Friday Night Bites

A fellow blogger sent me a cool link where you answer a bunch of questions and your ideal city to reside is located. My number one city was Portland, Oregon. Hmm, my wife and I have entertained thoughts of picking up relocating 160 miles south of where we currently reside.

Speaking of family, my father-in-law inadvertantly called me twice today. He must have my work number on speed dial. The first time the call last about 45 seconds before disconnecting. The second call happened about three minutes later and lasted 32 minutes. Sure I could have hung up, but why? I got to overhear him make an espresso drink order and then listen to the radio news in Florida. I tried to text message him hoping it would make a high pitched sound he’d hear. No such luck. Now I know Florida U-Haul stores are having major issues with gas theft due to the high gas prices. I really need to teach my father-in-law how to lock the keypad on his cell phone.

This just might be the night I try to beatdown the Google Reader. What with all the amazing tv offerings on Friday nights. Let the weekend begin.


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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7 Responses to Friday Night Bites

  1. Chris says:

    First again – I’m up early on Saturday to go teach my class.
    I think your father-in-law misses you, that’s cute.

  2. brookem says:

    i dont have much to this post.
    (mostly) kidding.
    portland came up as my numero uno too. but you already knew that.
    hmm, so yeah, actually nothing to add to this post.
    i bid you a really fine weekend.

  3. tori says:

    When my husband was away last week, he did it too. I got to listen to him check in to his room, walk down the hall, take the elevator, and then flop his suitcase onto the bed and flip on the tv. It cracked me up, even though I sort of felt like I was spying on him. However, since HE called ME it was all fair, right?

  4. egan says:

    Chris – I got the story on the father-in-law thing. He put the phone in his gym bag and had no idea he called me. Oops. That’s why I prefer flip phones vs. non-flip. I used to do that too.
    Brookem – thanks for bidding me a fine weekend. It was rather nice I must admit. I like how you mock my comment on your blog. Well played.
    Tori – ha, now that’s pretty funny. It’s really hard for me to just hang up. I want to hear what happens when people think nobody’s listening.

  5. Andrea says:

    What’s the link for your ideal city?

  6. egan says:

    Andrea – thanks for stopping by. I do have the link and I can send it to you via email. I have to look it up since it was forwarded to me.

  7. sari says:

    I’m always glad when I accidently call someone that I haven’t said something dumb or yelled at my kids.
    Once my husband and I took our kids to the mall and he accidently called my cell phone, which rings to our house if I don’t answer.
    We had this huge long message at home of us talking to each other and it was pretty funny because we were talking about some embarrassing stuff. not anything bad, but when you’re a parent you talk about kids stuff and bodily functions like they’re nothing and there was a whole lot of that kind of talk going on.

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