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Coffee Anniversary Brew Baby

When I smell fresh coffee grounds I always associate the smell with my childhood friend’s house. His parents were always brewing some darn good java. They’d dump the grinds in their compost bin located under their kitchen sink. They were … Continue reading

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Friday Night Bites

A fellow blogger sent me a cool link where you answer a bunch of questions and your ideal city to reside is located. My number one city was Portland, Oregon. Hmm, my wife and I have entertained thoughts of picking … Continue reading

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Fridays Just Feel Right

I haven’t much to say other than I’m testing out this Blog It feature on Facebook. If all goes well this post will magically appear on my blog. I can’t think of anything cooler than creating a blog entry while … Continue reading

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The One I Can’t Shake

I can’t carry on like this since I’ve had something consuming my mind the past week. I got a call from my buddy a week ago following my soccer game. We didn’t get around to chatting on the phone until … Continue reading

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Dirty Unwashed Hippies

Let me get a couple orders of business out of the way.  First of all,  happy 40th birthday to my brother.  He’s lucky enough to share the ever important Earth Day with the rest of the world.  Happy birthday kind … Continue reading

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We’re Related by Blood

My older brother and I chatted on the phone last week. We chatted about the great new R.E.M. album, Accelerate. I know I’ve talked about this same topic not too long ago, but it’s a damn good release. Buy it … Continue reading

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Par les Chiffres

[Par Lay Sheef] — that’s a rough pronunciation of the expression "by the numbers" in French. We’ve had many things happening so I figured I’d bring you up to speed based on some numbers I encountered Wednesday. 7: hours of … Continue reading

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