Milk Coma

Some birthday girl told me yesterday she doesn’t believe in luck. Well I don’t believe the notion that there’s no such thing as luck, but that’s a story for another day.

The video is about 10 days old, but you get the point. The baby Anna does exist and actually moves too. She’s nearly able to smile on demand and she knows how to avoid confrontation at all costs. She can locate Seattle on a map of Washington state too. She’s destined for greatness I tell you. So there you have your first official Baby Singe video appearance on this blog. Enjoy!


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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41 Responses to Milk Coma

  1. Amanda says:

    OMG! That video is tooooo cute! You’re blessed to have a baby that wakes up like that. Till this day, my son thinks that the thing to do when you awake is to cry. Doesn’t matter if he’s alone or if I’m right there next to him.

  2. Airam says:

    She’s absolutely beautiful and I love her smile. It was as if her and N-Po were sharing an inside joke or something the way N-Po would giggle and Anna would immediately smile at her.

  3. brookem says:

    she’s absolutely precious. so cute.
    and i see the boppy/boopy/matching shirts again. love that.
    and she’s smart!!!
    she’ll be able to locate the US on a world map, no problemo.
    such as.

  4. armalicious says:

    Gorgeous! But you already know that. And I shall now say my favorite thing other people say about babies: You done good!
    2 days in a row of posting? I know what you’re trying to do. Warped drive, eh?

  5. armalicious says:

    I guess you didn’t post yesterday, so nevermind the second part of my previous comment, yo.

  6. tori says:

    She is so beautiful! You are really making me want another baby! Do you happen to need any home daycare for her…it wouldn’t be too far for you to drop her off, right? I so wish you lived close to me!

  7. mez says:

    she makes me laugh – I wonder what she was thinking about?
    No such thing as luck? oh dear.
    But but but, …If she avoids confrontation she’ll never be able to change the world!! πŸ˜‰ Work on the confrontation, she might give you a run for your money but greatness will not be far behind πŸ˜€

  8. meno says:

    How cute! It doesn’t make mw want another baby though, because if the pooping.

  9. Golden says:

    If the still shots are great, the live version of Anna is ADORABLE. You know what, words don’t do her justice. She has such perfect lips! LOL. Anyway, yes.. this makes me want another one .. it makes my heart ache. Pretty Baby..

  10. brookem says:

    what’s this “luck” thing you threw in there?

  11. justrun says:

    If ever a blog could literally overflow with cute…

  12. Wow… so beautiful πŸ™‚

  13. Chris says:

    Dear Baby Singe, a recent poll shows that approximately 1/5th of Americans can’t locate America on a mpa. Why do you think this is?

  14. Melissavina says:

    She’s so lovely!! I have recently been around a brand new person and they’re really something, aren’t they? Good job. She’s a nice little creation.

  15. cindra says:

    you did it! you did it! yay! she’s a doll.
    your wife sounds just like my husband’s step daughter from his previous marriage.

  16. brandy says:

    That is by far, the cutest thing ever. Cuter than those little kittens people dress up in human clothes. It’s impossible to watch that video and not sigh with happiness. I bet if more world leaders looked at that, there would be no war. I love it because it looks like she’s just ‘faking’ sleep for part of it, and is listening to what you guys are saying and is smiling at it. So cute egan!

  17. patches says:

    She can locate Seattle on a map? She should totally run in 2008, then again she might be OVER qualified.
    Sooo sweet, It’s like she’s blowing bubbles.

  18. Havret says:

    Is that baby insured yet?

  19. liv says:

    She can locate Seattle on a map but she doesn’t have her own blog? What gives?
    Seriously, dude. That chicken is beautiful!

  20. egan says:

    Amanda – yeah, she seldom wakes up crying. She might whimper, but that’s about it. She’s very young though so there’s plenty of time for that to change.
    ChickyBabe – she’s learned heaps from her mom.
    Airam – they probably already have many inside jokes about me. I’m insecure enough to develop a complex about this sort of thing too.
    Brookem – you need to The Man at The Fire Station and such about your getting coffee in the future. It’s B-O-P-P-Y.
    Armalicious – I’m out to regain something from Candace. I’m not sure she will grant me immunity or not.
    Armalicious – 2 posts in the span of 36 hours isn’t too shabby. Don’t make me go all Malnurtured on yo ass.
    Tori – we do have a daycare provider we found, but it can’t hurt to have a contigency plan. I have added you to our list. Please send cupcakes.
    Mez – you have a point about the avoiding confrontation thing. I will make sure to raise a feisty little girl. Yeah, no such thing as luck. Everything happens for a reason, that sort of shit. Anna was thinking about a milky breast.
    Meno – ha, that wasn’t my intent… you game for babysitting?
    Golden – this video is really more about birth control. Maybe tomorrow I can post the clip of her crying to change your mind.
    Brookem – someone I chatted with yesterday doesn’t believe in luck. I wished her “good luck” and she made it clear to me she doesn’t believe in luck. Everything happens for a reason, everything.
    Justrun – can blogs be cute?
    Guilty Secret – why thank you.
    Chris – she blames The Canada for everything. That’s how she rolls.
    Melissavina – yeah, they really do change the way you see the world. For me I’ve got 10-15 new inventions that could change the world and make me rich in the process. Now if I can just make them happen.
    Cindra – you bet, the video finally made its way to my blog. My wife has a great voice, but I’m very partial.
    Brandy – you think world leaders would want to watch my daughter in a milk coma? I will stay off my soapbox on this one. This is pleasant post about cute babies. Anna is all knowing.
    Patches – she can blow some mean spit bubbles already. As far as spit bubbles go, she’s in the 98th percentile.
    Havret – why would you like to know that? I’m happy you checked in and are concerned about my daughter’s insurance needs. I will have to get back to you.

  21. egan says:

    Liv – who says she doesn’t have her own blog yet? She already has an email address and a beeper. You called my daughter a chicken, dems fightin’ werds yo!

  22. Golden says:

    Birth Control?! That video is so NOT about birth control. Yes, please post actual video that would inspire the need for Birth Control, post haste!

  23. Lynn says:

    Looks like she is ‘nursing’ in her sleep. She is so adorable…you and the Mrs. did good!

  24. Nessa says:

    She is beautiful and oh, so talented (map-reading? Wow.)

  25. armalicious says:

    You lookin’ for a rumble or something?

  26. Diane Mandy says:

    I’ve been in a coma-like state, but it wasn’t because of milk. Wow! No wonder they say it does the body good.

  27. egan says:

    Golden – I’ve got just the video for you. I watched Baby Singe while mom ran to the grocery store and baby wasn’t so happy.
    Iris – I will definitely post more pictures. If you look in the left margin, there are many of her over there. She’s full of many facial expressions; they please her parents very much.
    Lynn – she’s definitely got a boobie on the brain. This was taken immediately following a feeding.
    Nessa – we put her on her a crash course to success, geography will be her strong suit.
    Armalicious – nope, I have no quarrels with you. I did see Mr. Jeep Liberty again today. He acted like he didn’t know me. I have clue why I felt the need to share this tidbit with you.
    Diane Mandy – are you back? I need to sneak over to your blog and see how things are going, coma or not.

  28. I absolutely am in love with Anna and think she is the most beautiful baby!

  29. Jayne says:

    What an absolutely beautiful baby you’ve got Egan,congrats and thanks for sharing!
    Babies help us make sense of Life and what the big mystery is all about!

  30. *pixie* says:

    Ahh, the milk coma. We know that one well. So cute that baby Anna.

  31. Pants says:

    aw! what a happy little milk coma baby girl!

  32. sprizee says:

    Watching that reminded me of watching my dad sleeping when he was in the hospital. The way she opens her eyes for a brief moment and then closes them with a smirk on her face. Ah life.

  33. Brrrr says:

    So cute! But the real question is … will her first word be of the french or english language???

  34. egan says:

    Princess Extraordinaire – that’s very sweet of you. I’m here to virtually share her with others. She’s rather purty, but I’m here dad so I can’t be trusted to be impartial.
    Jayne – babies really do change the way we look at life. As uncle I looked at the world a bit different, as a parent… I have a new perspective yet again.
    *pixie* – yeah, I’m sure you know all too well. I can’t wait for the little man Chase to arrive.
    Pants – she’s been asking about Milli Vanilli. She’s actually been searching low and high.
    Sprizee – your comment makes me a bit sad. How is your dad doing these days?
    Brrrr – I’m really not sure. I’ve singing the alphabet to her in French and English as well as counting. Nous verrons!

  35. sprizee says:

    Sad? Don’t be sad. It didn’t make me sad. It made me smile. My dad’s doing great.

  36. Kourt. says:

    Don’t you just love the little faces they make when they are sleeping, it makes you wonder what they are thinking!!!!

  37. L says:

    What a calm little baby you have! Is she generally that chill? Maybe she’s plotting out her first National Geographic Explorer trip where she can showcase those mad map skills.

  38. TayRez says:

    *overwhelmed by the cuteness*
    That is one adorable baby. I smiled because your daughter is too cute for words, I laughed aloud when Mama Singe said “or she’s pooping” and Baby Singe smiled as though she had heard and understood.
    Welcome to the Internet, Anna!

  39. Tall Chick says:

    OMG it WORKED!!!
    She’s so amazingly cute. *sigh* I love little baby smiles. πŸ™‚

  40. Darlene says:

    Oh. My. God. She’s an angel! She’ll change the world, I can feel it. :o)

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