…and You Get a Quercus!

Great I’m finally done messing around with technology.  I got my head on straight and want to share more about the trip to the Windy City.  The ten days in Kane County were a lot better than I imagined they would be.  I say this because our last trip there, December of last year, wasn’t so great.  Let’s just say some feelings got hurt and I’m not up for rehashing it.

MommannaTwelve months later things were much better.  I was kind of sad to leave Monday morning.  My mother-in-law had her first treatment of chemotherapy today.  I overheard her tell a friend on the phone this would be the toughest week of her young breast cancer fight.  Needless to say it was really hard to depart.  Tears were shed and yes, that includes me.  We did get out of town Saturday to attend a fun wedding downtown.  I mention this because it was the first time we left Anna overnight with anyone.  We took the train downtown and had an interesting time making our way to the wedding in the fresh snow. 

(tangent: I’m sure you’ve all seen this great wedding clip.  Nobody danced like that, however the groom did bust out some awesome breakdancing moves.  Seriously, the guy was damn good.  I busted out some breakdancing moves at a wedding reception before and came so close to doing it again on Saturday night.   We did play Baby Got Back at our wedding too and it was a huge hit.  Apparently we’re not so original: end tangent)

Now that I’ve gabbed about nothing, here’s some more stuff unlikely to hold your interest.  My three year old nephew is a damn cute kid.  He’s a curious kid like most three year olds.  When I went upstairs to change Anna’s diaper, he’d routinely follow me to the infamous Room With Two Twin Beds (our room).  After patting some baby powder on her bum, the nephew tells me he’s got to pee.  I couldn’t really follow him to the bathroom since Anna was half clothed.  He runs down the hall to the bathroom and wanders back in our room about 30 seconds later.  His pants were soaked.  The nephew wasn’t able to pull down his pants and therefore drenched himself.  I felt bad for the little guy and cleaned up the puddle left behind in the bathroom.  A couple days later I took him for a walk to the park.  On our way back the nephew wanders over to an oak tree and hugs it.  I thought to myself "how cute, he’s a little treehugger". 

CousinsWell the little man might not as "crunchy" as I had hoped.  He surmised the tree was the best place for some urination.  In the bitter cold, there’s nothing better than whipping it out and peeing all over a nice Quercus tree.  I convinced my nephew this wasn’t a good idea and he says:

Uncle Egan, I pee outside* 

I put him over my shoulder and huff it back to the house, contemplating if I can cut through yards with a young child and an empty stroller.  Disaster avoided! 

  • Breastmilk for foreigners –> sometimes it’s necessary for a nursing mom to lend her nursing friend a hand and donate some milk to the cause.  Yum.
  • I saw my first John Wayne movie, The Searchers, in its entirety.  I know it’s a movie and shit, but man did Mr. Wayne have issues with the Comanches.
  • Holiday cookies were made over the weekend.  I’m of the opinion snickerdoodle batter is much better than the cookies.  Plus I love saying snickerdoodle.
  • Not all baby monitors are created equal.
  • Commuter trains are a bad place to leave headphones and not conducive to nose picking.
  • The men’s voices of WGN radio make me tired.
  • If we can avoid feeding Anna any more formula, we will.  Enough said on the matter.

* – that wasn’t really said at that point in time.  I embellished a speck by saying "Uncle Egan" on my blog since I haven’t heard it used in quite some time.  The title does warm my heart.


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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34 Responses to …and You Get a Quercus!

  1. Emily Valentine says:

    What’s wrong with peeing outside if you’re a boy? I don’t get it. Maybe I’ve lived in the country too long. But then, I have friends from San Diego who whip it out to pee where ever they happen to be. Including a trail at Yellowstone. So maybe I’m missing something.
    It sounds like your trip (aside from the return flight home) was excellent! I’m glad it was a positive trip! And do I spy an Efo & Npo wedding picture in the background of that first picture?
    I don’t like snickerdoodles. I only make things I’ll eat. Like sugar cookies. And such.
    Oh, and I ♥ Brandon Walsh.

  2. egan says:

    Emily Valentine – you don’t like snickerdoodles? You and your Brandon Walsh stealing ways. Hey, it’s really okay to pee outside, but there’s a caution to that. When the kid goes to school, that’s a habit that will need to be curbed. Trust me, I pee outside and I’m 34.
    Ha, I figured someone might ask about the wedding photo. That is not us. That would be my brother-in-law and his wife. If you look carefully, you can see a big wet spot in his tuxedo below the waist.

  3. Maddy says:

    It’s great to go away, but it’s always so pleasant and rewarding to return home again.
    Best wishes

  4. egan says:

    Maddy – yeah, I think it surprises me how tough it has been for Anna to get reaquainted with her home/room. For us, it’s best to be home. In our house we live by our rules, yeah.

  5. justrun says:

    Snickerdoodles are the bomb! (Okay, I know no one really uses “the bomb” any more but still- COME ON.)
    So anyway, glad you had a good trip. It’s good to see kids just get more and more entertaining, isn’t it? 🙂 Good thoughts to your mother-in-law, as well.

  6. *pixie* says:

    Foreign milk for Anna?
    Did the formula make her constipated?

  7. Cheryl says:

    It’s snowing again here…you got out just in time.

  8. meno says:

    Much as i like to hear the dirt on family feuds, i appreciate you not rehashing the details and i am stunned and amazed that it all worked out such that you cried upon leaving.

  9. Chris says:

    Snickerdoodles with Uncle Egan – YAY!

  10. Golden says:

    Nursing mom? Donating? Did one mom give another mom some breastmilk to share with her baby? Can I just say I think that rocks? Some might be all ewwwww.. but Breast Milk ROCKS. I’ve heard that women that don’t even give birth can start lactating and I totally believe it. And what do you think a ‘wet nurse’ was? Back in the day they fed the babies and they weren’t the mommas!!

  11. brandy says:

    Two things- 1) I don’t think I’ve ever had a snickerdoodle but I do like saying that name. Maybe if I ever get a dog I will name it snickerdoodle. Or perhaps Jawbreaker. Or Molly. Also, that clip is fantastic. I just watched it for the first time last week and felt inspired. My wedding dance is going to rock. If you know, I ever chose a different path than spinsterhood.

  12. Diane Mandy says:

    Uncle Egan,
    Could you please post a clip of you break dancing?

  13. Amanda says:

    Your nephew sounds like a really funny kid! You just never can tell what a child will think or do…

  14. tori says:

    “snickerdoodle batter is much better than the cookies”
    I feel this way about many different cookies, but I absolutely agree that with snickerdoodles in particular you are better off just eating the dough.
    My son is 3 almost 4 and the things he says crack me up. I wish I could freeze him right at his current age because I think it is my favorite.
    I read that the men’s voices of wgn radio make you tired, but did you watch wgn news on tv at all while you were here? If you did, did you see Paul Konrad, my weather man crush? I watch him while I run on the treadmill in the morning. I also love Tom Skilling but do not have a crush on him.

  15. Emily Valentine says:

    Phew! I’m so glad that you clarified the peeing outside thing. I agree…the boys definitely need to learn to not pee at the playground (and I won’t tell the story of my 1st grade year when this one kid ALWAYS peed by the merry-go-round). Anyway, peeing outside has to be the #1 perk of being a guy. From my perspective, that is.

  16. Emily Valentine says:

    If my comment above is a repeat, accept my apologies now. TypePad is being difficult. It’s because I”m Emily Valentine, isn’t it? You’ve programmed your blog to hate me like Kelly and Brenda hates me, haven’t you? I can’t help it that I have really bad hair. Quit being haters! God!

  17. Emily Valentine says:

    Oh, and it may seem that I’ve really put a lot of thought into the whole peeing outside thing. Well, I have. I grew up with three brothers and I always had to run inside while we’d be playing fort or something to pee and they never had to!!! Because I refuse to pee outside. Not because I’m a prude, but because it’s messy for a girl, OK?

  18. Emily Valentine says:

    Ahhh! CAPTCHA got me! It got me!

  19. Emily Valentine says:

    Hmmm…impersonating a crazy person may have made me temporarily crazy.

  20. tori says:

    Who is playing the role of Emily Valentine on these comments? I used to love her! (but I knew she was crazy)

  21. Cake Lady says:

    I love that clip Uncle Egan 🙂

  22. sprizee says:

    That wedding video reminds me I would love to get a copy of a once married/recently divorced friend’s wedding video. The Dude busted so many different moves on the dance floor the people that were there to witness it now refer to him as the “wedding dance ringer”. But asking for a copy of a wedding video from someone who just recently got divorced seems unseemly so I’ll probably never get to see it again. Too bad. It would have been a great Christmas gift.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your mother in law. Also, the odds are way in her favor so that helps too. Hang tough Uncle Egan .

  23. churlita says:

    When my daughter was 2’ish she saw a little boy pee outside, and was intent on peeing outside and standing up for weeks afterward.

  24. Emily Valentine says:

    Tori! It’s Moi! A to the R to the M! And hells yeah Emily Valentine was a psycho, but she really shook things up at good ole West Bev, didn’t she? Oh hells yeah.
    And holy hell…how have I not watched that clip before? I love it.

  25. tori says:

    I thought it was you! But I couldn’t be positive. Now I’m going to need to tivo those shows again. Maybe I can watch them while I’m on the treadmill.
    Egan, I have been thinking good thoughts for your MIL. If she needs anything that I could help with, please let me know. I do live close enough to help out you know.

  26. Carrie says:

    Question – what are snickerdoodles, exactly?
    Aaww… Anna looks adorable!!
    Umm.. peeing outside? In the Windy City??

  27. egan says:

    Justrun – nobody uses “the bomb”? Crap, I’m screwed. I think it’s the cinnamon in snickerdoodles that hooks me. Yeah, the entertainment builds as Anna ages. Thanks for thoughts about my mother-in-law.
    *pixie* – yes and yes. Formula did slow things way down. Any suggestions?
    Cheryl – I saw that the weather is still chilly there. Remember the snow zone parking is now in affect.
    Meno – yeah, it’s not worth the rehashing. It’s amazing how a child and cancer can bring people together. Maybe it’s not so shocking.
    Chris – that sounds like an NPR show in the baking.
    Golden – yes, my wife donated some milk to her friend, who is obviously breast-feeding her son. It worked out pretty well. We even packed milk back to Seattle, it’s that precious. I’ve heard of wet nurses and am rather intrigued by the history.
    Brandy – I had a feeling you’d throw in that spinsterhood term somewhere. I’m mighty impressed how effortless you made it sound. Molly? That could work for a dog, but Snickerdoodle is better. Molly is just so Molly.
    Diane Mandy – I don’t have a clip of that, but I do have some other stuff I should record. So a mental note has been made to connect the VCR and record stuff. Thanks for that.
    Amanda – this nephew has just as much energy as my other nephews. Boys are so damn hyper, but I don’t have to tell you that… mother of Aaron.
    Tori – I didn’t watch WGN tv, but maybe I should have. I suppose I should research these two men online and see who makes you weak in the knees and who doesn’t. You know Dave Letterman was once a weatherman. Is Willard Scott still alive? These are the things I think about. Aw, so cute you want to freeze your son. Maybe he can sleep outside for a night or ten.
    Emily Valentine – I’m honored you’ve visited my blog so much today. Yes, boys peeing outdoors can get out of hand (no pun intended) quickly. We will pee any and everywhere. I used present tense, oops. It’s a nice perk to pee outside. Beats the shit out of squatting with jeans around the ankles or hiking up a skirt.
    Emily – you love my blog more than you love Brandon Walsh. I’m truly blessed. (pronounced bless-id)
    Emily – CAPTCHA is my bitch.
    Emily – isn’t it your job to be psycho Emily? The way you stalked Kelly was a bit Single White Female-ish.
    Tori – you got your answer. Who is crazier on 90210: Emily or Dylan’s dad?
    Cake Lady – yeah, it’s one of my favorite clips. I love that it’s so well planned out. She sure did shake it.
    Sprizee – I would agree, you can’t really ask for that wedding video now. Or maybe he wants to get rid of it to shake off the karma. Who knows. I wonder if his ex-wife is hot. Just asking. Thanks for the thoughts about N-PO’s mom.
    Churlita – there’s a product sold at a large outdoor clothing outfitter, REI, that allows a woman to pee like a man. It ressembles a man’s sports cup with surgical tubing. Yum. Makes a great gift for teenage girls.
    Emily/A to the R to the M – you’re love for 90210 is one of your best qualities. I forgot to mention this to my wife while in Chicago. It might have increased our chances to meet, nah… but it should count for something.
    Tori – TiVo Season Pass for 90210 and WGN is what I’m thinking. Two great passions while on the treadmill. Thank you for the very generous offer. I will keep this in mind. You’re in the city right?
    Carrie – snickerdoodles are like cinnamon sugar cookies, but slightly thicker… more doughy. You have a great point about peeing outdoors in a city known for cold and wind. I should remind him not to lick flag poles.

  28. brookem says:

    I think Snickerdoodles would be like… Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but, in cookie form. Yep, that’s it.
    Goodness, I love the word quercus.
    Keeping your MIL in my thoughts.

  29. *pixie* says:

    My number one suggestion would be to pump often. It’s a huge pain though, so if you need to supplement then…
    I’m wondering what brand of formula you used. When we would supplement with Similac, Gideon had the same problem. We tried the Enfamil and all is right with the bowels. So, maybe try a different brand?

  30. brandy says:

    I’m glad you are impressed with how I slid that in there. It just fit so perfectly.
    And I just realized, I don’t think I’ve ever typed two sentences that were so sexual without realizing it.
    Spinsterhood. I was referring to the spinsterhood term. Oy.

  31. Emma says:

    aww! your nephew sounds adorable! and lol, peeing on a tree when you thought he was tree-hugging?? Just wait, the tree-peeing will start up again in college 😉

  32. patches says:

    I watched my neighbor’s seven-year-old son pee on the dad’s prize winning roses.
    Public peeing is great a) If your under the age of eight, b) If you are unrelated to the kid under the age of eight doing the peeing, and c) alcohol is not influential in said decision to pee outside.

  33. egan says:

    Brookem – they are similar to CTC, but they don’t loose their texture as fast. They’re great for dipping in milk as are all cookies.
    *pixie* – interesting, we’re using Enfamil right now. Not sure what we will end up doing. Pumping a lot is a sound idea. I think the logistics of all the pumping is hard to maintain. Can you say micro steam bags?
    Brandy – you and your dirty thoughts on my blog. What’s wrong with your girl? Spinsterhood is not a bad thing despite what some may say. Perv!
    Emma – I get the feeling my nephew will be peeing outdoors for years to come and perhaps even at the right time. He’s a good kid, I know he means well.
    Patches – your three modifiers should be law. I will vote for you kitty if you run. By the way, I feel bad I haven’t been more present. I will work on that.

  34. *pixie* says:

    Pumping is a huge pain. I do it at least twice when I’m at work and try to do it at least once at night.
    If I had known breastfeeding would work out so well I would have done two things differently.
    1. Got a GOOD pump. I have a hand pump and it sucks. A good pump would make all the difference.
    2. Pumped from the very beginning. Even if it was a miniscule amount—it all adds up.

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