10wksI’ve honestly got nothing.  I started a post and then just deleted it.  I think God is punishing me for not accepting him in my life.  I guess it’s something I deserve.  So instead of me rambling about stuff that’s on my mind, I will post this darling shot of Anna taken earlier this week by her mom.   Yes, we do in fact address each other as "mom" and "dad" now that Anna is here.  We talk to each other through Anna.  It’s actually quite pathetic and I’m doing my part to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand.  What am I doing to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand?  Great question.  Nothing right now, but I plan on it.

"Anna, tell dad to stop farting"

"Mom, you need to stop using Anna as your scapegoat"

"Anna, tell mom to wipe her ass excuse herself"



Current soothing technique: baby swaddled, rock her in the glider, while I hum a mish mash of various songs.  The great part about humming, no need to know the lyrics.   
Current song stuck in my head: of all things, it’s this children’s song by the Canadian artist Raffi.   I can’t make it through this damn catchy song without crying.  Yep, there’s no denying I’m a parent now. 


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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24 Responses to Humdinger

  1. Cake Lady says:

    I’m number 1!!!!
    Where is my Ipod sock?
    What do you mean you have nothing? You have something, and that something sure is a cutie!

  2. Leezer says:

    Anna is beautiful. And she looks curiously like Georgia, now seven, when she was that age – big round eyes, wide open smile. Are you the father of my child?
    Seriously, she is gorgeous. And I STILL have kids songs running on continuous loop through my head. 🙂

  3. armalicious says:

    When in doubt, post pics of adorable child!
    At least you have an actual child to talk to each other through. We may or may not talk to each other through our cat. And yes, I just admitted that.
    I heart Raffi. But, you’re crying out of happiness, right? Because Baby Beluga is such a happy, fun song! Or are you crying because you know that some mean, nasty whaler is going to come and sweep baby beluga up and turn him into some kind of lipstick or something? Or is it because you’re just so incredibly tired and a lot of different things make you cry?
    Did I go a bit too far with the whaler/lipstick bit? Sorry about that. I’m having a really hard time concentrating right now.
    Anna is so cute!!! I love that smile!

  4. kirk says:

    finally i see i picture of the kid w/o a hat.

  5. sprizee says:

    Seriously? Please stop it. I hate it when people do that. Second only to people referring to themselves as mom and dad when they’re talking to their dog. If you send a Christmas newsletter from Anna’s perspective, I might have to start a fund.
    The first step is acceptance Egan. The second step is…screw the steps and speed up to the stopping bit.

  6. sprizee says:

    Also, Anna is adorable.

  7. logo™ says:

    You must stop that immediately. Referring to each other TO Anna as “your mom” or “your dad” is normal and healthy. Calling each other that in convo between the two of you is scary and must never happen.
    Its just too disturbing.
    Your daughter is too cute to be legal, soooo precious and squooshable, aaaaaaawa.
    You also should start singing the wrong lyrics right away.
    Years of fun ahead.

  8. Pants says:

    Jesus is totally overrated.

  9. Pants says:

    What’s another word for adorable? Let’s call Anna that word.

  10. scarlet hip says:

    Hello. I was looking for Egan. Have you seen him?

  11. L says:

    Dude. You’re not a crybaby just because you’re a parent now.

  12. Diane Mandy says:

    You go from talking about religion to NOTHING? How is this possible? You’re daughter is by far the cutest i’ve seen–for real.
    And you should be honored– it’s 2:43a Germany time, and I should sleep. Instead, I’m posting a comment on your blog and no other.

  13. meno says:

    anna, tell daddy that he can post pictures of you anytime. Also that he and mommy really need to get out of the house alone, soon.

  14. Golden says:

    Christmas newsletter from Anna’s perspective! I love it! Christmas newsletter from the dog’s perspective, not so much.
    I think Raffi is the new Jesus.

  15. Golden says:

    And Anna is the New Adorable. Just in this Summer, she’s all the rave.

  16. brandy says:

    Fact: I learned a dance to that song when I was in elementary school. I think it was partly because it’s a fantastic song and partly because my grade 3 teacher was all about anything relating to Canadian singers. She also really loved Bryan Adams. In an unhealthy way. But when it comes to Brian, is there a healthy way? Let’s ponder this.
    As for Anna, I’m not going to go with adorable. I’m going to go with slammin’. Because it just makes her sound more hip- and that’s what the girl is.
    (I feel like I should say ‘word’ here).

  17. ms chica says:

    I see evidence that your itunes playlist will never be the same again.

  18. msmachine says:

    With pictures like that you to share you need not worry about words. She is just beautiful. Great picture.
    Just a story to share. When I was 13 I went over to a friends house. Her parents were home. They called each other mother and father. It freaked me out and I thought the whole damn family was strange from that point on. So, think before you fall into this habit as it will be hard to stop! Don’t give your daughters future nasty little girl friends any easy way to torment her! Girls can be so mean.

  19. kim says:

    Shes a doll baby!! How Beautiful she is Egan!!!
    I just stopped by to catch up and see how things are going. You are settling in to be a fine crazy cute (not crazy scary lol) fantastic daddy!

  20. Airam says:

    Seriously Egan, you don’t even need to write anymore. Just post those adorable pictures. I pretty much saw the picture and automatically came to leave a comment before thinking I should read what you wrote. I think you two referring to each other as mom and dad are cute. I think most parents do that. I refer to myself as “zia” to my niece’s and nephew’s so all is good.
    I love her little grin!!!

  21. mez says:

    she is absolutely gorgeous. Now THAT is a smile and a half.
    Yes, we do in fact address each other as “mom” and “dad” now that Anna is here.
    I think you’re great and N-Po is great but I only have one thing to say about this:

  22. sizzle says:

    she’s just so cute!

  23. jalopy says:

    she is absolutely the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a long time!!!!

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