Baby You Can Drive My Car

My co-worker is going to Maui for six days on Thursday. It’s fair to say I’m very jealous. I was jealous when my friend went to Costa Rica and even more jealous when my wife went to Japan. Now I can see why I didn’t see much of the world in my youth. Being part of such a large family, the only time we ever did anything was in our station wagon. Airfare wasn’t all that affordable when I was young. I vaguely recall my first plane flight when I was about ten years old. I flew with my mom back up to Seattle from California’s Bay Area. It was probably another ten years until I hopped on another plane to visit my brother living in Alaska.

BeretOver the more recent years I’ve become a decent traveler, but I’m still no expert. To this day, my wife and I joke about our adventures getting to Paris in 2004. We took a direct flight from Seattle to Copenhagen and we had some time to kill in the very clean Copenhagen airport before our connection to Lutèce. I didn’t sleep the entire flight so I was dreadfully tired… more accurately I was simply dreadful to be around. For two hours my wife antagonized me because I so grouchy. We huddled around our bags excited to get to Paris. Au revoir "Copenhagen Egan". These days I’m much more refined.

I bring this up because my wife is still recovering from her trans-Pacific jet lag. Her first few days in Seattle have been rough on her sleep patterns. She took a nap right after we got home from work early Wednesday evening. I gave her an extra ten minutes to sleep, then tried to wake her. She said "you can drive the car". I grinned knowing she was in the midst of a wild automobile dream. I jostled her again, "go, take the car". I bit my lower lip and quietly exited our bedroom. About twenty minutes later when she did wake up, she didn’t recall our discussion about cars. Luckily she was dreaming about cars and not James McAvoy or Joaquin, the dream, Phoenix.


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36 Responses to Baby You Can Drive My Car

  1. Cléa says:

    Or… speaking Japanese in her sleep! I’m lucky I don’t talk in my sleep. I just grunt.

  2. egan says:

    Cléa – grunting, I like it. J’espere que tu vas mieux.

  3. brookem says:

    haha. jetlag can be a bit of a bitch, huh?

  4. egan says:

    Brookem – damn right it can. Look who’s up nice and early? C’est moi.

  5. tori says:

    I talk in my sleep. I always say it is a good thing I have no secrets from my husband or else he’d know anyway!
    I used to sleep walk too. Thankfully I outgrew that, but now have 2 kids that sleep walk!
    I hope your wife gets back on schedule soon and feels less tired. It is such a pain having jet lag.

  6. mez says:

    I’ve been known to laugh in my sleep. Once I had this dream that I was telling really funny jokes. It was hilarious I actually woke myself up from laughing so loudly. Have also worked out complex mathematical problems in my sleep that I had no idea how to work out during the day. Weird – sort of woke up with the answer.
    Meanwhile I have first dibs on Joaquin. Sorry to N. She has you.

  7. Chris says:

    Sign that you are a brilliant blogger: The long awaited return of Joaquin the Dream. Well done!
    Smiles to the whole Fo/Po family all back in Seattle.

  8. mone says:

    Well, it should be an honor to be alowed to drive the car 😉

  9. JLee says:

    Maui?? I’m jealous too. Never been to Hawaii and it’s on my list for sure.
    Hope your wife gets over her jet lag. You can worry when she starts speaking in Japanese to you in her sleep. ha

  10. Marriage-101 says:

    Mmmm James McAvoy….and I prefer the older Phoenix – River – to Joaquin.

  11. Sicilian Mama says:

    Is this post Mrs. Lessinges approved? As one who frequently talks in her sleep and gets mocked for it, I will tell you that it really sucks, yo.

  12. Pants says:

    Sorry to hear about the jetlag…haven’t done that much travelling but I imagine that would be really difficult to get back into the groove.

  13. egan says:

    Tori – sleep walking really fascinates me. So you find your kids in other rooms in the middle of the night or what? How long ago did you outgrow it?
    Mez – fine, you can have Joacquin. She gets Christian Bale then. I like laughing in your sleep. My gift to the world is snoring in my sleep.
    Chris – no post about good looking guys is complete without mentioning The Dream.
    Mone – I do enjoy driving so maybe that’s what her dream was referencing.
    JLee – so far there hasn’t been a peep of Japanese spoken, but I’m listening. Hawaii is a wonderful vacation, perhaps my favorite.
    Marriage 101 – I think my wife liked him too. Damn sad what happened to him.
    Sicilian Mama – nope, not Mrs. Lessinges approved. I think this is a pretty tame offering though. Is it bad to talk in your sleep? I hear the most brilliant people talk in their sleep.
    Pants – yeah, the 16 hours difference has been rough. Hopefully she’ll be back on track by the weekend.

  14. Gwen says:

    Ooh, jetlag. That’s hard for the at home spouse who was hoping to toss the little angels at the traveling spouse to deal with. Or maybe that’s just me.

  15. sprizee says:

    Adorable overload. Please remove picture post haste.

  16. SSC says:

    Ha I always talk in my sleep. Joe tells me when have our deepest talks when I am asleep. I never remember them. Glad your wife is back!!!!!
    Oh tell your co-worker I am so jealous as well!!!

  17. egan says:

    Gwen – exactement! I know it takes some time to recover from the travel. As a consequence our house is a disaster zone since I’ve been lazy myself after last week’s heavy workload.
    Sprizee – I know, I love this picture of her. It’s in my current top five mugs of her.
    SSC – Hawaii is a magical place if you ask me. Something so calming about those islands. That Joe guy, he’ll keep you honest.

  18. B2G says:


  19. Sicilian Mama says:

    Talking in sleep is not bad. Being mocked upon waking is bad.
    OMG…nice addition to the post!! She’s so cute! That little beret? And that tooth??? And the smile????

  20. qt says:

    Oh god – I talk in my sleep a lot too….too funny! And Joaquin Phoenix -{swoon}
    I gotta go to Hawaii at some point.

  21. L says:

    Poor Mrs. L. When I was about 11, I took a flight from Nashville to NYC on the now defunct People Express airline by myself. Back then, no one really cared about minors flying by themselves. Remember those two kids who got stranded at some airport because they took the wrong flight and there was a storm that delayed and canceled a bunch of flights?

  22. justrun says:

    Not only have I had numerous conversations while sleeping that I don’t remember, I have also agreed to some pretty ridiculous things. Jet-lag is da worst, mon.

  23. egan says:

    B2G – hello and welcome to my blog. Yeah, we happen to think she’s pretty cute too. We’re totally unbiased parents though. Stop by anytime you want.
    Sicilian Mama – Mrs. Lessinges died laughing when she got her dressed Wednesday morning. I could hear her laughing while I was taking the recycling out. It was as cute and Baby Singe’s outfit. Being mocked sucks.
    QT – you’ve never been? That’s too bad. I like to refer to Hawaii as the perfect vacation. When I picture a relaxing week doing nothing, I see Hawaii in my head. What do you talk about in your sleep?
    L – I do recall that story. I freak out as an adult when I have an hour to catch a connection. Makes you wonder what those kids think about traveling today.
    Justrun – I’m curious about what you agreed to. Did a boyfriend or roommate tell you what you agreed to after the fact? They were tormenting you while asleep eh?

  24. Kristin says:

    I say, “Good Luck with those flights, Co-Worker!”

  25. Cheryl says:

    jet lag really is the worst part about international travel…

  26. Maggie says:

    my brother once hit me over the head with his teddy bear because i was talking in my sleep and it was freaking him out.
    i used to like plane travel – once i was old enough and single enough to afford it. now it is just a hassle and a lot less enjoyable. good thing i can’t afford it.

  27. BigBro says:

    a couple tylenol pm and a melatonin does the trick…welcome Npo back for me!

  28. Pink says:

    I’ve got the jetlag too.
    that little one is going to need a booster seat to drive 🙂

  29. Amanda says:

    I’m a sleep talker. Sometimes my husband claims entire conversations with me but I have no recollection at all. He says that I even looked at him!
    Not so much sleep talking now though since Aaron arrived. He’s the one doing the talking now….and grunting, crying out, laughing, sitting, STANDING in his sleep.

  30. Candace says:

    James McAvoy is cute but way too short.
    Last night, MuNKi amused me by telling me in his sleep about the funny line of wheelbarrows with a cute little kids’ one at the end. ^_^
    That baby is too cute to be legal. 🙂

  31. Golden says:

    Read the post.. enjoyed it very much. However, Annalicious completely takes over when you post pictures of her next to your blog… Just sayin.

  32. VIVA says:

    Just because I do what I do and read some comments….I would not advise taking melatonin and Tylenol PM together. If she really can’t sleep you can try 2 benadryl at night….that is the PM in Tylenol PM.
    your kiddo is adorable!!

  33. egan says:

    Kristin – the flights to Hawaii aren’t still bad are they? I think the flooding has ceased.
    Cheryl – you’re right. Too bad we don’t have countries two hours away by car. Drive two hours now and you might leave your state.
    Maggie – good thing you live in the middle of nowhere. Your brother is mean, did you get revenge for the teddy bear stuff?
    BigBro – aw, I will pass that along. She’s fast asleep now which is where I should be.
    Pink – doesn’t she look like a chauffeur? It’s all about the beret.
    Amanda – Aaron has some crazy dreams going on in the middle of the night. The standing part would freak me out as a parent.
    Candace – I didn’t know McAvoy was short, now I do. Baby Singe is too legit to quit. This wheelbarrow stuff of MuNKi’s makes me wonder.
    Golden – I add pictures so if someone is feeling lazy, like when I comment on blogs, they can opt out and say something about the photo instead. I’m a nice guy.
    Viva – you think my bro gives bad advice? I have a feeling he could be kidding, just knowing how my family operates. I’m glad you spoke up though because it means you’ll go to bat for me. Cute kid, check.

  34. brandy says:

    I’ve heard jet lag sucks but I have to say, I’ve never had to deal with it. My body is weird that way. Also? Anna continues to amaze me with her hat collection.
    You need to continue traveling. I spent a few hours in your lovely airport on my way to Vegas and have to say, it was the only airport that I got yelled at in by an airline official.
    Other than that, I absolutely loved it.

  35. sari says:

    Your baby is so cute!

  36. Lynda says:

    On night, I was having a problem with our network. After trying everything I could think of, I tried to rouse my husband and he just told me to give it a glass of water, rolled over and started snoring again.

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