366 Days Later

She’s hit the big milestone.  More importantly we survived our first year as parents.  All week long you can bet I’ll rehash my thoughts on the first year as parents.  As you’ve read here many times, it has been a rollercoaster ride the past twelve months.  I’m happy to report we survived and have very fond memories of the past 52 weeks. Our daughter has taught us so much about ourselves and the way we view the world.

Love.  I’m not even sure I can explain how much joy our daughter brings to our lives.  Crazy how a small person who can’t even walk or talk can impact us so fast.  I would say it took roughly 2 hours to fall in love.  Even after she made her grand arrival on a rainy August Sunday morning, we were totally smitten.  I’m shocked how much time I spend thinking about my own childhood as the result of becoming a parent.  I’m relieved I have positive memories from my youth.

To celebrate Anna’s big first birthday, I put together a slide show of pictures taken over the past year.  There are 120 photos, so pace yourself.  They’re in chronological order so you can watch her steadily grow.  It’s weird for me to look back and see how tiny she was.  I vaguely remember her diminutive stature when we first brought her home.  She was herself.  She’s a feisty little girl, they even called her “feisty” on her daycare sheet Monday.  It made me grin as I read it yesterday afternoon.

Today I plan on taking her to a couple places she’s never visited.  Do a couple things she’s never done.  I hope to make this a birthday tradition.  I think there’s a wading pool waiting for her dainty feet.  We covered the getting in grocery crates routine during her birthday party.

Speaking of the birthday party, it was fantastic.  Lots of adults and kids were present.  The expression on our daughter’s face as we sang Happy Birthday was priceless.  Heck, don’t take my word, check it out for yourself.   Happy August 5th to everyone!!

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37 Responses to 366 Days Later

  1. Chris says:

    I don’t smile nearly enough these days – that made me smile big. Much LOVE to the Fo-Po’s.

  2. Awwww Little Annakins!!!
    Happy Birthday to your little Angel! I remember anticipating her arrival and now it’s one year later! Amazing how time passes! Cherish these moments with her Wiigan!!!
    Lots of love!

  3. Christina says:

    Happy Birthday, Anna!!
    Amazing how fast a year goes. Here’s to much more amazement, wonder and love in the years to come.

  4. Sicilian Mama says:

    Happy Birthday AFo!!!
    And OMG, Egan! That video is priceless! Her face was cracking me up while you all were singing.
    Like EM, I can’t believe it’s been a year – it feels like only yesterday when we were all hovered on your blog waiting for updates on Anna’s arrival. So amazing.

  5. Amanda says:

    Happy Birthday, Anna!
    I love your idea of showing her things she’s never seen before and also doing things she’s never done. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow that idea on August 7, Aaron’s B’day.

  6. Tiffany says:

    I got teary-eyed reading this. I hear you loud and clear. We’re still in shock that we love our little boy as much as we do and marvel at him every day.
    Happy Birthday Anna!! She’s such a beautiful little girl. And kudos on the starting birthday traditions!

  7. tori says:

    What an awesome video! She sure looks like a happy and loved little girl! I can’t believe she is actually a whole year old already. It seems like not very long ago we were having your baby shower. She is beautiful, you are a beautiful family together!

  8. ms chica says:

    A whole year! The time slips by so quickly. I’m glad it has been a great first year. Remember this year fondly when she turns twelve.

  9. qt says:

    Dude – Apparently there are so many people watching this video that it is taking a LONG time to download. I love the pics. Congrats and happy birthday to Anna~

  10. BigBro says:

    I thought the big day was yesterday.
    Did she get all she wanted for her b-day?

  11. brookem says:

    Aw, Happy Birthday to your little girl. She’s priceless in that video and in all her pictures. Such a sweet little girl she is.
    Hope that you two enjoy your dad-daughter outing today!

  12. Nilsa says:

    That’s a huge and very exciting milestone. Yay for #366. Remarkable!

  13. JLee says:

    Happy Birthday to the lil punkin! The first year is definitely the hardest (in my book anyway) and just cherish these times. It sounds like you are 🙂

  14. JLee says:

    the video is hysterical! She is too cute and I love her open mouth expression. (I eat cupcakes the same way 😉

  15. sprizee says:

    I seriously can’t believe it’s already been a year. Time moves so fast.

  16. Burreetoe says:

    Hey Egan, I know its been a while since I visited. But I’ve missed you and I see that your daughter is super adorable. yay! Guess what – Rock N Roll events has announced today that the next one will be next June in your city! If you sign up today you get half price on the entry fee. I’m definitely thinking about it. I’ve always wanted to go visit Seattle! What are your thoughts?

  17. sizzle says:

    Happy Birthday to her!

  18. Tim says:

    WOW. Can’t beleive it’s been a year already. Congrats!!

  19. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    Crap.. I can’t watch the slideshow.. I’m on some antiquated version of IE.. and being that the CRM we use here at the place I call work prefers the antiquated version.. I can not upgrade..I am going to try firefox. I know, I’m soo behind the times..I guess I’m antiquated too.

  20. Jennifer says:

    Wow. I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Happy birthday to your precious little Anna. And happy August 5th birthday to me, too! 🙂

  21. Cléa says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire Petite Singe!
    What a lovely retrospective in the slideshow. I love the face she pulled in the birthday video.
    Felicitations maman et papa Singe!

  22. meno says:

    You don’t need to explain how much love. You have been doing that all year.
    Happy Birthday little Anna.

  23. Cheryl says:

    Aw! Happy Birthday Anna!

  24. Pants says:

    Oh my, her facial expression was killing me – so adorable! Happy birthday wee one!!

  25. Diane Mandy says:

    She certainly had a look of wonderment while she was being sung to. How cute! A belated Happy 1st Birthday to Anna!

  26. egan says:

    Chris – smiles were hard to come by when she was born, but now there plentiful. It’s a welcome change.
    Essentially Me – you can bet your ass I will cherish these times. She’s really fun right now, when she’s not practicing her high pitches.
    Christina – yeah, it has been a trip alright. She’s now a toddler and were weening her off bottles. All these changes…
    Sicilian Mama – A-Fo makes that face all the time. I’ve never seen her hold the expression for that long though. She’s going to be a hoot as she grows.
    Amanda – I’m glad you like the idea. Yesterday I had grand plans, but instead we went small. I took her to a pet store and we visited mom during her lunch. Baby Singe loved the puppies and birds.
    Tiffany – aw, I didn’t think this post was all that sappy. Just wait until later this week when I lose it, realizing our daughter is officially a toddler. Thanks for the kind words.
    Tori – she’s a very happy little girl. There are times when she’s feisty, but overall she seems very content. It will be fun to watch her grow over the years.
    Ms. Chica – ha, everyone has been saying this thing about turning 12. I guess that must be the year where girls are no longer cute. Only time will tell.
    QT – hey, the video isn’t that popular. It might be too long and thus causing issues with your internet.
    BigBro – nope, August 5th is her big day. My birthday is on May 4th, were you perhaps confused? She got all she could ever want and more.
    Brookem – now aren’t you sweet. Yes, the outing was good, but fairly tame. She did enjoy seeing mom at lunch and the puppies in the pet store. She was a one sleepy girl yesterday.
    Nilsa – thanks, time moves really fast I tell you.
    JLee – I would totally agree, year one was tough. Mainly the first 5-6 months. Once she could start to crawl things improved vastly. She’s making good progress on the walking front too. Yeah.
    JLee – she’s the queen of open mouth expressions. You may have seen a few in the photo album I put together. She’s a keeper alright.
    Sprizee – time moves very very fast. I swear you blink and an hour passes. When you’re a parent, you blink and half a day disappears.
    Burreetoe – yikes, I think I’m too late with the comment here. June in Seattle is usually nice and comfortable for doing a marathon. Did you sign up for it? You should and it would be great to meet you. Heck, maybe I can do the half or maybe even the full marathon.
    Sizzle – thanks, we hung out with The Other Finn during her birthday party. I do love the name. Hope you’re doing well.
    Tim – you and me both man. How are things? Two kids manageable or not?
    Golden – wow, your employer needs to step up to the plate and find a way to get you on a more superior browser. You’re not antiquated in the least bit.
    Jennifer – aw, happy belated birthday. I have to make sure I remeber that you and Anna share a special day.
    Cléa – merci beaucoup! Her face either melts peoples hearts or makes them wonder if they’ve said something wrong. She’s an expressive little one.
    Meno – aw, now that’s very kind of you. Thanks.
    Cheryl – thank you kindly.
    Pants – now if I can only get her to make that same face when she’s 16 to scare away the boys, we’ll be good to go.
    Diane Mandy – thanks, she’s got the best facial expressions. I’m a very biased dad though.

  27. justrun says:

    Awwww! And wow! Happy Birthday, Anna!

  28. I keep coming back to watch that video!! I LOVE her face in it!

  29. VIVA says:

    beautiful!!! Happy 1st Birthday. It is SO cliche, but now having 2 that are 8 (almost)and 3 I see it is SO true…it does go by very fast! especially once they start walking.

  30. Burreetoe says:

    I keep meaning to ask my husband if he would like to go on a trip to Seattle and then I can run the half and experience all the yummy food Seattle has to offer. I’ll keep you posted! I would really like to be 1 years old again. How fun for Anna! 🙂

  31. Gwen says:

    Happy Birthday to Anna! (And congrats to you an Mrs. L for making it through your first year of parenthood. I’d say you passed with above average marks! 🙂 )

  32. egan says:

    Justrun – thank you very much. The first year is in the books, now we can corrupt her.
    Essentially Me – aw, how sweet of you. I’m glad someone’s watching the videos I post online. Thankfully nobody has found my x-rated material.
    Viva – yep, my guess it moves so darn fast because you have so much going on. It’s no longer just about you and your own interests. Fun stuff.
    Burreetoe – does that feel weird to type “husband”? How did everything go with the wedding? It has been a long time since we chatted. Seattle is a good place, bring the significant other up and we’ll show you around town.
    Gwen – spoken like a true teacher. I love it. Thank you for the passing marks.

  33. She’s. SO. CUTE!! That video made me laugh out loud, just seeing what a sweet baby she is!! Happy 1st birthday to Anna!! 🙂

  34. egan says:

    EmmaEnlighted – laughing out loud is a good thing. She makes us laugh often, sometimes when we probably shouldn’t. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  35. Kerry says:

    Happy Birthday, Anna!
    and Congrats mom and dad for making it happen!! 😉

  36. sari says:

    Happy birthday!! Late, of course!

  37. Tod says:

    Hey Egan, Happy Belated to Anna and congratulations to you and the Mrs. (do you ever use her name on your blog?) for making it through the first year as parents. I am proud of you both and truly blessed to have you as friends. I will watch the slideshow later today as I’m sure it will make me tear up. Missing you and seeing your new family grow is one of the things I miss most about not being home right now. Take care, bro!

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