Hot as in spicy, noted. How’s life?
    Farmgirl19 – well hello there. You still blog? I hear those spermies can make things happen in more ways than one. Sex! I know, c-sections aren’t desired but sometimes they are necessary. We really aren’t that opposed to it. We kind of hope to avoid it is all. Thanks for the nice reminder though. That was thoughtful of you.
    Liv – ha, what did you really want to type here? Were you going to chew me out or something? I say bring it on. When have you ever said something “wrong” to me? Hit me with your best shot.

  50. *pixie* says:

    Your pregnancy terms o’ the day are bringing back such fond memories.

  51. egan says:

    *Pixie* – ha, I thought you might enjoy these. Feel free to offer suggestions too. You provide the word, I will provide the definition.

  52. brookem says:

    yeah, dont let micey hide. and dont let it skrinker in your bedroom in the middle of the night, i hear that’s the worst. okay, i KNOW that’s the worst.

  53. Being that I don’t have the time at the moment to read all 55 comments before me, this may be a duplicate suggestion … but in addition to sex, foot rubs also induce!!!!
    Perhaps you should consider a little nipple sucking foreplay, followed by sex itself, and finish up with an amazing foot massage for the Mrs. Ahh, sounds like a perfect day!!!

  54. egan says:

    Brookem – this sounds like a first hand experience. I hate the little fuckers. I froze in my tracks for about three minutes when I saw the mouse in our garage. I get the shivers as I type this just thinking about it. They are so NOT cute and cuddly.
    Chaos Control – hmm, all three of those things sound good. I will chat with my wife about this. I must say I gave her a wicked foot massage last night. She loved it and my hands and nice and soft today. Aveda products smell so lovely.

  55. Pants says:

    You should do an audio post of yourself screaming, as if you’ve just seen a mouse. I would really enjoy that.
    Ps. I put up a new post…I don’t even talk about poop or dogs. Just for you!

  56. Cake Lady says:

    Have her sit on an unbalanced washing machine. Lot’s of vibrations going on there. It’s also fun when you are not pregnant ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Airam says:

    You know what’s not fun? Finding a mouse in a mouse trap. Ohhh so not fun. Even though it was trapped I ran around the room with the heebie jeebies.
    Life is good monkey boy …

  58. Jeff VanVonderen says:

    I concur with Cake Lady about the washing machine and enjoyment for non-pregnant peeps.

  59. Amanda says:

    Jeff VanVonderen is kind of a perv, no?

  60. egan says:

    Pants – do you value your hearing? If you do, you probably don’t want me recording my scream. I have mad skills with the vocal chords. Thanks for letting me know you have a new post not involving poop. You’re too kind.
    Cake Lady – an unbalanced washing machine is trรจs dangereux non? I’m afraid that could cause some irreparable damage. Sex!
    Airam – yeah, as I placed the mouse trap in the garage… it meant I had to relocate it from elsewhere. Just touching it freaked me out and I get the chills as I type this. Stupid rodents!
    Jeff VonVonderen – why do you know this sir? Aren’t you supposed to counsel folks on their addictions? Are you telling me you’re addicted to unbalanced washing machine love?
    Amanda – yes, that guy is a big time perv. I’m keeping an eye on him.

  61. Nessa says:

    skipping rope*
    horseback riding*
    dad tickling mom
    mom tickling dad
    people watching at walmart
    plan a long trip
    re-do the nursery
    mom should blow her nose really hard
    make mom sneeze
    *of course we all know not to do these in real life

  62. QT says:

    Hey dude – just checking in after my weekend of partying. I agree with the advice of bumpy rides – preferably in a ’76 Chevy pickup truck.

  63. farmgirl19 says:

    Egan, yes, I’m still blogging by invite only though. Things are much more settled now.
    I’ve gone both ways with the delivery thing, not sure I really have a preference for either one. The c-section was unexpected, 12 hrs of labor and 3 hrs of pushing, all med free. It was a bit disappointing but in the end it didn’t matter and my daughter’s head was perfectly round ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. Trick says:

    Is there a baby yet??? How about now? NOW???
    If not, this is the lesson I learned. As soon as you stop trying to make her come, she will! Girls are stubborn that way….maybe its just babies, who knows

  65. Pants says:

    I imagine the scream would be something like Ben Stiller’s in “Something About Mary.” That my friend, I could listen to all day. That’s just how I roll.

  66. egan says:

    Nessa – oh, these are some great activities. People watching at Wal-Mart will make me sick and therefore could induce labor. Dad tickling mom, now that’s a good one. I did some of that last night. Remind me to tell you about my awesome jumping rope skills.
    QT – how the hell was BlogHer? You went there right? Our MINI Cooper provides many bumps rides.
    Farmgirl19 – are you a VBAC mommy? That would be so cool. Ha, I got my word for tomorrow. Glad to hear things are more settled on the blog front. What a pain that had to be.
    Trick – nope, and nope, and fuck no! Are we talking about the Walk of Shame or pregnancy here?
    Pants – okay, be careful what you wish for. I thought I recorded myself screaming once before. Did you miss that?

  67. Pants says:

    I’m pretty sure I did hear you scream…which is kind of why I asked for it again. Because it’s mad funny!

  68. egan says:

    Pants – wow, you’re on top of the response here. Are you using Trackbacks for this? Okay, I will scream like my life depended on it again.

  69. brandy says:

    All right. So I don’t think Miss Anna is going to show herself on Harry’s b-day. I was really hoping that she would be born on the same day as me, because that would just be fun, but sadly that would mean that your poor wife would have to be pregnant for like, another TWO weeks after her due date, which I heard isn’t really healthy. So, I won’t ask you to push in Anna’s cute little head if she comes early. As I just replied to you on my post, I feel like it’s great either way- tomorrow she’s born on HP’s b-day, and any day in August and we share a birthday. Wow. This time next month Anna will be out. That’s so exciting!

  70. Diane Mandy says:

    Pampering before the big day–I like this approach and plan to promote it if I ever find that I am expecting. How early does the pampering begin?

  71. Tall Chick says:

    They hurt before your water breaks, too. Or can. But once it breaks, shit can get really intense. Though that was true for my last 3, not my first. With Mollusc they started hurting after my water broke, but didn’t get intense for a while.

  72. Airam says:

    I found a connection!!! I hope it lasts the week …

  73. farmgirl19 says:

    Eg – I am a VBAC girl. I even got the pleasure of the vaccuum on the second go round. Thank God for that epidural!

  74. egan says:

    Brandy – yeah, I don’t think Anna is arriving today. The day is young, but last I check there’s no baby presenting herself today. There are still 13 hours left to make it happen. This time next month I will have a daughter, that kind of freaked me out.
    Diane Mandy – ha, better question is “when does the pampering stop?”. How do you like that?
    Tall Chick – so if the contractions aren’t intense, are the Braxton Hicks? It so damn hard to tell if they’re the real deal.
    Airam – yeah, is is a love connection? Is he tall dark and handsome?
    Farmgirl19 – I’m glad you’re take pride in your VBAC qualities. I hear epidurals are fun for the whole family.

  75. Pants says:

    No trackbacks, that’s just how I roll. (Sometimes.)

  76. Tricia says:

    I walked on the curb. I don’t know why – it didn’t work.
    Gavin came a week late – I was induced.
    Max came 10 days late – and I think he had a problem with me listening to Rob Thomas – and eating Mexican. ๐Ÿ™‚
    We tried sex, walking, eating anything w/balsamic vinegar, walking on curbs…and sex. Did I mention sex?

  77. CS says:

    For your wife’s sake, stop all the silly stuff once shee’s actually in labor. It will be less appreciated than you might think.
    Did you know colostrum often appears before the baby is actually born? It is one of those bizarre, “Hey, look what I cn do!” moments.

  78. egan says:

    Pants – I like the “sometimes” modifier. I know how it is woman, I get it.
    Tricia – damn you for mentioning Rob Thomas. I was trying to put your infatuation with him behind me and your first comment in a long time includes his name. Shame on you. What’s this about walking on curbs? The odd walking stance encourages labor? That’s a new one.
    CS – can you please qualify “silly stuff”? Are you telling me to stop being me? I just have to know where you’re going with your comment. Believe it or not I did know about colostrum appearing before the baby is born. See how wicked smart I am?

  79. Tricia says:

    SORRY EGAN! I forgot how much you loved Rt!
    I don’t know what it means about curbs. Something my mom told me to do. It was a sight! A 200 pound pregnant woman attempting to walk on curbs.
    All this baby talk has me wanting another one — damn you, Egan!

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