Pick & Choose

  • to gain as much weight as possible by eating nothing but Wheat Thins and Trix
  • to never be able to find anything on my computer or in my house
  • embrace IVF
  • learn the difference between a chardonnay and pinot grigio
  • inhale for the first time
  • master the Rubik’s Cube
  • get a "mani"
  • swear whenever I feel like it
  • post every single day in the month of February because Leap Years rule
  • run around the house naked on Thanksgiving Day
  • elect a rich white guy on November 4th to improve our great nation
  • eat "needs to be stirred" peanut butter out of the can with a toothpick
  • comment on Facebook photos every day of the year, watch out!
  • unlearn French
  • memorize the fine print of all the car ads on tv
  • punch randoms in the face while saying "because I feel like it, gosh"
  • stop blogging
  • stop lying
  • stop using my Darth Vader voice to my daughter
  • "dag nabbit"
  • suck a golf ball through a garden hose
  • to improve my skills as a Life Coach
  • stop talking and start doing! 

About lessinges

Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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44 Responses to Pick & Choose

  1. Tall Chick says:

    Pffff!! I still like “not do anything I say I will” but I think unlearn French is awesome because the concept of trying to unlearn anything makes me giggle. And I’m all over the not being able to find shit one.
    The peanut butter with a toothpick one sounds time-consuming.
    Definitely got some winners there, Dude.
    9-10 inches. Sheesh, Efo!

  2. egan says:

    Tall Chick – don’t challenge me, I’m in a surly mood if you can’t tell by the tone of this post. Keep it clean woman. This blog is G rated.

  3. I keep thinking how many other things I will get done if I stop blogging. Not that I spend too much time on it, but it takes time. reading other blogs too. Etc. I need to give up SOMETHING in my life so it may be blogging. Happy New Year. Oh, WHAT do you lie about? Eh?

  4. Diane Mandy says:

    It better not be to stop blogging! Happy New Year, Egan!

  5. Tall Chick says:

    G rated! That’s a good one. 🙂
    Grow, grow, GROW!!!

  6. Tall Chick says:

    PS go to that site I linked in my blog. It’s a sure cure for the surlies. Then again, if you hate cute little deer and rabbits, maybe not. . .

  7. Tall Chick says:

    PPS why are you feeling surly? Were you recently knighted?
    HA! I kill myself! ^_^

  8. JQ says:

    My resolution was to eat nothing but Wheat Thins and Trix as well! BFF!

  9. Bemused says:

    Just don’t… stop!

  10. liv says:

    well, i can see you’re already at work on the facebook gig. love ya, big guy. have a fab year full of joy with your family!

  11. Chris says:

    Listen up everyone, there’ll beo no more talk about giving up blogging – we can’t do that.

  12. meno says:

    i’m going for the rich white guy. They don’t call it “The White House” for nothin’

  13. justrun says:

    The first is my favorite, though I think my next post is going to make you want to add a few foods to that.

  14. Lynn says:

    Can I take one from column ‘a’ and one from column ‘b’…or wasn’t that an option?

  15. Gwen says:

    Are there people who don’t swear whenever they feel like it?

  16. nessa says:

    I think I can follow those resolutions.

  17. patches says:

    run around the house naked on Thanksgiving Day
    Why just Thanksgiving? I think you should this every holiday, including Boxing
    Day and Yom Kippur.

  18. brookem says:

    Ha, this is amusing.
    I think you can master the Rubix. And my other predictions from this list include that you will: get a mani, obviously the facebook thing, maybe the chardonay and pino- but I bet you already know that, and definitely NOT the febpomo business.

  19. Eunice says:

    Or…you could post 29 times on the 29th. I’m just sayin’.

  20. Tall Chick says:

    I think it would be ironic if you ran around naked on boxer day. Oh, wait, boxING day. Oh well.

  21. Tall Chick says:

    Tell me you haven’t stopped blogging from work! Cusz that would just be. . . WRONG!

  22. Maggie says:

    Just for reference, I would NEVER EVER mock you. Or insult your manhood. Unless either of those options were completely called for.
    As for this post, well I like the first one, but running around naked on Thanksgiving would sure make for a great family party now wouldn’t it?

  23. egan says:

    Steppingoverthejunk – you know what? I nearly pulled the blog plug a couple years ago. So yeah, I know exactly what you mean and with a five month old, it’s only become harder to maintain it. I lie about resolutions.
    Diane Mandy – I won’t stop blogging. The list was mocking real ones people make. I wanted resolutions that wouldn’t be hard to accomplish.
    Tall Chick – G rated is the only way to grow.
    Tall Chick – I will check out the site only because you say so. You’re queen of all links.
    Tall Chick – what do you mean by the “knighted” comment? Please elaborate.
    JQ – I’m glad you got my back. BFFs forever!
    Bemused – I won’t stop, it was an idle threat. Actually it was a joke not meant to harm anyone.
    Liv – I’m glad you enjoyed the Facebook stuff. It’s just one of the many ways I can show love.
    Chris – fine, have it your way… I will keep blogging.
    Meno – you should be writing jokes for Leno or Letterman. Well done.
    Justrun – are you doing one of those awesome mouth watering posts again? Those are so great. I guess I should wander over to your pad and find out.
    Lynn – you’re more than welcome to mix and match. You go with your bad self. You really should consider blogging every day of 2008.
    Gwen – yes, they do exist… only in captivity. I saw one the other day who happened to bite their lip uncontrollably.
    Nessa – I wrote them for the lowest common denominator.
    Patches – you’re right, I should aim higher. Every holiday I will streak, save Flag Day.
    Brookem – you really want me to get a mani don’t you? I suppose I could. Maybe next Christmas season.
    Eunice – now there’s an idea, 29 posts in one day. Let me think about this one. I like the way you think.
    Tall Chick – Boxing Day should be Boxer Day, I would embrace it even more. I still can blog from work, shhh, don’t tell anyone though.
    Maggie – you have twins right? Crap, I hope the IVF comment didn’t creep you out. The Thanksgiving thing did happen in 2005. It was a great sight for the nephews. The turkey was undercooked and I had to find a way to distract my family. So yeah, why not wear a g-string.

  24. Cake Lady says:

    “dag nabbit” I thought that was only used down here.

  25. egan says:

    Cake Lady – I have connections, connections that criss cross this country like a presidential candidate in October of a Leap Year.

  26. brandy says:

    Hmm… I like all of them except voting for the rich white guy. But I suspect you could have guessed that one.

  27. egan says:

    Brandy – ha, it’s too bad none of these here resolutions of mine are legit. I’m not so down with sweeping resolutions. I aim small.

  28. Pants says:

    Wow, you weren’t kidding about the photo commenting!
    I lopped off my hair today! Uh oh, I think I’m supposed to call you when I’m getting my haircut.

  29. egan says:

    Pants – you dropped the ball this time. How’s the new doo?

  30. brookem says:

    Patch Job.

  31. egan says:

    Brookem – that’s one job I don’t have. I can add that to my list.

  32. JLee says:

    You should add “eat fried Twinkies” to your list. I am! haha

  33. The Grunt says:

    Ooh, I like these resolutions.

  34. Lynn says:

    I already missed the 1st day…so I’m out…shucks. (insert eyeroll)

  35. kristin says:

    “elect a rich white guy on November 4th to improve our great nation”
    ummm.. nope.
    “punch randoms in the face while saying “because I feel like it, gosh”
    OH YEAH!

  36. Tall Chick says:

    Re the knight thing – Surly. ou said you were feeling Surly. Say it out loud. Sir-ly.
    Ah well, it’s no good if you have to explain it.
    How many randoms did you punch today? Uncle Fwick would probably approve.

  37. Tall Chick says:

    I’m gonna have to send MuNKi on another trip so I can watch Merlin again. ^_^

  38. Think Jacob says:

    If you’re just going to pick one, I’d suggest the inhaling one. It’s been a few years since I’ve inhaled. It beats getting drunk. ;p

  39. The Grunt says:

    These resolutions kick ass. I think I will add the “Trix” one to my list.

  40. egan says:

    JLee – now that’s a great idea, more fried food in 08. Consider it done.
    Lynn – now that’s a lame excuse. Blog every day or else. Come November, I will be all over your blogging ass. (that sounds wrong)
    Kristin – I hope you didn’t take my little list here too seriously. Me kid about the rich white guy thing. Make an ex-jock can run for president.
    Tall Chick – oh, that’s what you meant. Yikes, I totally missed that one. I suck. I didn’t randomly hit anyone today. I was feeling my inner zen.
    Tall Chick – that Merlin movie is growing on me.
    Think Jacob – hmmm, maybe I should inhale before I make a run for president. That will make for some fun interviews or I could light up during a debate. Nah, I’m not going to run for president, who am I kidding?
    The Grunt – want to split a bowl? Of Trix silly, not the green stuff.

  41. Maggie says:

    For reference I do have twins, I had them the natural way. My husband wants me to emphasize his studliness here. But you wouldn’t creep me out with IVF, as I’m sure you know now that you’ve read my post from today…not a whole lot could creep a girl that crude out.

  42. kristin says:

    I know you jest! I wouldn’t be here if I thought differently! 🙂

  43. Tricia says:

    Or, a rich white woman elected to the white house – one never knows. I never thought I’d see the day that my gender would even be CONSIDERED a candidate for presidency! WOO HOO!

  44. egan says:

    Maggie – you had twins naturally? You’re like a superhero then. I bet you have real hair on top of your head too. Your hubby is very very studly!
    Kristin – phew, I thought I scared you away with my faux resolutions.
    Tricia – well, I’m not so sure Hillary is going to work out. I’m a democrat and she bugs me a bit. I will gladly take her over a Republican though.

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