Where in the World is Monkey Boy?

Yesterday I went for my first official walk with Anna. While Mrs. Lessinges snoozed, I snatched up Baby Singe and pushed her around the neighborhood for 45 minutes. Amazing how even a simple walk with a wicked stroller can even change the way you see the world. Seattle is wicked good city and I really do love our ‘hood.
Why do some people have such horrible elevator etiquette?
We have a six foot deep ditch on the side of our house. Don’t worry, we aren’t burying anyone anytime soon. Well maybe the Pre-Baby Egan will be laid to rest soon. Just kidding folks. I’m still here, just look at how I antagonize Airam in my comments of the last post.
I’m so so so happy we have HBO because when you spend 20 hours a day in the house, it’s good to watch cheesy flicks starring Richard Grieco or Pee Wee Herman.
People are good!


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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45 Responses to Where in the World is Monkey Boy?

  1. Michelle says:

    Good stick to HBO, don’t slip into watching the Lifetime channel like I did during one my time off. It’s a very very bad addiction…
    And congrats on your first walk with Anna! Did you take pictures?

  2. Airam says:

    This is why if ever I’m walking with a friend or with one of my little 1/4 spawns I want to push the stroller. Stroller pushing is cool yo. It makes me feel like I’m a protector or something. Please don’t fall in the ditch Egan. That would be very very bad. And don’t worry .. you can antagonize me all you want! Just make sure you can take what I dish too!
    Pee Wee Herman? What’s the word of the day?

  3. Walks take on a while new demension when a stroller is involved!

  4. egan says:

    Michelle – we’ve watched some non-movie channel stuff. For example, we’re watching the E! True Hollywood Story on Full House. I know way too much about actors I just don’t give a shit about. I didn’t take any photos because I’m lame like that.
    Airam – yes, you nabbed the second spot. Shall I give you an award? Shit, I will stop.
    Airam – you’re such a great aunt. The word of the day is “barracuda”.
    Princess Extraordinaire – that is very true about strollers. Crossing crosswalks has taken on a new dimension as baby is so vulnerable and exposed too.

  5. Uncle says:

    Whoa! Sherc’s almost back…gonna have to cancel that 911 call!
    Thought you were sipping too much similac and becoming all-gooey all the time manopausal daddy…The new “Iron John” and I was going to need to send you the “dangerous book for new daddies” ASAP!!!
    Daddy Egan, “the softer side of sarcastic”…;-)
    yes, I see you in Anna….look back at your baby pics!

  6. brandy says:

    Oh Airam is a hoot. I like the idea of her being a stoller protector, and if people come too close maybe she would growl? As for the elevator, I think it’s just small spaces in general. People I think lose all sense of what is appropriate behavior when they are being confined in a small area. Trust me I know. (And I was hoping that comment would make me sound creepy. Mission accomplished I think)

  7. The Scarlett says:

    Wow I’ve not been here in a lonnnng time. You procreated! Congrats!
    I can remember a time when I was still nursing my last baby (he’s nearly 10) and I was so exhausted I used to dream about being tired.
    During 1st baby, Beavis and Butthead were my best friends. They kept me company during those late night feedings. During 2nd baby, I discovered that the vacuum cleaner could miraculously put baby 2 to sleep when nursing alone wasn’t enough. We nicknamed the vacuum ‘The Governor’ as in, “The Governor put the baby to sleep at 3:00 a.m.”
    In any case, don’t listen to anyone that says, “My baby slept through the night when he was 2 weeks old.” They are smug liars.

  8. Amanda says:

    Richard Grieco? He’s still around? Man…21 Jump Street flashbacks, yo!
    Don’t get Airam and me started on elevator ettiquette. Holy hell. WAIT until everyone is OFF the elevator before getting on. In theory its a relatively simple request. But most people are in such a flippin’ rush. Add in baby strollers or wheelchairs or people with crutches (my SIL) people get even more jerky. yes…it will take people with these things a bit more time to get off the elevator…just hold your britches. JFC.
    Whoa. Sorry about that. Apparently you did get me started and I just went off.
    Let me go look at a picture of Barracuda…..she’s so cute! I’m glad you got to go take a walk with her yesterday! Walks are so awesome and I’m sure such a great way to bond with the dollface!
    Blog awards are the coolest. I’m making some today while I “work”.

  9. Amanda says:

    Hmmm…apparently my previous comment makes me seem like a bit off-kilter. I’m not. I swear. I’m just still really light-headed and stuff. I’m normal! I swear! I am! No crazies here!

  10. Amanda says:

    ….must stop reading Stephen King books after 8 pm….

  11. tori says:

    Amanda-what about when people let the doors close before anyone gets on though? I think the last person OFF the elevator should hold the door open until the first person is ON…like I do. Everyone should do everything the way I do. The world would be a better place. (Kidding)
    Egan-watch out! I started watching a soap when I was on bedrest with my first baby, and still watch it. I fast forward through almost all of it every day, and my husband wonders why I still tivo it, but I have to! I am hooked! Be careful what you get hooked on!
    People ARE good. You are right.

  12. egan says:

    Uncle – it would be nice to compare baby pics, but mom didn’t really take many of me and she seems to get me and Ethan confused often. Trust me on this one. By the way, the sarcasm never vanished.
    Brandy – you don’t sound freaky to me. You sound like a well adjusted woman from north of the border who happens to have a healthy love of Mr. Costner. Stroller protector Airam, I wonder if I can hire her.
    The Scarlett – wow, long time no hear. Nice to see you back around here. Yes, I’m a dad now and that’s quite a change. I know, no newborn sleeps more than six to seven hours at a time, none that I’ve known. I’d adjust that to 3-5 hours based on my experiences. Beavis rules!
    Amanda – I want a blog award t-shirt and I count on you to deliver the goods while “working”. No, you’re not off-kilter at all. You’re a swell human being who just happens to live in Nebraska.
    Amanda – Stephen King still writes books? Do you read Dean Koontz?

  13. egan says:

    Amanda – shit, I hate when people rush in before everyone gets out. I tend to block the oncoming passengers and shoot them a really fucking mean look.
    Tori – I will be right back, Anna needs a changing… you won’t get slighted.

  14. patches says:

    Elevator etiquette? Did you get stuck in an elevator with a premature grey haired dude dropping silent but deadly farts?
    I wish someone would take me out in a stroller.

  15. Tall Chick says:

    MuNKi and I watched Wild Hogs last night and we laughed a lot. ^_^
    Did you see any snappers on your walk? That can be your next baby. Barracuda and Snapper go well together. On second thought, I hope not, for Mrs. LesSinges sake! ^_^

  16. Tall Chick says:

    Hey, how long has it been since there was a comment festival on this blog??

  17. Tall Chick says:

    And also, are you gonna buy Anna a wee little crash helmet and a jogging stroller?

  18. Tall Chick says:

    Additionally, I think that you should maybe tell teh elevator story.

  19. Tall Chick says:

    I’m dejunking my sewing/scrappng storage/computer room. Can you tell?

  20. brookem says:

    now wouldn’t you, barracuda?
    ooohhhh barracuda?
    ooohhhh barra barracuda.

  21. brookem says:

    aww, a walk in sunny seattle with your little one sounds really nice e-fo!
    is it weird that the first thing i thought of when you wrote about your 6 foot ditch was 6 feet under, which then led me to think of the men on the show, and of course, their hair? no i dont need a date with a guy with a good head of hair. mr. friday is bald and that’s how i like it.

  22. logo™ says:

    awww, walking is good and Seattle is way wicked good.
    I had the Things with me in some elevators last week and I realized just how horrible some people are because I had JUST instructed my kids how to behave and then the adults were acting like idiots…sigh
    There is nothing like watching PeeWee Herman to make you appreciate how mature your new born infant really is.
    Peoples are good…sometimes

  23. Amanda says:

    Brookem made my heart flutter by singing some Heart. But then…she made me wonder where she was going with this “s it weird that the first thing i thought of when you wrote about your 6 foot ditch…” I was like, “Oh no she is NOT going to go there!!” Thankfully I kept reading and she talked about a TV show. Phew.
    Tall Chick…I think a comment festival might push Barracuda’s daddy the rest of the way over the edge. I could be wrong though.

  24. brookem says:

    amanda!!! what do you think, im kinky or something? actually, if im being frank, i thought of what you thought of too. ahh, the joys of a friday afternoon and watching the clock.

  25. Cake Lady says:

    I hope the ditch has something to do with your plumbing project. Awwww aren’t walks great!

  26. Lynn says:

    Be careful people who want to hold, or just touch, Anna…they may have ‘forgotten’ to wash their hands (after using the facilities)…if you know what I mean. Just sayin’

  27. Airam says:

    Stop cooking with cheese.

  28. sizzle says:

    I think taking a walk is the cure for most things that ail me. And wtf up with people and elevators!?

  29. Airam says:

    Thirty is flirty.

  30. sprizee says:

    What is proper elevator etiquette? I simply must know.

  31. Golden says:

    Are we calling Anna ‘Barracuda’?
    I just can’t say it enough. I love this blog.
    Elevators and cheese don’t go together. Neither do Richard Greico and cheese, for that matter.

  32. Chris says:

    George Carlin says, “To people are on an elevator and one farts, everybody knows who the guilty party is.”
    I can empathize with the ditc as you may recall the photos of my dreadful back yard.

  33. ch says:

    Just don’t take her on a marathon yet…
    People ARE good. Even when they let you down. Inherently, they’re good and you’re good to them.

  34. Ahhh, the days when they actually sit still during the walk and you get to enjoy your “wicked” city. Nostalgia is uber sweet, Thanks.

  35. Party Girl says:

    I love it when something in my everyday makes me see the world differently! Congrats, New Papa!

  36. angela says:

    Pee Wee so totally rules!!! Except he is into gay snuff films that is.

  37. ChickyBabe says:

    “Ch” is me…. I don’t know what happened when I wrote the comment.

  38. Tall Chick says:

    Aw, OK. No comment festival then. I’ll just go google pictures of hot guys or somethin’. ^_^

  39. nessa says:

    Better than the idiocy of regular TV.

  40. Tall Chick says:

    Don’t make me Google Richard Greico, Egan.

  41. mez says:

    Who would win in this lady-fight (slaps only) Richard Greico or Vanilla Ice?!

  42. cindra says:

    yeah, life is GOOD! enjoy…i’m so happy for you!

  43. scarlet hip says:

    Since I moved home I’ve watched more television than ever. Curse my mom for getting every cable channel available in the South Jersey area!
    I don’t even have your excuse. I so need a job.

  44. Cheryl says:

    Plus you can watch Entourage like 5 times a day….every day.

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