Coffee Anniversary Brew Baby

When I smell fresh coffee grounds I always associate the smell with my childhood friend’s house. His parents were always brewing some darn good java. They’d dump the grinds in their compost bin located under their kitchen sink. They were composting in the early 80s. So cool.
My wife and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary over the weekend. By celebrating I mean we went to see a play. We watched The Diary of Anne Frank. I wouldn’t have thought the play would be all that uplifting, but it was. Danny Devito’s daughter, Lucy, plays Anne and did a wonderful job. I haven’t read the book, but now I want to. The first act had lots of humorous moments as we learned about the blossoming teenager. The second act was more grim, but still damn poignant. I have to remind myself to go see plays more often.

I did have to watch myself. I spied people with cell phones on during the play. The mom and daughter in the row behind me were whispering the entire time. The lady sitting to my right, not my wife, loudly cracked her knuckles a few times. Going to the theatre isn’t all that different from going to the the cinema, distraction wise. I kept myself in check. I learned in my acting classes to ignore those body ticks. I say acting class as if it was recent, but eighth grade was about 20+ years for me.
The smell of a roasting plant or brewery (sort of a burning industrial smell) will always live in my head as Portland, Oregon. I rented a small studio in Northwest Portland near a brewery and when I went outside each day, a waft of the brewery engulfed me. I loved it and it made me feel at home.
For those keeping score at home: our daughter will be 9 months old in a week. She’s very close to crawling, but not quite there yet. She says words that sound like dadda and momma, but doesn’t assign a meaning to them at this time. She can wave. She can furrow her eyebrow and then make up for it with a silly one-toothed grin. Although she can’t walk, she can text message like nobody’s business. Consider yourself warned. She’s got more hair on her head these days and when said hair is wet, it’s curly. Someone asked me her favorite toy and I’d have to say it’s her pacifier or these blocks she likes to bang together. We were told by her daycare teacher that she clapped today. Now I can tell her jokes and hope she laughs and claps at her dad.

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27 Responses to Coffee Anniversary Brew Baby

  1. Maggie says:

    Brew Baby – awesome.
    Isn’t it cool the way smell is a memory? That fascinates me.
    Happy 7th! Happy 9th month Anna!
    I’ve missed ya Egan. Glad to be back around.

  2. Gwen says:

    Seven years! Congrats! Don’t get too itchy now ….

  3. sprizee says:

    Anna never texts me. What’s up with that?

  4. brookem says:

    I love the word “java” for coffee.
    Glad you had a good weekend and enjoyed the play. I didn’t know it was your anniversary! Happy 7th!
    And Miss Anna 9 months and texting! I love it. Does she know how to blog via facebook?

  5. Amanda says:

    Congratulations! 7 years is fantastic.

  6. JLee says:

    Happy Anniversary! 7 will be my next one. I so love the smell of brewing coffee. It makes me all warm and fuzzy. 😉

  7. Golden says:

    Why do your posts always make me feel so warm and fuzzy?? OMG.. I just looked up and saw the ‘warm and fuzzy’ from JLEE’s post.. seriously .. did NOT copy that. See..I’m not the only one.. Your Blog is so dubbed the ‘warm and fuzzy blog’
    Tell Annalicious I said ‘wassup’..
    (and no.. my own blog has not made any progress. I suck)

  8. Jennifer says:

    Many happy returns on the ocassion of your anniversary. I think it is so cool that you two had real time as a couple before introducing your darling daughter (9 months?! Already?! I know I’ve been out of touch, but GEEZ!) to the world. My husband and I are going on 26 years, and we’ve never been together as a married couple without kids on board. Not even for one day. Isn’t that bizarre?
    Do read Anne Frank. Your worldview will be touched forever, in some small way.

  9. churlita says:

    I can’t believe your baby is so old already. What an adorable person she’s becoming.

  10. sari says:

    happy anniversary!
    I just finished reading The Diary of Anne Frank, it’s an amazing book. I read it when I was a teenager but I felt the need to revisit it.
    Babies are a lot of fun. Mine says Mama and while I know it’s probably not on purpose, I gloat in the sound of it nonetheless as the other two both said “Dada” first!

  11. egan says:

    Maggie – I’m glad to learn your son is doing better. Senses are truly amazing as I can still remember the smells from my youth.
    Gwen – I won’t be getting itchy yo! I wonder if that saying needs to be revised to like the “three year itch” as times have changed.
    Sprizee – she can text you, for a small fee.
    Brookem – not only can she text and blog from Facebook, but she can also drive stick shift and parallel park. She’s a very advanced species.
    Amanda – yeah, got to love the prime number anniversary years. Bring on 11!
    JLee – doesn’t the smell make you feel special inside? And I don’t mean that in a pervy sense. It’s just a comforting smell. You didn’t get married in 2001? What’s wrong with you? It seemed the whole world got married that year. I think we had four other weddings we attended aside from our own.
    Golden – I’m going to wander across the street soon and I will say “wassup” on your behalf. I’m guessing it won’t raise an eyebrow.
    Jennifer – I just bought the book on Amazon so I’m good to go. Now I have to find the time to read it. About the anniversary, we told ourselves no thoughts about kids until we hit the five year mark. It was something our friends kind of suggested and we liked the sound of it. It worked well for us. Are you serious about not having a single day alone?
    Churlita – we’re very lucky to have such a great kid. She’s very fun and with that.. I’m off to see her.

  12. justrun says:

    Ugh, people disturbing the theatre or cinema peace irritate the heck out of me. Good for you for keeping in check… I cannot be counted on for that.
    Also, furrowing her eyebrow? Cute!

  13. cdp says:

    Aww, baby clapping is tres cute. I wish mine were still small. Sometimes.
    I’ve never seen Anne Frank in the theater. Read the book though. Good stuff. M and I are going to the opera on Sunday. There’s just ALL KINDSA culture going on around here.

  14. sizzle says:

    I love when kids clap. It’s the absolute cutest.
    Congrats on your anniversary!

  15. cdp says:

    ps, happy anniversary

  16. Chris says:

    Happy Anniversary Fo’s!

  17. Tall Chick says:

    If you’re going to read The Diary of Anne Frank, Corrie ten Boom’s The Hiding Place might make a good accompaniment. It’s by a woman whose family sheltered Jews from the Nazis in their home in Holland.
    Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  18. tori says:

    This post makes me feel happy.
    My youngest son has a curly head of hair. I love it! My youngest daughter had tons of curls before her hair grew long and I used to have curly hair until I got pregnant. Curly haired kids are adorable!
    One of the things that bugged me a lot after my radiation was that I lost my sense of taste and smell for a while. Luckily it has mostly come back but since I connect so many things with scents, it was disturbing when it was gone!
    Happy anniversary!

  19. brookem says:

    Anna and I need to plan a Girl’s Day Out.

  20. Sicilian Mama says:

    7 years already? Wow…I’ll be 7 years with my man in September. Cuh-razy!
    Congrats, though – in this day and age 7 years is definitely something to be proud of.
    Anna is too cute.

  21. Nilsa S. says:

    Congrats on 7 years and 9 months! Those are big milestones! And I, too, often remind myself what a pleasure it is to go see plays. Unless they’re with the blue-haired crowd who often says loudly, “What did they say?” and then the hearing aid interferes with the sound system and all hell breaks loose.

  22. egan says:

    Justrun – it took great inner strength to not say anything during intermission, but I was on an “anniversary date” so I was good. The eyebrow furrow is a cute move.
    cdp – that’s cool about going to the opera. I haven’t been to that in some time. We went to this really bad one about 8 years ago and I think it scarred us for life. Baby clapping is cute because they’re so proud of themselves.
    Sizzle – does Finn woo you with his mad clapping skills? Has he developed a smirk yet?
    cdp – thanks, anniversaries are a fun time to think back about the special day.
    Chris – thank you kind sir.
    Essentially Me – thank you my lady.
    Tall Chick – I like the sound of the complimentary book. History can be so cruel dammit. Hard to believe many of those involved are still around today.
    Tori – I’m glad this post makes you happy. Losing my sense of smell would really suck. Some call me Mr. Olfactory which is a treat and a burden.
    Brookem – let’s do it, send her an Outlook Meeting Request.
    Sicilian Mama – 2001 was the best year to get married. I know, seven years is something to celebrate is right.
    Nilsa – I am all over provided listening devices. Blue haireds unite.

  23. JLee says:

    Actually Egan, it was 2/22/02. How clever, right? ha
    I do think a lot of people got married after 9/11 though. My husband got his crap together after that. lol

  24. Cheryl says:

    Enjoy the laughter and clapping. In the distant future it’ll be eye rolling and “Oh dad…” 😉
    Ground coffee will forever equal Starbucks to me. When I worked there, it was like it was coming out of my pores.

  25. egan says:

    JLee – I like the date there, pretty clever. I’m not sure what it was about 2001. Most of the weddings I attended that year happened before September 11th (my brother’s birthday). What happened that day did get people to really think about their future though, that’s for damn sure. My in-laws packed up their Manhattan condo and migrated to Florida like good New Yorkers do.
    Cheryl – I’m aware soon she may not be as enamoured with her dad as she is now. It’s all relative. Mmmm, the smell of ground coffee in a french press. That’s good stuff. My first car smelled like coffee since I was a barrista and the grinds oozed into my pores.

  26. Cake Lady says:

    Good blog. You crack me up, I can just picture her with a phone texting people at 9 months old. Too Cute! Happy Anniversary!

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