FKT: Choking Hazard


Less than a week until Halloween, are you ready?  I’m not ready to divulge who or what I will be just yet.  No, I’m not going as a bank robber. Anyways, thoughts of the California wildfires have consumed me this week, but not as much as my sweaty pair of triathlon shorts.  For some reason they begged to be worn over my face in this edition of Fully Klothed Thursday. 

Perhaps this isn’t the best time to raise this question, but alas I’m going for it.  I need your urgent assistance classifying my blog.  I was politely asked twice this week what kind of blog I maintain.  "Human interest, I don’t know" was my response.  I think they were curious if it was professional or personal.  Most of the blogs I read are similar to mine, yet I just don’t have any idea how to classify this sort of thing.  Is this post even "Safe For Work"?

ARTICLES OF KLOTHING: 1) triathlon shorts (over head)  2) utility pants (over arms)  3) t-shirt  4) boxer briefs  5) striped pajama bottoms  6) socks
PROPS: Wii nunchuk controller

Garage Sale Value
: $300 USD  –> Wiis are tough to find

Street Shock Value
: 7 of 7

*Dull FKT Disclaimer – Feel free to
mock or copy this crap idea of mine if you want. Don’t feel obligated
to do this thing every Thursday and shit. Don’t fret, I won’t send
harassing emails to you on a weekly basis demanding you post some hot
picture on your blog. That’s way too much work for me and besides, I
find reading other blogs boring. I try and spend as little time as
possible reading and/or commenting on blogs. I prefer to spread my love
for random people in other ways. I don’t feel like delving into those
sorts of details pubicly on my blog. Gnome sane?



About lessinges

Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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32 Responses to FKT: Choking Hazard

  1. brookem says:

    ha! i love this fkd, particularly. are these the pants that busted? just wondering.
    hell if i really know how to classify these blogs though. yes, id say personal, as opposed to work. im sure someone else will come up with a really really great response to this though.
    you said “nunchuck.” now THERE’S a word i love. you’re my favorite person this thursday.

  2. Airam says:

    Wiigan! I love that you’ve got the nunchuks going on … even with your stinky triathlon shorts over your head you still look like you’re concentrating on your form.
    I would classify your blog as “humourously thought provoking”. Is ‘humorously’ a word? I don’t know. It is now.
    You seriously need to bring baby Anna into your FKT posts … she could be wearing all her adorable knit hats!

  3. ChickyBabe says:

    Personal blog. No doubt about it. With a touch of playful follie.

  4. Chris says:

    That my friend is one hot outfit. I love the mention of the striped pajama bottoms.

  5. furiousBall says:

    are the triathalon shorts to be washed prior to pulling over the head? i’d suggest so.

  6. mez says:

    well, now you know what I call mine “miscellany” eh? But I agree with chicky – personal blog except rather than playful follie I’m going to go right ahead and add touch of “lovable dork” 🙂

  7. justrun says:

    Well, I think this “outfit” can reclassify just about any blog.
    (By the way, I’m just getting caught up on emails. Not ignoring. I just, you know, find reading emails pretty boring.) 😉

  8. Think Jacob says:

    I don’t think you can classify most blogs. There are entertainment blogs, political blogs, comedy blogs, and “other.” I think you and I, and most of the blogosphere don’t really have a theme, and fall into the “other” category.

  9. tori says:

    Were the triathlon shorts sweaty when you put them over your head?
    I hate when people try to get my to put my blog into a category! It is just my brain diarrhea and I write about whatever I am thinking. Good luck trying to figure out what your blog is.

  10. sizzle says:

    that’s quite a get up!

  11. Airam says:

    I just realized that I can now go on blogs at work. Oh lordy. This doesn’t bode well for me.

  12. brandy says:

    It’s okay. I didn’t want to be first this time. Oh no… I feel the anger coming back. I’m going to breathe deeply.
    As for what kind of blog you have, I think you crossed into personal territory when you pulled out nun-chucks. And I love it.

  13. meno says:

    You blog is what’s known as a “Lifestyle Blog” what with the grooming tips and all.
    I think it’s good not to be in any particular type.

  14. Maggie says:

    I once heard blogs like ours referred to as ‘life’ blogs. You know, everything anything about your life. It makes sense. And that would definitely be a personal blog classification.
    As for safe for work? Well you are fully klothed.

  15. Airam says:

    Stupid work not blocking certain sites anymore. The kids are coming back in from recess now so I doubt you’ll see me again this afternoon … or this morning for you …
    I promise that I will not abuse this gift that has been given to me. The gift of retreating into blogland when it just gets to be too much at work.

  16. Airam says:

    Dammit to hell.

  17. churlita says:

    I think, personal, tree hugger’s blog best describes it.

  18. patches says:

    You mean I have to classify my blog? Maybe your blog is adult alternative or perhaps easy reading. It’s definitely not rap or heavy metal.
    FKT: Are you going for an S&M theme, or GItmo promotional photos?

  19. egan says:

    Brookem – I knew you’d love the word nunchuk. It rolls right off the tongue doesn’t it? No, those are my gardening pants.
    Airam – I’m not sure if Anna is ready for this kind of exposure. I already traumatize her enough. She’s typically fast asleep when the photo is taken.
    ChickyBabe – this is a good classification. Me likes it Chicky.
    Chris – stop undressing me with your thoughts. Lord Vader doesn’t like that.
    Furiousball – yes, the clothes I added were pulled out of the hamper.
    Mez – you know how to say all the right things to me. I should send you a care package to show my love for you.
    Justrun – no worries on the email thing. I have about seven sitting there waiting to be sent off. Blog classification sucks.
    Think Jacob – yeah, that’s precisely what I thought. My guess is those asking the question don’t read many blogs, if any at all.
    Tori – they were dirty yes. Don’t hate me because I reused dirty clothes, please!
    Sizzle – when we finally do meet in person, I will wear this.
    Airam – shit, you’re in a world of hurt if you can access blogs from work. Let me know if you need blog counseling.
    Brandy – the nunchuks frighten newer visitors. I like to keep the riff raff (sp?) away. Exhale and try again tomorrow.
    Meno – yes, no category please. What’s the point? Maybe I can write a blog about Seattle. Hell, that would be fun.
    Maggie – I see you and Meno are the same wavelength with your lifestyle blog suggestion. Vive le Technorati! I’m always safe for work, it’s how I roll.
    Airam – do not abuse it or else you’ll be back to blogging exclusively at night. Are you trying not to swear in front of the kids?
    Churlita – I’m glad we can agree on the fact I’m a treehugger. I still need to find a willing subject/tree.
    Patches – Gitmo! I love it. Easy Listening, oh shit. That means I’m lumped together with the likes of Matchbox 20, Sting, and Jon Secada.

  20. naynayfazz says:

    Most blogs I read (yours included) are just personal blogs that deal with various subjects. Most of the people I read make me laugh but I wouldn’t call them comedy blogs. I guess you can just say you write about daily life. Do you still read most people’s blogs? Or are you too busy to read?

  21. Tod says:

    Egan, Glad to see that Monkey-Boy is being reincarnated in one form or another, and I like the look. Of course, you know that I will have to recommend a trenchcoat to complete the look. One question: Tri shorts on the head, bro? That´s just plain wrong! I will continue reading your posts as often as I can. You are the champion blogger in my book.

  22. brookem says:

    do you like chuck norris?

  23. brookem says:

    what up with this new “search” feature? moreover, what about the “surprise me?” sounds intersting. it wouldnt let me do it, and nothing came up in the search results!

  24. Amanda says:

    I think blogs shouldn’t really be classified. Its just what people feel like writing on a particular day. Take mine for example…I’m sure its classified as a ‘Mommy Blog’ and yes, I have lots of posts on motherhood but I am more than that…

  25. L says:

    Gawd, you are so weird. You look like a cross between some desert dweller in Star Wars and the Uni-mugger.

  26. egan says:

    Naynayfazz – I try to read blogs still, but I can’t make the rounds like I used to because of work and child. Crazy, I know.
    Tod – hola senor! Thanks for the visit from the DR. I really wish we still had that trenchcoat. It would make future Monkey Boy movies easier to film. Champion Blogger? That’s a stretch isn’t it?
    Brookem – I don’t know him. Wait, is he the dude selling cheap exercise equipment on late night tv?
    Brookem – the search feature is gone as quick as it was added. It sucked.
    Amanda – yeah, motherhood is a big part of your life, but you’re more than that. I don’t think they should be classified. I guess one could say it’s a personal blog and leave it at that.
    L – I will take this comment of yours as a compliment. Someone else said I look like I could be at Gitmo. I like that.

  27. Airam says:

    I should start swearing at the kids. Maybe then they’ll pay attention when I teach them!!

  28. sprizee says:

    You’re going to be a tree huh. Neat.

  29. Michelle says:

    Egan. That is one scary costume.

  30. egan says:

    Airam – please don’t swear at the kids, you will only scare them and they will have a bitter taste for education. Nobody wants that. Plus I don’t want to see you jobless.
    Sprizee – yes, this year I will be a tree. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Michelle – I’m even scarier without the costume.

  31. Pants says:

    Wii nunchuck controller was an excellent addition to your Fully Klothed photo!
    I need to bring the FKT back to my blog. Must. Wear. More. Clothes. MORE! FKT or die!

  32. Pants says:

    Um, I think I meant to say FKT or bust. I mean, FKT is wonderful, but I’m not ready to throw my life on the line for it or anything.

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