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If it isn’t random, it’s crap

If you like puppies and butterflies, you may not want to read this entry.  I have the ability to spoil the much overhyped Sex and the City movie for many.  Thankfully I'm a really nice guy and will refrain from such … Continue reading

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FKT: vogue

It's not just how you bump and grind it. I was lacking a bit in the creativity department for this edition of Full Klothed Thursday. Yes, that’s my daughter's sock on one of my paws. The stocking hat is one … Continue reading

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Going Solo II

I'm lucky enough to get some quality time with Baby Singe this week. Mrs. Lessinges is in Paris for work and we're trying new things back on the homefront. Sunday we spent some time at our local outdoor shopping area. … Continue reading

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Scrabble This

What? noun portable  doesn't require sunlight   built-in mirror  naked without it  it does many jobs    iMportant travel companion    What is an iPod touch.  Where? location northern hemisphere   five letters  20 divisions  Elysian Fields  Statue of Liberty   Where is Paris, France.  … Continue reading

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Xinj Em

Well what do you know?  The last time we all talked I mentioned something about how awesome things have been going in our life. Jinx! I should know better than to say stuff like that and ruin a perfectly good parenting routine. … Continue reading

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Stuff on My Tête

I’m saddened by the cyclone in Myanmar and the devastating earthquake in China. Watching the tv reports isn’t much help either. I’m not sure how this will go over, but I’m not so thrilled with the international response on either … Continue reading

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Lay Flat to Dry

Hello people! I’m back from a chaotic past week or so. The in-laws are tucked in their beds on the other side of the country. Our daughter was very delightful during their four day visit. Mother’s Day went off without … Continue reading

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Hugs not Drugs

You people are good, wicked intuititve. Most of you correctly guessed my DiSC personality pattern of “counselor”. Do I give off this vibe over the internet? I don’t think so, but maybe I do. I might have to rethink my … Continue reading

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Label Me Something if You Must

Folks, I celebrated my birthday and now I’m back at work attending an “offsite”. For the uninitiated an offsite means I get to spend eight solid hours for three consecutive days in a conference room this week. There are some … Continue reading

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A Year Wiser

Yes, it’s true. Your Facebook calendar isn’t lying. Today is my 35th birthday. We had a bunch of friends over last night to mark the occasion. Today it’s sunny and perfect for breaking in my 35th year on this planet. … Continue reading

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