Getting the Worm

There are people in society who take the plunge when others, the less intrepid types, aren’t so willing.  I’m talking about those of you who bought a Toyota Prius or an iPod in the year 2002.  Yes, I’m talking about those risk takers known as early adopters.   Being an early adopter typically involves money thus making early adoption exclusive.  However, there are free things like blogging or the discovery of Facebook, which don’t require greenbacks. 

Personally I like to sit back and wait a few years as the kinks have been ironed out.  I’m fascinated by new ideas/technology, but I’m rarely a trend-setter when it comes to actual usage of the products.  You could say I’m a bit of a bandwagon type, but I’m not sure it paints an accurate picture.  Heck I was an early adopter of the Handspring Visor, I’m a Graffiti pro.

What I do know is if it weren’t for early adopters of new products, lots of cool ideas wouldn’t be available to the mainstream public.  I’ve been more than willing to test out new software and gadgets when they’re in a beta phase.  For those of you willing to put yourself on the line and become an early adopter, thank you.  Thank you very much for furthering the cause.

I say this mainly because I have three gadgets I really love these days.  Our Prius, my iPod touch, and TiVo.  Our Prius is such a bitching car, but it took much research and feedback from the first generation of drivers to make the car what it is today.  You even have to give those Honda Insight drivers some street cred.  I know there are naysayers when it comes to the Prius citing it’s too expensive and it’s funny looking.  Fine, say what you want about the car.  I happen to believe it’s the best car I’ve piloted, no joke.  Spacious, practical, handles well, comes in 8 shades of gray, and has cool control knobs.

Same goes for the iPod touch.  I love that sucker.  It’s a gadget I could easily do without, but it’s so damn practical.  The first iPhone users made the iPod touch a reality.  Trust me, I don’t work for Apple.  I don’t even know one person who works for them, yet I know about 10 Microsoft employees.  It’s a really nifty gadget which has helped simplify my life just a bit.  

TiVo, what a sweet invention this is.  The ability to pause and record live television.  So awesome.  I catch myself wanting to pause and rewind radio all too often.  That or someone walks by and I catch them doing a funny gesture, I want to press a button to rewind their action and see it again.  VHS had nothing on TiVo I tell you.  TiVo’s benefits to the parenting community is significant.  Being able to plop ourselves in front of the tv to watch some brain candy after the little ones tire out for the day, priceless.  UPDATE: now I can set TiVo to record stuff from my computer.  I don’t even need to be camped out on our basement couch to select shows.  So instead of reading blogs while at work, I can find the latest HBO Real Sex program and record that puppy.  Woot woot!

Thank you early adopters!  I’d hug you, but blogs don’t work like that YET!


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Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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17 Responses to Getting the Worm

  1. kirk says:

    My iPhone got sick this morning. I took it to Apple and they gave me a new one free (not THE new one, of course. If it is a refurb, it is in a brand new case, either way I’m a happy camper). It is easy to be an Apple early adopter since they take care of you. Unless you get your iPhone wet like my friend did and my brother did. That’s your own damn fault.
    And Priuses today look less like weird robot insects than the first models. More than the people who bought them, you must give props to Toyota for coming out with it when it did. It took the American car companies until gas got to $4/gal to realize that maybe their big ass trucks and SUVs aren’t the best things on the road.
    I hope to be an early adopter of the diesel hybrid VW Jetta this fall. Suck on 75mpg Prius. And it will have something a Toyota can never have: Fahrvergnügen
    I miss my Tivo. When I went to HD a few years ago I switched to the DVR from the cable company. Only this year did they come out with an HD Tivo. But the cable card thingy isn’t great in my area so it doesn’t work like the TWC DVR. I loved being able to go to and record a show from the office versus having to remember to do it when I’m home.

  2. Chris says:

    Tivo/DVR technology is the only way to watch TV.
    I think the PRIUS is rad!
    Great post dude.

  3. You’re such a smarty pants.

  4. Darlene says:

    – TiVo is the way to go – I don’t know how television ever existed without it.
    – I love the Prius. Just bought a gas guzzling SUV about 3 months ago because I loved the color and it was just too cool & am kicking myself in the ass for not looking further into hybrids. Between my husband & I, we spend about $150 -$175 a week in gas. F***ing insane.
    -My daughter owns the IPod touch & thinks it’s the greastest invention since sliced bread.
    -I am neither a trendsetter nor someone on the bandwagon – I rarely do research on anything. I buy it because I like it…never really cared what other people thought. My downfall in life is that I’m married to an enabler – I want something & he buys it for me. YEah, that’s it…I’ll blame everything on him…

  5. qt says:

    Dude – Check out the documentary Who Killed The Electric Car. It is only a little over an hour long, and you can get it on Netflix. GM was really first and they fucked it all up, natch.

  6. Cléa says:

    I’m like you, I like to wait for a bit, usually until a better and tested technology comes out.
    Can you imagine if we could hug via blogs?

  7. tori says:

    I am sometimes all over new things, but for some reason, I did NOT want tivo or the navigation thing in my car. My husband pushed for both, and after so much of him saying we should get them, we finally did just because I wanted him to stop talking about it. I don’t even know if I could live without either now! Obviously I am exaggerating, but I have no idea why I waited so long.
    I wish my whole family could fit in the Prius. I think it would be something I would like a lot.

  8. JLee says:

    I tend to wait on things, but purely for financial stinginess! haha
    I cannot live without Tivo, by the way 😉

  9. Sicilian Mama says:

    ba-doop ba-doop ba-doop! Man, I love that little TiVo guy.
    And QT recommends a good documentary. I think I told you about it once before – watch it, yo!

  10. Matt says:

    Great post! I have the iPhone, which I love. It has made life much easier! I also have the Tivo machine, which is fantastic. I have not hooked it up yet, up here in North Florida, but it will get hooked in!
    As for the Prius, I have been looking at them recently. My car leaves much to be desired, and ever since my extended warranty ran out I have been looking for a replacement. I have not driven a Prius yet, but it has worked its way to the top of my list.

  11. churlita says:

    I don’t have any of those cool gadgets. I’m a po’ person, so I have to be a late adopter. I do fantasy about having a Tivo though.

  12. Pants says:

    I don’t have any of your favorite three things. I feel so left out. Excuse me while I go rewind my VHS tapes of self-recorded SNL episodes from 1992.

  13. sari says:

    You know, I think I’d keep my DVR (we had to switch to the DirecTv DVR instead of our previous Tivo because we have HD, I know, we’re snobs) and get rid of my cell phone if it came down to it, that’s how much I love it. It’s the perfect invention, really.

  14. justrun says:

    I hear ya. I now believe my iPhone and I were MFEO. Serious.

  15. brookem says:

    you did use that silly thing, what’s it called? JOTT though. early adopter on that one, i’d say, no?
    oh! and i just learned how to connect to the internet via my ipod touch for the first time last weekend.
    hey, i can’t be beautiful and tech-savvy.
    … and ive owned it for 6 months.

  16. egan says:

    Kirk – ha, the Jetta is a sweet car, but are you a sorority girl? I thought Jettas were for single girls in their mid 20s. I sort of kid. VW has positioned themselves well for this economic downturn. Apple is good with returns, provided you have a warranty.
    Chris – you should consider buying a Prius. You could even have navigation installed so you don’t have to drive around with your laptop open hooked up to some clunky PC based navigation software. I’m just saying, give it a try.
    Essentially Me – sure, are you going to call me Al next? I can be your long last pal.
    Darlene – those enablers will do anything to keep people quiet. You can really work some magic with enablers. I say you go with your bad self. Happy Canada Day!
    QT – ha, GM as pioneers of anything, that’s damn funny. I’ve almost rented the movie many times. Is Ed Begley Jr. in the movie?
    Cléa – I will find a way for humans to hug via blogs. Maybe the Wii can make this happen.
    Tori – why on earth would a parent of four kids not want TiVo? Please explain. Um, you could buy the Highlander hybrid. It has a third row seat and is rather spacious.
    JLee – yeah, early adopters usually pay through the nose for those gadgets. TiVo is the shiznit.
    Sicilian Mama – I’ve known about the GM documentary for a few years. Wait, maybe it was you. The TiVo guy is so stinking cute.
    Matt – from what I hear, the Prius is very hard to come by in Florida. My father-in-law has one on order and isn’t expected to get it until November. Get on the TiVo thing man before something new and faster comes out. iPhone eh? Hmm…
    Churlita – a TiVo receiver only cost $50 when we bought ours 4-5 years ago. We do pay an additional $5/month for the service, but it’s so worth it. It’s a must have as a parent.
    Pants – very very funny. You sound like my brother. He’s got VHS tapes coming out his bum and he still records shows that way. I keep telling him there are better ways to record stuff. Some day he’ll convert.
    Sari – it truly is one of those awesome things. I’m surprised they’re not making TVs with TiVo built in. Seems like a no brainer. So by upgrading to HD you had to switch receivers? Hmm, I’m a DirecTV subscriber as well.
    Justrun – nice use of MFEO. I’m really torn on getting one. I will get a sweet deal on cell phones with my wife’s new job. I may have to stick with my iPod touch.
    Brookem – JOTT, I actually thought about Jott as I was typing this post. You do make a good point. I was dedicated for a bit. I’m an early adopter with a very short fuse. Are you for real? You were able to connect to the internet on your iPod touch? Oh man, I’m scared.

  17. sari says:

    we had to switch out our dish (at no charge, they’ll do it for you) and get a different box. But worth every penny, in my opinion.

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