Not Quite a Vacation

AnnafingerAlright, we’re home and there’s much to share after our four full days in the hospital. I thought I’d start out by thanking Sprizee for keeping you updated while I was unable to get to a computer. Thanks chica.

Now, where oh where to begin? This post will grow in length as I have time to enter all the details. Here are the vital stats:

Weight: 5* pounds 14 ounces
Length: 19.25 inches
Conehead: yes
C-section: yes
Hours of labor for my wife: 28
Free tapioca consumed: 13 containers
Most dilated she got: 6 centimeters
Most doctors in a room at once: 9 (we chose a university hospital)
Next appointment: Thursday

*Sprizee noted the weight of 7’14 ounces, but I won’t hold it against her because she says nice things about me. Part one of this post is complete and includes teasers for later on. Now I must go massage an engorged breast, must!


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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57 Responses to Not Quite a Vacation

  1. Lynn says:

    Engorged breasts…ow that hurts…be careful you might just get squirted. Welcome home!

  2. brandy says:

    Welcome home! Little A-Fo looks absolutely beautiful. Got to love free tapioca. And I’m pretty sure the word ‘engorged’ is one that I’m going to have to start using more often.

  3. brandy says:

    And can I just say, that it’s hard not to get a little teary looking at you guys? Good stuff Egan, good stuff!

  4. brandy says:

    Oh hey, virtual baby Anna on the side is freaking me out right now. She’s gone from 2 days, to 1 day, then back to 2 days. Not that it matters since the REAL Anna is out, but I’m just saying. Virtual side widget Anna is going a bit nuts.

  5. QofS says:

    Wet, hot towel…use the heel of the hand to push down…top to bottom. Pump for relief.
    Holy heck she’s cute. 🙂

  6. Karla says:

    What a little darling.
    Many warm congratulations.

  7. Hannelie says:

    Welcome home again all 3 of you!
    She is getting more gorgeous, and she’s so tiny!

  8. ChickyBabe says:

    Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! I’m talking about Anna… but her dad’s proud smile isn’t too bad either! 😉

  9. Amanda says:

    What an adorable picture!! She’s so tiny! I didn’t think she looked 7lbs in the pictures, but what do I know? Why is she so small? Is that normal? Again, I don’t know much…and I have a lot of questions, but I won’t bombard you with them right away. I’ll save them up.
    I’m just so incredibly happy for you & Mrs. L. You have a gorgeous little family there! And I’m sure you’re really all put out at the thought of having to massage a breast – engorged or not. Ha.

  10. Chris says:

    You should get a matching hat and maybe do a special edition FKT with her.
    She’s so adorable.
    Have fun with the breast.

  11. mez says:

    hehe, she’s absolutely teenie and sooo cute. I love the hat. Big fan of baby hats I have to say – especially ones with quirky bits 😉

  12. Christina says:

    Oh, Egan, she’s beautiful! Mazel tov and welcome home from the hospital!

  13. Bevin says:

    Welcome home to you and both your lovely ladies….I think the most my sister ever got was like three doctors and five nurses. It was weird too, cause for hours you can just be hanging out and not see a medical person, then all of a sudden one of the lil alarms goes off and its a circus. Glad you are back home, now the not sleeping begins! ;)…

  14. Tricia says:

    Welcome home! I can’t wait to hear more! 5 pounds! What a little darling! Mine were 8 and I wanted to die!
    Oh, and please don’t say engorged again – brought back painful memories.
    What a great hubby and daddy you are! You have two lucky women in your life!

  15. Tim says:

    she’s a little one. Conrats. coneheads are the best. I’m excited for you, but I’ll be honest I’m a little disappointed. When I just read this post I thought you ended by saying the next update would involve tasers. Unfortunately you only said teasers.

  16. *pixie* says:

    5.9? That’s tiny! And what’s N-Po trying to do, make my 25 hours of labor look easy?

  17. Delton says:

    Mmmm…massaging breasts….what, oh, huh? Did you say something else? Sorry, I guess I got a little distracted!
    Yeah man, she’s tiny! I like how she’s going to town on your finger in the pic. Can’t wait to hear more.

  18. justrun says:

    Awww, what a tiny, little, bity adorable girl.
    Congrats to you both and good luck with the breasts.

  19. brookem says:

    what a PRECIOUS picture egan! i am so so soooo thrilled for you and npo. afo is just absolutely adorable, and one lucky lucky girl. thanks for keeping us updated!

  20. brookem says:

    wow, yup real teary eyed. in a really really good way.

  21. brookem says:

    holy hell, what’s with me and the need to repeat words here for emphasis? really really, lucky lucky, so sooo.
    ok ill stop now. im just so excited for you three!

  22. sizzle says:

    she’s so tiny and perfect! you look so happy- yay!!

  23. Airam says:

    I can’t believe how tiny she is!!! She fits right in the palm of your hand yet I bet she’s already got you wrapped around her teeny tiny little finger!!!
    She’s soooo cute!!!!!!

  24. tori says:

    She is beautiful. What an awesome picture!
    One of my twins was 5 pounds 16 ounces. Save a baby sock that fits her now because in a few weeks, you will totally not believe it ever fit her. I have one saved from my son that I put on a shelf in my closet and every once in a while I pull it out and get all teary. I love babies!
    Have fun with that breast massaging.

  25. logo™ says:

    What a cute little teeny baby monkey!
    Awwwwa, you guys are precious.

  26. Golden says:

    What is it about new moms and new babies that makes all us previous new moms want to give advice? Okay.. maybe it’s just me.. man.. engorged. My my my.. okay..gonna get personal. My breasts are a small b cup. They were the size of cantaloupes (no exaggeration). The only thing that got the milk flowing was getting in a VERY WARM bath and soaking them!
    Okay.. enough about that.. She’s gorgeous and ohh soo teeny. I’m sure she’s perfectly healthy. My son was 9 lbs 3 almost double Anna. Amazing stuff.

  27. Airam says:

    I’m back …
    SHE’S SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Must. Get. Hold. Of. Myself.

  28. Amanda says:

    I’m back too. Just showing off pictures of my adorable little “blogger-niece”!
    Is that weird? It seems weird to me. Oh well. She damn precious, Egan.

  29. sprizee says:

    I could have sworn the voicemail you left me said SEVEN pounds 14 ounces. So good thing I saved it because I just went back and listened to it and you clearly said FIVE pounds 14 ounces. I stand corrected.
    Now, does she have hair or what? Stop evading the question with that damn hat.

  30. sprizee says:

    P.S. FIVE pounds 14 ounces is tiny. I remember my grandfather telling me that when I was born I was 6 pounds and he could hold me in one hand. Well, I guess that’s only 2 ounces difference, but wow, TINY.

  31. liv says:

    Yay! I think that photo with Anna is my favorite of you yet, not counting your awesome myspace profile pic. So glad that you’re home and enjoying boobs.

  32. furiousball says:

    as shakespeare said “free boob is free boob”…i might be paraphrasing here

  33. brookem says:

    i keep coming back to see the pictures. adorable!

  34. L says:

    Ok, I know you’re a big guy, but wow, she looks little in your monster paws! Isn’t it amazing how such a tiny package can fill your heart so full?

  35. I LOVE ANNA!! says:

    What she (the name) said.

  36. Nessa says:

    She is the most beautiful daughter in the whole world (unless mine reads this of course.) Congratulations Mommy and Daddy.

  37. Tall Chick says:

    Cabbage leaves in the bra! Those are supposed to be good for engorgement. I think the reason I never got that was because all my babies were jaundiced and I had to nurse them all like heck to help them poo more. ^_^
    I love that picture! Too cute.

  38. patches says:

    She looks so peaceful. I’m glad you and the ladies are finally home.
    Did you score some tapioca for home?

  39. Anna'sUncle says:

    She is so darn cute!…So small and tender…almost makes me think of you (or Keebler cookies) when mom brought ya home and I thought she was getting us a puppy- I can’t wait to teach her how to spell and sing-a-long to Fergie! How come every time you turn around…

  40. QofS says:

    I keep coming back to look too.
    I totally want another baby now.
    Egan, can you call up my husband for me? Thanks.

  41. Tall Chick says:

    Coming back for more. So cute! Oh, and Anna, too! 😉

  42. Tall Chick says:

    Oh, she’s not so short after all, and for her weight, you’re right, she’s L-o-n-g!! I was thinking she was 18″ for some reason.

  43. Tall Chick says:

    9 doctors! Holy shit! Poor N-Po’s cervix was afraid to open with all those vultures hovering. 😉
    13 containers of free tapioca. Wow. 🙂
    Conehead, eh? I guess it was unavoidable after all that burrowing. 🙂

  44. GuTTer MuNKi says:

    Sincere congrats. Its nice to know another dude that gets so gaga over his baby.
    Oh, and sorry to hear about your breast. That must hurt like a bitch. And be embarrassing.

  45. Good for Me says:

    this one’s for n-po…Way to GO girlfriend! You did it!
    Cervelo, wow. You and Anna there are beautiful. She’s the littlest pip-squeek, she is. My second was 9*14…Anna’s HALF that. Amazing.
    Engorged breasts…manually expressing helps before a nursing so that Anna can latch on. Otherwise, well…the boob’s just too darn full.
    Hugs to you all.

  46. M says:

    Well, that’s just precious. Really!
    When does she start training for Ironman 2027?

  47. egan says:

    EVERYONE – thanks for the comments. I’m reading them all, but I’m not quite able to stay on top of the comments yet. By the way, c-section recovery is a fucking bitch. Just saying!

  48. Janice says:

    Make sure N-po has lots of percocet for recovery. I had my third child by c-section and your wife needs mega nurturing now!!!! I know you are the right man for the job!

  49. tori says:

    I had 3 c-sections, so I hear you on recovery being tough! I feel for your poor wife. It is really tough recovering from a big surgery while also taking care of a newborn and trying to feed that child from your body too! I remember saying after my hysterectomy (which feels a lot like a c-section) that I was sort of happy to not have a baby to take care of too that time. Good thing you are such an awesome dad/husband and help out!

  50. Kelly says:

    I feel for your wife. My first c-section followed 27 hours of labor…got stalled at 4, and wouldn’t budge, damn cervix. As I lamented the end of my birth with midwives dream, and the awful recovery from major abdominal surgery, I got a little bit more chipper after hearing about the myriad of vaginal injuries during a natural birth. So I got a bit of c-section muffin top, but my vi-jay-jay is a-okay!
    That is a gorgeous little gal. Best wishes to you and your lovely family. Now get to massaging!

  51. CS says:

    Congratualtions on the baby’s arrival. Well, arrival out into the rest of the world. She’s a cute tiny thing. I never got to see either of mine quite that small as they were 7.5 and 8.5 pounders. Anna looks like a little doll.

  52. jalopy says:

    sooo darling!!!!! WOOHOO for a happy family!!!!

  53. naynayfazz says:

    Aww, you can tell how teeny tiny Anna is compared to you. She is beautiful Egan; she really is!

  54. naynayfazz says:

    Are you going to call her Anna banana? 😉

  55. The Grunt says:

    What a beautiful little girl! You done good, my man.

  56. Eternity says:

    I go away for eight months and look what happens. I am tempted to do it again to see what the future brings next…
    Congrats by the way!

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