Putting the “monkey” in Monkey Boy

What the heck have I been doing the past three weeks?  I can’t believe it has been nearly three weeks since I last blogged.  All is well on the homefront.  Our daughter’s health improved and yours truly got some much needed sleep.  I put some restrictions on my blogging, two key ones.  First, I told myself no blogging until I put on a Speedo.  Secondly, I had to promise myself I’d climb a tree.  Okay, I’m not saying I had to wear a Speedo while climbing a tree, just that I had to start swimming again and convene with Mother Nature.

Yesterday I accomplished both.  I did something I haven’t done since Anna was born, I swam in the pool.  I was a bit sluggish, but not as out of shape as I expected.  Shortly after that, I went home, changed my clothes, removing the Speedo, and headed to a local park.  I spied the perfect tree, a western red cedar, and began to climb.   I spent about 30 minutes fifty feet up in the air.  While suspended in the tree I watched cyclists pedal their bikes up the winding road below, cars avoiding cyclists, birds chirping, and parents walking through the park with their kids.  I did find time to snap a very unflattering photo of yours truly.

Here are signs I’m ready to start blogging again:

  • one day last week I sent out 40+ emails during my work day
  • I’ve started to lose weight again
  • next week will be my first full five day work week since mid-December
  • the writers strike is over
  • swimming equals wonderful blog material
  • I’m compulsively checking my Yahoo! inbox
  • leap year

I must share this too.  After my "Gestures" post, I got lots of emails.  It was nice to hear from everyone and explain in a more personal way how things are.  What touched me most were the calls from my friends who are parents.  They’re typically a quiet bunch, never really commenting on my blog, but they stepped up.  My guy friends are wonderful and could tell I needed to get stuff off my chest.   Merci mes amis!

I feel refreshed.  The three weeks away from blogging has been good.  The Egan of three weeks ago is gone and has been replaced by a slightly more charming version.   Get Shit Done Egan* is in the house!

*note –> "Get Shit Done Egan" is a newer nickname my wife has given me.  It’s when the highly motivated version of myself makes guest appearances.  My aim is to remove the word "guest" from the equation.   


About lessinges

Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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56 Responses to Putting the “monkey” in Monkey Boy

  1. CAPTCHA is my bi-atch says:

    You’re back!! Woot!

  2. Sicilian Mama says:

    Ok, now to my real comment. I really did read your whole post (no skim reading here, yo!)…I just wanted to ensure my spot as numero uno commenter on your first post back.
    I am so, so glad you climbed a tree (and how awesome is that picture?) and got back to the pool. Speedos rule!
    More importantly, I’m very glad that you are feeling better and refreshed. Please promise me that you’ll continue to make time for yourself – even if it’s just a few minutes in a tree trunk.
    Also, I changed my comment name again…this one will probably stick for awhile.

  3. Diane Mandy says:

    YOU’RE BACK!!! I’m so happy. Missed not having you around.

  4. Cake Lady says:

    Welcome back! I’m curious, when you were 50 foot up in that tree, did anyone notice you? If so, what was thier reaction.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Welcome back! You were missed, but I’m sure you already knew that. Glad to hear you’re on track. Now if only I could do that…

  6. Pink says:

    darn – was hoping for a photo of you in a tree in a red speedo
    welcome back!

  7. Maddy says:

    Glad you’re back [you’re on my reader now so that makes life easier when everything is getting backed up]
    Very impressed that you’re swimming [it’s February! do you wear a wet suit?]

  8. egan says:

    Captcha Biatch – ha, you’re back commenting and now you’re gone. A new identity has emerged. Did you climb a tree yesterday? Yes, I will continue to make time for myself. It’s part of my 2008 Goals.
    Sicilian Mama – ha, a new identity. Sweet. Speedos are the best brand of swimsuits out there. They make damn good goggles too.
    Diane Mandy – thanks yo! I got some post topics waiting to be post. I kept thinking of all this great stuff, but alas… I had to stick to my two stipulations.
    Cake Lady – nope, nobody saw me. I’m sly like that. I had on brown clothes to blend in. I was very tempted to make animal noises, but I didn’t want to make the local news.
    Cheryl – which part are you envious of? The tree climbing or getting back on track. Thank you for the kind words.
    Pink – I don’t think I’ve ever owned a red Speedo. You, Pink, have the power to change that.

  9. egan says:

    Maddy – ha, as if I swim with just a Speedo this time of year. Ha, as if I swim in the great outdoors. You’re a silly bird. Everyone loves the Google Reader, I suppose I should give it a stab.

  10. sizzle says:

    i’ll confess- i got a little giddy to see you pop up in my google reader.
    welcome back. it’s good to see you!

  11. egan says:

    Sizzle – why thank you. I’m keeping it a bit on the down low. I’m back and happy to be sharing/readings blogs again.

  12. Pants says:

    I am also compulsively checking your Yahoo! inbox.

  13. egan says:

    Pants – I can’t recall who I gave access to my account. Thanks for fessing up.

  14. justrun says:

    Well yeeha! Welcome back, to Speedos, I mean.

  15. brandy says:

    Hi. I’m glad you are back. I missed you.
    (Being around small children all day has really affected my vocabulary. I apologize).

  16. Maggie says:

    Bonjour! Je pet le feux! So glad to know you are better. Those first months/years of parenthood can really take it out of you and personal time and proper sleep can really take a detour. Glad you got some back on your plate.

  17. Amy says:

    YAY! You’re back! I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how you were doing. I almost sent you an e-mail yesterday, but as I was writing I changed my mind. I thought if you weren’t blogging yet, you probably weren’t going to be that receptive to e-mail. I really didn’t want to overstep. Glad to see you back and to know that things have improved.
    Now I want to change my comment name too. Any suggestions?

  18. Hi, I’m new here but I have to say I’ve really enjoyed your posts and have been reading you for well over a year now. I’m sorry it took me so long to comment. Anyways, I’m really glad you’re back to blogging because I did miss your stories.
    Oh and wasn’t there supposed to be another more visual change on here?

  19. Chris says:

    Hi there Monkey Man…you were missed but I am glad that you got some of what you were searching for.

  20. meno says:

    MMMmmm. I have spent many an hour up in a tree watching the rest of life flow by.
    It does wonders for the attitude.

  21. Pants says:

    I should probably follow your lead and work on my inner Get Shit Done Pants.

  22. churlita says:

    I’m glad you’re back and blogging. I’m also happy things are calming down for you a bit.

  23. kurt (lake) says:

    watching a show on apes and chimps on pbs tonight.. monkeys are pretty cool…
    so is the west coast!

  24. L says:

    Glad the funk as lifted and you’re finding your groove again, Stella.

  25. mez says:

    I thought climbing a tree was going to be a metaphor about reaching for higher branches in your emotional/awareness self or “tree” but no…I clicked over to the photo and there you are..in a real TREE. I should have known.
    Glad to hear that you are feeling better about getting back to blogging because I sure missed you!

  26. Cléa says:

    He’s baaack!!
    Now the photo up a tree is cute and all that, but what about a pool shot, even one in Speedos?? 😛

  27. I’m glad you’re back, you cheeky monkey! Every blogger needs a hiatus…now where are those pics of you in a Speedo??

  28. tori says:

    I’m so happy you are back! I am glad that you are getting things done and that you got to swim and climb a tree. I swam yesterday after being away from it for a few weeks and it always amazes me just how good it feels to be back in the water.

  29. JQ says:

    Welcome back monkey man.

  30. brookem says:

    It’s good to have you back Efo! What I really like about you is that you had the introspection to know what you could do to help you out of your funk (the swimming and tree climbing). I think that’s really cool. So many people have shit that bogs them down from time to time, but just don’t know how to get out of it, or even know of certain little gems that they could do that would make things seem a bit more… manageable. And not that that’s a bad thing, but it’s a hell of a lot more bearable when you know of certain… go-to’s that can make things seem a little less stresful.
    Anyway, it’s good to have you back. You’re bloggy presence was missed!

  31. JLee says:

    That is wonderful to hear, Egan! I tried to leave a comment, but I think it got eaten? Damn it! Too late to repost, but my thoughts were with you and your little girl 🙂

  32. Think Jacob says:

    Ah, tree climbing and puddle jumping. Two activities that you’re never too old for. Once it’s spring around here (as soon as the trees have leaves), I’m climbing a tree.
    Stop and disperse a puddle with your feet sometime. Play in the rain. It doesn’t hurt; it’s only water.

  33. Princess Extraordinaire says:

    So great to have you back! I am glad that Anna is better and that you are feeling so revitalized!

  34. Lynda says:

    I am just curious as to if anyone gave you strange looks as you climbed the tree?
    I don’t think I have ever been tree climbing. I may have to try it one day!

  35. egan says:

    Justrun – are you going to insist I post a Speedo picture too? It seems like people want visual proof I went swimming.
    Brandy – ha, is that why you’re typing short choppy sentences? I suppose being around small kids does skew things. I missed reading blogs and commenting. I’m back now though and ready to challenge you.
    Maggie – I’m sure you know all too well about those first few years of parenting. I have mad props for anyone raising twins. I can’t even imagine how challenging that must be. I’m gaining my personal time back yo! We’ll see if it lasts.
    Amy – thanks for thinking of me. An email would have been nice, but I can see where you might not want to intervene. Maybe you could change your blog handle to “NS1”. Just a thought.
    Essentially Me – how can you be new to my blog yet know intimate details about my blog? I’m confused. Are you a Jedi of some sort? Comments, it’s nice to comment on blogs isn’t it.
    *pixie* – thank you very much. It’s good to be back.
    Chris – you were so so tempted to quote Bono weren’t you?
    Meno – really? you climb trees too? I think it’s such great fun. Hanging out, watching the world do their thing as you take in the scene. I wasn’t quite as nimble as the last time I climbed and I was much more cautious.
    Pants – we’ll see how long this lasts. I’ve found the iPod touch has been good for keeping me on task. Love them Apple products.
    Churlita – me too, it’s nice to be back and not be sleep deprived and irked.
    Iris – you bet I really did climb a tree. The photo wasn’t so great, but it did the trick. Typepad ate your comment? Damn that hungry blog provider!
    Kurt – the West Coast is where it’s at. Do you have two turntables and a microphone?
    L/Stella – yeah, life is good. The nice sunny days helped too, but I saw you dissing us Seattleites who sun worship. Don’t make me kick your ass.
    Mez – I used to climb trees all the time as a kid. I’ve maybe climbed three trees since the age of 18, but each time has been worth it. It’s a great feeling and a really fun way to get a new perspective on things, literally.
    Cléa – I’m working on a Speedo™ picture, but my gym doesn’t allow me to use my camera phone in the locker room for very obvious reasons.
    Mona – you want to see the Speedo™ pictures too? Hmmm, I will have to find a sufficient solution.
    Tori – there’s something so liberating about swimming in the pool. I think it’s feeling of contolling your body in water that feels so wonderful. Maybe it’s the smell of chlorine in the hair too. I love that smell. Yes, I’m kind of weird.
    JQ – thanks hombre!
    Brookem – thanks for such kind words. When I was a kid and feeling a bit overwhelmed with my teenaged angst, a session up in a tree usually did just the trick. I’ve learned it still works really well as an adult too. No need to buy a red Mustang, just chill in a tree.
    JLee – thank you very much. It’s nice to be back and have such great support from bloggers and friends.
    Think Jacob – yes, puddles are a damn good thing too. In college I’d run home from work to my apartment (about three miles) and sometimes it would rain… imagine that here in Seattle. I loved puddle jumping. As an adult, I love doing puddle jumping too, but now it’s to avoid them. I need some galoshes. You’re right, it’s only water and Seattle has plenty of it.
    Princess Extraordinaire – thanks, the gang is feeling pretty damn good these days. It’s a nice thing.
    Lynda – I’m very stealth. The park I was empty aside from the family of three walking ahead of me. Once they got down the path, I found my tree to climb and quickly scaled the tree. If someone did spot me, I wouldn’t give a shit. It’s a good healthy form of exercise. You should give it a try sometime.

  36. Lindz says:

    Yay! You’re back. Question… do you always swim in a speedo? Glad to hear all is bon avec les singes!

  37. egan says:

    Lindz – yes, I always swim in a Speedo. Keep in mind the Speedo I swim isn’t your traditional “tighty whitey” type swimsuit. Mine looks more like bike shorts than anything.

  38. Sicilian Mama says:

    I probably won’t be climbing trees for awhile. But I used to climb them all the time when I lived on the farm! I had a favourite apple tree across from our barn that I would hang out with my books in the spring and summer.
    I’m glad that you have 2008 goals, too. I had a bunch of them, but they are getting changed now.

  39. egan says:

    Sicilian Mama – apple trees are nice to climb, but they just aren’t so tall. They are probably great for lounging in while reading books. I get this picture in my head of some after school special. I do have goals, I’m going big places in 2008. That’s all I’m saying.

  40. Diane Mandy says:

    Question is where are you today? I expected to see another post already. Are you back or are you BACK? Teasing, of course.

  41. Gwen says:

    Good to have you back; you took long enough.
    Fifty feet up a tree? Sounds like an interesting way to get some perspective.

  42. egan says:

    Diane Mandy – very funny. I’m clearly back as you can tell by the response times to the comments above, and yours too. I didn’t get a chance to create a new post last night since I was farting around with YouTube.
    Speaking of farting, somebody in my general vicinity at work is definitely passing gas. Trust me, it’s not me.

  43. Diane Mandy says:

    Probably a Miller Lite drinker…

  44. egan says:

    Gwen – yep, it’s a very interesting and cool way to see the world. It’s kind of nice to be up a tree as the world passes by. Cars driving underneath me completely unaware some 34 year old dude is watching them weave through the park.
    Don’t think I didn’t notice your comment about “taking long enough”.

  45. egan says:

    Diane Mandy – ha, nice cheap shot there. Miller Lite drinkers are all the same aren’t they?

  46. qt says:

    Welcome back Egan!!!

  47. egan says:

    QT – thanks, it’s good to be back. I have some spying/reading to do.

  48. SSC says:

    Welcome back, I want a meme report with pictures. Nice one with the tree, mmmmmmmm what about the swimming one?
    Oh and you have been missed!!!!!!!!!!

  49. egan says:

    SSC – the blogger that formerly lived here never ever did memes. The new blogger who resides here is likely to take the same stance. Monkey Boy is a funny creature. Speedos for everyone!

  50. SSC says:

    Hmm very interesting.

  51. ms chica says:

    Welcome back! I’ve been ass-over-tea-kettle-busy, and am getting caught up with my reading. Life is so much better when you spend a little time outdoors.

  52. brandy says:

    challenge me? Dude, whatever you are challenging me to you- you win.
    Can you tell I’m feeling a bit beaten down right now?

  53. egan says:

    Essentially Me – so which kind of Jedi are you, good or bad?
    SSC – I have my reasons for not liking memes, but thanks for thinking of me. I mean it. I still adore you.
    Ms. Chica – busy is as busy does. I noticed you’ve been a bit busier too based on blog post output. Life is strange sometimes.
    Brandy – why are you feeling beaten down? Is it because of Hillary’s lame attacks to Barack Obama’s manhood? She’s pissing me off these days. I don’t want to challenge you to anything.

  54. Hal says:

    Glad to hear that things are good at home, and to have you back in tbe blogosphere!

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