Hip Rose City

RicolaIt’s time for me to come clear on something. I give my father-in-law a really bad time about his addiction to Nicorette. I mean the guy is always chomping the nicotine gum and sticking it back in the pointy plastic wrapper. You could take an eye out with the damn packing that’s only slightly safer to handle than broken glass. The point is he’s always chewing nicotine gum so has he really given up smoking? The answer is yes, but I still feel it’s my duty to give him a bit of static. I don’t even want to know how much he spends per week on the nicotine gum. At least he’s not polluting his lungs and such.

Here I am a full week into my cough and I officially feel like a junkie for cough drops. Not just any cough drops though. They must be the ones pictured above, Ricola Original Herb. I’ve had trouble suppressing my cough with anything else. These Swiss “candies” have me yodeling in my sleep. Yes, I’m fully aware I’m blogging about the Swiss on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a very damn good thing I’m 1/128th Irish and 1/32nd Swiss.

To date I’ve tried various other cough remedies including Mucinex, lots of beverages, honey lattes, hot tea, swedish fish, staring at pictures of Hillary, drinking water from the wrong side of the glass, Robitussin AC (with codeine), and acupuncture. It’s like trying to stop me from hiccuping, nothing works. Tomorrow I plan on sticking five Ricola’s in my mouth at once and will attempt to “talk shop” with anyone who stops me in the hall or calls on the phone. Good times. It’s either that or just cough in the crotch of my arm.


I think I got my holidays mixed up because I’m in love. This weekend we went to my second most favorite city I’ve lived in, Portland, Oregon. We saw some friends and did our first overnight trip with Anna in our hotel room. Saturday night she outslept her dad threefold at least, I blame the codeine, by logging 11 hours in the hotel’s portable crib.

Img_1871She slept for half the three hour car drive each way with only one minor fussing fit. She amused our friends with her new bouncing moves, her smile, and acerbic wit. At daycare they chant “Go Baby, Go Baby, Go go Baby” when coaxing a child to walk, the child usually bobs their head. After chanting this to her all last week, we’re happy to say my daughter can now dance better than me, thus why I love her.

At the end of this month my wife’s headed to Asia for the first time. She will spend 8 days in Tokyo for work. I’m very excited for her, but it’s bittersweet since it will be 8 days away from our adorable child. Trust me, I can handle our daughter, however I know it’s going to be really hard for my wife to be so far away from her little girl. It truly is nice to be able to share the workload when it comes to parenting. I love you girls!

Crap, I best get to bed since a certain housemate of mine insisted I watch a 60 Minutes segment about sleep deprivation. Rumor has it, 4 hours of sleep is a bad thing and can turn you into a really grouchy person in less than one day. Bah humbug. Happy Green Day!


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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37 Responses to Hip Rose City

  1. Amanda says:

    Have you tried the chewy Ricola drops? They are these little bell shaped thingis….Sorry I can’t remember what their real names are. I love those. There was a time when I would have a pack with me whether I had a problem with my throat or not.
    I also really enjoy Tokyo and am completely envious of your wife. In a past life, I had many trips there and one thing that does stick in my mind (amongst many) is how cute all the children there are. Your wife will definitely miss your daughter when she sees them.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Awwww…cutie pie. I can’t even begin to imagine how your wife feels about Tokyo – I’m besides myself if I have to leave Luke and go play a 3 hour show.
    My no-fail cough remedy? A hot toddy made with Jack Daniels. Never fails. Tea, lemon, honey and a healthy shot of Jack.

  3. Chris says:

    Buckley’s Cough Mixture, their tagline is “tastes awful, works great. I can attest to both.
    This stuff is really vile but works better than anything I’ve ever tried – it’s kind of hard to find around here now.

  4. tori says:

    I love how much in love you are with your family!
    I can say definitely yes, sleep deprivation makes a person cranky. Just ask my husband how fun it was to live with me this weekend. Mostly Saturday since I had a few sick kids Friday night who were up quite a bit. I was pretty cranky and snippy. I may have even tried to pick a fight several times. Luckily, my husband saw what I was doing and cut me off without getting suckered into a fight that wasn’t necessary. Instead, he sent me to my room for a nap, which made my kids laugh because when they are cranky I tell them to go in their room until they can be nice. I guess it was good for them to see that the rules apply to me too and that nap was most excellent.

  5. Pants says:

    Oh my goodness, that shot of baby les singes is beyond precious. I can only imagine how hard it would be for mrs les singes to be away from baby les singes for that amount of time. And you too, of course!

  6. Carrie says:

    Um, Ricola cough drops are the best thing EVER. I don’t think you’re quite “Intervention” point just yet, but let me tell you; the Cherry Mint drops are SO addictive!!

  7. egan says:

    Amanda – nah, I haven’t tried the chewy Ricola drops. It’s amazing how many different kinds of sore throat lozenges there are. I will have to give them a try. My wife and I have been emailing back and forth today about the cool pool in her hotel. Good times.
    Tiffany – what constitutes a healthy shot of Jack, ratio wise? I know it’s going to be really tough on my wife to be away from her. A week will go really fast and I’m making her a DVD she can bring with her and watch any time.
    Chris – I’ve never heard of this. Vile, but works. Hmmm, this could be fun blog material. I will research this.
    Tori – thanks, they’re two easy girls to love. Question, does your hubby get up with the kids in the middle of the night ever? I’m only asking since it seems many dads somehow avoid the middle of the night stuff. I’m all in favor of power naps, I’m a huge napper.
    Pants – I’m not precious like Anna is though, so I get what you’re saying. She was napping next to our hotel bed when I snapped this shot. So cute to see her sleeping.
    I also sleep on my left side.
    Carrie – ha, I thought about the Intervention comparison too. The wrappers are everywhere and I’m writing blog posts about how wonderful they are. I’m not too far away from a junkie though.

  8. Pants says:

    I like how she sleeps in an “L”.

  9. Nilsa S. says:

    Yeah, I heard anything less than 7 hours of sleep is baaaaad. On a good night, I get 7 hours. I’ve got to work on that one…

  10. Sicilian Mama says:

    Pricking yourself with safety pins is not the same as acupuncture. Sheesh. But I am glad that you’re finding some relief with the Ricola.
    Ok, that picture of Anna? Sooooo adorable! I know that you know this already, but I like pointing out the obvious. Anyway, I’m totally digging the way she sleeps and this picture is convincing me that I need a nap right now. Me tired, yo!

  11. ms chica says:

    I wish I slept that peacefully. Today was was St. Pat’s day? Crap another holidays slips past me.

  12. meno says:

    You will be alone with Anna for 8 days?
    That’s a chick magnet for sure. Not so much the coughing though.

  13. Cheryl says:

    I got nothing to add. So I’m just saying hi and wishing both you and your wife luck while she is in Asia.

  14. SSC says:

    OMG I love Ricola. Maybe because it has cola in the word. Anyway I hope you are feeling better. The flu bug seems to have gotten a hold of everyone.
    Wow Tokyo? I would be nervous of getting germs in another country. Who will watch the baby? You should go as well and have that be your vacation or leave the baby at home. However I completely understand mom on this one.

  15. Cléa says:

    I loved Tokyo! Can I go instead?

  16. Gwen says:

    Have you tried the saline nasal flush thing? Very fun. AND it causes you to make all kinds of attractive noises, which may just cause your wife to fall as deeply in love with you as you are with your daughter.
    It’s worth a shot.

  17. Allison says:

    “ascerbic wit” I love it. What a great description!

  18. justrun says:

    Aww, just the beginning of the Home Alone With Dad = Ice cream for Dinner memories. 🙂

  19. brookem says:

    how was the sleep special? how’s your cold? how did it go over putting all the ricolas in your mouth and attempting to talk shop?
    i always have had the urge to go to portland. i think the style of that area would suit me. hmm. one day perhaps.

  20. egan says:

    Pants – I’m partially going to take credit for the L sleeping thing. I put her in her crib on her side and then adjust her legs so she won’t teeter over to her back. It does look very cute.
    Nilsa – seven hours of sleep for me would be wicked good. I’m usually right around six. I think I truly can function pretty well on six hours, screw research and 60 Minutes.
    Sicilian Mama – the L is the way to sleep. I did it last night and now my cough is nearly gone. Ha, you don’t think that counts as acupuncture? Darn.
    Ms Chica – it sure was, did you have some green beer at least? How about dance like a leprechaun?
    Meno – correct, I will have 100% of the responsibility for 8 days. I think I can handle it. If I don’t blog for eight days, now you will know why. I’ve learned chicks don’t dig coughing. Sounding like a sea lion isn’t sexy. Walking with my daughter around Green Lake, now that’s sexy.
    Cheryl – I will take the good wishes. I’m sure the first couple days will seem like an eternity, but after that we’ll be golden. Thanks!
    SSC – what do you mean you completely understand mom? Just knowing how she will miss baby? My wife has to go there for work so I don’t think I will be tagging along this time. Perhaps if she “has” to travel to France, I will be going then. Are you a germaphobe?
    Cléa – you’ve already been there so it’s my wife’s turn, capiche?
    Gwen – we’ve used the saline stuff on our daughter, but I haven’t used it. My wife suggested it last week and I balked at the notion. Now that I’m feeling pretty good (no Ricolas so far today) I’m going to pass on the saline thing. Hey, I bought this today. You should be jealous.
    Allison – from time to time I can pull big words out of my ass.
    Justrun – there will be no ice cream yet. Well I will have some after she goes to bed, but I don’t want her getting any brain freezes just yet.
    Brookem – the sleep was special in that I had wacky dreams about having no appendages. Cold is nearly gone, FINALLY. Didn’t pull the Ricola stunt yesterday. I can see you in Portland. What do you know about the city? It’s a cool place and I could see my wife and I ending up there some day.

  21. Jenin says:

    Portland is MY FIRST favorite city!!
    Ugh I think I am coming down with something too= everyone I know is sick. Fooking COLDS! Good luck with the Ricola. I am going to go drink some more coffee to try to stop(?) the pounding in my head.

  22. egan says:

    Jenin – I figured you’d say that about PDX. You do have yourself a fine city. Pounding headaches when you have a little one reliant upon your every move, not so fun. I’m drinking heaps of tea today. Ricola count today = zero!

  23. *pixie* says:

    I’m heading to Chicago for three days the first week of April and I’m freaking out about leaving the baby (who will be one on Monday, btw). I can’t imagine 8 days!

  24. egan says:

    *pixie* – it will be tough. The longest either of us has been away from her so far is overnight, while in Chicago. It was for only about 24 hours and when she wasn’t nearly as interactive as she is now. Dad is going to enjoy his time with daughter, but I know it will be rough on mom. Your hubby will do a great job with the little guy.

  25. Pants says:

    I think you should try and get wee baby les singes to act out other letters in her sleep. You could make a calendar!
    I have no idea what that means.

  26. Pants says:

    On second thought, I think that means that I haven’t been sleeping well and I need to lay off the Benedryl.

  27. egan says:

    Pants – you want me to form Y M C and A don’t you? Hells no! We can end this discussion right here and now.
    Pants – Benedryl. Last time I took that stuff I got bumps all over my body. I have no idea why I took it in the first place, but me body no likey.

  28. L says:

    What a cute picture of Anna! You’ll have to set up a little webcam for Mrs. LesSinges to see her while she’s in Japan.

  29. egan says:

    L – yah, hopefully we can do the Skype thing while she’s there. I have to see if it can be installed on her computer. I’m going to burn a DVD of Anna videos that she can at least play on her laptop.

  30. Cléa says:

    In that case, tell Mme Lessinges to make time for shopping for Anna. They have a lot of cutesy baby things over there, and they go overboard with that stuff.
    Feel free to email me if you need any tips on Tokyo, not baby stuff, but in general.

  31. brookem says:

    i know not too much about the city. other than, way back a while ago, i took this quiz on, “find your perfect city”- welp, portland and salt lake city were my 1 and 2. i think not knowing much about it is also part of the intrigue for me. hey, you never know.

  32. Kerry says:

    She will miss that baby so much! However she’ll enjoy the break. Its a weird mix of emotions!
    Have fun Anna’s mommy!

  33. Pants says:

    That’s weird, I take Benedryl to make bumps (allergic reactions) go away.
    And I promise not to suggest you do anything Village People related with your bundle of love!

  34. egan says:

    Clea – you’re such a great friend. I will definitely send you an email. My wife is really excited about her trip and I’m happy for her. It will be nice for her to get a bit of time off parenting and travel. They will have an entire weekend to do touristy stuff. Watch for an email. They’re staying in the Shibuya part of town. Man, I sound dumb just typing that. Baby clothes, good suggestion.
    Brookem – based on what I know about you, i could see you really fitting in well there. You should fly out there for a weekend with your mom and see what you think. There are lots of social service type jobs in Portland. Ocean beaches are close, mountains, Hawaii, SF, Seattle, Whistler, and heaps of local beer.
    Kerry – I totally know what you’re talking about. It’s kind of like when she went back to work. At first she was nervous, but it will only make the heart grow fonder. She’s going to have a blast. Her hotel looks damn cool.
    Pants – I can’t remember what the hell happened when my skin freaked out. It was about ten years ago and has never happened since. I had some sort of allergic reaction. Phew, the Village People just aren’t cool.

  35. mone says:

    Now that I read about your girl I forgot already what I was reading and wanted to comment on first…
    Enjoy your girl and happy easter =)

  36. egan says:

    Mone – I lose track of what I was talking about all the time in the presence of women. I feel you.

  37. viva says:

    you live in a progressive health care city. see if you can find a practitioner who sells HEEL/BHI products. their cough syrup called Nectadyne is the best and I give it to many patients. tastes great and works for ALL coughs. just do not give it your daughter til she is over 1 because it has honey in it.
    there has to be a better alternative to codeine. makes them sleep but dosing is always scary and too much is not a good thing. same with benadryl and kids.
    I had a bunch of those ricola cough drops when I got the cough bug a few weeks ago…never a good thing to have your doc coughing in your face while trying to get people healthy.

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