Happy Oh Eight

Hi folks. It looks like another great year has come and gone. It was a huge year for me and my wife. Becoming parents has been quite the eye opening experience. Look at me, I’m blogging on my nifty iPod Touch when normally we’d be out partying or hanging with friends. Not that we didn’t try to hang out this evening because we did, but we called it an early night… little kids change many things.

We have much to be thankful for though and that’s a damn good thing. Honestly, parenting is so much more work than I ever imagined it would be. It has been really tough at times to the point it tests everything you know about your partner and yourself. No matter what though, I wouldn’t change it for a damn thing in the world. Wednesday just happens to be my wife’s first day back at work since the end of July. I wish her heaps of luck with the transition since I know it won’t be an easy adjustment for Mrs. Lessinges.

HAPPY 2008 EVERYONE! Best wishes for a great 12 months this year. It has been very nice learning more about all of you who happen to stop by here and drop off a comment from time to time. Keep them coming as they say. Kick ass this year!


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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29 Responses to Happy Oh Eight

  1. Amanda says:

    Happy New Year! I’m just nodding and nodding my head here about how much more work parenting is than I thought it would be. Its been good reading about how other people go through that first year, especially when its all still so fresh in my mind. Definitely a roller coaster ride!

  2. justrun says:

    Happy 2008 to all of you!
    I am up entirely too early for January 1.

  3. Gwen says:

    Oh man! Best wishes to Mrs. L tomorrow.
    And happy new year to all three of you!

  4. Airam says:

    Happy New Year Egan, N-Po and Anna! All the best!

  5. logo™ says:

    Ah yes, the changes of the child.
    About the time you get accustom to it though, the rules change again.
    2007 was interesting, I hope 2008 just gets better and better.
    Happy New Year, Egan!

  6. Tall Chick says:

    It definitely changes things. But life gets a lot more interesting, too. 🙂 Come make a snow fort with us!

  7. meno says:

    Best of luck to the Mrs. with returning to work.
    And Happy New Year to you sir.

  8. Chris says:

    Happy 08 to all and best to N-Po. I bet that if she were to receive flowers at the office tomorrow, it would help take the edge off.

  9. brookem says:

    Happy 08 to you too my friend.

  10. Pants says:

    Giant good luck wishes for Mrs. Lessings return to work!
    Happy 2008!

  11. naynayfazz says:

    Happy New Year to you too Egan. Can’t wait to watch your lil’ gal grow up throughout the year.

  12. nessa says:

    Happy New Year to you, too.

  13. Maggie says:

    I agree, let’s all kick ass this coming annee. Bonne chance for Ms. Lessinges and her big transition.

  14. Eunice says:

    “Honestly, parenting is so much more work than I ever imagined it would be. It has been really tough at times to the point it tests everything you know about your partner and yourself. No matter what though, I wouldn’t change it for a damn thing in the world. ”
    I don’t know that it could be said any better than that.

  15. Bemused says:

    Happy New Year to all of you! Sounds like 07 was blissful. I’m sure this year will follow suit with the cutie growing up.

  16. Happy 2008 Egan! What a wonderful year it has been for you with the birth of Anna. I wish you and your family the best of health, happiness and love this year and hope that all of your dreams come to fruition. Keep up the great job on this blog as I love to read it and hear about Anna’s growth. Best of luck to your wife as she returns to the workforce! (The one OUTSIDE the home!)

  17. tori says:

    Happy 2008! I wish your wife lots of luck going back to work. When are you dropping Anna off at my house? Did you really find someone besides me to watch her???? I am sad but I guess I understand since it is sort of far.
    Parenting is really hard work, but it is so rewarding too. I spent New Years having my daughter’s 10th birthday party with her friends. It was very much fun!

  18. sizzle says:

    happy new year! hope 2008 is a great year for you and the family. 🙂

  19. brandy says:

    Bonjour Egan! Happy 2008! The ipod touch you say? I have a few friends who got them for Christmas and I have to say I didn’t even know they existed until I saw one on Boxing day. Ahh, I’m so out of the technological loop. Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic 2008 filled with love, laughter and Anna’s first word being ‘harry potter’.

  20. Cake Lady says:

    Best of luck to Mrs. Lessinges and Happy Merry 2008 to your entire family.

  21. jalopy says:

    Parenting can even test what you are made of. As a single parent I often wonder would it be any easier if there were two of us. Nope, in fact I’ve heard it’s even harder. So best of luck on that little Anna you got there. She’s a cutie!!!

  22. egan says:

    Amanda – I figured you would probably relate to what I had to say in regards to parenting. I feel comfortable around kids, but raising one and hanging out with one is completely different.
    Justrun – you were out partying it up weren’t you? Did you take more pictures with your face obscured?
    Gwen – thank you very much. So far the day has been alright for my wife. There’s still three hours left though. Best wishes for a great 2008.
    Airam – thank you very much. I hope 2008 goes much better than 2007 did for you. At least you don’t have any dissertations to complete.
    Logo™ – that is so damn true. We’re currently in the “I can’t sleep unless someone is holding me” phase. Fun times for mom and dad. Best wishes to you and your family.
    Candace – true, it definitely does get more interesting. The path to interesting can be very bumpy at times. Snow fort? I’m there.
    Meno – happy new year to you as well. I hope San Diego was wet and miserable.
    Chris – what kind of guy do you think I am? A Flower Sender? Ha, now that’s some funny shit. Anyways, happy new year to you buddy.
    Brookem – Go Pats! I have one resolution this year: to comment on Facebook photos of all my friends everyday. Watch out!
    Pants – well thank you. Here’s to a great 2008 for you and the state of Utah.
    Naynayfazz – you and me both, I can’t wait to watch her grow up. She already has quite a bit and it’s so fun. Tomorrow she will say “uh-boo”.
    Nessa – thanks, Happy New Year right back at you.
    Maggie – I get the feeling you like the “kick ass” portion of this post. That or you’re mocking me. Regardless, I took it as a threat to my manhood. Now, have a rockin’ good 2008.
    Eunice – yep, crazy how much work is involved with parenting. I have no clue how my mom raised seven fairly well adjusted kids.
    Bemused – one can only hope the fun times carry over to this year. We’re two days into the year and Anna has decided she wants to be held while sleeping. Yeah.
    Princess Extraordinaire – you got that right, “the one outside the home”. What a juggling act it will become. Weekends have become so treasured once you have a child. Thanks for the nice compliment about my blog. Enjoy 2008!
    Tori – you still live a tad bit out of range for babysitting. Besides you seem to have your hands full with your four. I do appreciate the offer. If we move to Eagan, MN… I will keep your offer in mind. I hear you on the rewarding aspect of parenting.
    Sizzle – thank you, best of luck in 2008 for you too. You lived your first full year in Seattle, yeah!
    Brandy – Harry Potter? You’re so great for mentioning that. Um, you have a blog right? You can’t be that out of the technology loop. Wait, that’s not true because I know a blogger that talks about “chasing arrows” when discussing her new iPod Touch. She cracks me up.

  23. egan says:

    Cake Lady – Merry New Year to you too. I hope you celebrated New Year’s properly. I won’t make you go into details.
    Jalopy – hmmm, interesting observation about two parents. I don’t know, my wife and always say to ourselves “could you imagine being a single parent or raising twins?” I guess with a single parent you don’t have to convince the other person how it’s unwise to show little Johnny that power tools aren’t for toddlers. Happy 2008 yo!

  24. patches says:

    If having a child doesn’t completely change your life, you’re doing it wrong.
    WIshing the Misses strength, through the return to work transition, and a Happy ’08 to the three of you.

  25. brookem says:

    Oof, the damn chasing arrows. You know what I’m talking about now, right? Hey, if not, I’ll send you a picture.

  26. egan says:

    Patches – you make a fantastic point about life changing events & parenthood. You’re a wise wise kitty. Happy 08 to you and your owners.

  27. egan says:

    Brookem – I don’t want a picture of chasing arrows on your iPod. I know what they look like, but have never ever heard them described in such a manner. I do love it.

  28. Happy New Year!! I love that you have a question mark next to ‘pictures of my daughter’ on the side bar… that WOULD take time to get use to! 🙂

  29. egan says:

    A Life Uncommon – the question mark says it all. I wonder if there will be a time where I don’t say to myself “I’m a dad” over and over. I’m sure it will happen, but when? Happy New Year to you as well.

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