The Tender Trap

Half full or half empty?  If two mice are trapped by one of those spring loaded traps in your house, is this a glass half full or empty?  "Kill two mice with one trap".  I didn't even know you could kill more than one mouse per spring loaded trap.  Somehow it happened over the weekend.  This isn't something I'd normally get excited about, frankly it wasn't glamorous to remove the overturned peanut butter-less trap from the house.

Let's take the optimistic route on this little Two Mice in a Trap scenario.  First off it's nice they both were caught with one trap so I didnt have to remove two traps from the house.   Secondly removing mice from our house is teaching me to get over my huge fear of rodents.  Thirdly we feverishly started cleaning the house so our uninvited guests wouldn't be able to dine as easily.  I'm thinking the new Dirt Devil dustbuster we bought can be their partypooper by removing bits of baby food scattered throughout our home. 

The bad side, where there's one mouse… there are usually more.  When there's one three day weekend, there are likely more ahead.  Since my wife was in Paris working her ass off last Monday, we're taking Monday off and getting shit done around the house.  We'll rid the house of freeloaders if we have to do it.  


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19 Responses to The Tender Trap

  1. Diane Mandy says:

    Sorry, Egan. I’m seeing half empty with the scenario. If I caught two mice in a trap, I’d be moving into my Mini for a while.

  2. Chris says:

    Sounds to me like you need a cat. Meow.

  3. tori says:

    For me whenever we catch mice I am sad. I mean I am happy to be rid of them, because they don’t belong in our house, but I am sad that they had to die. If only they could just stay where they belong then we could all peacefully coexist.
    We haven’t had any mice in a long while. I should probably not say that though because they might hear me and sneak back in just to show me they can!
    Good luck ridding the house of mice. They gross me out and make me feel all squirmy when I think about them being inside our house!

  4. Sicilian Mama says:

    Tell me…what is the purpose of mice on this planet? I know that most creatures have some kind of purpose…but mice? The only purpose I can see that they serve is to be disgusting and freak people out. They are nasty, vile creatures.
    And as I type this, I realize that a lot of other animals eat mice, so I guess that is their purpose…to provide a meal for owls and hawks and snakes and such (and I’m sure other purposes, but Im too lazy to find out and I’d rather be naive about this subject and just say they serve no purpose).
    Basically, they need to stay out of our houses yo. If you can’t tell, I fucking hate mice and I say catching 2 mice in 1 trap is awesome. HOpe you get the last one today.

  5. JLee says:

    I always feel sorry for them because I’ve had pet rodents at various times. lol
    I like the stuff they eat because then they crawl off and die somewhere and you don’t have to see it, but hopefully it’s not in your wall. (Yes that happened once and we had to cut a hole in the wall…ew!)

  6. mez says:

    oh my god even the thought of coming across an uninvited mouse gives me the absolute creeps. I saw one OUTSIDE once and I was packin’

  7. BigBro says:

    Sounds like there is one left, poor blind mouse!

  8. Golden says:

    I am going to be the odd man out here… Mice do not scare me. Mice do not gross me out. Mice do not even give me a heeby or a jeeby. That being said, I wouldn’t want one cruising around my house unattended, pooping in corners. That’s just rude.
    You should really get a cat. The mice will leave in droves. I bet the cat won’t even have to kill one. Just her presence alone will suffice.
    You got a two-fer, that’s impressive. Makes you wonder how they managed that. Perhaps it was mousuicide.

  9. Sicilian Mama says:

    I giggle at the thought of Egan getting a cat.

  10. churlita says:

    I hate mice and I hate the idea that they have to die in a messy trap. Luckily, I haven’t had that problem in years. Ants however, can all die in a fiery car crash as far as I’m concerned.

  11. Pants says:

    My google reader has decided to only update feeds to french word of the day and ignore old school monkey boy posts. BAH!
    I hate mice.

  12. patches says:

    I would like to help, but I’m de-clawed. Although I could intimidate your unwelcome guests with a shotgun or a garden hose.

  13. Think Jacob says:

    Those mice must have been working as a team. Really, think about it. How could they have gotten stuck in the trap together? Maybe it’s a Romeo and Juliet situation. One died and the other went over and had a few willing friends lift the bar and smash him, too, for it would be too hard for him to live without her.

  14. Matt says:

    The reason for mice…I am not sure have never really pondered the possibilities? Maybe as a class pet, or well, I guess that is about it!
    Now rats on the other hand, they make great gourmet chefs, especially in Paris. There was this one rat who became a great chef…wait I think this was a movie…oh well!
    Good luck on your mouse cleaning!

  15. Amanda says:

    I’d say half full. We don’t have mice around here, we have big, fat, ugly RATS. Not inside the house though but they are everywhere outside. We try our best to keep the drains around our house clean so they won’t come near the house but….they still do.

  16. justrun says:

    Ugh, always half empty when rodents are involved. But good you’re ropin’ ’em in though!

  17. Tall Chick says:

    Och, the poor wee beasties.
    Maybe you need one of those expensive, non-allergenic cats.
    I used to keep pet rats. I cried when they died. I can’t believe how heartless you are. 😉

  18. brandy says:

    Two mice with one trap is definitely two birds with one stone, which is glass half full. Although, birds are pretty great and I don’t know why people would throw rocks at them, so maybe this is a glass half empty situation after all?
    In other news, I hope Hillary Clinton goes on vacation soon.

  19. egan says:

    Diane Mandy – yeah, we’re trying not to think about it too much. They are dead and gone. Let’s hope they were the only two.
    Chris – there will be no cats in our house. Allergies.
    Tori – your compassion for rodents is endearing. I just don’t care for them in my house. Do whatever the hell they want outside, I’m fine with those activities.
    Sicilian Mama – yep, they are bait for other more important animals. They’re great for research too, but you didn’t read that here.
    JLee – see, I’d rather have them dead in a trap than dead behind the couch, but that’s just me. The stank of a dead rodent isn’t pretty.
    Mez – rats outside freak me out. Mice aren’t as bad. I would say I got some major chills down my spine as I removed the two dead mice on Saturday.
    BigBro – I know, let’s hope it’s not a blind pregnant mouse.
    Golden – can I meow instead of getting a cat? Maybe I could borrow some of the wandering neighbor kitties for a day. Mousuicide? Very clever.
    Sicilian Mama – it’s so not going to happen.
    Churlita – ants aren’t too much of a problem here because of the moisture. Do you have them in your house? That would drive me bonkers.
    Pants – I think I got the old Google Reader issue worked out. Only time will tell.
    Patches – you’re a pretty cat. I’d love to rent you by the hour, if you know what I mean.
    Think Jacob – I love this comment so much I read it to my wife. Very funny thought. Now when I look in between the over and our cabinet, I picture two star crossed (lovers) mice. Thanks for that man. I mean it.
    Matt – hello and welcome to my blog. French speaking rats are cool, but only if they parler francais. We did some deep cleaning and hopefully chassed them all away.
    Amanda – simply reading your comment gave me the chills. I can’t even think about big old rats. Nasty!
    Justrun – agreed, rodents aren’t welcome inside. Let’s hope it’s awhile until any new ones meet Anna, if ever.
    Tall Chick – you cried when a rodent died? You’re a sappy mom aren’t you?
    Brandy – I’m so happy this Hillary/Barack stuff is over. It’s time to move on and figure out how November will work. Maybe we can get Hillary and McCain with one trap.

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