Le Testing de la Patience

Where have I been? I’m not even sure where to start as this week has been such a huge blur. Our daughter got healthy, so we took her back to daycare on Wednesday morning. Thursday her temperature rose throughout the day and I was summoned by daycare to take her home early since her fever eclipsed the 102 degree mark.

Anna just can’t catch a break. Early Friday morning I took her temperature and it was over 103 so we visited our pediatrician’s office. They looked her over and deemed her okay, just fighting something off. She’s had a fever on and off all day, causing me to stay home with her.

As parents we’ve been thoroughly tested this week. It is our hope that tonight (Friday night) her fever will finally break and she will kick whatever virus she has to the curb. We’re prepared to stay up all night, drive her around town, sleep on the floor of her room, or take her to the hospital if needed.

My wife and I make a good team as parents, but damn is this ever tough on us. Unfortunately we find ourselves second guessing our abilities and “over-tinker”. Did my wife wean too soon? Is she really allergic to milk-based formula? Maybe the soy-based stuff isn’t helping since she’s now constipated? Could she be teething? If she is teething, does that explain why she’s not eating as well since her gums are probably very sore? Should I really be teaching a five month old baby French? Are we over thinking this whole damn thing? Anyone got a Chill Pill?

We have no clue what’s going on with her little body. All we can hope is that a couple days from now she’s back to her old smiley self, flirting with her parents before bed time. This reminds me how we felt around week ten of the pregnancy and similar to the first week home with her… aw, the great unknown.

My current state: not showered in three full days, my throat is sore, my eyes propped open by caffeine, recent haircut, and my love for my wife and daughter is unwavering. Do me a favor and hug your parents and/or partner this weekend. No excuses, do it!


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29 Responses to Le Testing de la Patience

  1. Golden says:

    OH MY GOSH! FIRST AGAIN! How is this happening?
    That being said, you can rest assured that you are just like everybody else with a baby. And you can also rest assured that all the second guessing, third guessing, fourth guessing.. you get the idea.. is par for the course. And just when you think you’ve got it ‘figured’ out, something else will crop up to make you wonder. Ok, wait, maybe I’m just talking about me. I always felt like the world’s worst parent, like my son getting sick was somehow my fault. You can also rest assured that no matter what you and your wife do (which I might add is spectacular from what I can see), Anna will thrive, and she will be just fine. Bless your family, and I hope you all get a good nights rest.

  2. Done! I hope little Anna gets better, and soon! I’ll be thinking of her.

  3. Diane Mandy says:

    Oh my! Sounds like a really tough week. I hope you and baby Anna both feel better and that you get a desperately needed shower!

  4. naynayfazz says:

    My friend’s 3 month old has pneumonia and she and her husband are going through a similar time with their baby. They are stressed, up all night doing nebulizer treatments, back and forth to the doctor, etc. I feel for you both. I really do. It must be so hard to see a baby sick and not know how to help because they cannot communicate exactly what is bothering them. I will definitely kiss/hug the husband when he wakes up this morning!

  5. kirk says:

    I still don’t understand why the first thing you do is stop showering? Five minutes for a quick shower. Maybe her stinky dad is making her sick!

  6. Cheryl says:

    I give my mom a virtual hug ASAP. I hope you are all doing better. Hang in there, the smiles will come back.

  7. *pixie* says:

    Being a parent is simultaneously the most fantastic and frightening thing I’ve ever done. I’m squeezing on all of my family all day. I’ll be thinking of you and yours.

  8. sizzle says:

    i’m so sorry she’s sick. 😦 it’s really so heartbreaking when they are feeling awful and you just don’t know what to do but love them and be there for them.
    i promise to hug everyone today!

  9. qt says:

    Hang in there, dude. I don’t have kids, but with my keen eye I have seen this play out over and over again at every mom’s house I know. All you can try to do is make her comfortable. I hope she gets better soon…and yeah, hop in the tub, kay?

  10. The Scarlett says:

    The only thing more terrifying than being a first-time parent is being a first-time parent with a sick child. Take into consideration this is coming from a woman that has battled cancer.
    Don’t waste your time second-guessing yourself; it is counter-productive and just gives you the guilts. Whatever you do for your child is with the best intentions. If something doesn’t work for you and your family, just learn from it and move on.
    Every child, every situation is different. I had the luxury of being able to stay home with my kids and I was able to nurse them until they were weaned at about 13 months. They didn’t do day care. I think I did all of that more for me than I did for them – it’s not like they have any advantages for having been raised that way. The love and nurturing that you give your little girl when you are together is what matters most – you probably cherish the time with her even more because she isn’t with you 24/7.
    She’s going to be fine. You are still finding your way. Trust your instincts and your intelligence along this journey. You and your wife are turning into amazing parents and that little girl is lucky to have her.
    Now get showered, darn it!

  11. The Scarlett says:

    *lucky to have you . (Hit the ‘post’ button instead of ‘preview.’)

  12. meno says:

    Poor baby! It’s so scary when they are so little and get sick.
    Hang in there dad.

  13. tori says:

    How frustrating! Having kids is both the most difficult and the best thing I have ever done but man is it just plain hard some times! Not knowing if what you are doing is the right thing can make a person crazy! What I think is that as long as your heart is in the right place (which yours obviously is) everything will work out just fine even if getting there feels like it is going to really test who you are.
    I will keep you all in my thoughts and hope things lighten up very soon and that everything is back to normal again. When it gets tough, just remember that people go on to have tons of kids so it definitely gets easier/less stressful. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know! (I have no idea what that could be, but the offer is for real!)

  14. Amy says:

    Unfortunately I can’t hug my parents or my “partner” this weekend. But I promise to hug everyone when I see them again.
    I’m sending you a virtual hug instead. ({) Hope things return to normal real soon.

  15. patches says:

    A conscientious parent is a baby’s best ally….even if he hasn’t shaved in three days
    I’m off to hug my litter mate now.

  16. Chris says:

    Hey pal,my thoughts are with you, N-Po and Anna. I know it’ll all be alright…you are wonderful parents.

  17. Lynn says:

    It’s so tough when they are sick and they can’t talk and tell you what is bothering them. Trying to guess is tough. It will get easier once she is able to use words to describe what ails her. In the meantime…hang in there and know that you and the missus are doing the best job you can.

  18. mez says:

    I have a feeling that this ‘great unknown’ thing doesn’t end. Don’t second guess yourself – you sound like you’re parenting is fabulous.
    And don’t stop teaching your child French because
    1) bilingual children rock
    2) French is a bitch to pick up properly when you’re old and moldy.

  19. msmachine says:

    Just wanted to mention that the first year at daycare is chalk full of fevers, runny noses, and antibiotics. Most children get sick more often when they start group care.
    You guys are great. Focus on what is next rather than what you did or didn’t do. For example, it might be good to plan your next adult discussion to occur the next time that Anna sleeps. I recommend having that discussion in the shower.

  20. Carrie says:

    If it will ease your anxiety a bit you can check her stats q1, or every hour; temp, pulse, respirations… ins and outs (as in is she pooping/peeing as much as she is eating/drinking?). I know it calms me down when a loved one is sick to have all that information – plus you’ll be uber-prepared when seeing the MD.

  21. Airam says:

    Aww. I hope things start to turn around for the three of you.

  22. M says:

    My parents are 600miles away and I’m single. Do I get out of the hug?
    I hope your daughter is doing better. I’m sure she’ll pull through and you can tell her how scared you were when she’s 16 and giving you a hard time.

  23. sscalways says:

    I hugged my mom this weekend per your request. However I wouldn’t recommend you getting close to anyone with out a shower!!!!!
    As far as your little sweet baby, I would be careful maybe its a soy allergy. If I could recommend a formula I would HIGHLY recommend carnation good start. It has easy to digest comfort proteins (Whatever that means). This has been a savior to me and my many mommy friends!!!!
    Always ask your doctor first. However there is this formula that starts with an A and its very expensive but it WORKS for babies who have a hard time with soy and milk. Just remember you are the parents. The Doctor can give his opinion on certain things but you are the parents and you know your baby.
    Good luck and take a shower!!!!

  24. Airam says:

    Ok I can’t help but giggle at SSC’s “good luck and take a shower!” comment.

  25. Maggie Moss says:

    Hang in there. Stop second guessing as best you can. You’re doing the right things. And don’t forget that even though it is scary and tough, babies get sick, and they get better. She will too.

  26. caro says:

    Quand nos petits sont malades, il semble que tout s’arrête, que tous nos repères sont balancés par la fenêtre… Reste le sentiment affreux d’être impuissant, insuffisant, incompétent. Ravie de savoir que toi et Maman singe formez une équipe du tonnerre parce que dans ces moments pénibles, c’est à peu prés tout ce que nos petits chéris ont besoin: la sécurité que procure un maman et un papa qui s’aiment très fort. La nature s’occupe du reste mon vieux, n’aies crainte. Prompt rétablissement à la p’tite poupoune!

  27. L says:

    Aw, don’t beat yourself up, Efo. You guys are doing everything you can and with so much love, which makes Anna the luckiest little girl out there.

  28. justrun says:

    I’m sorry I dropped away a little bit. I’m glad your little one is feeling better and though I can only imagine those parental inadequacy feelings, you both must remind yourselves that two parents that would do anything for their child is the best thing for her.

  29. Pants says:

    Oh Edogg. I sure hope little Anna’s health (and your weekend) improved! Les Singes household has been tested, for sure. Please tell me you’ve showered.

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