A Rose isn’t Just a Rose

  1. Jesse: 26, professional snowboarder guy with long hair.  He doesn't really seem ready to get married, but he's a fun guy to be around.   His dad wears hats with fake hair.  Did I mention the fact this guy loves snowboarding?   Oh, I almost forgot to mention Jesse's got a non-profit for disadvantaged kids.
  2. Jeremy: 30.  Hard working guy who passed the Texas bar exam. Recently lost his mom and is very sappy, but in a good way.  Jeremy's a little light on the personality.  He's got a sweet pad and a very friendly dog.  Oh, he can ride motorcycles very fast and hangs his notes from law school on his wall.  
  3. Jason: 31, account executive guy living in my hometown of Kirkland, WA.  He's got a kid from a previous marriage, but this might be an advantage since The Bachelorette wants three kids by 30 and she's 26.  Yeah, do the math.  Has a well established career and lives in a wonderful city.
  4. Graham:  29; former professional basketball player.  I'm not sure what else to say for this guy since he didn't share much about himself on the show.  Relies on his good looks to nab the babes and has trouble opening up.  Also took The Bachelorette to high school to shoot hoops.  Didn't want to kiss The Bachelorette because other guys kissed her.    

I'm dorking out a bit.  I apologize to those of you with lives who prefer to a) not watch tv b) watch stuff about Denise Richards c) have children d) have green thumbs, but I get caught up in reality tv from time to time.  The Bachelorette is my current fix since nothing else is on tv.   

If I were a betting man, which I'm not, I'd choose Jason and not because he's from my hometown.  They seem to have a good connection.  His family's energy reminds her of her own family.  She's an active person and Seattle is a great place for that sort of thing.  All the cool people live in Seattle too.  
For those not into reality tv, I can tell you I'm good and life is going well.  Each weekend we're getting stuff done on the house.  This past weekend it was yard work and organizing.  I did have the bad luck of finding a dead rat in our garage, fun times.  Disposal of the body is the worst I tell you.  

We also attended a party where I chatted with fellow partygoers about hybrid cars, ice cream, coyotes, blogs, triathlons, kids on planes, why pretentious men shouldn't wear pink pants (even if they are a CFO), coffee, Tata cars, and fruit.  Tomorrow is the official first day of my wife's new job.  This is when things will change.  I graciously offered to take Tuesday off so I could supervise various activities throughout the day.  I'm good at that sort of thing.  

About lessinges

Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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23 Responses to A Rose isn’t Just a Rose

  1. Chris says:

    Dude, the Mole is on – fun stuff.
    All the best to N-Po and to you and the little one as you all adjust to the newness of it all.

  2. Thank you for not just talking about television. I have no idea who those people were or what you were talking about (actually if I must confess, I thought you were doling out bachelors that you knew to your single female readers!)
    I’m glad to hear things are going well in your house (well, minus the rat bit).
    Talk soon!

  3. Darlene says:

    I have no idea who these men are – I was assuming you were giving a few of your friends some free advertising until I read further…Are you talking about ‘The Bachelorette?’
    Good luck to your wife on her 1st day at her new job. :o)

  4. kelwhy says:

    good luck to mrs. les singes on her new adventures!
    i just can’t get into the bachelorette – but i still don’t have a life, so thanks anyway… 😉

  5. Sicilian Mama says:

    “Disposal of the body is the worst I tell you.”
    That’s what my Uncle Carmine used to say…
    What are Tata cars?

  6. Amanda says:

    I have no idea about what you’re writing about with all those guys 🙂 I do know about awful rat bodies though. Did you use those special super long scissor looking clamps? I wonder if you even know what I’m referring to….haha.

  7. Pants says:

    I can’t believe you’re watching the Bachelorette!

  8. Matt says:

    So, here’s a couple questions…
    (1) What is a Tata car?
    (2) Why the Batchelorette?
    And a couple of comments…
    (1) I know what you mean about dead rats. We have an outdoor cat, who loves to bring them to our front door, except it is usually only parts of them!
    (2) Wish Mrs. Les Singes a great first day of work!

  9. tori says:

    I am totally hooked on The Bachelorette (which I think I spelled right…for some reason that word gives me trouble every single time!)
    If I were her, I would not choose Graham (and she didn’t).
    I think Jesse has a great heart. I think he is totally sweet for wanting to wait to kiss her until they are solid. I think if he is serious about not staying with her in the fantasy sweet, it may be what gets him kicked off. Or it may endear her to him more. I have a little trouble sometimes reading what she is looking for and I think sometimes they edit things to make people unsure of what exactly is going on so we can’t guess who it will be.
    Jeremy seems nice and all, but he is not someone I would ever go for. My husband questioned his decorating, saying that it looked a little too perfect. He also said that about Jesse’s labels. We should note here that my husband likes to play Jenga (that stacking game) in the kitchen cabinets with the plates and stuff stacking them in all kinds of odd positions until I am sure one time I will open a cabinet and everything will all fall out on me.
    Jason is by far my favorite. He has been since the first show when we saw him with his son. I really really hope she picks him (because apparently I need to get a life and stop living through tv people).
    Did you notice that the remaining guys names all start with “J”? See what I mean about me needing to get a life? Either way, I am rooting for Jason with Jesse as a close second. I would not be pleased if she chose Jeremy. But I feel like she might.
    Good luck to your wife on her first day!

  10. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    Omg.. I watched the that brain sucking show for the first time last night.. because NOTHING ELSE WAS ON. And I couldn’t keep watching after the dude and his son. I know it was supposed to be touching, but man.. they cried at everything! And perhaps I’m just a little jaded about love right now so every little sappy thing annoys me. I thought the guy in Texas was too ‘perfect’.. I didn’t like the snow boarder dude. I think the guy with the kid too.. and now.. great.. I’ll have to watch next week.

  11. churlita says:

    I used to love Wife Swap. There. I said it. I haven’t seen it in a while though. Is it still on?

  12. JLee says:

    TV sucks right now! I have been watching the Denise Richards show, but I’ve skipped the Bachelorette because I didn’t like her on the Bachelor and thought she was really bossy and overbearing. I just got a movie from Blockbuster (2nd night in a row) ha

  13. sari says:

    I’ve been watching The Next Food Network Star. Tomorrow is Shear Genius (on Bravo) and then in mid-July Project Runway starts again, otherwise I’m dead out of reality tv since Top Chef ended. We’ve been watching The Price is Right at dinner.

  14. justrun says:

    I needed a Bachelorette update. I have not been watching. (I know, bad, bad, single woman.)
    Pretty much no one over 5 should wear pink pants, right?

  15. meno says:

    I can point no fingers as i am a Project Runway addict. But i am not getting interested in another time wasting show. I’m NOT!

  16. Cherry! says:

    I love reality TV!! Although sometimes I wonder just how close to reality they are. I just discovered one the other day called ‘The Shot’ by the producers of America’s Next Top Model. Fabulous!

  17. Cléa says:

    I’m interested in what you talk about with people when you mention blogging. Since I keep it to myself.

  18. I thought basketball player guy was HOT but she was right about his not opening up. Of course, I go for those kinds of guys. Heh. I think Jeremy is my fave. Jason, with the kid is flippin annoyng

  19. Lynn says:

    Oh man…now I’m going to have to watch the show to have any idea on what you are talking about. My “fix” is Clean House, Clean Sweep, Designed to Sell…I just love the HGTV channel.

  20. egan says:

    Chris – I’m recording and watching The Mole. I’m still wishy washy about it. I get the feeling all of the contestants are actors and it kind of bores me. She fingerprint thing at the end of each show is a dumb way to eliminate folks too. At least it’s filmed in a pretty place.
    Essentially Me – perhaps I should pimp out my single friends on this blog. I’m not sure how it would go down though. Meow!
    Darlene – I am talking about The Bachelorette. It’s brain candy. Today is my wife’s first day. I’ll be back with an update later.
    Kelwhy – you don’t like seeing guys fight over a woman? How is that not entertaining?
    Sicilian Mama – you and your mob ties. I think you’re kidding, but in the event you’re serious, I will say this. “yep, Uncle Carmine is a true badass”. Tata cars are Indian cars and are very inexpensive. You’ll hear about them within the next 3-5 years.
    Amanda – I used a really long shovel. Thankfully the rat was stuck in a glue trap. Ugh, the stench was dreadful.
    Pants – why? I watch 90210 and Lara Spencer.
    Matt – reason #613 not to have a cat. I don’t need dead vermin at my doorstep. Why The Bachelorette? Well Monday nights are pathetic and it’s fun to watch guys fall for a woman. Tata cars are from India. Keep your eyes peeled. Thanks for the well wishes with my wife’s job.

  21. Sicilian Mama says:

    I’m partially kidding. I really do (did) have a great-uncle named Carmine. He was rumored to have ties to the mafia (there are no confirmations of this…apparently some Sicilians don’t really like to talk about this so getting this information from geneology or other family members is practically impossible…stupid Omerta). I honestly have no idea if he ever said anything about body disposal in his life. I just thought that sentence you wrote was very mob-like.

  22. egan says:

    Tori – I did notice the J name thing. I think it’s interesting who she has left. She appears to be into Jason the most, but I’m curious if she’s interested in the kid thing. Watching this show rocks I tell you. I think at times she’s more alpha male than the remaining guys.
    Golden – you know the show is on ABC right? You know who owns ABC right? Disney. They have a way of making things very sappy, look at Extreme Makeover: Home edition. That show is a sap with sappy on top.
    Churlita – I watched that show too, but prefer SuperNanny. She’s the shit! Why does the hired help almost always have a British accent?
    JLee – hmm, I don’t get the bossy vibe on The Bachelorette, but I’m sure being on a show with 25 other women competing for one guy makes you behave in odd ways.
    Sari – the Price is Right is on during primetime? I had no clue. How man cooking shows are there? I like that Rocco D’espirito guy, he’s hot.
    Justrun – I so agree on the pink pants. My daughter wears a lot of pink pants. Oh, this same guy also bragged about being a CFO to everyone at the party. Nobody from Seattle gives a rats ass about that shit.
    Meno – I need to give Project Runway a stab. Is Heidi Klum tolerable?
    Cherry – The Shot! I haven’t heard of it, but will look for it next time I’m channel surfing.
    Cléa – when I tell people I blog, I don’t offer too many details unless they ask. I don’t hand over a business card with my blog URL. Typically I say “yeah, I just blog about random shit” and leave it at that. Good question.
    SteppingOverTheJunk – I guess Graham was hot. He was also kind of stupid, from what I could tell. See, Jeremy is my least favorite of the remaining guys. I think he has stalker tendencies and the loss of his mom seems too fresh.
    Lynn – now that’s one channel I hardly ever watch. I know there’s some good stuff on there, but for some reason I never stay on that channel.
    Sicilian Mama – when it comes to rodents, I’m not one to kid around. They’re vile critters. Rats are very unwelcome and unwanted. Do you have a picture of Uncle Carmine?

  23. sari says:

    Price is Right is on during Primetime on Wednesdays, we just watch the daily morning show that we’ve tivoed!

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