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Getting the Worm

There are people in society who take the plunge when others, the less intrepid types, aren’t so willing.  I’m talking about those of you who bought a Toyota Prius or an iPod in the year 2002.  Yes, I’m talking about those risk … Continue reading

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Your Guess is as Good as Mine

This much I know is true:  You like bullet point posts.  You like pictures of my daughter.  You like blogging.  You like movies about gladiators.   You like sexual innuendos.  Since my last post didn't really relate to anyone, I will attempt to please … Continue reading

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A Rose isn’t Just a Rose

Jesse: 26, professional snowboarder guy with long hair.  He doesn't really seem ready to get married, but he's a fun guy to be around.   His dad wears hats with fake hair.  Did I mention the fact this guy loves snowboarding? … Continue reading

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Who’s Your Daddy?

My very first Father's Day is in the books.  I have to admit it was a nearly perfect Sunday.  We began the day with a nice homemade breakfast.  Miraculously the clouds parted, allowing us to go for a nice long stroll.  We packed … Continue reading

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Cross Me You Will Not

She's a force alright.  I say don't mess with this girl unless you want to get the horns!  She knows it's Father's Day on Sunday.  Last night though, she said "mommy" the clearest she's ever said it so far.  Not … Continue reading

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A Maytag Moment

It was a hot, hot summer day.  I drove my Honda Accord 180 miles north on the interstate to visit a new acquaintance.  We had a nice early dinner out on the town and went back to her pad.  Her … Continue reading

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Billy Idol Breaks Spell Check

My post about fatherhood wasn't meant to be.  I attempted to retype the entry last night and then we lost power.  The winds outside finally got the best of our neighborhood after flickering for more than three hours.  Instead you're stuck with yet another … Continue reading

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Life on the Outside

Blogger's note: this is what happens when I spell check.  I will come back and publish the complete version when I get around to retyping the post.

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Changement: Change

Bygones!  Yes, change is powerful and I'm doing my best to embrace the recent changes in our life. First: I did it, I called my dad Thursday night for the first time in over a year.  Enough was enough and … Continue reading

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Can You Spare Some?

Change is good right?  This year could be rather historic for our beloved country.  If I've learned one thing by fathering a child it's that you can never get too cozy for too long.  Change is what challenges who we … Continue reading

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