Warning: he’s still alive

Psssttt, I’m still alive.  I’m in the middle of typing a sappy post about my friend.  Enjoy the fact this post is only three sentences long because succinct I am not in the subsequent post. 



About lessinges

Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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30 Responses to Warning: he’s still alive

  1. kirk says:

    The biggest change I’ve seen from your new status as dad is your obsession with posting every day is relaxed.

  2. armalicious says:

    Daddy…when do I get my own MacBook?

  3. armalicious says:

    Or even one of those cool aluminum iMacs would be cool, too…

  4. Golden says:

    She always looks so serene..

  5. liv says:

    I see her lookin’ at me like she’s all, “what’re you lookin’ at?!”

  6. tori says:

    You could type a bunch of nonsense and add a picture of your beautiful girl and I would be happy. I love the word succinct. That and despite. For some reason those words make me happy. Now my comment is longer than your post. But no beautiful baby picture, so you still beat me.

  7. Airam says:

    Wow! Anna can already type?? And in complete sentences?? I’m impressed!

  8. brookem says:

    adorable picture!
    hey, up until last friday i hadn’t posted in a week. i think you’re off the hook, dad.

  9. justrun says:

    Oh my stinking goodness is she cute!
    And you writing a sappy post? Pah-ha! I don’t believe it.

  10. Kelly says:

    Mmmm…yummy baby. Too bad I’m done ovulating for the month…

  11. logo™ says:

    I like sappy posts, cept when they stick to my shoe.

  12. meno says:

    I talked about you today.
    And wow, she is growing so fast. you need to stop feeding her, that’s what causes it.

  13. Golden says:

    I had to come back.. I am seriously a normal person. What is it about babies that make us, okay.. me, melt? They tug at my heart. Me thinks perhaps it’s because my eggs are old.

  14. Tall Chick says:

    Don’t look now, but someone left an incredibly cute little baby on your floor.
    OMG how can you not be pumped to post pics of your darling sprog?
    We’ll see about that status. But the pic earned you some mega bonus points. ^_^

  15. Lynn says:

    Anna is absolutely adorable. Um, not to be a nag, but please watch that wire behind her, because before you know it, she will be rolling over, and then crawling and that wire will look mighty interesting to her.

  16. cindra says:

    She’s SO saying, “pick me up, auntie Cin!” FO SHO! You didn’t even recognize that yesterday in the whole foods market i tickled her toe and we BONDED!

  17. ChickyBabe says:

    Oh my… she is growing up fast!

  18. Michelle says:

    She’s gotten so big! And she’s getting more adorable – every time you post a new picture, it leaves me wanting more!

  19. Gwen says:

    I was just wondering where you were. Good to see you’ve still got the important stuff covered.

  20. Amy says:

    When you said in your second sentence that you were in the middle of typing a post you weren’t kidding.
    You really should use that built-in webcam to capture some video of Daddy and Daughter stuff to share with us sometime.

  21. I can’t get ovet how much she’s grown in just a few short weeks….what a love….

  22. churlita says:

    Just keep posting photos of your beautiful girl and I’ll keep coming back.

  23. Bob says:

    I can see she’s getting some baby fat. Good job Mom and Dad. Don’t let the weight nazi’s get you down.

  24. Hannelie says:

    She’s growing to quick, I almost can’t belief it’s her .. and it gets only better.
    She’s gorgeous.

  25. Fitèna says:

    Ce que’elle est belleeeee!!!! I missed a lot here, haven’t I? 🙂

  26. Fitena says:

    Ce que’elle est belleeeee!!!! I missed a lot here, haven’t I? 🙂

  27. Kourt. says:

    She’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

  28. mez says:

    hehe she’s sooooo cute 🙂

  29. Jenin says:

    OK- I totally see the resemblance. She looks like you : )

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