Discourse, of course

Blogs, what is it with blogging?  I noticed something about blogging a couple years ago which sort of ruins the experience for me.  I noticed almost everyone who comments on blogs agrees with the author no matter how lame or how wrong they could be. 

I used to fall in the category of leaving comments offering a differing opinion.  Oftentimes those comments of mine either weren't well received or got ignored.  It's really nice to have this blogging forum where we can all chat about what's on our minds.  For me though, the point of having a blog is to hear new perspectives.  If I read a blog and someone is spewing homophobic nonsense, you'd expect someone to counter their argument. 

Unfornately I think most people will simply continue to the next blog… one much more to their liking.  We can pretend it doesn't exist.  It's like not watching the local news, as if not watching makes the awful events disappear.

Has blogging created deeper political divisions amongst us or not?  Are we sharing ideas or are we too easily aligning ourselves with like-minded individuals?  If I talk shit about stay-at-home moms, I want them to call me on it.  Kiss my ass all you want, I'm just saying I enjoy a good dialogue.  I'm not asking for ruthless attacks or anything.  I definitely don't want a bunch of anonymous wimps leaving scathing comments.  There's no tact with such antics.  What say you?
I should have been blogging, but instead I was: watching the Danskin triathlon, watching synchronized swimming, chatting with neighbors, fast asleep on the basement couch, fiddling with our new router, installing a child gate, chatting online, and looking over my shoulder.


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  1. brookem says:

    Interesting point. And I do know that you love a good discussion, my friend. I guess if a post moves me enough (agree or not agree), I will comment. If I don’t agree on something someone writes and feel strongly enough on the opposing side, I’d comment on it. Sometimes I’d just rather, like you said, not waste my time on that post then, and go on to a blog where I know my feelings will be positive. Not for lack of engaging in a good discussion or any of that, probably just apathy, you know?

  2. Nilsa says:

    I think you bring up a valid point. Though, contrary to your opinions, some might suggest that if you don’t like what you read, why are you wasting your time with that blog?
    Me, I fall somewhere in the middle. It’s not whether I agree or disagree with what the blogger says. But, it’s both the bloggers approach in terms of sharing his/her opinion. And my approach countering that opinion. Just because we might not agree doesn’t mean we can’t all get along.

  3. Gwen says:

    Anytime tells me I am the greatest great that ever lived, I get all twitchy. That’s one of the weirdness of blogging that I don’t appreciate so much.
    But I think it’s hard to disagree on-line, without the benefit of non verbal cues to soften some it. Things seem to escalate from mild to monstrous way quickly when it comes to blogging and its ilk.

  4. ms chica says:

    Too often discourse is mistaken for disrespect. It all depends on the audience.

  5. egan says:

    Brookem – positive thoughts are very good. There’s no harm though in taking a stance and then standing behind it. This apathy thing has me thinking more about society as a whole and how much we’re willing to tolerate.
    Nilsa – I figured someone would bring up that point. I know, my mom always said “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything”. Moms can be so opinionated. It’s true, why stir up controversy? I’m not saying I’m any better either, I read like-minded blogs all the time. I read some this morning, read the comments, and then wanted to puke because it was like a bunch of lemmings. Ha, you and I have had a disagreement in the past so it makes me wonder if you ignored my retort or not.
    Gwen – well aren’t you the greatest thing? I do think you’re pretty cool. It’s nice we can find random people with so much in common. I totally get that appeal with blogging. Online disagreements can get heated really fast and then you have a bunch of like-minded readers who also get bent out of shape. So yeah, just do what I say okay? Thanks.

  6. egan says:

    Ms. Chica – I suppose you’re right. Online it’s really tough to distinguish tone/intent. I guess this can explain why so many stir clear of challenging others. It’s best not to offend than to potentially anger other bloggers. I’m just thinking out loud.

  7. I disagree!
    But all kidding aside, I’m pretty sure you’ve got a good idea of how I am. You know I’m not shy when it comes to speaking my mind on things I don’t agree with or feel needs to be “called out.”
    Usually if I agree with something an author of a blog says I don’t comment because I don’t want to look like a kiss ass with nothing good to offer. Unless of course I have something to add.

  8. Sicilian Mama says:

    Hmmm…I don’t know. It depends on the blog. With you and your blog? I will totally take make disagreeing comments if I truly disagree with what you’ve written. I’ve done so many times. But you’re one of the few who I’ll do this with. Why? Because I know that you like a good dialogue (twss) and because I feel comfortable knowing that doing so with you will not cause you to have any ill will towards me. We’ll have a good conversation about it and will be able to either come to a common ground or decide to agree to disagree. Also, I don’t feel like it’s a waste offering a difference of opinion with you. I feel like you’ll hear me out, take what I have to say into consideration and move on. No skin off either of our backs if we agree with each other or not. At least, that’s how I look at it.
    But there are some people I will not disagree with in their comments. If they write a post that I am not able to find a common ground on, I won’t comment on that particular post. If I find that the majority of their posts are so different from my own opinions and I feel that expressing my difference of opinion would be wasted, then I stop reading the blog altogether.
    Is that right? I don’t know. I don’t think offering a differing opinion will work for some people…playing the devil’s advocate sometimes does more harm than good with some people and is it worth my energy? Not so much. So I move on because, afterall, it’s just a blog and I truly don’t believe that I’m going to change the world by making a comment.
    It’s similar to how I handle dealing with people in real life. If someone makes ignorant or crazy comments, I have to make a decision if I want to “go there” and get into discussions with them. Is it worth it? Will what I have to say make a difference or will they just make me more angry with their ignorance? And I have to remember that people are entitled to their own opinions and beliefs just as I am. So I get to make a choice – engage and possibly get into an argument or move on and avoid that person and try to make a difference in other areas and other ways than to engage.

  9. Sicilian Mama says:

    I think my comment is longer than your blog post.

  10. Sicilian Mama made me think of what I like to live by.
    Picking your battles.
    Life can be very tough at times to handle, so why deal with something that will only add more stress?

  11. Sicilian Mama says:

    Yes – picking your battles! Thank you EM! Three words that sum up my entire post perfectly! Three words that I still have yet to learn when it comes to certain people in my family. Ugh…I pick my battles on the internet and at work, but when it comes to my family, I still tread into that territory that I wrote about…where it becomes stressful and I get angry. Happened a few weekends ago. Blergh.

  12. sprizee says:

    That’s one of my favorite things about you. Your penchant for arguing and doing it well. I couldn’t agree with you more. People need to disagree with folks more on their own blog and be open to the opinions of others. Wait, what? See what I did there?
    No seriously. Thoughtful debate is high up there on my list of fun ways to pass the time. Speaking of thoughtful debate, don’t forget to rock the vote. Washington State Primary today!

  13. egan says:

    Essentially Me – ha, I knew someone would say that. I’m hoping someone will try to do it with a straight face though. You’re very good about speaking your mind. I don’t think I’ve not understood where you stand on an issue, especially Facebook or people who like to back into their parking spots. Curses!
    Sicilian Mama – you may not be blogging, but there’s always my blog right? Okay, yes… I like that you can come here and say what you want. I know there are some blogs where a counter comment may not go over so well. I guess you really do have to choose your battles.
    I’m not sure I completely agree with your remark about a little comment not changing the world. For me, it’s amazing how a little comment on a blog can stick with me for a long time. It’s something that sticks in the back of my head and voices its concern at just the right moment. Your comment is going to make me blush, now say something really disparaging right now!! Yes, that’s an order.
    Sicilian Mama – ummm, yeah… uh huh, that’s what she said.

  14. egan says:

    Essentially Me – I agree, we all pick our battles. I think we pick our battles based on how well versed we might be on the topic. Are we avoiding certain topics because we’re lazy though? I’m just asking.
    Sicilian Mama – hey, at least you’re willing to admit these things. It’s silly to dwell on them for too long. I’ve learned in my 35 years people really don’t change too much. We may find new hobbies, new interests, etc. However our core personality remains the same. It’s learning to accept who that person is. Now I sound like Dr. Phil or Dr. Drew. Ugh.
    Sprizee – shit, it’s today? Wow, I’m really glad you reminded me. I guess Anna gets her first visit to the local polling station.
    There’s no need for anyone to become angry with another person. Sure there have been times where you and I have disagreed. Maybe I was a jerk for a few hours, but I got over it. It’s just your opinion. That being said, I’ve got some bridges to build.

  15. Sicilian Mama says:

    Ah…but you are a different kind of a person, Egan. That is where you and I are similar when it came to blogging – one little comment does make a difference with us. We stew over things and take them personally…sometimes we really think about something and maybe will change our way of thinking. Or maybe not, but at least we have a new perspective. Or we beam out of happiness and are proud all day. Or we giggle all afternoon because someone seriously struck our funny bone. But I truly feel that bloggers like you are few and far between. I’ve made it to where I try to only read blogs like that.
    But when some people blog, it’s all about them. How they feel and how they deal with something. They bitch and complain and make ignorant statements about shit they don’t know anything about. They don’t want input. They don’t want an active discussion. They just want people to tell them how they are right and how perfect and wonderful they are. Whether they stew about it all night or not remains to be seen…I have to say that they probably don’t otherwise they wouldn’t continue to blog the way they blog…but that’s just my opinion, yo!

  16. Lazy? I don’t know … maybe ignorant?
    Truth is I only educate myself on things that interest me. Does that make me lazy? I just think that helps me make the most of the time I have.
    I can tell you right now that I would not be able to have an intelligent conversation on who would be a better candidate to run your country because I haven’t been following the election. So, yeah, I would bow out of that conversation and just listen to what other opinions are.
    But if you ask me about baseball schedules in Toronto, well I might have something to say about that.

  17. Sicilian Mama says:

    Oh, right…you wanted something disparaging. Ok. Give me a second here while I think of something…
    People who use an iPod Touch are stupid!*
    *this may be said out of jealousy more than actually meaning it…

  18. egan says:

    Sicilian Mama – you’re really trying to butter me up aren’t you? I see what you’re up to you young lady. All you have to do is ask. We can ship you some baby stuff, no questions asked. You don’t have to give me a god complex.
    You don’t like ranting blogs? What’s wrong with you? I thought blogging was synonymous with self-indulgence. Perhaps I was wrong. I got to stop myself before I put my nasty foot in my mouth. Ciao friend!

  19. And just for the record, my having comments off doesn’t mean I don’t want to deal with people who may disagree with me.
    I have my own reasons for that.

  20. Sicilian Mama says:

    Whatev…I’m not buttering you up. I don’t even know what that means! No baby stuff necessary – we’re all set. Seriously. It’s ridonk.
    And I do love a good rant once in awhile. I think everyone is entitled to it. But there are some blogs where that’s ALL they do. It’s tiring to read. It’s the same with the people who whine about the same thing all the time. I just want to tell them to STFU!
    By the way – I hate it when you write posts like this. Seriously. I mean – look at my commenting. It’s out of control. Ugh – go back to Olympic drivel, please. Things that don’t make me have to use my brain.

  21. egan says:

    Essentially Me – oh, you and your knowledge of the Toronto Blue Jays. They are your home team afterall. It doesn’t take an intelligent conversation to determine who should run our country. All you have to do is look here for the most important endorsement. Discussion over! True though, we do only have so much time in a day. We can’t be expected to know all there is in the world. We can try, but most of us have jobs, families, hobbies, etc.
    Sicilian Mama – my iPod touch says hello and wishes you luck. Perhaps there’s a push prize of a certain variety in your future. Cross those fingers.

  22. egan says:

    Essentially Me – ha, I wondered if you’d say anything. I know you have your reasons for turning off comments. I get why you do it, but it doesn’t mean I like it. This is old news though as we’ve discussed this numerous times.
    Sicilian Mama – you’re set up with baby gear already? You haven’t even had your baby shower yet. I was going to shower you with heaps of baby stuff, just not the Wii. That’s not up for grabs. Heck, most of the stuff isn’t. I can resume blogging about the Olympics soon enough. It’s time to use our brains though. Is it me or is the dad for Nastia Luikin a bit too touchy feely? Maybe you’re the wrong person to ask.

  23. Cute picture! And yeah it is old news. I am contemplating putting it back on though.

  24. tori says:

    I don’t have time to read all the comments right now, so I will come back to do that. I will say that if I am reading a blog where I know the person won’t attack me for disagreeing, I will comment whether I disagree or agree. If I don’t know, I generally just click away. It is easier, and I don’t have time for some of the blog drama that happens sometimes.
    I feel comfortable disagreeing with you (although I rarely seem to) because I know you would listen to my opinion and disagree with respect and we could have a discussion and explain our points of view to each other. I believe we could always agree to disagree if we couldn’t resolve anything. I think it is different here though because I KNOW you are respectful, and for lack of a better word nice. You won’t attack me for my opinion, and you are ok with people disagreeing and having a conversation. Too many people attack someone when they express a different opinion and it turns into a free for all of comment attacks, and that makes me shy away from any kind of
    CRAP! My 8 year old daughter and I are playing go fish and I took a quick break to get a drink and read blogs while she went to the bathroom and I completely lost my train of thought when she came back and asked me where the ice was (because I move it around a lot? It was in the freezer, for the record). I hope I wrote enough for you to get the point of what I was saying though. I’ll disagree with someone I consider “safe” or who I know will be “gentle” with me when we disagree, otherwise I just move on to another blog without commenting.

  25. Cléa says:

    Yup. I totally agree with you!

  26. Cléa says:

    OK… that was tongue in cheek.
    I too enjoy a good debate/discussion on interesting topics. By having different opinions, we learn something new, and I respect that even when I don’t agree. But I’ve seen short fuses, name calling, too many flame wars, troublemakers and people arguing for the sake of arguing. I can spot them a mile off. In my life, I have no time for unnecessary angst. Life can be full of it at times. So when it comes to my blog life, I won’t tolerate it. It’s a hobby I do to relax and unwind from other pressures. Why bring tension into it?
    I do take your point and I agree that blogging has become too PC. Actually, that started to happen about 2 years ago. So like any medium that lost its fizz, I wonder what’s the next avenue for free self-expression.
    And you don’t have to keep looking over your shoulder… it’s only me! 😛
    PS I like the title of the post.

  27. Eunice says:

    Now see Egan, that’s where you’re wrong. My commenters never agree with me and always play devil’s advocate. I love the witty banter and thoroughly enjoy having to defend my point on a daily basis.
    Coming live to you from DreamLand….
    I think that the reason that so many people tread lightly is because a large majority of the blog world out there will take a critical comment so friggin’ personally. Now see, I always enjoyed your playing the other side of the coin in the early days, years ago…but alas, not everyone can be as open and non-judgmental as we are.

  28. Amy says:

    Yes, I think we are aligning ourselves with like-minded individuals. And I too have noticed that most commenter’s agree with the author. (Except maybe on my old blog. Hee hee.)
    I know you know that I’m one who WILL comment when I disagree. But…I’ve also stopped reading blogs authored by individuals who frequently oppose my views. Reading and commenting the blogs I once read and commented on (where my options differed vastly from the author) just seemed to be filling me with negative energy. Who needs negative energy?

  29. kirk says:

    What Amy said. Most people congregate about likeminded people.
    There are some people though, that like to torture themselves and read blogs from people that don’t like, people who have a different political bent or religious viewpoint and comment just to stir shit. That isn’t discourse, it is being a dick.
    I like to hear all viewpoints and engage in discussions but a lot of time their responses to me are “you fucking liberals hate america” or “you’re a heathen and should rot in hell”. I really want to know why those people haven’t taken off their Bush/Cheney bumperstickers. Or how they can believe the war is going great. Etc, etc, etc. But it never pans out.

  30. Amanda says:

    You make an interesting point. Seriously, I can’t disagree with this. I’ll admit that I’m not a diligent commentator and I’m one of those that will just go elsewhere if I happen across a blog I don’t agree with. Most of the time its because I don’t feel that I have the time to go through all the points on why I didn’t agree. Also, for some reason, I don’t like putting all that negativity out there on blogs that I regularly read. You never know how the blogger will take it!
    What I like about your blog is that you do have conversations with your readers. Most blogs don’t get much of that. It takes work!

  31. Chris says:

    WOW! One of the things I love about your blog is that one day we get olympic drinking games (I just drank a delightful bottle of Rising Moon thanks to a pole vault gone wrong), and then we get an amazing interchange such as this.
    It seems to me that human nature would make it logical to eventually stray away from the blogs in which opinions differ so greatly. However, there is something to be said about contrarian viewpoint that are articualted with both intelligence and respect.
    It seems we do all agree on how Egan loves a good argument 🙂

  32. Matt says:

    So, did you purposefully write an entire blog that we have no other choice but to agree with.
    I see you point though, it is a forum for us to express opinions. And for the most part it seems as though people are either passive and agreeable or passive and complacient. I have only had one post that has “sparked” mild banter in the comments. Besides that it is never more than a simple response (unless it is coming from you E, then it is a well thought out response).

  33. meno says:

    i don’t agree with this at all.
    In fact, i think you suck.
    Sorry, couldn’t resist. This is a very interesting thought. But i wonder if disagreeing with anyone really works in this medium.

  34. meno says:

    In fact, i wonder at anyone who puts strong opinions out there. What are they looking for? A fight? Agreement? Attention? I am not willing to provide those.

  35. Sicilian Mama says:

    Ha…Kirk sums up a point that I forgot to make rather nicely – “There are some people though, that like to torture themselves and read blogs from people that don’t like, people who have a different political bent or religious viewpoint and comment just to stir shit. That isn’t discourse, it is being a dick.”
    As for the baby stuff…I know I haven’t had my shower yet, but I’ve heard through the grapevine that we most likely aren’t going to have to buy anything for this baby. My mother and my SIL are spoiling him rotten already – and he’s not even born yet.
    Oh, and I don’t like the words “push prize”…I don’t like the theory behind the “push prize” either. But I won’t get into that right now.

  36. JLee says:

    I agree to a point, but some people just want to blog for a lark, for fun and avoid political or dissenting arguments which has actually led to a well publicized fight that you may recall! haha
    Also, in my opinion, it’s harder to express yourself online sometimes and people can mistake you easily if they don’t truly know you.

  37. mez says:

    Well bottom line – for most people, going to the trouble of commenting on a blog they read means that they have probably made an emotional connection to that person and regard that person as a friend of sorts. It’s probably hard then to go from ‘friend who has commiserated over a sad something with you’ to ‘giving you a verbal backhander’ – especially on a medium such as this, where you don’t get to go out for coffee the next day or whatever. It’s great when you can disagree with a blogger and know it’s not about offending someone on a personal level or even if it is you can still have a healthy respect for each other.
    I read blogs that I disagree with and I’m not afraid of commenting with that in mind too. Sometimes I only read a blog because I know they are the polar opposite to me and that their readers are such sycophants that it MAKES me want to be the voice of reason (or crazy loon, depending on who you ask). God knows I enjoy differing opinions on my own blog (when I update that is) and encourage participation where it applies. Not only that, I have purposely written entries that I know will provoke different opinions – NOT for a fight (and that hasn’t even come close to happening on ye olde blog) but because I want thinking to happen – my own preferably.
    LAtely though I don’t read as many blogs as I used to.. I’ve grown bored of the blogs that don’t do anything but titillate/flirt or only consist of snippets over inflated writer’s workshop type writing. What is there left to say and think about that apart from ‘wow great’ which has been said a zillion times before you in the comment section? Nuthin’ that’s what. No one likes fishing in a dead lake, after all. If it doesn’t pose a question then I don’t get that much out of it – by that I mean it doesn’t have to be a literal question with a question mark at the end but just have an entry that provokes a question in my head.
    To make myself clear though, I love reading generalities about people’s lives and usually THAT kind of entry DOES bring up questions in my head (and that’s good). It may not entice me to disagree but the question itself is enough to have stirred my thoughts. You don’t have to have a disagreement to be inspired and excited by something you read, though, sometimes disagreements make it more fun.
    I have many literal questions on my blog (ie; with question marks) today. Get on it! 😛

  38. churlita says:

    I’ll offer my opinion and I never comment anonymously. I try to be as diplomatic as possible. I wouldn’t read a homophobic blog because I don’t want to see that crap and I know that I’m not going to change someone’s mind by disagreeing with them.

  39. egan says:

    Essentially Me – why would you bring comments back to your blog? I guess for me, I miss being able to quickly chime in on a topic. Yeah, we’ve discussed this many times though.
    Tori – I totally got your point. You’re a very kind person. Look at you commenting on blogs while playing card games with your daughter. I love it. My daughter keeps me honest too. If I stare at my iPod touch too much while she’s playing, I will hear squawks.
    Cléa – as you should grasshopper. Agreeing with me is the only option. Disagree and I will never read your blog again.
    Cléa – you made the point I was attempting to make. It’s not about confronting people more than it is learning. I’m always suspicious of a couple that says “we never fight”. Does that mean they get along so well they don’t fight? Or does it mean they avoid conversions which will knowingly lead to a disagreement? We learn so much when we can open our minds and hear opposing views. You’re not over my shoulder, stop messing with me.
    Eunice – have I changed the way I commented on your blog? I don’t think I have. I try to provide a perspective from a guy’s point of view. I didn’t realize most of your commenters were hard on you. I’ll have to pay closer attention.
    Amy – well, you’ve never been bashful about putting your thoughts out there. Yes, I think it’s great you speak your mind so loudly. That’s what blogging is about. Don’t give that up. I know we do read like-minded blogs, it’s only human nature. Most of us don’t hang out with people we don’t enjoy. Same thing. Nobody needs negative energy.
    Kirk – yeah, I’ve seen those sorts of bloggers around. Stirring shit up just for fun. I’m not sure what’s fun about being a dick, but oh well. I guess we’re all fairly guilty of generalizing about those we don’t agree with.
    Amanda – well thank you so much for the compliment. That was nice. Yeah, it does take tact to oppose a person’s viewpoint. It has to be done carefully or else you risk making the situation worse.
    Chris – I like a good debate, yes. It helps me learn more about opposing views. I get why we read the blogs we do. Totally makes sense to me. It’s not like I make it a habit to listen to Rush Limbaugh because I want to hear his take on things. Anyways, what happened in the pole vault?
    Matt – consider yourself lucky. There are bloggers who surf blogs and leave snarky comments just to annoy people. I know a handful of them.
    Meno – ha, I expected that response. I do suck. I’m not saying disagreement is great, but a little disagreement never hurt anyone. It does depend on how it’s presented though and that’s a huge challenge with this medium.
    Meno – I don’t think it’s bad to put strong opinions out there. I think a strong opinion can lead to some very insightful discussions. Again, it’s about tact. If we only blog about “safe topics” then are we really challenging ourselves? I’m just saying.
    Sicilian Mama – yep, the term push prize is obnoxious. Isn’t a healthy baby enough of a prize? I find that whole movement a bit silly. We do know there are people who stir shit up. I guess it depends on their motives, which is hard to determine via comments. The new 90210 is just around the corner. Speaking of which, the original 90210 pilot is rather bad, it was on again last night.
    JLee – yes, I’m well aware of the issue you’re talking about. There is a big challenge with determing tone or intent via typed words. I’ve had it backfire on me numerous times on blogs and emails.
    Scarlet Hip – that it does. Go teach some kids something useful!
    Mez – Go teach some kids something useful! Ha, I had to use the same comment since two teachers commented in a row. Is there anything else you’d like to add? Just kidding. You bring up some great points. I love how outspoken you are. That’s always been a strength of yours and it’s great to see. It’s very true what you’re saying. It’s not like if you and I disagree we can talk about the issue over coffee. There’s this huge ocean between us which makes it so important to communicate our points concisely.
    Churlita – here’s to never commenting anonymously. That’s just silly. I must say though I’ve been able to open a homophobic person’s mind a bit. Not via blogging, but in person. It’s not an easy thing to do, but it can happen.

  40. brookem says:

    similar to clea, i use blogging as a creative outlet and would rather not get too into a post where there could be tension or angst. i cant be bothered with it. i absolutely do not think there’s any harm in sharing a different opinion though. i just choose where i want to do so.
    and um, sicilian mama?! not nice about those of us with ipod touches! does it make a difference if we dont know what we’re doing on them?!!?

  41. Eunice says:

    Egan, your comments have never changed. I like the fact that you’re the ONLY one of my readers that likes to stir the pot. Everyone else can be so ho-hum most of the time. Except for the ones that give me advice in the “do this or you’re an idiot” fashion. Those I can do w/out.

  42. brandy says:

    As a blogger, I really enjoy getting differing opinions.I do believe that it’s possible to have a differing opinion and state it respectfully, and but unfortunately the ones who most often DO disagree with me do so in a way where it’s like ‘hey brandy, you are an insecure mean person, blah, blah, blah’. So it’s hard to say that I value those. However, part of the reason I write about politics (other than the fact I get a kick out of seeing how much it drives me readership down) is that I am interested in hearing what other people think- even if they disagree with me. Today for example, I wrote something about John McCain, didn’t really explain myself and a girl commented and questioned what I wrote. And I loved that. I didn’t love that she had to state so clearly that she wasn’t being rude, or thinking I was a jerk, (I honestly think she was scared of a potential backlash) but that she was just curious. I think sometimes, there’s been so many awful commenters that people are quick to jump on others. But this girl had a legitimate reason for questioning what I wrote and I was excited to talk to her about it more.
    I do take issue sometimes though with people who just stir the pot to stir the pot. I’m all for counter opinions and differing views but if I feel like you are just doing that to cause shit and drive up readership to your own blog, I find that annoying. And it always happens like that. The person who leaves the most confrontational (and in most cases on my blog- nasty) comment is the one who will get the most clicks to her site. Which, I think is unfortunate. If you differ because you believe what you are saying, awesome. But if you are doing it just to get someone to comment on your blog? Lame.

  43. brandy says:

    I’ve just realized I might have left the longest comment ever. Perhaps I should have printed it and had it bound into a book.

  44. sari says:

    First I have to say I’m going to be completely lazy and I only read about the first five comments. LAZY.
    Secondly, I agree with you, I hate when everyone says “oh LOVE it…” blah blah. I don’t get a lot of commenters so it’s not so much on my blog, but I’ve seen blogs where fifty people are blowing sunshine. Most of the time I will click on by – they don’t need someone else blowing sunshine and if I disagree it looks as if rabidity will hit so I don’t bother.
    Thirdly, I’m just *waiting* for the stay at home mom post, bring it on!!

  45. egan says:

    Brookem – I’ve offered to train you on the most complex features an iPod touch has. When are you going to sign up for the classes? You can even use your iPod touch as an alarm clock. It’s pretty neat. Would you say you avoid confrontation at all costs?
    Eunice – well thank you. I think you have some great stuff happening in your life. It’s good to read what’s on your mind. We don’t always agree, but I think you’re very methodical about your decisions.
    Brandy – I like it when you have a lot on your mind. I dig what you had to say here. Stirring the pot to generate blog traffic is lame. It’s pretty easy to spot when people are doing this. Trust me, there have been longer comments. I’m going to mention names, Chris, Tori, and Sicilian Mama, because that’s how I roll. Please don’t be bashful.
    Sari – I see far too many comments where everyone kisses the ass of the author. I basically don’t read the other comments on those blogs because it’s boring. Hey, you know I have heaps of respect for Stay At Home Moms right? Seriously, I think it’s a tough job. I don’t think I’d ever wish that status on anyone. It’s a lot of work and many husbands don’t seem to appreciate the work being done.

  46. sari says:

    I’m just giving you a hard time about the stay-at-home mom thing.

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