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#3 – freezing rain storm aftermath on our holly tree. Advertisements

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#4 – Halloween has never been more fun than this one.  I didn’t dress up this year, so you’ll have to trust me that I have for past ones.  Here’s some proof.  Yes, those are my real eyebrows!

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#5 – a shot I took of our friend’s daughter.  I’m an amateur photographer alright, but for some reason I love the natural light as it shines on her face.  I also like her nibbling on our Ikea table.  Yum!

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#6 – first ultrasound taken of Anna.  It’s amazing how similar she looks to this today.  Take a peek here and judge for yourselves.

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#7 – me and my dad chilling at our first home back in 2003. 

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#8 – cycling the bike portion of Ironman Canada in August of 2006.  I think I’ve been on that very bike about seven times since this picture was taken. 

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#9 – I took this picture inside our first home in West Seattle.  Cramped quarters it was in the house, but nice and tiny means fast cleaning.

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