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What did I learn the past few days?”  

About myself:  I learned I’m not an appliance repair person.  When the dishwasher backs up, it’s time to call the pros.  Computer troubleshooting skills don’t translate to Mr. Handyman.

About my daughter: She likes to bite her classmates hands because she’s in the middle of a growth spurt and teething.  I keep telling her to bite her own hand instead of her friends.  Oddly she won’t bite me, but bites Mrs. Lessinges.  

About suction cups: they can really be a bitch when feeling uncooperative.  I installed a sunscreen in the rear window of our Subaru to block the bright sun rays.  The suction cups don’t feel like obliging.

About my wife: she’s very forgiving, even after she’s had snot rubbed on her black dress right before walking out the door for work.  I didn’t blow snot on her, our little one prefers to rub her nose in clothing instead of a paper tissue.

About my daughter: put an object in my daughter’s right hand and she’ll hit said object against the nearest solid object.  Put an item in her left hand and she’ll will throw said object nearly 100% of the time.  We might have a lefty in the making. 

About my wife’s former employer: Starbucks will close 600 stores nationwide over the next year.  This means 12,000 jobs will be lost and most certainly layoffs in the corporate office.  The sad feelings about this news caught me by surprise.  We obviously have many friends who work there and we wish them all the best. 

About Wii: The Wii Fit is nearly impossible to find.  I’ve tried a handful of times to track it down.  I nearly had one on Sunday morning at Target, but was five people too late.  Damn those early birds.  I did purchase Mario Kart for the Wii instead and it’s a hoot.  Back to the Wii Fit, I’m tempted to use my former Nintendo ties to track down a Wii Fit.

About B vitamins: bright yellow (more of a refresher course)

About parenting: getting sleep is key for survival.

About reality tv show contestants from Seattle:  Last year we had Blake Lewis on American Idol.  This year we have Jason on The Bachelorette.  Will Jason finish on top (I went there) unlike Mr. Lewis?  Stay tuned for next Monday’s most exciting rose ceremony.

About me: I’m horrible about going to bed when I’m completely tired

About lessinges

Seattle native, discovering life! I like ice cream, cold cereal, and The Amazing Race.
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32 Responses to About About

  1. Chris says:

    I love the observations, especially those about young-Fo. It’s always cool to make predictions based on those observations then see where they go.
    Did you hear that Blake Lewis was dropped from his record label?

  2. Chris says:

    BTW, the comment on B vitamisn made me chuckle, loud and green.

  3. Big Bro says:

    You live in Seattle- you need a backwindow sunscreen why? Oh that’s right, those 4 days of summer that are coming!

  4. Tricia says:

    Hey Egan! We found a Wii Fit on ebay – on a buy-it-now section – and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! I love it – and so do my little ones! It’s a blast! I highly recommend looking on ebay – you can actually find one that is not a rip off! Good luck!

  5. qt says:

    I’m having my own suction cups issue as pertains to my fish tank. VERY frustrating.

  6. ms chica says:

    Suction cups pretty much just suck…I’m tempted to say, superglue because that was only a temporary fix for my old car’s rearview mirror.
    Anna Fo is exerting who personality. This should be fun.

  7. Amanda says:

    LOL! My son also likes wiping his nose on clothes (and bare skin). And these days, he seems to do that even when he doesn’t have any snot. Sometimes he drags his tongue along too as he does it….NO IDEA WHY! Kids are strange. Thats why sleep (as you pointed out) is essential in ensuring that parents find all this amusing instead of annoying.

  8. Sicilian Mama says:

    Weird. The other day at Target, they had quite a few Wii Fits, but no Wii’s.
    I’m confused by your logic that your daughter could be a lefty because she throw stuff when put in her left hand. Is that an indication of preference of sides? Teach me, E-Fo. Teach me all you know.

  9. tori says:

    The Starbucks thing is sad. They are building one right near my house, but I wonder how this will affect the opening of it.
    We were gone last Monday (not the Monday this week, but the one before) and missed The Bachelorette…the tivo recorded my son’s Power Rangers and some other show he set it up for instead. We didn’t realize we missed it since we had been gone on that Monday night. When we watched this week, we were all confused that Jeremy was gone because we hadn’t seen it. I figured it out, but for a while I was totally confused (probably much like you are in trying to read this comment and figure out what the hell I am talking about).
    I can not wait to see which guy she chooses. I feel that either man would be a fine choice.

  10. brookem says:

    I think you’re cool.
    I really dig Blake’s HOH.
    And I think Jason is HOT HOT.
    Perhaps I need to move me to Seattle.

  11. Darlene says:

    – I have Wii Fit. It’s pretty grueling and rad all at the same time.
    – My heart died a little when I heard they were closing so many Starbucks. Best of luck to your friends who will be affected by the downsizing.
    – Blake Lewis should have won.
    – There were many times when I’d unknowingly leave the house with snot/vomit on my shoulder. There’s nothing like realizing this after you’ve been out for at least a few hours. I’m glad (and sad) those days are over.
    – I’m gonna start watching ‘The Bachelorette’ and root for your home boy.

  12. Gwen says:

    Wait, you watch the Bachelor(ette)? That is too awesome for words. Or, errr, I mean, you are breakin’ my heart (tm DeAnna Pappas) talking about Jason being the winner when it’s obvious to everyone that Graham still has her under his scrungy little spell.

  13. Christina says:

    Andrew and I are getting each other Wii Fit for our wedding anniversary this year (assuming we can find one; he’ll actually wait in line at Best Buy at the crack of dawn, which is good, because I sure as hell won’t).
    I can’t believe Anna is almost a year old. Time sure does fly, huh?

  14. Maggie says:

    I despise those stupid suction cups.
    Ah the snot mark – a parent’s true badge.
    Sleep is a must. A druggie I once knew told me, “You gotta eat, you gotta sleep and you gotta brush your teeth”
    Granted he was extolling wisdom for surviving drug stints, but it applies to having kids too.

  15. tori says:

    I just read back my comment about Starbucks and I think it might come across that I am sad that they might not open the one by my house. I am not sad about that (well, maybe a little) but sad for the people who will lose their jobs. Just wanted to clear that up ahead of time.

  16. ubermilf says:

    baby snot is much cuter than adult snot, and I think it contains far fewer germs.
    at least, that’s what I tell myself.
    Wait til she starts toilet training.

  17. meno says:

    Why is it that the more tired i am, the more difficult it is to get to bed???

  18. churlita says:

    I’m with you on not being able to go to bed when I’m exhausted. A lot of it is that’s when I have a few seconds to myself and I NEED as many of those as possible.

  19. Matt says:

    Ohh, Ooh, What is your Mario Kart ID and your Wii ID, I can friend you and we can race each other!

  20. Diane Mandy says:

    My niece here in Cairo is 1-year old and has only 4 teeth, but she sure can bite, too! I thought she was going to take my ear off the other day. Your wife has be sympathies!

  21. Eunice says:

    I am so clearly behind on blogs…the Mrs. not at Sbux? Anna is almost 1 and a potential southpaw (so is Alissa – a lefty, that is)…
    I hate those little sunscreens. They don’t stay up at all!

  22. egan says:

    Chris – I did hear about the Blake Lewis thing. I guess I’d never want to buy any of his stuff, but to each their own.
    Chris – nuclear pee yo!
    BigBro – passhaw, you know we get at least for days of sunshine. Why did you leave town? It’s a great place here.
    Tricia – you know, that’s the one place I didn’t check. I figured they’d be as marked up as Craigslist and Amazon. Good tip. I was five people away from getting one last Sunday. Ugh.
    QT – thermometer or fake plants?
    Ms Chica – damn right she’s showing her colors. We stayed home yesterday and she was all over the place exploring. It was so cute to watch her play with the superglue I left out. Fun times.
    Amanda – I didn’t think I could get by on less sleep than I did before Anna arrived, but it’s possible. I simply need caffeine though. Need.
    Sicilian Mama – really? Why did you not buy me one? If you see one there, buy it and I will return the favor. I did see Wiis are still hard to find. I hope I’m not hunting for a Wii Fit this time next year. I’ll lose my mind.
    Tori – I totally agree. I think either guy she ends up with is good. I’m not sure she’s physically attracted to Jesse, but it’s not always about looks. I hear you on the Starbucks thing. From what I’ve read, if they opened the Starbucks near your home recently, it’s probably not going to get shut down.
    Brookem – very concise answers. I thought you were supposed to move to Portland, Oregon. Make sure if you do, it’s pronounced “ore-uh-gun” and not “orey-gone”. Thanks. Jason is hot? You like the facial hair?
    Darlene – you have a Wii Fit? Damn you. Maybe they’re easy to find in Canada? Snot is everywhere these days. I think she went a full two months without any runny nose, now I’m missing those days.
    Gwen – you think? I think he really gets under her skin. I think on paper he’s the guy she likes, but she’s not interested in his quiet not say anything approach. Who could blame her though? He bugged me big time.
    Christina – good hunting on the Wii Fit. That would be a pretty sweet gift. You can always buy them on Ebay if you’re so inclined. I’m just afraid to do so. Time moves along even faster when you’re a parent. Would you agree?
    Maggie – what a great quote. Even if it’s not true, I still like. Maybe this is why I feel like a druggie some days. I gots to be better about brushing my teeth. Suction cups are evil!
    Tori – don’t fret, I didn’t take it that way at all. You’re all good.
    Ubie – yeah, and it’s an elixir of sorts. Everyone loves baby snot, especially the bright green stuff which happens after an early morning sneeze. Meow.
    Meno – it’s like being drunk and irrational I think. I do it all the time. “I’ll just close my eyes for a few minutes while I’m on the couch”. Two hours (and a backache) later, I go to bed.
    Churlita – uh huh, I’m all about the night as “my time”. Being part of a big family, staying up late was the only time I had to myself. It was great. I watched Letterman when he was on at 12:30am all the time.
    Matt – email and data sent. Let’s battle!
    Diane Mandy – four teeth. Hmm, our daughter only has thre so far. Tooth #1 on day #1 of her life. I think tooth #2 didn’t appear until about 3-4 weeks ago. She does have quite the bite.
    Eunice – yep, much has changed in our household the past month or so. It’s crazy to think about, but I think it’s for the good. My thinking is it will be better to just spend some money and get tinted windows, suction cups are that bad. I don’t want the quintessential Parent Mobile.

  23. kirk says:

    I think we all knew Starbucks would go down the tubes after your wife left, but for it happen so quickly!
    Seriously, though that is sad. All of the starbucks I frequent appear very busy every time I visit (not just people sitting down, but in line ordering stuff). But in places where there are stores right across the street from each other, that might change. They were growing so fast and going into so many different directions, I think refocussing on the core business will help in the long run. But that doesn’t help the employees that are affected now. I wish them well. My little city seems to be shrugging off a lot of the economic problems so far so hopefully if they do close stores, they can find new places to work — although perhaps not with the same benefits starbucks is famous for.

  24. egan says:

    Kirk – it is very interesting because here in Seattle the stores seems plenty busy. I think where they’re having issues are areas harder hit by the economy, such as the midwest. The store growth rate was amazing and nearly impossible to maintain. Starbucks, from what I can tell, is very good at helping their employees find other jobs in the company or elsewhere. I wish them nothing but luck during this tough time. Now we can chat about T-Mobile right?

  25. Cheryl says:

    I, and everyone I know, is bad about going to bed when really tired. Maybe it’s part of our DNA. I heard about Starbucks too and it made me a little sad as well…

  26. JLee says:

    Man, I was rooting for Blake too. He rocked!

  27. brandy says:

    I read this book about Starbucks that talked about how so many closing were going to be inevitable, given Starbucks marketing plan. According to the book, Starbucks (like Blockbuster) will overpopulate an area- so that people get hooked on going there and then, they start closing shops down and have a hooked consumer group who will travel farther for a product they wouldn’t have if they hadn’t of had it in the first place.
    That sounds less insane in my head. Although I think the author had a point, I’m pretty sure even he would admit that the flailing economy probably caused far more closures than Starbucks wanted. (obviously.)
    As for a Wii fit- I think a wii and the wii fit may be my summer ‘get out of boredom’ card. And if you find a wii fit, please feel free to send it to me. Okay thanks. Hope you had a wonderful 4th with Anna and the Missus!

  28. kirk says:

    There was an interesting story in the NY TImes about Starbuck’s real estate choice yesterday. One of the closer Starbucks in located in at a major intersection but in a spot that is really small, difficult to get into and out of, has no parking. As long as I’ve lived in the neighborhood that location gets a restaurant that lasts about six months before going out of business. This Starbucks has lasted over a year, but I think they would have built it had they not been under such pressure to grow the number of stores. They actually built a Starbucks on the same street two miles to the west, and 3/4 of a mile to the east before they built this one. If there is a parking spot, I’ll stop by that one since it has a nice deck (without a view of anything save a parking lot and busy street). If any of the stores in my area do close, I wouldn’t be surprised if that one did. The restaurants that were in its place for the past few years that would fail were all smaller mom/pop restaurants and they didn’t have the money to last as long as Starbucks could.

  29. Ally says:

    I’m right there with you when it comes to refusing to go to bed despite being tired/having to wake up in six hours. I figured I’d “outgrow” this, but I still find myself doing it. It’s like I want to squeeze in just a little more life before going to sleep.
    Wii: My mom got two wiis through a friend who is friendly with the shipping guys at Walmart; they know exactly when the shipments are coming in each week and can hold some.

  30. logo™ says:

    Aaah yes, the baby snot accessory, don’t leave home without it! That is sad about the Starbucks closures, tons of people at Mr. Logo’s employer are out too, bummer.
    Wii fit looks way fun, when you get one do share a review.
    Yellow (snicker snicker)

  31. Lindz says:

    If you ever hunt Jason down, will you tell him that I WILL MARRY HIM? I am in love (shhh don’t tell Josh). I am officially pissed off at that show (that I always seem to end up being pissed off at… why do I keep getting sucked in, I wonder?) I went there too.
    Also, I hear the wii fit calls you fat. Are you ready for that? Might do me some good, or push me over the edge – I think I’ll go for wii olympics instead. The wii fitness told me I am 41, I am still mad at it over that, just because I didn’t know they would switch up the tennis balls on me. And I can’t hit a virtual baseball. Psh. 41 my ass.

  32. egan says:

    Cheryl – I think there’s something about wanting some alone time. For me it’s a nice time to unwind and reflect, thus why I usually blog then. As a former “partner” I’m sure you understand.
    JLee – I guess it’s two for two with Seattle contestants on reality tv. Another second fiddle for our boys.
    Kirk – the locations of Starbucks is always part of a lively debate. There’s much to do about walking traffic as well as snagging locations competitors may take. It will be interesting to see what happens to the one you mentioned.
    Ally – that’s quite a Wii setup your mom has going. I ended up buying one off of Ebay. I couldn’t stand hunting them down in the stores and getting told the same thing, “we have no clue”. I may have paid more money, but no more searching across town. Sleeping is for losers!
    Logo™ – I will definitely share a review. I bought one off of Ebay yesterday. It took me three attempts, but I got one. Sorry to hear about the job cutbacks at your hubby’s work. It’s not so great economy-wise.
    Lindz – ha, you’re funny. I think Jesse is a great guy though. I’m not at all concerned she picked the wrong guy. Jason will do just fine after appearing on this show. I think that’s why most contestants love going on the show. It increases the chances someone will see them and ask them out. I have to say this, Jason did seem a bit forced at times. There were a couple times where his actions didn’t feel so genuine, but that’s just me. I’m sure he’ll become a local celebrity here in Seattle.
    41? You’re an old fart yo! Get to work on the virtual training.

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