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The Nipples are in the Microwave

I’m really dreading the trip to the airport in less than 10 hours. I’m going to miss my wife, of course, but I know it will be rougher on her. Saying goodbye to your husband for a week, hard, but … Continue reading

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Le Jour to Find Oeufs ’08

There were many pictures taken last Sunday. I think this is my favorite of all of them because of her expression and her missing sock. She and I will be super BFFs soon, not that we aren’t great pals already.

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Like Luke with One Hand

Crapola, I spent 20 minutes typing a thought provoking non-sarcastic post only to have it lost in the bowels of Internet Explorer.  I blame those damn enhanced security permissions of Internet Explorer 7.  I gave it permission to open a … Continue reading

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Hop Along Weekend

I think I blinked my eyes three times last weekend and it was Sunday night. We had big plans to get our house spotlessly clean for a house appraisal on Monday morning. Sometimes things just aren’t meant to be though. … Continue reading

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Hip Rose City

It’s time for me to come clear on something. I give my father-in-law a really bad time about his addiction to Nicorette. I mean the guy is always chomping the nicotine gum and sticking it back in the pointy plastic … Continue reading

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FKT: the sicko

I’ve been under the weather recently. I’m usually quite healthy so this bout with sickness the past couple months is really starting to annoy me. What does one do to combat that icky feeling? Well put on some of your … Continue reading

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