Riders in the Storm

Prius08Alright gang, it has been two glorious weeks since we bought our new ride. Here’s his* official coming out party.  Look at the sweet tinted windows. I’m not even sure if those windows are "street legal", but can one undo tinted windows?

I have to say the first two weeks of ownership have been blissful.  The Prius has a lot more room than one might think.  We got just under 33 miles per gallon on the very first tank.  Currently we’re at 35 mpg on present tank.

Granted the Prius doesn’t handle corners nearly as well as the MINI Cooper, but it does have many creature comforts we didn’t have with the MINI including: navigation system, Bluetooth, and a roomy backseat.  Don’t worry, we’re not going to put some obnoxious environmentally friendly bumper sticker on the car.  A smile to a HUMMER does the same trick… or a friendly wave.


In other news Anna is enjoying her first few full days at daycare.  Wednesday night she rolled over three times while we were Skyping, yes I made it a verb, with my wife’s dad.  I think our daughter is going to be quite the social butterfly.  She loves her class and picks up lots of new developmentals by watching the older kids.  We did have a couple brutal nights early this week.  Anna didn’t want to sleep soundly unless we held her which makes for a long night.  I may have slept on the floor in her room a couple times using a Boppy as a pillow.  Good times.  I’m happy to report she slept for ten solid hours without any middle of the night cuddling.  Yeah!


*his – we think we’ll name the car "Al" for Mr. Gore and because of that Paul Simon song from the 80s. Have a great weekend everyone!


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33 Responses to Riders in the Storm

  1. You know what? This is sort of related to your post. One time when I was looking for new digs with my roommate, we were calling random listings from craigslist and the newspaper. One of them was an apartment rented by “Al.” When we got to calling Al, we thought it would be fun to play that Paul Simon song. Al appreciated it, I’m sure.

  2. brookem says:

    Oh, and as far as the rest of your post…I think Anna will be a social butterfly too. I’m glad she (and you guys) got some more sound sleep last night. The car is pretty sweet!

  3. sprizee says:

    This is going to make stalking you so much harder. Now how am I suppose to get all those pictures of you driving beside Eyman. Gosh!

  4. egan says:

    you can be my bodyguard – wow, I thought you were someone else with that name. Now that’s a great story. Will the new generation of kids automatically associate the name Craig with a site full of free listings? I’m sure Al appreciated it, Craigslist posters are generally easy going.
    Brookem – Anna is growing in leaps and bounds. I have to say it’s quite remarkable how she changes from one week to the next. I’m glad you like the ride. Watch out for snowbanks!

  5. brandy says:

    You bought a Prius, you are naming your car after Al, AND Miss Anna is rolling over? This is a good post, a very good post indeed.

  6. egan says:

    Brandy – make no mistake, those two things did happen. The best part about this post is that it includes a photo and isn’t all that long. Blogging done right as they say. Yo, have a good weekend.

  7. BigBro says:

    Good thing you clarified which Al your car is named after because I was thinking Sharpton.

  8. JLee says:

    It’s not easy being “green” lol
    Al…I like it!

  9. meno says:

    But when are you going to pimp that ride?
    And when you wave at the Hummer drivers, do you use all your fingers, or just the one?

  10. Chris says:

    Best of luck with the Prius. I am glad that Ana is enjoying her daycare experience, I am sure it’s a relief.

  11. Kerry says:

    Baby Z starts daycare in two weeks. I hate the thought of it, but at the same time, I think the interaction with other kids is good.
    Glad Anna is doing well!

  12. mez says:

    now just because you have a new car doesn’t mean you’re going to stop writing all over other cars does it?
    What on earth does one use bluetooth for in a car?

  13. ms chica says:

    I say, those cranes in the background look familiar.

  14. kirk says:

    Remember Al’s kid got busted doing 110mph in his prius not too long ago.
    My car gets 35mpg, on the freeway, on flat land, if I keep it under 75.

  15. egan says:

    BigBro – there are moments when Al Sharpton seems completely normal. It’s too bad those are the exception to the norm.
    JLee – are you channeling Kermit? Kermit drives a Ford Escape yo!
    Meno – doesn’t window tinting count as pimping the ride or do I need to install a bowling ball cleaner in the trunk? Man, you read me so well on the hand waving thing. Well done.
    Chris – I love this, “best of luck with Prius”. That sounds like you expect it to blow apart in about two months. You sound skeptical by your comment. What gives?
    Kerry – I hear you, I felt that way before she started. I know they don’t get as much attention as if they were home with mom and dad, but it’s a pretty nice alternative. Even better because the daycare is in the same building where my wife works and I’m across the street. But yeah, I feel you. How is Baby Z?
    Mez – hells no! I will still muck up other cars. Are you serious about the Bluetooth thing? It’s used so you can chat hands free while driving. You just say the number and it dials the person via your cell phone. There’s a mic built into the car and you hear the caller through the car’s speakers. Make sense? It’s a safety feature.
    Ms. Chica – I bet they do look familiar. Too bad we didn’t meet up. There’s always next time.

  16. egan says:

    Kirk – that’s pretty damn good gas mileage for your car. I guess the Prius will hit its stride around the 3,000 mile mark and that’s when we should get about 45-50 mpg in the city. We’ll keep you posted. Hey, how often do you drive over 75 mph?

  17. mez says:

    err..I guess I don’t really talk on the phone all that much. I hate being so reachable. I’m more a text ’em and leave ’em kind of girl.

  18. Lynn says:

    I thought that guys name their cars and boats after women… so maybe ‘Al’ could also be short for Alice (as in Wonderland)( as Anna gets older I’m sure she would like that idea), or Alvin (as in the chipmunks) except I realize that Alvin isn’t a girl.

  19. Amanda says:

    Almost all the cars in Palembang have tinted windows. I found it strange at first but now really appreciate the fact that you can stare at people while stopped at the lights 🙂

  20. Bemused says:

    He is gorgeous. Curved, sleek and very suave.

  21. Chris says:

    Not skeptical at all – I love Toyota cars and the Prius too. I only meant it in the positive by friend…

  22. Diane Mandy says:

    Nice Prius!!! We just spent 65 euros to fill up the Mini (you can do the math and convert it to dollars) and just about had a stroke. Maybe for our 2nd car we might have to think Hybrid.

  23. Carrie says:

    As a fan of the mini – I’m impressed by your Prius. And AAAWWW to you cuddling your daughter to help her sleep.

  24. Carrie says:

    PS: have you tried swaddeling her like they did the first few days in the hospital?

  25. Airam says:

    Hella nice ride. You make environmentally friendly look all sexified and shit.

  26. Lindz says:

    Whoot for your prius! I want one too but must wait for those pesky student loans to magically disappear. Congrats.

  27. JQ says:

    Nice ride! Very sleek. Very sporty.

  28. egan says:

    Mez – ha, you and I are completely different. I love being reachable for some reason. Texting is nice, but not my greatest asset.
    Lynn – Alvin and/or Alice do work. This keeps the Prius gender neutral. We’re figuring the car has to be male since the MINI was a dude.
    Amanda – …. or you can pick your nose and nobody has to know. You can do all sorts of illegal activities with tinted windows; or just keep the sun out of your child’s eyes.
    Bemused – that was some double entendre.
    Chris – I will have to take your word on that one.
    Diane Mandy – the key thing to remember about the MINI is it’s sports car. Sure it’s tiny, but the car is designed for speed so the gas mileage is kind of an after thought. Ours didn’t fare so well in that department, but that’s because we rarely drive on highways here in Seattle. City driving is how it goes down most of the time. Trust me, I feel your pain.
    Carrie – the cuddling is one of my favorite things. She falls asleep in my arms and goes limp, it’s so stinking cute.
    Carrie – yeah, we swaddled her for a long time after she was born, about three months. Eventually she outgrew it and got too strong. She was able to muscle her way out of the swaddle. Her little arms wanted to be free.
    Airam – are you channeling Justin Timberlake?
    Lindz – oh, pesky student loans… I recall those. Paid the final one off right before we bought the new car.
    JQ – I’m glad you dig the ride. Do you love Al now?

  29. Jennifer says:

    Love the new ride. At my office, we sold a fleet of fourteen pick up trucks and replaced them with two white Prius cars, all for the sake of saving the earth.
    It’s a start.
    Happy new year!

  30. Tall Chick says:

    Our KitchenAid is called “Arnold” (or “Ahhhhhnold”) because he’s so strong. ^_^
    Nice ride!

  31. JQ says:

    No. I still think he is a weenie. I am all for conservation though.

  32. oh she’s rolling over now! Just wait til she starts crawling…walking…and DRIVING. >:)

  33. egan says:

    Jennifer – wow, that’s quite a change to sell all those vans for two Priuses. It’s a bold start if you ask me. Kudos to your company.
    Tall Chick – you and your nicknames for items found in your house. Enough said.
    JQ – you really don’t like Mr. Gore for some reason. Please tell me why sir.
    Emmaenlighted – I know, soon she will be talking back to us and getting ready for school. They grow up fast.

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