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Pork o’ Lantern

Trust me, she loves the hat my mom made her.  Happy Halloween folks!  My daughter isn’t really that scared of things as one might think based on the picture to the right.  She was on the verge of tears because … Continue reading

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In My Office

You better believe it, we love to blog.  Or at least we like to put ourselves out there.  At times I wonder if this is a good thing or not.  Personally I started blogging to voice my dissatisfaction with the … Continue reading

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Unable to Quantify

(update below) There are a couple words in the English language that are so powerful they strike fear in my heart. Rape and murder. I’m not sure what these words conjured up when you read them, but chances are the … Continue reading

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FKT: Choking Hazard

Less than a week until Halloween, are you ready?  I’m not ready to divulge who or what I will be just yet.  No, I’m not going as a bank robber. Anyways, thoughts of the California wildfires have consumed me this … Continue reading

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Washington Apples

As a parent one often reflects back on their own childhood.  I was thinking about my love for apples this weekend and recalled some cool childhood memories.  The apples currently available in our local markets are so damn good they … Continue reading

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The Realities of Parenthood #1

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty about parenthood shall we? Okay, things happen when you become a parent and many things just don’t get done as they should. So yeah, some things are going to slide. You might not … Continue reading

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I’ve honestly got nothing.  I started a post and then just deleted it.  I think God is punishing me for not accepting him in my life.  I guess it’s something I deserve.  So instead of me rambling about stuff that’s … Continue reading

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